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The best community of active hackers. This community has been working in hacking for more than 10 years.


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Hacker from all countries join this community to share their knowledge and their hacking tools

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    You can find thousands of tools shared by hackers. RAT's, Bot's, Crypters FUD, Stealers, Binders, Ransomware, Mallware, Virus, Cracked Accounts, Configs, Guides, Videos and many other things.


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        This is the modified version of SpyNote 6.4 And It bypass Maximum of the antivirus like device security and all major antivirus. [Hidden Content] Server Scan [Hidden Content]
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        Change log Stable NexTGen WatchDog Add to SchTask Hard Install [ Stealth Mode ] FileZilla Stealer Clean Password Stealer [ Fixes ] CPU,FireWall,Client Privileges,MUTEX Information File Binder Modifed Icon Manager Modifed Plugin Manager Added More then 100 New Custom Icons Modifed Desktop Infection New Port Settings Full Data Transfer Encryption using Base64 New MUTEX Format (imosworm[xxxxxx-12345]) Listview Style Remove Empty Subs and Functions Process Manager With Cusotm Colors Command Shell Remote Powershell Remote Desktop Modfied Plugin Invoking Modifed Custom Plugin Invoking Keylogger Manager Military Grade RSA Encryption With 4096bit Encryption Key for the Host and Port Stable File Manager With a Downloading Large Files and Arabic Names Support Critical Process Modifed Admin Checker DynuDNS Updater NO-IP Automatic Updater Updating Password Plugin Added Produect Serial Stealer Service Manger with Full Service Controller Startup Manager Victim Notification with XtremeRAT Sound IP Tracker [ Removed From Dev-Point Version ] Infect ZIP & RAR Files [ PoC ] [ Beta UnTested ] Clients Groups [ Single and Multi Manager ] Upgrade Software DotNET Framework From 2.0 to 4.0 Small GUI Changes Small Fixes to the Socket to be more stable Multi Transfer XMR Silent Miner Bug Fixes IMOS Worm Public Edition Change log: Small Changes [hide][Hidden Content]] Scan Server [Hidden Content]
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        BlueEagle jRAT V1.5 [Windows RAT / Linux RAT / MAC RAT] [Windows RAT] [Linux RAT] [MAC RAT] Ver 1.5 Updated for hacking android , the apk Builder is standlone in zip file provided This is a cross platform RAT tool (java RAT) / (jRAT) which is { [Windows RAT] [Linux RAT] [MAC RAT] } which is fully programmed in java be a user friendly and easy to use and builds out trojans (.jar) and controls the victims running those trojans on same port at same time ,this tool is fully in java (Client & Server in java) and this tool is now registerd to be free , and on the user responsibility 🏳 This is For Educational Purposes Only ! and User is responsible for his usage of this Tool For Example : Parental Control , Track what your children are doing. Business Administration , Monitor what employees are doing. School/Institutions , for students Personal Control and File Backup , Make sure no one is using your computer when you are away. Other Noble Purposes Default logins : admin , admin [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Gold Alduin-botnet ImgSearch all disc. USBSpread, Tor Communication, Multi-language, Attacks: SlowLoris, ARME, Hulk, RUDY, TCP and UDP, ICMP, HTTPBandWidth, TORLoris. Monero minning, Execute file Open website ScreenShots Get Computer All hardware and deatils Send Message Seed Torrent Support fallback panel SourceCode/Git grabber FireFox, Chrome, FileZilla account grabber CMD executter Host file editor Process show and kill Ads miner Show attack speed [Hidden Content]
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        Bypass SMS verifications from Paypal, Instagram, Snapchat, Google, 3D Secure, and many others... using a Discord Bot or the private API. It's really simple. Imagine that your friend got a Snapchat account, you try to reset his password using the sms system : he's gonna receive the sms confirmation code. Then, you use the bot (!call 33612345678 snapchat). The bot is gonna call him, using the snapchat service, ask for the code received. If he send the code using the numpad, then your gonna receive the code and be able to reset the password. It's like an automatic system for SE. The differents call services supported : Paypal Google Snapchat Instagram Facebook Whatsapp Twitter Amazon Cdiscount Default : work