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Found 41 results

  1. Stealer + Clipper + Keylogger Stealer written on C#, logs will be sent to Telegram bot. Disclaimer I, the creator, am not responsible for any actions, and or damages, caused by this software. You bear the full responsibility of your actions and acknowledge that this software was created for educational purposes only. This software's main purpose is NOT to be used maliciously, or on any system that you do not own, or have the right to use. By using this software, you automatically agree to the above. Functions AntiAnalysis (VirtualBox, SandBox, Emulator, Debugger, VirusTotal, Any.Run) Steal system info (Version, CPU, GPU, RAM, IPs, BSSID, Location, Screen metrics) Chromium based browsers (passwords, credit cards, cookies, history, autofill, bookmarks) Firefox based browsers (db files, cookies, history, bookmarks) Internet explorer/Edge (passwords) Saved wifi networks & scan networks around device (SSID, BSSID) File grabber (Documents, Images, Source codes, Databases, USB) Detect banking & cryptocurrency services in browsers Install keylogger & clipper Steam, Uplay, Minecraft session Desktop & Webcam screenshot ProtonVPN, OpenVPN, NordVPN Cryptocurrency Wallets Telegram sessions Pidgin accounts Discord tokens Filezilla hosts Process list Directories structure Product key Autorun module [hide][Hidden Content]] Scan
  2. itsMe

    Nexus Stealer + Panel

    The detailed description of the functionality below: Collect data from all Chromium browsers (Passwords, Credit Cards, Cookies, Autocomplete Forms, View History, Download History, Search History) Including data from Yandex Browser and browsers with non-standard data layout. Collecting all .dat files (recursion) of cryptocurrency wallets, as well as collecting cold wallets: Anoncoin, Bitcoin, Bitpay, Coinomi, DashCore, devcoin, Eidoo, Electrum, Electrum-NMC, Exodus, Feathercoin, Fetch, FLO, Franko, Freicoin, GoldCoin (GLD), Guarda, I0coin, iXcoin, Jaxx, Litecoin, Luckycoin, MegaCoin, Mincoin, Monero, Myptcryo, NovaCoin, Peercoin, Primecoin, 2FA Sessions - Authenticator (Authy) Collect all Telegram sessions Collect all session Discord Collect all Steam sessions Jabber Customer Correspondence Collection Collect all Filezilla profiles Collect all WinSCP profiles Collect all TotalCommander profiles Collect WindowsSecureVault credentials IE, Edge credential collection Collect all Pidgin accounts Collect all PSI accounts, PSI Collecting VPN client sessions Collecting Sessions and OpenVPN Authorization Data Collect details about Steam Collecting WiFi profile data Collect profiles from Credmanager Collecting system information, screenshots and geolocation data (useful for point processing of the client) Collecting a list of processes Grabber files Telegram alert Multi-user support Logger action in the panel Monitoring selected domains Ability to filter CIS-Logies (CIS), rep protection There is a Loader module with flexible parameters, the ability to specify multiple files at once and many filters A separate and convenient search page, with the ability to sort by a large number of criteria, including cookies and passwords, allowing you to automate the search for the necessary data. The ability to change the theme of design in one click, View log data without downloading (passwords, PC information) Automated panel installation Intuitive and at the same time beautiful admin panel. The ability to sort logs by custom templates (Presets), the ability to create/edit/delete patterns. The ability to download or delete all logs directly in the panel (in one click)! Clever filtering of fresh lairs Geostatistical information on the home page Regular updates tailored to the wishes of customers. We always try to implement what our users want. [hide][Hidden Content]] Server Scan [Hidden Content]
  3. Steals telegram session(without any notifications) and google chrome credentials. Sending via telegram bot. Definitely works in 2020 with Chrome Version 84.0.4147.105 (Official Build)(the newest on the uploading date: 08.08.2020) and Telegram version [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. itsMe

    WifiPassword Stealer

    Get All Registered Wifi Passwords from Target Computer. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. itsMe

    Telegram Session Stealer

    Telegram Session Stealer [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. itsMe

    Echelon Stealer v6.2.5

    Stealer with sending logs to Telegram bot Echelon Stealer v6.2.5 \ Clipper \ Chrome(v80) - source Update! v6.2.5 -Fixed the first password styling algorithm from browsers on the Chromium engine, when instead of passwords were empty spaces. Now everything is working properly. -Release profile is now the default and works properly. Debug - doesn't work. A little weight optimization. Don't forget that once you've assembled, the file will be in the OUTPUT folder at the root of the project!
  7. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. itsMe


