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        About the stealer (from the official thread): Browsers: Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge Google Chrome, Chromium, Microsoft Edge (Chromium version), Kometa, Amigo, Torch, Orbitum, Comodo Dragon, Nichrome, Maxthon5, Maxthon6, Sputnik Browser, Epic Privacy Browser, Vivaldi, CocCoc, Uran Browser, QIP Surf, Cent Browser, Elements Browser, TorBro Browser, CryptoTab Browser, Brave Browser. Opera Stable, Opera GX, Opera Neon. Firefox, SlimBrowser, PaleMoon, Waterfox, Cyberfox, BlackHawk, IceCat, KMeleon, Thunderbird. Collects passwords, cookies, cc, autocomplete, history of visits to sites, history of downloading files. All the latest browser updates, including Chrome v80, are supported. 2FA Plugins: Authenticator, Authy, EOS Authenticator, GAuth Authenticator, Trezor Password Manager. Crypto plugins: TronLink, MetaMask, Binance Chain Wallet, Yoroi, Nifty Wallet, Math Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Guarda, EQUAL Wallet, Jaxx Liberty, BitAppWallet, iWallet, Wombat, MEW CX, Guild Wallet, Saturn Wallet, Ronin Wallet, NeoLine, Clover Wallet, Liquality Wallet, Terra Station, Keplr, Sollet, Auro Wallet, Polymesh Wallet, ICONex, Nabox Wallet, KHC, Temple, TezBox, Cyano Wallet, Byone, OneKey, Leaf Wallet, DAppPlay, BitClip, Steem Keychain, Nash Extension, Hycon Lite Client, ZilPay, Coin98 Wallet. Wallets: Bitcoin Core and all derivatives (Dogecoin, Zcash, DashCore, LiteCoin, and so on), Ethereum, Electrum, Electrum LTC, Exodus, Electron Cash, MultiDoge, JAXX, Atomic, Binance, Coinomi. PC Data Collection: IP and Country, Operational Path to Mars EXE File in Progress, Local PC Time and Time Zone, System Language, Keyboard Language Layouts, Laptop/Desktop, Processor Model, Installed RAM Size, Operating System Version and Bitness, Video Card Model, Computer Name, User Name, Computer Domain Name (if any), Machine ID, GUID, List of Software installed in the system and its version" As you can see - the list is huge, the developers tried to collect, but, alas, not on optimization and protection. " --------------------- MarsStealer_Menu.exe = Builder Mars_Stealer_cracked_by_LLCPPC.exe = Server Stealer Update: Completely redone the building, now everything has become much more convenient! 1. Rewrote the encryption, now you do not need to go to the site, enter the IP panel, gate, and the creator will encrypt the data himself! 2. Redesigned the building 3. Made the creation of the file "Builded.exe", so that many do not get confused how to use the created build CACA6fUr9ycXmy9YI2X7UDxyfV2IWpU50pmAGVdpYgJV0Q [Hidden Content] Instructions for installing the panel - inside the folder. (instruction.txt) Soon I will make a software encryption so as not to run to the site... Important: libraries in the panel should remain in their place - /public/*.dll, because it is not yet possible to change the paths to libraries. Also - there is no possibility to change the download path, so the libraries are downloaded in C:\ProgramData. Although I have a suspicion that the developer himself did not allow this to change the buyers, despite the fact that each build downloads libraries along the same path, both in the panel and on the victim's PC... Panel: Server Scan [Hidden Content]
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        Fast, lightweight & easily customizable remote access tool written in C#. Consider this as an upgrade of HorusEyesRat which was written in VB.NET. Depencencies : MRG.Controls.UI (UI) XanderUI (UI) Siticone.UI (UI) dnlib (builder) Newtonsoft.Json (configuration) BouncyCastle (file manager encryption/decryption) : [Hidden Content] Compression : [Hidden Content] RSM : [Hidden Content] Load native dll and pe : [Hidden Content] WebCam : inspired by AsyncRat Features : Supports DNS (No-IP for example) Encrypted & Compressed Communication with RSM Packet Serialization Stub only 28KB and easily encryptable Installable in task scheduler Confirurable with