for all the systems Banque : bypass 3D Secure [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        A cloud based remote android managment suite(Botnet), powered by NodeJS Features GPS Logging Microphone Recording View Contacts SMS Logs Send SMS Call Logs View Installed Apps View Stub Permissions Live Clipboard Logging Live Notification Logging View WiFi Networks (logs previously seen) File Explorer & Downloader Command Queuing Built In APK Builder Easily Bind with Another Apk Enable Device Admin Apk [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        This is the new SIB Netsky Project Sib Panel Full Setup Ebook [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Features: HVNC: - Fully Custom Build-IN Stable HVNC - Completely Hidden Desktop Environment - Windows 8-10+ Support - Build in Hidden Browser Features - Keyboard And Mouse Contror HIDDEN BROWSER: - Chrome Support - Hidden Profile/Data Takeover - Firewall Information - Windows 7 Support REMOTE DESKTOP: - Keyboard And Mouse Controll - Multi Display Support - Interval Quality Options - Update & Upload / Exicute - Open Web URL REMOTE WEBCAM: - Select Webcam - Size/Quality ON-CONNECT: - Start hVNC - Auto Save Client Passwords - Run Custom Script CONTROL ALL: - Update Miner Settings - Update All Clients - Run Custom Script - Start hVNC - Auto Save Client Passwords - Run Custom Script USER DATA: - Get GEO Location - Grab Server Information - Firewall Information DATA RECOVERY: - 35+ Browser Passwords - FTP Client Recovery - Get Discord Tokens - Advanced File Manager DATA CAPTURE: - Advanced Keylogging - Logs Over Email - Email Screenshots - Email Password Recovery - Email Keylogger Keywords - Save Logs To Disk - Clipboard Logs - Keylogger Keywords - Live Keylogging MINER: - Mine BTC/LTC on target machine. - Full proxy configuration for miner. - Opton To Choose GPU:CPU:SILENT BUILDER: - .Net 4.0 / .Net 2.0 - Adcanced File Binding - Icon Selection - Assembly Cloner - Advanced Assembly - Hide/Melt File - Extenstion Spoofer - Execution Deley - Custom Source Execution - Password Protection - Ganarate Mutex - Delete ZoneID PERSISTENCE: - Persistence - Process Protection - Process Persistence - Startup Persistence - Startup - Hidden Startup - UAC Bypass - Disable Taskbar - Show/Hide Taskbar - Show/Hide Tray - Hide all Windows - AntiVM/AntiSandbox - Advanced Startup - Kill Antivirus - Disable RegEdit MISC: - Process Manager - Remote Shell - Registry Manager - Listen On Startup - Connect Notifications - Server Actions - Fun Options - Gzip Compression - Play Frequency - Client Map - Print Text - Software Settings - Client Grid - History Tutorial + Download: [Hidden Content]
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        Oski Stealer is an extremely advanced stealer showcasing many desired features such as credit card and wallet stealing. Firstly, this stealer is completely web-based, accessible from any device and can be hosted offshore for anonymity. Secondly, the payload will self destruct after loading, making it hard to trace the malware. Given the strong stealing features alongside being silent makes this extremely severe. In other words, alongside an exploit this stealer can be spread completely undetected. Allowing you to grow logs of data on a new level for any of your needs. However, with this stealer being completely native, working on all systems, it is arguably the best. In conclusion we highly suggest using Oski Stealer alongside any of our exploits to expand any of your data logging needs! Features: – Advanced Stealer – Browser Cookies / Passwords: – Chromium Based: Chromium, Google Chrome, Kometa, Amigo, Torch, Orbitum, Opera, Comodo Dragon, Nichrome, Yandex Browser, Maxthon5, Sputnik, Epic Privacy Browser, Vivaldi, CocCoc and other browsers that use the working directory Chromium. – Firefox Based: Mozilla Firefox, Pale Moon, Waterfox, Cyberfox, BlackHawk, IceCat, K-Meleon and other browsers that use the working directory Firefox. Filezilla Stealer – Crypto-Wallet Stealer – Bitcoin Core, Ethereum, ElectrumLTC, Monero, Electrum, Exodus, Dash, Litecoin, ElectronCash, ZCash, MultiDoge, AnonCoin, BBQCoin, DevCoin, DigitalCoin, FlorinCoin, Franko, FreiCoin, GoldCoin, InfiniteCoin, IOCoin, IxCoin, MegaCoin, MinCoin, NameCoin, PrimeCoin, TerraCoin, YACoinFiles from machine data about machine. Installed Softwares Native Stub requiring no dependencies other than Windows installation Multi-profile (up to 10) Low stub size of 93kb Supports Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 | x32 / x64 Does not require administrative privilege User-friendly Admin Panel ICQ:653580170 Whatsapp +79017473945 jabber: [email protected] [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        IMOS Worm Change log: Smaller Stub Removed Autoit Script Removed Run CMD Command Removed Blue Screen Added Get Passowrd Added Get ScreenShot Screen Added Key Logger Added Download And Execute From Disk Changed New GUI [hide][Hidden Content]] Scan Server [Hidden Content]
