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Found 37 results

  1. dEEpEst

    Discord Token Inviter

    Discord Token Inviter Program That Invites Tokens To Any Server! Download: [Hidden Content] Password:
  2. DiscoRape is a selfbot for Discord written in python3.8 The original repository I forked this from can be found here made by EC-discord [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. itsMe

    Discord Logger

    Discord based keylogger using LowLevelKeyboardProc written in c# [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. itsMe

    ConfigBot - A discord bot

    ConfigBot - A discord bot for distributing openbullet configs Features: 1) Download Configs from DM's 2) Look at Config Info from messages 3) Look At Config Loliscript from messages 4) Moderators can delete configs using Command. 5) Moderators can block users from using the bot. 6) Users can Upload configs from messages 7) Users can request a list of configs using messages To Configure: 1) Check each .py file for any marks that ask for your Bot Token or your Channel ID. 2) Check each .py file and change the Role names to what matches your server (Case and Space sensitive) (Note: In the future this will be changed and a global settings file will be all you have to edit.) ToDo: 1) Create settings folder so users don't need to edit python files 2) add more functions 3) implement new systems for leech prevention [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. Self explanatory Easy and ready to setup Works better than ilinked1337 [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  7. DiscordRAT Discord Remote Administration Tool fully written in Python3. This is a RAT controlled over Discord with over 20 post exploitation modules. Disclaimer: This tool is for educational use only, the author will not be held responsible for any misuse of this tool. This is my first project on github as such this project is far from perfect , I will listen to any criticism as long as it is constructive. Setup Guide: You will first need to register a bot with the Discord developper portal and then add the bot to the server that you want. Once the bot is created copy the token of your bot and paste it at line 11. Now on go on discord , go to the settings , go to appearance , scroll to the bottom , and activate "Developer Mode",now go to the server where your bot added right click on the channel where you want the bot to post , click copy ID and finally , paste the ID in the parenthesis in line 99. Install requirements ("pip3 install -r requirements.txt") Then if steps above were succesful after launching the python file, or executable , it will post a message on the server with a generated uuid , all that is left to do is posting "!interact " with the given uuid. Now your bot should be available to use ! Requirements: Python3,Windows Compiling to exe (optional): If you want to compile the bot to exe you can use PyInstaller. Inside the directory of the bot execute "PyInstaller --onefile --noconsole" or "python3 -m PyInstaller --onefile --noconsole DiscordRAT(NoCV).py (or" If an error occured during compiling try to import the discord module "PyInstaller --onefile --noconsole --hidden-import=discord" Advice: If you have problems with the installation of win32api or other modules , try installing it in a python virtual environment. There are two python files one has opencv and webcam related modules the other does not, this has been done because open-cv adds multiple dozens of megabytes to the compiled .exe file. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  8. Apart from grabbing token, it Grabs IP and Hardware ID Self explanatory Easy and ready to setup [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  9. About This File Unbelievably Brilliant Discord Integration for every community Brilliant Discord Integration was designed to work efficiently with every size of the community. This App doesn’t set any limits of community users number to support it brilliantly, therefore it’s ideal for small, medium-sized, and even for really huge forums. Our Brilliant App redefines integration standards Forget the usual problems with: App configuration Role synchronization Adding users into the server and enjoy rethought functionalities offered by our Brilliant Discord Integration App. [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  10. dEEpEst

    Discord token grabber

    Discord token grabber First, launch pip install auto-py-to-exe in your command prompt Second, download this git, star and fork it for support kty Third, launch auto-py-to-exe launches a small terminal Follow the steps and there you go a small token-ip grabber [Hidden Content]
  11. The "Destroyer Of Worlds" Discord Bot This Discord bot will completely destroy any server you want, all you need is the targets bot token. - Features - Deletes all channels Deletes all voice channels Bans all members Creates invite link in the console [Hidden Content]
  12. XS-GEN Simple ALT GENERATOR DISCORD BOT XS-GEN is a simple discord bot that generates alt from your combo file . You can host it & use it on your server . Customization is easy as it is written in Python 3.8 with the help of latest discord documentation . [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Installation Linux: python3 install Windows: python install Usage example !gen spotify Release History 0.0.1 Initial Release Support
  13. Features: mass friend remover mass unfriend dm closing [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  14. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  15. itsMe

