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The best community of active hackers. This community has been working in hacking for more than 10 years.


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    You can find thousands of tools shared by hackers. RAT's, Bot's, Crypters FUD, Stealers, Binders, Ransomware, Mallware, Virus, Cracked Accounts, Configs, Guides, Videos and many other things.


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        [WIP] Remote Access Tool written in Visual Basic .NET (Server V4.8 and client at least V4.5) with rare features that others rats don't have :) (like keyboard locking or encrytion of files directly from File Manager) UNDER LICENSE READ THE END OF THIS PAGE ! LEGAL DISCLAIMER PLEASE READ! I, the creator and all those associated with the development and production of this program are not responsible for any actions and or damages caused by this software. You bear the full responsibility of your actions and acknowledge that this software was created for educational purposes only. This software's intended purpose is NOT to be used maliciously, or on any system that you do not have own or have explicit permission to operate and use this program on. By using this software, you automatically agree to the above. Key Features : -File Manager : Delete , Download , Launch Files , Go through Folders and Disks , Go Back , Move File to Bin -Encryption : Can encrypt | decrypt files in files manager with custom key (AES , RC6 , BlowFish , Salsa20 , Cast6 , TwoFish ) -Passwords Recovery : Currenly Supports most Chromium Web Browsers -Tasks Manager : Kill Tasks , Refresh , Get Information -Remote Desktop Viewer (OPTIONAL) : If you do not want to forward second port , do not use -Change Wallpaper -TaskBar : Hide , Show , Hide Apps , SHow Apps -Mouse : Swap Mouse Button , Lock Left Click , Lock Right Click , Lock Movements ,Lock All , Unlock All -Keyboard : Lock , Unlock -Message -Computer Power : Log Out , Reboot , Shutdown , Hibernate, Suspend -BSOD -DDOS : UDP -OS INFORMATION : Get Precious Information about OS -Client : Close , Close And Delete -Client Size : 15KB at least (depending on the options you add) => easy to encrypt and bind -Builder : X86 ,X64 (Default is AnyCPU) , Stealth Mode , Spread , Add To Startup -Currently DOESN'T SUPPORT DNS -Show and Hide Desktop Icons -Show and Hide Start Icons -Spread Client -Add Client To Startup -RED VIRUS : Block Keyboard , Block Mouse , add a watchdog to kill task manager and set a full red screen window To Close , you need to reboot -Fork Bomb -Process INFO: Handle , FilePath , ID , BaseAddress , Priority , Handle Window , Window title -Delete Files On Desktop , Delete Files On Desktop + Reboot -Auto Recovery Options -Injection Exe (NOT NATIVE) -Auto Execute File In memory : BE SURE IT IS A .NET EXE , not native -Monitor Rotation : 0 , 90 , 180 , 270 degrees -Empty Bin | Trash Summer Update 5 - Release Massive Update : -Added BlowFish Algo -Added Icon To Tasks Manager -Corrected Bugs with Process Info -Added TwoFish Algo -Corrected Bugs with TasksManager -Added Logs [BETA] -Added possibility to save Logs -UI Fixes -Added Salsa20 Algo -Added Exception with "Download File" from File managers to prevent client's closing -Added Empty Bin | Trash function -Added Move File to Bin in File Manager -Added Cast6 Algo -Changed Icon -Added Regions in Source and clearer code [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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        this is a cross platform RAT tool (java RAT) / (jRAT) which is { [Windows RAT] [Linux RAT] [MAC RAT] } which is fully programmed in java be a user friendly and easy to use and builds out trojans (.jar) and controls the victims running those trojans on same port at same time ,this tool is fully in java (Client & Server in java) and this tool is now registerd to be free , and on the user responsibility [Hidden Content]
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        Scan result: This file was detected by 5 engines File name: Stub.exe File size: 117 KB Analysis date: 2020-08-30 | 07:16:53 CRC32: 53daccb2 MD5: 5e90f98703963d2d49235dd3041ede91 SHA-1: 7b2eaf5de37e51d5c116d9b39c963108f1971459 SHA-2: 0bda1c6efe76de55a77f0e2de369bc97efb86162e94fba849e529b015a222c18 AdAware Undetected Amiti Undetected Arcabit Undetected Avast Undetected AVG Undetected Avira HEUR/AGEN.1127758 Bitdefender Undetected Bullguard Timeout ClamAV Undetected DrWeb Undetected Emsisoft Scanning results incomplete eScan Timeout F-Prot Undetected F-Secure Undetected G Data Timeout IKARUS Scanning results incomplete Immunet Undetected Kaspersky Undetected Max Secure Undetected McAfee GenericRXKH-YF!5E90F9870396 trojan !!! Microsoft Defender Undetected NANO Undetected NOD32 Win32/Injector.AVKS trojan Norman Undetected Quick Heal Undetected SecureAge APEX Malicious Seqrite Undetected Sophos Scanning results incomplete Symantec Undetected TrendMicro Undetected Vba32 BScope.Trojan.Inject VirusFighter Undetected Xvirus Undetected Zillya Scanning results incomplete ZoneAlarm Undetected Zoner Undetected Download: [Hidden Content] Password: Password by private message Only for Users PRIV8