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        Remote shell Web Server [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        IMOS Worm Change log: Main code moded Main window Changed Add DDos attack tool Add blue screen mode Add msgBox Add open WebPage Changed download and execute Fixed country's problem Ping slaves to see if connetions drop Add Run Scripts Add logs window add Simple tool box Builder Changed !!! IMPORTANT !!! To use the builder of the worm you need to install Autoit3 in your c:/program files (X86) if you will not install it you the builder will not open! You can download Autoit3 from the main website: [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]] Scan Server [Hidden Content]
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        Download And Execute File With Fud HTA Payload [hide][Hidden Content]] Payload.hta Scan [Hidden Content]
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        Babylon RAT v ------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Native Remote Control System Babylon RAT was a premium remote administration tool that was being sold in private. It was cracked numerous times in early versions and in late 2015 the original author of Babylon RAT released the tool for free to download in public forums and websites like HackForums.NET, Nulled and **censored**. Babylon RAT received small updates and little improvements before it was released free to the public, however, some functions and implementations where never completed as planned such as: -Bitcoin Miner -Stealer -Injector -Recovery 2 -Anti-Malware Info: Complete changelog: Date 28/11/2020 [GUI] Protected version to make it harder to modify, reverse and make fake copies. Always check file checksums. [DEL] Removed DDoS feature to make it HF friendly version. Also reverted default latest stub v [hide][Hidden Content]] Server Scan Scan result: This file was detected by 33 / 40 engines [Hidden Content]
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        Crypter dEEpEst v23 (6/36) - [C++ RunTime Update 13/11/2020] Scan result: This file was detected by 6 / 40 engines File name: Stub.exe File size: 117 KB Analysis date: 2020-11-12 | 12:16:07 CRC32: 70c707cf MD5: fb87b0ac3b55c0413facb18ff9ccb4cf SHA-1: 0c9a16dce1c6b7bbf3a01cac7ab22500ddd6b425 SHA-2: af8ea924c7bb40c07630825e8602ea14fac0069f5e9a5fe069c4a61d1d233ff6 SSDEEP: 1536:be1Tl71RPU38azdZKPigH5C0Om1IphBhEHH:b0lRVazdZVdm1IphBhS [Hidden Content] AdAware Undetected Amiti Undetected Arcabit Undetected Avast Undetected AVG Undetected Avira HEUR/AGEN.1127758 Bitdefender Undetected Bullguard Undetected ClamAV Undetected Comodo Undetected Comodo Linux Undetected DrWeb Trojan.PWS.Maria.3 Emsisoft Undetected eScan Undetected F-Prot Undetected F-Secure Heuristic.HEUR/AGEN.1127758 G Data Undetected IKARUS Undetected Immunet Undetected Kaspersky Undetected Max Secure Undetected McAfee Undetected Microsoft Defender Undetected NANO Undetected NOD32 Win32/Injector.AVKS trojan Norman Undetected Preventon Undetected Quick Heal Undetected SecureAge APEX Malicious Seqrite Undetected Sophos Undetected Symantec Undetected TrendMicro Undetected Vba32 BScope.Trojan.Inject VirITExplorer Undetected VirusFighter Undetected Xvirus Undetected Zillya Undetected ZoneAlarm Undetected Zoner Undetected DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content] PASSWORD: Only for Users PRIV8 ,send PM
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        [Hidden Content]