    A program you send to your victim and you get all their passwords, credit cards, history & bookmarks. The information will be sent to you in a Discord Webhook. The .txt file attached contains all their browser information When the victim opens the file it will search all these browsers and give you all of the the information in the discord webhook Works on the following browsers: Google Chrome Microsoft Edge Chromium (The Edge Chromium one, not the original shitty one) Chromium Opera Brave Browser Epic Privacy Browser Amigo Vivaldi Orbitum Atom ( Kometa Comodo Dragon Torch Slimjet 360Browser Maxthon3 K-Melon Sputnik Nichrome CocCoc uCozMedia Chromodo Yandex (Old) [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  9. New Update Bug fixes - Stealer with sending logs to Telegram bot Stealer chrome v81+, Firefox v75+, And more than 30 different programs and crypto-wallets Stealer Functionality All based browsers Chromium, Edge, Gecko (Mozilla Firefox) Clipboard data Discord Session Telegram Session Outlook Grabber files with saving path directories and scanning subdirectories FileZilla Total Commander Pidgin Psi, Psi+ Screenshot PCinfo NordVPN OpenVPN ProtonVPN Crypto Wallets Armory Atomic Wallet Bitcoin Core Bytecoin Dash Core Electrum Ethereum Exodus Jaxx Litecoin Core Monero Zcash Additionally All ways to collect logs are random Self-removal after sending the log Log Resubmission Protection Written exclusively for educational purposes! I am not responsible for the use of this project and any of its parts code. Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Server Scan [Hidden Content]
  10. Steal Tdata from PC (FTP) You need add info in string code. Host, user, pass. The author is not responsible for your actions with the code. I'm just a coder who does programming for the sake of learning. All information is provided for informational purposes only. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  11. itsMe

    Orphic META - Chrome Stealer

    A simple Chrome Stealer / Chrome Recovery for Windows 7+. Native. Written in C++. Orphic META - Free Google Chrome Stealer / Password Recovery - GMAIL ONLY Features - View your own Chrome Passwords. - Generate Stub to get someone else's. - Receive Via Gmail. - Message Box. [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Server Scan [Hidden Content]
  12. itsMe

    sANINA - Mini stealer

    Mini stealer who can steal: Skype Telegram Desktop file Screenshot Ip Addres You must create telegram bot! Please use @BotFather! [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  13. 1) Descargue el contenido en la carpeta Panel en ftp 2) Descomprima el contenido de la carpeta Builder en cualquier ubicación conveniente 3) Abra el archivo builder.exe y proporcione un enlace directo a gate.php Sales: [Hidden Content] * I dont tested it, is clean but I dont know if works or not! [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Builder Logs Scan [Hidden Content]
  14. Password stealer for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox written in C++. You can compile and run it on Windows and Linux. It sends stolen links, logins and passwords to Telegram channel with bot you set in stealer.cpp file. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  15. dEEpEst

    Simple Telegraph Stealer, C ++

    Introduction Hay, today we’ll talk about what a stiller is and even write a demo, the panel will be written in the second part (if we get a lot of likes xD). What is a styler? A stiller is a certain class of trojans (malware, viruses - whatever you want), the functionality of which consists entirely of theft of passwords stored in the system, other information and sending them to the creator. Stiller, taking advantage of the Chukchi naivetyprogrammers, explores the repositories of frequently used programs and brazenly fishes from there all logins, passwords, etc. The next, he is the last stage of the work of the programs of this class - sending snacks to the attacker. Here somehow it all up and running. We will write in C ++ ( HARDCOR ), but using third-party libraries (for example, libcurl), in order to simplify the task, you can rewrite this malware using WinApi exclusively to get rid of unnecessary dependencies. We will have implemented only the most basic functions: Stilling passwords from "all" browsers on Chromium Obtaining information about the system screenshots What is the “trick” of our stiller Usually, the stiller sends the received information to the mail, but this is not very practical / convenient, our stiller will send all the data to the server, but it will not be issued to your mother . We will use Telegraph, a service for posting articles (mainly used in Telegram). This way we increase our anonymity a bit. The panel will access the service through Tor, Proxy, etc. In Telegraph'a has its own API, which significantly simplifies our task. Includes header file Here we connect all the libraries we need, namespaces. Also, the following classes are described here: Config Converters In the first class are given the needed values such as: Working directory Directory for «.bat» file (for removal) The name of the working directory Password for the final archive Page Telegraph, which will contain all the needed links (I will explain later) Access Token to edit pages on the Telegraph website The second class describes methods that give us space for maneuvering with encodings (ASCII, Unicode) [Hidden Content] Header file for working with WEB Here we describe a class Web, it has the following methods / variables: EditPage, to edit the page Telegraph GetPage, for page content Telegraph UploadFile, to upload files to the site ( " AnonFile ") GetHTML, for page source Api, site API Telegraph'a (it is not blocked in Russia, so it should be no problem) [Hidden Content]
  16. itsMe

