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    AppSpider 7.2

    Web application security testing to close the gaps in your apps SPAs, APIs, mobile—the evolution of application technology is measured in months, not years. Is your web application security testing tool designed to keep up? AppSpider lets you collect all the information needed to test all the apps so that you aren’t left with gaping application risks. Our dynamic application security testing (DAST) solution crawls to the deepest, darkest corners of even the most modern and complex apps to effectively test for risk and get you the insight you need to remediate faster. With AppSpider on your side (or, rather, all of your sides), you’ll be able to scan all the apps today and always be ready for whatever comes next. Download && More info [Hidden Content]
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    [STORM] Config + Capture

    @itsMe config needs an update just testing not working
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    hashcracker on board

    hello guys, unfortunately my account was marked "inactive" duo to my inactivity. However im back now, and im looking to learn/going deeper into Programming & Reverse Engineering. My Skills: Python(7/10),C(5/10), Java(6/10), C++(5/10). At the moment my concetration is on C++. I hope im able to contribute & also get help by the community. Greetings hashcrackeR
  7. [+] Supports All the proxies Types! HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS5 [+] API will be updated once it dies. [+] Full Capture of The Accounts Details [NO CC] [+] Easy to use combo system [+] Skidded and Fixed. USE 250 MAX THREADS. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
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    x9 Disney+

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  9. Introduction Sn1per is an automated scanner that you can use during a penetration testing to perform vulnerability scanning. There are two Sn1per versions available: Community Edition, and Professional Edition. Sn1per: Automated Pentest Recon Scanner Sn1per Community edition is an automated pentest recon scanner that can be used during pentest to enumerate and scan for vulnerabilities. But there is also Sn1per Professional, a Xero Security’s premium reporting addon, available for : Professional Penetration Testers Bug Bounty Researchers Corporate Security teams Features (Community) – Sn1per automatically: collects basic recon (ie. whois, ping, DNS, etc.) launches Google hacking queries against a target domain enumerates open ports via NMap port scanning brute forces sub-domains, gathers DNS info and checks for zone transfers checks for sub-domain hijacking runs targeted NMap scripts against open ports runs targeted Metasploit scan and exploit modules scans all web applications for common vulnerabilities brute forces ALL open services tests for anonymous FTP access runs WPScan, Arachni and Nikto for all web services enumerates NFS shares tests for anonymous LDAP access enumerate SSL/TLS ciphers, protocols and vulnerabilities enumerates SNMP community strings, services and users lists SMB users and shares, check for NULL sessions and exploit MS08-067 exploits vulnerable JBoss, Java RMI and Tomcat servers tests for open X11 servers auto-pwn added for Metasploitable, ShellShock, MS08-067, Default Tomcat Creds performs high level enumeration of multiple hosts and subnets integrates with Metasploit Pro, MSFConsole and Zenmap for reporting gathers screenshots of all web sites creates individual workspaces to store all scan output CHANGELOG: v7.4 – Added LDAP anomyous search to port 389/tcp checks (Shoutout @D0rkerDevil) v7.4 – Added Java RMI dump registry scan checks and exploits to port 8001/tcp (Shoutout @D0rkerDevil) v7.4 – Added CheckPoint Firewall-1 SecuRemote Topology Service Hostname Disclosure MSF module v7.4 – Added virtualhost scanning via web mode v7.4 – Added Gobuster v7.4 – Addd URLCrazy DNS alterations check to OSINT mode v7.4 – Added Ultratools Whois Lookups to OSINT mode v7.4 – Added Email Retreival to OSINT mode v7.4 – Added Metasploit OSINT email retrieval to OSINT mode v7.4 – Added Hackertarget URL API retrieval to web modes v7.4 – Fixed error in massvulnscan mode v7.4 – Fixed issue with not running v7.4 – Added reverse whois DNS search via AMass v7.4 – Added MassDNS IP’s to master sorted IP list v7.4 – Fixed issue with MassDNS installation v7.4 – Fixed bad path with DNSGen v7.4 – Fixed issue with AMass not running v7.4 – Improved performance of AltDNS/DNSgen/MassDNS retrieval v7.4 – Changed setting to use chrome browser and increased timeout v7.4 – Fixed issue with missing xmlstarlet package for OpenVAS scans v7.4 – Improved active web spider URL consolidation [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  10. itsMe