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        [+] Run from under the user without admin rights; [+] Applying to the process of the miner and selecting "Open storage location of the file" opens the reference windir allocates attrib.exe. Thus, you can not look and find the location of the assembly; [+] Protection against restart, re-installation, if already working; [+] After infection, the assembly starts within a minute; [+] When you open the Task Manager, Process Hacker, Process Explorer, Perfmon, VirusTotal Uploader 2.0, aida64, System Explorer, Open Hardware Monitor, PCHunter64, HWiNFO64, GPU-Z, AnVir, Real Temp, speedfan, Process Lasso, the miner is turned off. Not the 1st process of superfluous does not hang. Runs only after closing the program above for a minute; [+] Protection from the consideration of the process. If the processes of the miner are completed in some way by the user, they will restart within a minute; [+] If the user finds the assembly, then for him it will not be clear exe file. The assembly does not start by double clicking, only by the special parameters passed to it; [+] Autoload; [+] "Gluing"; [+] Icon selection; [+] Heavy mining on CPU can be selected: 50% 75% 100% [+] GPU mining on RX 460 and higher, GTX 970 and higher. (starts at idle PC 2 min) [+] Error tracking at the start of mining on GPU. If there are no actual drivers and etc... And a mining error pops up. The error closes automatically and no longer tries to start mining on GPU. [+] For nicehash and dwarfpool, always put a random name for the worker; [+] Fake error. (can be turned on); [+] Protection against draining on VirusTotal; [+] Random name of the worker. (can be turned on); [+] Loggers through the service [Hidden Content] [+] "Build" support of Windows from 7 and above 32\64 bits; [+] Support SSL/TLS; [+] Auto update miner via Tor. (actual for hard forks); [+] Removes other hidden miners; [+] Self-destruct installation file; v1.3.9 ADD: Support mining on AMD: RX 6800, 6900 [Hidden Content]
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        What you'll learn What Raspberry Pi Where To Buy In Cheap Price Setup Raspberry Pi as Portable Hacking Machine WIFI Network Jamming Protect Your WiFi From Jamming WiFi Password Hacking Protect Your WiFi Password From Hacking Requirements Basic Computer & IT Skills PC/Laptop/Mobile Raspberry Pi and Accesories Hacking Attitude Description In this WiFi Hacking with Raspberry Pi - Black Hat Hackers Special! course, I will teach you how to setup raspberry pi for various type of wifi hacking technics and DIY projects which are used by black hat hackers and ethical hackers too. I designed this course in such a manner that you can easily learn from this course even if you don’t have any previous knowledge about raspberry pi or hacking. I can assure you from this course you will learn something new that no one will teach you in any other course. So, Click on Enroll to join this course and start learning how to hack with raspberry pi. This course is designed for beginners and professionals, if you are a beginner you want to start from zero or if you are a professional and want to improve your hacking skills so this course will increase your knowledge about hacking. In this course, you'll learn how the Black Hat Hackers use the Raspberry Pi to perform various advanced hacking techniques to hack any wifi password no matter it's using any types of security WEP/WPA/WPA2 Wi-Fi encryption key and also you will learn jamming any wifi connection and disconnect any device from any wifi using the Raspberry Pi. Notice: This course is only for educational purposes and all the attacks that have been carried out are in my own Penetration testing lab and against my own devices. Do not perform any hacks on other people's networks if you don't have permission to do so. I will not be responsible for your actions, Who this course is for: Anyone Who Wants To Become an Ethical Hacker, Penetration Tester or Black Hat Hackers Anyone Who Wants To Learn Hacking Using Raspberry Pi Like Black Hat Hackers Anyone Who Wants To Learn How To Hack WiFi Passwords Like Black Hat Hackers Anyone Who Wants To Learn How To Jam WiFi Like Black Hat Hackers [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        HTML Encryption - Web suite that's help to privent your webpage from atacker [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Features Over 15 integrated messaging and calling APIs included with JSON Unlimited (with abuse protection) and super-fast bombing with multithreading Possibility of international API support (APIs are offline) Flexible with addition of newer APIs with the help of JSON documents Actively supported by the developers with frequent updates and bug-fixes Intuitive auto-update feature and notification fetch feature included Recently made free and open-source for community contributions Modular codebase and snippets can be easily embedded in other program Note: Deprecation Warning: All TBomb versions below v2.0 will no longer work after 14-11-2020. All TBomb users need to update to v2.0 ASAP Due to overuse of script, a bunch APIs have been taken offline. It is okay if you do not receive all the messages. The application