JSON Multi listeners MultiThreaded & Parallel Mass & On connected tasks Passords Recovery History Recovery Wifi passwords recovery Automatic saves recovery Process manager Kill Proc Suspend Proc Resume Proc Change Windows Title Minimize Window Maximize Window Show Window Hide Window Delete File Download File Launch File Upload File Rename File Encrypt File -> +- 25 algo (symmetric) Decrypt File Remote Desktop Hide & Show Desktop Icons Hide & Show Taskbar Change Wallpaper Execute Dll native in memory Execute native PE in memory Execute Shellcode in memory Execute Managed dll in memory ScreenLocker BSOD Disable Mouse Disable Keyboard Get Privileges [Se] -> see logs to check if the privilege has been gotten. WebCam Capture Shutdown Reboot Log out Suspend Hibernate Notes : UI Bugs Dark theme in construction Need to improve & finish logs system No more options will be added to the builder. If you want more, you will have to do it yourself. If you want to build the solution, please use only release mode. I configured it to directly build plugins next to Eagle Monitor. For stub and some plugins, depencies are put inside with CosturaFody. New features I will probably add : keyloggers, get system details, set client's priority.... [Hidden Content] Server Scan [Hidden Content]
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        its easy to use android php rat the best part is no port forwarding needed also work as ransomware. [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Building features: 1) Collects from browsers: a) Login and passwords b) Cookies c) Autocomplete fields d) Credit cards 2) Supported browsers: a) All Chromium-based browsers ( Even Chrome latest version ) b) All browsers based on Gecko (Mozilla, etc.) 3) Data collection from FTP clients, IM clients 4) Customizable file-grabber according to the criteria Path, Extension, Search in subfolders (you can configure for the necessary cold wallets, steam, etc.) 5) Sample by country. Setting up a blacklist of countries where the build will not work 6) Setting up anti-duplicate logs in the panel 7) Collects information about the victim's system: IP Country City Current user name HWID Keyboard layouts Screenshot Screen resolution Operating system UAC Settings is the current build running with administrator privileges User-Agent Information about component PCs ( video cards, processors ) Installed antiviruses Panel: To install the panel: Read > (FAQ (English).docx) [Hidden Content] Server Scan [Hidden Content]
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        Updated Stub: * Added protection: 1000 processes for all occasions - all antiviruses, AnyRun, virtual machines including! (Attention: because of this, knocking may suffer, because on machines with antivirus - the code will not be decrypted) * Additional protection against virtual machines and antiviruses, by calculating the delay in clocks * Internal encryption of the code and lines of the decryption code of the section! * Decrypt the encrypted partition in memory, and transfer EntryPoint to the partition, right in memory! Who is your RunPE? * Cleaning memory, removing traces of decryption, lines (only for my stub) This is the last update, I will not support the patch anymore, because there are cases. [hide][Hidden Content]] ---------- The same, but only without protection from antiviruses, at the request of a person (protection from virtual machines and AnyRun is present) [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        --------------------[ Features ]-------------------- Keylogger Clipper Screenshot Stealer Files (Photos , Docs , TXT) Download and Execute (Loader) Get information Device [PC Name , Operating System , Firewall , Memory (RAM) , Anti Virus , Processor ] Get location and address Clear Cookies and Session from 20 Browsers like [ Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox , Opera , Yandex etc...] Anti-Sandbox like [ wireshark , Process Hacker , TCPVIEW , virtualBox , sandboxie etc... ] ----------------[ WebPanel Features ]---------------- # dynamic Pages # Responsive pages [You can use it from a phone] # Home page you can see all bots and counters like [Total Bots , Keylogger Reports , Screenshot ] and info like [HWID , Country IP , Stat ( online or offline), Last Seen ] # Settings Page from this page You can set a convenient time for you. You can also activate the file stealing a feature from the victim device # Tasks Page you can add task Download and Execute or delete tasks # User Page you can Change User information [Hidden Content] Server Scan [Hidden Content]