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        Burp Suite Professional: power tools for security specialists The toolkit that started it all. Find out why Burp Pro has been the penetration testing industry's weapon of choice for well over a decade. The Burp Suite family Burp Suite is a leading range of cybersecurity tools, brought to you by PortSwigger. We believe in giving our users a competitive advantage through superior research. A global leader in the fight against cybercrime Each new edition of Burp Suite shares a common ancestor. The DNA running through our family tree represents decades of excellence in research. As the industry has shown time and time again, Burp Suite is the tool you can trust with your online security. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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        [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        GoRAT is a powerful remote access trojan for windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems with many features GoRAT features [Autorun] command description pwd find out current directory ls look at some directory rm delete a file rmdir delete a directory file download file from victim up to 65 kb ifconfig network information upfile upload file to victim up to to 65 kb sysinfo all system information keylogger activate keylogger crypt encryption using AES. you have two options for encryption: encryption of one file or directory, if you choose to encrypt a directory, all files in it will be encrypted, but internal directories will not be decrypted shutdown shutting down the victim's computer [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        The detailed description of the functionality below: Collect data from all Chromium browsers (Passwords, Credit Cards, Cookies, Autocomplete Forms, View History, Download History, Search History) Including data from Yandex Browser and browsers with non-standard data layout. Collecting all .dat files (recursion) of cryptocurrency wallets, as well as collecting cold wallets: Anoncoin, Bitcoin, Bitpay, Coinomi, DashCore, devcoin, Eidoo, Electrum, Electrum-NMC, Exodus, Feathercoin, Fetch, FLO, Franko, Freicoin, GoldCoin (GLD), Guarda, I0coin, iXcoin, Jaxx, Litecoin, Luckycoin, MegaCoin, Mincoin, Monero, Myptcryo, NovaCoin, Peercoin, Primecoin, 2FA Sessions - Authenticator (Authy) Collect all Telegram sessions Collect all session Discord Collect all Steam sessions Jabber Customer Correspondence Collection Collect all Filezilla profiles Collect all WinSCP profiles Collect all TotalCommander profiles Collect WindowsSecureVault credentials IE, Edge credential collection Collect all Pidgin accounts Collect all PSI accounts, PSI Collecting VPN client sessions Collecting Sessions and OpenVPN Authorization Data Collect details about Steam Collecting WiFi profile data Collect profiles from Credmanager Collecting system information, screenshots and geolocation data (useful for point processing of the client) Collecting a list of processes Grabber files Telegram alert Multi-user support Logger action in the panel Monitoring selected domains Ability to filter CIS-Logies (CIS), rep protection There is a Loader module with flexible parameters, the ability to specify multiple files at once and many filters A separate and convenient search page, with the ability to sort by a large number of criteria, including cookies and passwords, allowing you to automate the search for the necessary data. The ability to change the theme of design in one click, View log data without downloading (passwords, PC information) Automated panel installation Intuitive and at the same time beautiful admin panel. The ability to sort logs by custom templates (Presets), the ability to create/edit/delete patterns. The ability to download or delete all logs directly in the panel (in one click)! Clever filtering of fresh lairs Geostatistical information on the home page Regular updates tailored to the wishes of customers. We always try to implement what our users want. [hide][Hidden Content]] Server Scan [Hidden Content]
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        v2 version. Flipper. Since our team (before that the team) ran this business cleanly, as beautifully as possible, we will complete it beautifully. For 70% of clients, financial obligations have already been closed. We ask you to unsubscribe the rest in the LAN or in telegrams, do not forget to write your toad, the license key and the server ip. This is necessary in order for me to make sure that you are the owner of the license. It is also desirable to attach the apk file. Sources to be torn apart, especially for xss.is Cerberus v1 + Cerberus v2 + install scripts + admin panel + sql db [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Script to add all udemy paid/free courses having coupons automatically to your udemy account Features Automatic login through browser using browser_cookie3 One click to add all courses available with coupons to your udemy account. You can add any specific course to your account from the list of courses available. Many popular sites added to grab fresh/new courses (coupons). Many more features [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Generate Free Edu Mail(s) within minutes Features One click install/setup. No programming knowledge needed (other then python3 with pip installed). Setup will install all webdrivers needed automatically based on your browsers. Many more features. [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        This tool gives information about the phone number that you entered. What IS Moriarty? Advanced Information Gathering And Osint Tool Moriarty is a tool that tries to find good information about the phone number that you provieded; ->Tries To Find Owner Of The Number ->Tries To Find Risk Level Of The Number ->Tries To Find Location,Time Zone Of The Number,Carrier ->Tries To Find Social Media Platforms That The Number Is Registered ->Tries To Find Links About Phone Number ->Tries To Find Comments About Phone Number ->Sends Sms To Phone Number With Amazon Aws [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        @Richard Wilder @Haytham Mohamed You have to install the redistribuilble package visul c ++ [Hidden Content] x86: vc_redist.x86.exe x64: vc_redist.x64.exe