requires active internet connection to contact the APIs You would not be charged for any SMS/calls dispatched as a consequence of this script For best performance, use single thread with considerable delay time Always ensure that you are using the latest version of TBomb and have Python 3 This application must not be used to cause harm/discomfort/trouble to others By using this, you agree that you cannot hold the contributors responsible for any misuse [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Description Dotfuscator software Another powerful NET Obfuscation tool. It is intended to obscure and thereby protect the source code of software written with .NET by preventing their reverse engineering and unauthorized copying. This software is Microsoft approved and fully compatible with various versions of Visual Studio. Features Easy and fast software operation Modify names, methods, variables, etc. to obscure and misunderstand them without affecting program performance and speed. String Encryption Advanced String and Encryption Creating a variety of time constraints in software Ability to combine different inputs into a single output Remove unnecessary data and code to reduce the volume and speed up software installation The set of changes made to Dotfuscator Professional is visible here. Dotfuscator Professional Program Tips The contracted version is cracked and installed and tested by us. New versions of this software are rarely cracked or made public for a long time. This program comes in three editions, the most complete version being Professional, the version provided, see the comparison of different editing options here. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        IMOS WORM V New UpDate! IMOS WORM V Change log: Add XMR Miner Builder [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Use Case You have a web application that runs a jpeg image through PHP's GD graphics library. Description This script injects PHP code into a specified jpeg image. The web application will execute the payload if it interprets the image. Make sure your input jpeg is uncompressed! The new infected jpeg is run through PHP's gd-library. PHP interprets the payload injected in the jpeg and executes it. [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Official Website: [Hidden Content] Version 1.0 Features Complete WhatsApp Marketing Solution. Smooth Way of Sending Messages. Multiple Account Supported. Allows Unlimited Messages. Supports Multimedia Messages (Images, PDF, Docs, PPT). Number Filter Module. WhatsApp Groups Contacts Extractor Module. Anti Block Functionality With Multi Text Message. Advanced Sleep Control Feature. Advanced Speed Control Feature. Advanced Delay Control Feature. Group Extractor By Category From Web. Groups Verifier Module. Auto Group Join and Auto Group Posting. Dynamic Messages Creation. Spin Text Module. Multi-Language Functionality. Sending Customized Messages. Account Switching In Running Campaign. Compatible With Latest WhatsApp API. Speed & Performance. Image With Caption Enabled. Dual Mode Sending Features (Safe Mode & Blind Mode). Fetch Contact From WhatsApp Contact. Sending Multi-Files With Caption. Set Auto-Reply With Photos & Files. Set Auto-Rely Rules Related To Keywords With Photos and Files. Campaign Report Generator. Import From Excel, CSV And Text. Schedule Sending. Download : BulkWhatsAppMarketingSoftwareWithCatalogue[v1.0]_Cracked-rA9.rar
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        Version 1 Current version is 1 What's New • speed up • Bug fixes [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        In this video we are gonna talk about how to extract the code from python executables. [Hidden Content]
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        Crypto-yank is a clipboard stealer that monitors for crypto addresses and replaces them with your own. Features: Written in Python 3 Support For: Bitcoin (Legacy & Segwit),Etherum,Dash,Doge,Ripple and Monero. Easy setup script. Specific crypto replacement. Comprised of regex to find and match addresses. Logging to log.txt About: crypto-yank is a clipboard stealer that replaces crypto-currency addresses found in the clipboard with your malicious address. When no address is found crypto-yank remains dormant until it finds a match. [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        The most advanced Crypto Stealer Edit addresses, add webhook, mutex and build. [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Fawkes - Tool To Search For Targets Vulnerable To SQL Injection (Performs The Search Using Google Search Engine) [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Give a Mask to Phishing URL like a PRO MaskPhish is a simple script to hide phishing URL under a normal looking URL(google.com or facebook.com). [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Replace the victim's Crypto Address with your Crypto Address [hide][Hidden Content]] Server Scan [Hidden Content]