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        File packed VMProtect if you can't unpack the file you can't bypass hwid
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        Introduction Features TCP connection with certificate verification, stable and security Server IP port can be archived through link Multi-Server,multi-port support Plugin system through Dll, which has strong expansibility Super tiny client size (about 40~50K) Data transform with msgpack (better than JSON and other formats) Logging system recording all events Functions Remote shell Remote desktop Remote camera Registry Editor File management Process management Netstat Remote recording Process notification Send file Inject file Download and Execute Send notification Chat Open website Modify wallpaper Keylogger File lookup DDOS Ransomware Disable Windows Defender Disable UAC Password recovery Open CD Lock screen Client shutdown/restart/upgrade/uninstall System shutdown/restart/logout Bypass Uac Get computer information Thumbnails Auto task Mutex Process protection Block client Install with schtasks etc Support The following systems (32 and 64 bit) are supported Windows XP SP3 Windows Server 2003 Windows Vista Windows Server 2008 Windows 7 Windows Server 2012 Windows 8/8.1 Windows 10 TODO Password recovery and other stealer (only chrome and edge are supported now) Reverse Proxy Hidden VNC Hidden RDP Hidden Browser Client Map Real time Microphone Some fun function Information Collection(Maybe with UI) Support unicode in Remote Shell Support Folder Download Support more ways to install Clients …… AutoBuild released this 3 days ago fix a little bug [Hidden Content] Stub Scan [Hidden Content]
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        Burp Suite Professional Test, find, and exploit vulnerabilities Arm yourself with the leading toolkit for web security testing. Burp Suite Professional is an advanced set of tools for testing web security - all within a single product. From a basic intercepting proxy to the cutting-edge Burp Scanner, with Burp Suite Pro, the right tool is never more than a click away. Our powerful automation gives you more opportunity to do what you do best, while Burp Suite handles low-hanging fruit. Advanced manual tools will then help you identify your target's more subtle blind spots. Burp Suite Pro is built by a research-led team. This means that before we even publish a paper, its findings have been included in our latest update. Our pentesting tools will make your job faster while keeping you informed of the very latest attack vectors. Accelerate application security testing with Burp Suite Join our community of 13,000 organizations, using PortSwigger's Burp Suite to accelerate application security testing. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Tool: Functions: - All chrome based browsers and profiles - All firefox based browsers and profiles - The traffic is encrypted - Configurable file grabber - Configurable file downloader - Collecting the archive into memory without writing any data to disk - AntiAnalysis (VirtualBox, SandBox, Host, RDP, Emulator, Debugger, CIS country) - Chrome stealer: - Passwords - CreditCards - AutoFill - Cookies - History - Downloads - Keywords - Bookmarks - Firefox stealer: - Passwords - AutoFill - Cookies - History - Bookmarks - Messengers: - AstraChat (accounts) - Bettergram (session) - Discord (session, tokens) - Element (session) - Facebook (contacts) - Gajim (accounts) - Paltalk (session) - Pidgin (accounts, chatlogs) - Psi,Psi+ (accounts) - RamBox (partitions) - Ferdi (partitions) - Franz (partitions) - Signal (session) - Skype (session) - Slack (session) - Spark (account) - Swift (accounts) - TeamSpeak3 (account db) - Telegram (session) - Telefuel (session) - Chatogram (session) - UWPX (session) - Unigram (session) - Viber (session, contacts) - WhatsApp (session) - Wickr Me/Pro (session,username) - uTox/qTox/Toxygen (username) - Email clients: - FoxMail (session) - MailSpring (session) - OperaMail (session) - Outlook (accounts) - PocoMail (session) - SeaMonkey (accounts, cookies) - Spike (session) - TheBat! (session) - Thunderbird (accounts, cookies) - eM Client (session) - Password managers: - Dashlane (session) - RoboForm (session) - NordPass (databases) - 1Password (databases) - BitWarden (databases) - KeePassXC (databases) - KeePass2 (databases, keyfiles) - VeraCrypt (databases, containers) - Apps: - Authy (session) - Docker desktop (account) - Git (credentials) - Github Desktop (session) - Ngrok (token) - OBS Studio (broadcast keys) - PHP-Composter (auth file) - Utopia Ecosystem (account containers) - WinAuth (container) - WinRar (history) - VPN: - EarthVPN (account) - MysteriumDVPN (keystore) - NO-IP DUC (credentials) - NordVPN (accounts) - OpenVPN (profiles) - PrivateVPN (session) - ProtonVPN (session) - Proxifier (profiles) - SentielDVPN (keystore) - FTP/SSH: - ApacheDirectoryStudio - CoreFTP - CyberDuck - FarManager - FileZilla - MobaXTerm - SnowFlake - TotalCmd - WinSCP - mRemoteNG - Gaming: - BattleNet (account information) - GameCenterMailRu (account information) - KalypsoMedia (account) - Gameforge (account) - Origin (account information) - Osu! (session) - SA:MP (username, servers) - Steam (ssfn, vdf, username, apps) - Uplay (account information) - Minecraft (session tokens) - LavaCraft (session) - LoliLand (account) - McSkill (session) - RedServer (session) - VimeWorld (session) - CryptoWallets: - ARK - Armory - AtomicWallet - BitPay - Bitcoin Knots - BitcoinCore - Bither - Blockstream - CoinWallet - Coinomi - DashCore - Electrum - Ethereum - Exodus - GreenAddress - Guarda - Jaxx - LitecoinCore - MoneroCore - MyMonero - Scatter - Wasabi - Zcash - System: - Active windows screenshot - Appslist - Desktop screenshot - Networks (Saved, Scanning) - Processlist - Vault passwords (IE, RDP) - Webcam screenshot - Windows credential manager - HardwareInfo: - Screen Resolution - CPU name - GPU name - Manufacturer - RAM amount - Processor ID - Disk serial - BatteryInfo: - ACPowerPluggedIn - Percentage - NetworkInfo: - Get local IP - Get public IP - Get gateway IP - Get BSSID - OSInfo: - Get OS name - Get UI lang Panel Images: [Hidden Content] Scan Server [Hidden Content]
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        SQLi Dumper tool is a very powerful windows tool to automate the process of Detection and Exploitation of SQL Injection vulnerabilities. SQLi Dumper tool will do everything for you from detection or identification of vulnerability to Exploitation of vulnerability automatically. Here we have the SQLi dumper v10.3 by OkProg for you. [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        INDEX 1. - WHAT IS RDP ? 2. - SOME METHODS TO GET RDP FREE [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Malicious docx generator to exploit CVE-2021-40444 (Microsoft Office Word Remote Code Execution) Creation of this Script is based on some reverse engineering over the sample used in-the-wild: 938545f7bbe40738908a95da8cdeabb2a11ce2ca36b0f6a74deda9378d380a52 (docx file) You need to install lcab first (sudo apt-get install lcab) Check REPRODUCE.md for manual reproduce steps If your generated cab is not working, try pointing out exploit.html URL to calc.cab Finally try the docx in a Windows Virtual Machine: [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        How Bypass Protect HWID Locked ?