    Discord Token Checker

    [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  16. itsMe

    Nitrix - Discord Token Checker

    Features Detect Type of gift Target informations gatherings Multi-threading on demand Gifts Checker Codes Generator [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  17. Send Token via Email Gets discord token form ldb files c# [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  18. Basic Features: Allows registration/login on XenForo through Discord OAuth2 Assign roles on your guild/server based on usergroups in XenForo Enforce username matching from XenForo to your guild/server Enforce bans on your guild/server when someone is banned on XenForo Post new threads, replies and status updates to channels on your guild/server - CHANGELOG Oct 29, 2019 WidgetBot has been having a lot of issues with their clusters. They shut down their official clusters, and then DisWeb became the official cluster... but then DisWeb had their domain stolen from them by an ex-staff member, so that had problems well. So the cluster/shard option has been changed from a dropdown menu to a simple text field with as the default value. So now you'll be more easily able to change the cluster at will... you could even use your own cluster if thats what you want to do. Demo: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  19. dEEpEst

    Cerberus Bot Discord

    Cerberus Custom GUI implementation of a Discord chat bot using Discord.Net. Toggles Log Chat - log all chat to a text file. Log Users - log all unique users to have joined. Ignore Bots - ignore input from all bots. Ping Servers - check if any preset servers are online on a custom interval. Safe Search - enable safe searching for the '!find' command. Spam Control - prevent users from spamming the chat. (Experimental) Commands !blacklist - list the blacklisted users, if any. !blacklist [@mention] - blacklist a user from Cerberus. (mod only) !find [search phrase] - random image from search phrase. Can force a gif if 'gif' is included somewhere in search phrase. 'Safesearch' can be toggled. !gamescom - check how many PUBG Gamescom Crates are for sale and their starting price. !help - display the help menu. !jail [@mention] - strip user roles and move them to the jail channel (mod only). !kick [@mention] - vote to kick another user from the server. !yes - vote to kick user. !member - grant all users the member role since @everyone can't be manipulated easily and so !jail functions properly. (mod only) !ping [preset server name] - check server status. !pubg [player] [mode] - get PUBG rank for specified player in the specified game mode. !spam - enable/disable spam control. (mod only) !tits - natural tits! (birds). Only a single timed vote can occur at a time to prevent issues. WIP features Dynamic server backup for locally hosted server files. Search / Filter console by Guild, Channel, User, etc.. System to handle multiple timers / votes in multiple channels at once. Dice rolling Disabled features Welcome a user back after they have been offline and come back online, or join a guild voice channel after not have been in one previously. (Annoying) Prevent messages from being deleted. (Requires local cache) CHANGELOG Latest version: 0.3 Visual changes. New Settings window. Moved togglable settings here. New toggle to ignore all Discord bot input and messages. (Was on by default) Ping custom list of preset server IP addresses by command or timer. Support for custom bot tokens. (Prompted on first start) Support for resizing main window vertically. Better console formatting. Colors Text wrapping Delete messages (Discord and console) Search and Sort support for the Guilds, Channels, and Users list boxes. Users box is sorted first by online status, then alphabetically. Separate text box for displaying selected channel/user being messaged, which cannot be edited or deleted unlike previously. Get PUBG player ranks in any playlist with the new !pubg command using PUBGSharp. Track the PUBG Gamescom crate with the new !gamescom command. Safe search for !find command is bypassed in text channels marked 'nsfw'. Update !ping command. Fixed reconnect crash. Resource optimization. Right click console box item to view timestamp and/or copy text to clipboard. Update to Discord.Net version 1.0.0-rc Convert from console format to GUI. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  20. CPlusPlus

    Discord Nitro Generator Source Code

    [Hidden Content]
  21. dEEpEst


  22. dEEpEst

    Discord Fucker V2 by Nevada

    Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password:
  23. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  24. itsMe

    Discord Nitro Gift Gen

    [Hidden Content]
  25. itsMe

    Discord Nitro Generator

    [HIDE][Hidden Content]]