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        Features Small Stub 15kb Support Multiple Files [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Arbitrium is a cross-platform, fully undetectable remote access trojan, to control Android, Windows and Linux and doesn't require any firewall exceptions or port forwarding rules About: Arbitrium is a cross-platform is a remote access trojan (RAT), Fully UnDetectable (FUD), It allows you to control Android, Windows and Linux and doesn't require any firewall exceptions or port forwarding. It gives access to the local networks, you can use the targets as a HTTP proxy and access Router, discover local IPs and scan their ports. Includes modules like Mimikatz, new modules can easily be added. In addition, if Arbitrium is used with a DNS spoofing software is can spread autonomously between devices (#AutoSpread). Arbitrium is a project of multiple parts, the parts were built using Java, JS, C, Python, Cordova and VueJS. Features: FUD The client uses simple tools which makes it completely undetectable, the trojan based on netcat mainly pipe TCP paquets to run the server's commands. Firewall Arbitrium doesn't require adding an exception to the firewall, or a port forwarding rule. The server is an API with endpoints that receives tasks for a specific target and others that the trojan periodically request to get the new instructions, the instructions can be a JavaScript file (the Android app is made using Cordova) or a Shell file to run in the terminal/CMD. Once the server receives a task for a device, the former schedule the task then it opens a child process where it waits for the trojan's response by listening to a dedicated ephemeral port. Therefore, the trojan doesn't need to listen to any port. Battery optimization / StealthMode Unlike with Stock Android, customizations like MIUI by Xiaomi, EMUI by Huawei or Samsung's Android Pie ignore the permissions/exceptions given to an app by the user. So if you try to run an Android's trojan in the background, the moment the app start running frequent or heavy (in some cases even lightweight) tasks (ex: sending http requests periodically) it will be killed no matter what permissions the user grants, ths OS completely ignores the current settings, dontkillmyapp.com is an known website dedicated for this particular issue. The aforementioned issue was quite annoying while working on this project, after awhile I found that building a lightweight binary that keeps running the assigned tasks in the background while the MainActivity stand still just after launching the binary apears to bypass most the restrictions and actually even improve the performance of the App. MainActivity receives a JS file from the server and uses ThreadPoolExecutor to initiate the binary without hanging for it to exit (More on this StealthMode/BatteryBypass). Web interface There is also a control panel, it's not a requirement but an extension, it's a simple VueJS webapp, a UI you can use to control the targets instead of directely sending requests to the API. The webapp is available here: Arbitrium WebApp [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Defeat-Defender Powerfull Batch File To Disable Windows Defender,Firewall,Smartscreen And Execute the payload [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Log: ============================ PayPal: YES [email protected]:taran120 Feedback - 0 Buy - NOT | Sell - NOT Feedback score -null Transaction - 0 Listing for Sale - 0 CREATED_DATE - 2018-03-08T18:20:15.547Z Country - United Kingdom =========================== [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        TweakPower - Powerful PC optimization tool TweakPower is an all-in-one suite that has been designed to keep you and all your family’s computers running at optimal speed and efficiency. TweakPower is an intelligent software tool that allows users to fine-tune their operating systems and programs for optimum performance. TweakPower protects users from PC problems, while increasing the performance and security of their computer. TweakPower includes advanced performance optimizers, helping you achieve