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        [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        SociScrapper Here are some features: Scrape Instagram:Scrape list of followers Scrape list of following Scrape username by hashtags Scrape username by keywords Scraper username who liked and commented on photo/video Download photos by usernames/hashtags Download videos by usernames/hashtags Scrape Twitter:Scrape tweets by username/hashtags Scrape list of followers Scraper list of following Scrape username by hashtags Scrape Pinterest:Scrape list of followers Scrape list of following Scraper username by keywords Scrape urls boards Download photos by keywords Download photos by usernames Download photos by boards Scrape Tumblr:Scrape username by keywords Scrape username by notes Download photos by usernames Download photos by keywords Scrape Google Plus:Scrape group by keywords Scrape username by keywords Scrape username who liked and commented on posts Scrape Youtube:Scrape video urls by keywords Scrape Channel urls by keywords Scrape video urls by playlist Scrape playlist Scrape comments Scrape comment urls [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        A ransonware tool that uses cryptocurrency to decrypt What's a RansomCryWare? RansomCryWare is a form of malware that prevent legitimate users from accessing their device or data and asks for a payment in exchange for the stolen functionality. They have been used for mass extortion in various forms, but the most successful seem to be encrypting ransomware: most of the user data are encrypted and the key can be retrieved with a payment to the attacker. To be widely successful a ransomware must fulfill three properties: Property 1: The hostile binary code must not contain any secret (e.g. deciphering keys). At least not in an easily retrievable form, indeed white box cryptography can be applied to ransomware. Property 2: Only the author of the attack should be able to decrypt the infected device. Property 3: Decrypting one device can not provide any useful information for other infected devices, in particular the key must not be shared among them. Features: encrypt all user files with AES-256-CBC. Random AES key and IV for each file. Works even without internet connection. Communication with the server to decrypt Client-private-key. encrypt AES key with client-public-key RSA-2048. encrypt client-private-key with RSA-2048 server-public-key. Change computer wallpaper -> Gnome, LXDE, KDE, XFCE. Decryptor that communicate to server to send keys. python webserver Daemon Kill databases [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        [Hidden Content] Video shows a way of obtaining WhatsApp data by attacking a part of the backbone of telecoms networks known as SS7. Hack shown off here by Positive Technologies and full story on how to protect yourself from SS7 attacks here (this video is not a tutorial on how to hack others, which is illegal):
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        This is the modified version of SpyNote 6.4 And It bypass Maximum of the antivirus like device security and all major antivirus. [Hidden Content] Server Scan [Hidden Content]
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        This is a cross platform RAT tool [Android RAT] [Windows RAT] [Linux RAT] [MAC RAT] which is programmed in VB.net and builds out trojans (.exe , .apk & .jar) and controls the victims running those trojans on same port at same time , and this tool is now registerd to be free , and on the user`s responsibility This is For Educational Purposes Only ! and User is responsible for his usage of this Tool New Update : some android clients / victims was connecting but not working , [Bug Fixed] bug fixed with modern android / turn off playprotect to test your own , you also can cyrpt it and make it FUD as in some youtube tutorials [hide][Hidden Content]] Server.exe Scan [Hidden Content]
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        Venom Software A quality remote administration tool was the top request we had from our macro exploit users, and that’s how Venom Software was born. There’s no easier way to spread your exploit in any environment, and take advantage of remote file management & registry / command access. Sales + Info: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Tutorial Hidden Remote Desktop HRDP [Hidden Content] Tutorial Hidden Remote Desktop VNC [Hidden Content] Tested by Me / itsMe Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Server Scan [Hidden Content]
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        [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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        Decrypt gecko based browsers passwords, cookies, history, bookmarks. Browsers list: Firefox Waterfox Cyberfox K-Meleon Thunderbird IceDragon BlackHaw Pale Moon [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        A pure python, post-exploitation, RAT (Remote Administration Tool) for macOS / OSX. Features Create a simple terminal instance For use on ALL APPLE OS's (macOS, OSX etc.) Undetected by anti-virus Undetectable by user Multi-threaded No dependencies (pure python) Persistent or non-persistent Retrieve any passwords Download and upload files undetected Get root via local privilege escalation Auto installer, simply run OSX-RAT on your target and the rest is handled automatically. Access to all phone data, files and chats from any apps [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Windows-Linux-RAT - A tool to get persistent backdoor access to Windows and Linux OS Features .NET Coded in Visual Basic .NET, Client required framework 2.0 or 4.0 