    dnSpy: v6.1.0

    Introduction dnSpy is a tool to reverse engineer .NET assemblies, including .NET debugger, a decompiler and an assembly editor. This tool can be easily extended by writing custom and your own plugin. It uses dnlib to read and write assemblies so it can handle obfuscated assemblies without crashing. dnSpy: .NET debugger, decompiler & assembly editor This amazing tool is open source, forever free and has very modern and intuitive design, kinda similar to Visual Studio. It uses many open source libraries: ILSpy decompiler engine: C# and Visual Basic decompilers Roslyn: C# and Visual Basic compilers dnlib: .NET metadata reader/writer which can also read obfuscated assemblies VS MEF: Faster MEF equals faster startup ClrMD: Access to lower level debugging info not provided by the CorDebug API Features Debug .NET Framework, .NET Core and Unity game assemblies, no source code required Edit assemblies in C# or Visual Basic or IL, and edit all metadata High DPI support (per-monitor DPI aware) Extensible, write your own extension BAML decompiler Blue, light and dark themes (and a dark high contrast theme) Bookmarks C# Interactive window can be used to script dnSpy Search assemblies for classes, methods, strings etc Analyze class and method usage, find callers etc Multiple tabs and tab groups References are highlighted, use Tab / Shift+Tab to move to next reference Go to entry point and module initializer commands Go to metadata token or metadata row commands Code tooltips (C# and Visual Basic) Export to project requires .NET Framework 4.7.2 or later. and don’t depend on .NET Framework, but use .NET Core instead which is included in the zip files. If dnSpy.exe fails to start, try: Install VC dependencies: [Hidden Content] Windows 7: Must have KB2999226 and KB2533623 installed [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
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  12. Hotspotshield = Proxies: Yes Capture: Only Premium Accounts Expired / free = Custom Bots: 100 Email:Pass FAST Config with free socks4 [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
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  14. Microsoft Windows allows for the automatic loading of a profiling COM object during the launch of a CLR process based on certain environment variables ostensibly to monitor execution. In this case, the authors abuse the profiler by pointing to a payload DLL that will be launched as the profiling thread. This thread will run at the permission level of the calling process, so an auto-elevating process will launch the DLL with elevated permissions. In this case, they use gpedit.msc as the auto-elevated CLR process, but others would work, too. View the full article
  15. scadaApp for iOS version suffers from a denial of service vulnerability. View the full article
  16. Centova Cast version 3.2.12 denial of service proof of concept exploit. View the full article
  17. Studio 5000 Logix Designer version 30.01.00 suffers from an unquoted service path vulnerability. View the full article
  18. XMedia Recode version suffers from a denial of service vulnerability. View the full article
  19. Microsoft Windows 7 (x86) BlueKeep remote desktop protocol windows kernel use-after-free exploit. View the full article
  20. itsMe Premium Keys

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    Adguard 7.2.2936

    AdGuard es la mejor manera de deshacerse de los anuncios intrusivos y del seguimiento en línea, así como de proteger su ordenador contra el malware. ¡Haga su navegación web más rápida, segura y cómoda con AdGuard! AdGuard para Windows AdGuard es un programa para quitar anuncios que tiene todas las funciones necesarias para la mejor experiencia web. Combina el bloqueador de anuncios más avanzado del mundo para Windows, el módulo de protección de privacidad y la herramienta de control parental, todo ello funcionando en cualquier navegador o aplicación. [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  22. Windows KMS Activator Ultimate 2019 4.9 it is latest edition for windows Activation that helps you to activate the all Windows and all Office Products with more reliable way. You have best chance to avail this latest offer by Microsoft windows. It has powerful capability to activate the Windows 10, Vista, 8, 8.1, 7, as well as Office 2016/2013/2010 Preview. Windows KMS Activator Windows 10 is very safe and easy Activation program without any harmful effects to the system files. Its Activation limit is 180 days but you can renew it when it expires. If you are using any previous program for windows activation, stop it and install this latest 3.0 version. Features of Microsoft Windows KMS Activator Ultimate 2019 4.9 Windows 10, all versions Windows 8.1, all versions Windows 8.1, Preview all versions Windows 8, all versions Windows 7 Professional Windows 7 Enterprise Windows Vista Business Windows Vista Enterprise Windows Server 12, all versions Windows Server 08, all versions [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
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    Burp Suite 2.1.05 Pro

    This release adds experimental support for using Burp's embedded Chromium browser to perform all navigation while scanning. This new approach will provide a robust basis for future capabilities in Burp Scanner, enabling it to eventually deal with any client-side technologies and navigational structures that a modern browser is able to deal with. It has the potential to dramatically improve coverage of the scan, during both the crawling and auditing phases. In this initial release, Burp Scanner now correctly deals with: Applications that dynamically construct the navigational UI (links and forms) using JavaScript. Applications that dynamically mutate the request when a link is clicked or a form is submitted, using JavaScript event handlers. There are numerous caveats at this stage: Performance is poor and will be improved considerably over the next few releases. Navigational elements other than links and forms are not yet supported (such as DIV elements with an onclick handler that makes a request). Asynchronous requests such as XHR are honored during navigation but are not audited. Navigational actions that mutate the existing DOM without causing a request to the server are not properly handled. Frames and iframes are not properly supported. File uploads are not supported. The new feature is currently experimental, and is being released to gather feedback from users who want to play with the new capability and assess its effectiveness. The new feature is not currently a suitable replacement for the existing default scanning mode: you are likely to gain some coverage of JavaScript-heavy applications, but also lose some coverage and experience poor performance. Rest assured that over the coming months the new feature will be considerably enhanced until it becomes a robust and superior replacement to the existing scanning mode. To enable experimental support for browser-based scan navigation, create a new scan, add a crawl configuration, and under "Miscellaneous" select "Use embedded browser for navigation". You can also configure whether to allow the browser to fetch page resources that are out-of-scope. The release also includes various other bugfixes. The embedded JRE that is included in Burp's installer has been updated to Java 12. Download [Hidden Content]
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    x800 Fortnite Accounts 

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