super-fast application load times, work faster and make your games run smoother. Now it’s easier than ever to get a clean PC. TweakPower can quickly remove Windows, program and browser clutter while refreshing your registry and deleting massive disk space hogs. Also, its easy-to-use wizards and diagnostic tools help you find vulnerabilities and errors on your computer. Customize Windows System Settings - Change the settings of the system, the input devices, drives, application programs, and effects to better customize Windows to your needs. Communication - Customize Internet Explorer, Firefox and your connections to your needs and synchronize your computer with the atomic clock of a time server of your choice. Customize Windows - Give Windows your own style. Customize the Windows interface by customizing the appearance of Windows, including colors, window frames, icons, buttons, startup and logon screen, startup menu, desktop display, explorer, and login. Clean up Clean up - keep your PC fit. Remove unnecessary files, clean up the registry, delete internet traces, and optimize your computer with just one click to ensure more stability. Privacy Security - Protect your PC with the security features of Windows. Configure and manage the settings for the firewall, defrag, automatic updates, user account control, and security center. Permanently delete sensitive data from the hard drive, encrypt files using the highly advanced Advanced Encryption Standard (AES encryption), and safely delete the original files, control the settings of the display, printer, network, and protect your privacy 'AnitSpy'. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        If you want to create modern desktop and mobile apps you're in the right place! DecSoft App Builder is a professional visual development environment to create HTML5 apps, WebApps, Progressive WebApps, Web Extensions and Hybrid apps for the modern mobile and desktop browsers, as well platforms like Google Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows. Easy to use The DecSoft App Builder apps are based in HTML, CSS and Javascript. These are the languages that you must know (more or less) in order to create modern apps that run in all the mobile and desktop browsers, as well platforms like Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows. All with the same base code! This is a big reason to choose DecSoft App Builder. Apache Cordova DecSoft App Builder is integrated with Apache Cordova and prepares for your app the right config file, platform icons, splash screens, batch files, shell files and JSON files. DecSoft App Builder integrates also the officials Apache Cordova plugins. Quick code list The DecSoft App Builder code editors provides the Quick code list for your convenience. The Quick code list helps you to write Javascript code more faster, providing all the available controls properties, methods and more. App Files manager The DecSoft App Builder IDE incorporates the right Files manager for your app, so you can link Javascript and stylesheet files, but also add images, other files (like JSON files) and even entire directories, to be available in your app at runtime. User Functions In addition to the available app methods and the methods provided by the app views, app dialogs, app frames, the Apache Cordova plugins methods, and, all the possible controls that you can use, its also possible to setup your own User Functions in order to be available for your app at runtime. App resources App Builder provide us the app resources manager, that we can use to set at designtime an arbitrary number of Javascript strings, arrays, objects, JSON resources to be available at runtime by using app.resource() method. App languages Its easy to translate the apps into various languages by using the app languages manager. We can add any number of languages and then translate the app in runtime just by using the app.translateView() method. Auto scale apps There are many themes availables for your app, and, you can also set the fixed and scaled styles, even at runtime. The auto scale style made the app properly show in different screen sizes. Contextual help DecSoft App Builder has a contextual help that point you exactly to the control, property, event reference, etc. Just press the F1 key where you are in the IDE. For your convenience, the help is also available online in: www.getappbuilderhelp.com [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        A bitcoin clipper is a small piece of malware that detects when you have copied a bitcoin address, and will