    BTC Stealer [Source]

    [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  17. [Hidden Content]
  18. dEEpEst

    dEEpEst Stealer Bitcoins

    Version 1.0.0


    -------------- INTALL -------------- Open "svchost.exe" with a hexadecimal editor, locate the default BTC address and replace it with yours. Then run "svchost.exe" on the PC you want it to work. With each start of windows the thief will start, to clean the PC and everything is as at the beginning, you must run "Killer DSB.exe" and restart the PC. After this there will be no trace. ___#___By dEEpEst___#___


  19. Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password:
  20. Builder Panel A lightweight bot but with a lot of functionalities. Supports all Windows, starting with XP (Server 2003). Full Unicode support. Net build size: 75-80kb. The build comes in two variations: exe and dll (separate stream). Sales: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  21. View File dEEpEst Stealer Bitcoins -------------- INTALL -------------- Open "svchost.exe" with a hexadecimal editor, locate the default BTC address and replace it with yours. Then run "svchost.exe" on the PC you want it to work. With each start of windows the thief will start, to clean the PC and everything is as at the beginning, you must run "Killer DSB.exe" and restart the PC. After this there will be no trace. ___#___By dEEpEst___#___ Submitter dEEpEst Submitted 12/10/19 Category Files Password ********  
  22. Features: It compatible in Win ( 7 – 8 – 8.1 – 10 -xp -Vista – 2000 – 98 – 95 ) 64 & 32 Bit – Persistence startUp (even if it deleted ) – sleep – hide process (32bit) – USB spread shortCut New method – Upx – spoof any Extention (SCR) – Disable teskmgr & Msconfig – Av Obfuscator Usg server Fud – Uac Exploit 0 day disable & enable – Bypass AV scanne & Runtime with Unique Stub Generator (USG) – Startup Scheduled – Hide installation – 2 Costom Builder – Icone changer – Binder any kind of file ilimited & not run in startupOption——- – File Manager – Remote Desktop – Web cam capture – Sound capture – Get password (all last browser 2 method – nirsoft & Downloader & Outlook)* BrowserFirefox Internet Explorer Google Chrome Chrome Canary/SXS CoolNovo Browser Opera Browser Apple Safari Flock Browser SeaMonkey Browser SRWare Iron Browser Comodo Dragon Browser* EMaileMicrosoft Outlook Express Microsoft Outlook 2002/XP/2003/2007/2010/2013 Mozilla Thunderbird Windows Live Mail 2012 IncrediMail Opera Mail The Bat! Foxmail v6.x – v7.x Windows Live Messenger MSN Messenger Google Talk GMail Notifier PaltalkScene IM Pidgin (Formerly Gaim) Messenger Miranda Messenger Windows Credential Manager – proccess Manager – remote Cmd – Online Keylogger – Form graber log + images – remote chat – download & execut – Upload & execut – Open Url – Uac exploit – Delete Cookis (chrome + firfox) – Spreaker ( Virus speak what you writ ) – outluk Delete Profile & pass – open cd & close Bugs Fix ( First of all update your old users with new Rat server , if you not update you will find problems ) Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password:
  23. dEEpEst

    USB Stealer Linux OS

    Well this USB stealer is not the same as in Windows OS, because on Linux you don't have permission to run scripts direct from USB. That's why you would need to copy script from USB to desktop for example, give permission to it and then just run the script! [Hidden Content]
  24. Pony Stealer 2.0 Full Source + Builder + Panel Pony Stealer is a password stealer that can decrypt or unlock passwords for over 110 different applications including VPN, FTP, email, instant messaging, web browsers and much more. Pony Stealer once infects a PC it will turn the device into a botnet. Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password:
  25. TL-TROJAN Welcome to the TL-TROJAN repo. This collection contains source files for a variety of Trojans. Files in this collection have been gathered via distributed trawling of the internet, and deduplicated where applicable. [Hidden Content]