dependency, And server is 4.0 Plugin Using plugin system to decrease stub's size and lower the AV detection Encryption The communication between server & client is encrypted with AES Spreading Access all files and folders on USB drivers Bypass Very low AV detection and undetected startup method Lightweight Payload size is about 25 KB Anti Virtual Machines Uninstall itself if the machine is virtual to avoid scanning or analyzing Access Cryptocurrency sensitive data Screen-Locker Prevents user from accessing their Windows GUI And more On Connect Auto Task Force enable Windows RDP Persistent or none File manager Passowrds stealer Remote desktop Bitcoin grabber Downloader Keylogger [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Ultimate Membership Pro is the well known and the best WordPress Membership Plugin that allow you to create and work with multi-level exclusive access for your Members based on simple Free packages or Payed packages. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Stealer + Clipper + Keylogger Stealer written on C#, logs will be sent to Telegram bot. Disclaimer I, the creator, am not responsible for any actions, and or damages, caused by this software. You bear the full responsibility of your actions and acknowledge that this software was created for educational purposes only. This software's main purpose is NOT to be used maliciously, or on any system that you do not own, or have the right to use. By using this software, you automatically agree to the above. Functions AntiAnalysis (VirtualBox, SandBox, Emulator, Debugger, VirusTotal, Any.Run) Steal system info (Version, CPU, GPU, RAM, IPs, BSSID, Location, Screen metrics) Chromium based browsers (passwords, credit cards, cookies, history, autofill, bookmarks) Firefox based browsers (db files, cookies, history, bookmarks) Internet explorer/Edge (passwords) Saved wifi networks & scan networks around device (SSID, BSSID) File grabber (Documents, Images, Source codes, Databases, USB) Detect banking & cryptocurrency services in browsers Install keylogger & clipper Steam, Uplay, Minecraft session Desktop & Webcam screenshot ProtonVPN, OpenVPN, NordVPN Cryptocurrency Wallets Telegram sessions Pidgin accounts Discord tokens Filezilla hosts Process list Directories structure Product key Autorun module [hide][Hidden Content]] Scan
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        PVS-Studio is a tool for detecting bugs and security weaknesses in the source code of programs, written in C, C++, C# and Java. It works under 64-bit systems in Windows, Linux and macOS environments, and can analyze source code intended for 32-bit, 64-bit and embedded ARM platforms. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Dark Fantasy v2.0.1 – Black Hat Hacking Tool Tools Included: ●Port Scanner: To know the open ports of a site. ●DDOS: To take down small websites with HTTP FLOOD. ●Banner Grabber: To get the service or software running on a port. (After knowing the software running google for its vulnerabilities) ●FTP Password Cracker: To hack file transferring of servers. ●Web Spider: To get all hidden urls for web application hacking. ●Email Scraper: To get all emails related to a webpage. ●IMDB Rating: Easy way to access the movie database. Use In VM Or RDP, Not Responsible For Anything Happens! Download Link: [Hidden Content]
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        paypal pro integration for carding(cc cashout ) I am not responsible for your actions recharge your paypal account with a bank card extract the vendor.zip file open charge.php set your paypal infos [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        WH-ApkCrypter v2 with Extra Features | google play protect Bypass 100% | wh-Cyberspace [windows] Usage of WH-Cyberspace Hacking Tool for attacking targets without prior mutual consent is illegal. It's the end user's responsibility to obey all applicable local, state and federal laws. Developers assume no liability and are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by this program. Only use for educational purposes. Requirements PKG Net framework 3.5 [Hidden Content] java > jdk & jre [Hidden Content] SYSTEM TEST Windows 10 [ Recommended System ] Windows 8.1 Windows 8 Windows 7 [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Malware program that includes a back door for administrative control over the target computer using Telegram. Features WebCam Threading Tasklist TaskKill Easy for Beginners ! [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Web-scraping tools generally use macros or configuration methods, and follow a sequential list of commands. The macro approach is more user friendly and automatically records the actions of a user in a browser. However, there are typically restrictions on accessing the code behind the agent. The configuration approach allows the user to directly configure each part of the agent. They can introduce more code structure, controls, data refinements, or add their own naming conventions. Content Grabber gives you the option to either follow the simple macro automation methods, or to take direct control over the treatment of each element and command within your agent. Content Grabber Agent Development With Content Grabber, you can visually browse the website and click on the data elements in the order that you want to collect them. Based on the content elements selected, Content Grabber will automatically determine the corresponding action type and provide default names for each command as it builds the agent for you. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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        [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        [hide][Hidden Content]]