replace it with the a different address tricking you to send it to the wrong person. How does it work? Here's a quick rundown on how it works, Every 1 second it checks to see if you have a valid bitcoin address copied to your clipboard via regex When you have copied an address, it will check to see which is the closest matching address within a list, however, if there is no closest matching address it will default to the first index It will then replace your copied address with a new one [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        What you'll learn Understand What Undetectable Malware is Learn How to Install Python and Pip Install the Veil Framework Understand the Gnome Desktop Install Wine Mono Learn How to Install Metasploit Test the MSF Console Create an Exploit with Veil Test the Exploit on a Windows 10 Machine How to Encrypt the Payload to Avoid Detection Discover How Hackers Take Control of Webcams, Modify Documents and Much More Requirements Open Mind and Willingness to Implement Notebook or Journal to Take Lots of Notes Description You are about to learn how hackers create undetectable malware. Skilled hackers are not using of the shelf products to create malware. They are using sophisticated methods to create malware and viruses that are undetectable my most popular antivirus solutions. You will learm how to install Python and Pip as well as how to install the Veil Framework. You will also learn how to install Metasploit and add the final touches to the Veil Framework. Finally you will be able to create your very own payload with Veil and learn how to encrypt the payload. You will be shown how the payload can be installed on a Windows 10 machine and how it will evade detection by the latest antivirus software. See how hackers can potentially steal files, control webcams, grab screenshots, upload files and even modify and manipulate files. Take this course today. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Who this course is for: Anyone wanting to learn about Ethical Hacking and Malware Anyone wanting to Be a Highly Sought After Ethical Hacker by Understanding How Hackers Think [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Burp Suite Professional 2020.12.1 Burp Suite Professional is an advanced set of tools for testing web security - all within a single product. From a basic intercepting proxy to the cutting-edge Burp Scanner, with Burp Suite Pro, the right tool is never more than a click away. Our powerful automation gives you more opportunity to do what you do best, while Burp Suite handles low-hanging fruit. Advanced manual tools will then help you identify your target's more subtle blind spots. Burp Suite Pro is built by a research-led team. This means that before we even publish a paper, its findings have been included in our latest update. Our pentesting tools will make your job faster while keeping you informed of the very latest attack vectors. This release provides performance and user interface improvements, a JavaScript analysis improvement, and several bug fixes. Performance improvements We have made significant improvements in both speed and memory usage in the message editor when handling large messages. User interface improvements We have improved several aspects of the user interface. There are new colors for various buttons, icons, check boxes, and radio buttons, to be in line with the new branding of Burp Suite. There are now tooltips for scan phases and issue counts in the scan task Audit Items view. Processing dynamically created scripts Burp Scanner's dynamic JavaScript analysis will now load dynamically created scripts, such as document.write('<script src="…">') or document.createElement('script’). Bug fixes This release also provides the following bug fixes: In Burp Proxy, the message editor now consistently displays the correct view when switching between items in the HTTP history. When using the context menu in the "Issue activity" section of Burp's dashboard, options provided by extensions are now displayed correctly. Long payload lists in Burp Intruder now correctly include all entries from the corresponding short list, as well as extra items. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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        An Burpsuite extension to bypass the 403 restricted directories. By using PassiveScan (default enabled), each 403 requests will be automatically scanned by this extension, so just add to burpsuite and enjoy. Payloads: $1: HOSTNAME $2: PATH
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