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        If you are using linux machine use "SiteStealer_Linux". if you are using windows machine use "SiteStealer_Windows". [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Note: Password you enter is hidden just enter password and press enter it will logined [hide] KEY: @DSCONFIGS [Hidden Content]]
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        New Android Remote Tool (SpyMax Modded Version) Tested on Android : 5,6,7,8,9,10,11 Application Features : ------ Manage : .Files .Sms .contacts .Calls .Applications .Accounts ------ Monitor : .camera .live screen .microphone .keylogger .Location . real time calls monitor ------ tools : .Download apk and install .show message .open link .call number .phone info ----- Social media Hunter: - Facebook - gmail - more coming soon ------ super mode : -Anti-Kill -Anti-Delete -Realtime Monitor Active App -Auto Click Start Screen Record -Anti shutdown phone New Update Free Version : -Auto grant Request battery optimization [ super mod ] -update anti-remove to work on more phones [ super mod ] -hide bars when camera open -more stable payload for weak phones [hide][Hidden Content]] Scan Server [Hidden Content]
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        Kithack es un framework diseñado para automatizar el proceso de descarga e instalación de diferentes herramientas para pruebas de penetración, con una opción especial que permite generar puertas traseras multiplataforma mediante Metasploit Framework. [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Crypter dEEpEst v27 (11/40) - [C++ RunTime Update 11/06/2021] Scan Result: [Hidden Content] Download: [Hidden Content] Password: Free for users PRIV8
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        [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Program that identifies or searches for a phone number in a string. [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Simple Tool to Get Phone Info (Version 2) [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        The giveaway starts today and ends on 09/06/2021, I will be using a site like random.org to generate a random number that will answer the winner's post number. To participate leave a comment! Min. 2 Users Max. 10 Users
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        [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Features -> Create a hidden service -> Generate non-staged payload (python/meterpreter_reverse_http) -> Convert url using Tor2Web: a final extension .ws will be added, so url becomes available outside tor network -> Generate batch .rc file for msfconsole [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Burp Bounty – Scan Check Builder This Burp Suite extension allows you, in a quick and simple way, to improve the active and passive burpsuite scanner by means of personalized rules through a very intuitive graphical interface. Through an advanced search of patterns and an improvement of the payload to send, we can create our own issue profiles both in the active scanner and in the passive. Examples of vulnerabilities that you can find So, the vulnerabilities identified, from which you can make personalized improvements are: Active Scan: XSS reflected and Stored SQL Injection error based Blind SQL injection Blind SQL injection time-based XXE Blind XXE SSRF CRLF Information disclosure Nginx off-by-slash vulnerability – From Orange Tsai Command injection Web cache poisoning Blind command injection Open Redirect Local File Inclusion Remote File Inclusion Path Traversal LDAP Injection XML Injection SSI Injection XPath Injection etc Passive Response Scan Security Headers Cookies attributes Endpoints extract Software versions Error strings In general any string or regular expression in the response. Passive Request Scan Interesting params and values In general any string or regular expression in the request. Changelog v4.0 Burp Bounty Pro 1.6 core Quick issue alert More options for creating profiles [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Sqlmap is an open-source penetration testing tool that automates the process of detecting and exploiting SQL injection flaws and taking over of database servers. It comes with a powerful detection engine, many niche features for the ultimate penetration tester and a broad range of switches lasting from database fingerprinting, over data fetching from the database, to accessing the underlying file system and executing commands on the operating system via out-of-band connections. The sqlmap project is sponsored by Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner. Features implemented in sqlmap include: Full support for MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, IBM DB2, SQLite, Firebird, Sybase, SAP MaxDB and HSQLDB database management systems. Full support for five SQL injection techniques: boolean-based blind, time-based blind, error-based, UNION query and stacked queries. Support to directly connect to the database without passing via a SQL injection, by providing DBMS credentials, IP address, port and database name. It is possible to provide a single target URL, get the list of targets from Burp proxy or WebScarab proxy requests log files, get the whole HTTP request from a text file or get the list of targets by providing sqlmap with a Google dork which queries Google search engine and parses its results page. You can also define a regular-expression based scope that is used to identify which of the parsed addresses to test. Tests provided GET parameters, POST parameters, HTTP Cookie header values, HTTP User-Agent header value and HTTP Referer header value to identify and exploit SQL injection vulnerabilities. It is also possible to specify a comma-separated list of specific parameter(s) to test. Option to specify the maximum number of concurrent HTTP(S) requests (multi-threading) to speed up the blind SQL injection techniques. Vice versa, it is also possible to specify the number of seconds to hold between each HTTP(S) request. Others optimization switches to speed up the exploitation are implemented too. HTTP Cookie header string support, useful when the web application requires authentication based upon cookies and you have such data or in case you just want to test for and exploit SQL injection on such header values. You can also specify to always URL-encode the Cookie. Automatically handles HTTP Set-Cookie header from the application, re-establishing of the session if it expires. Test and exploit on these values is supported too. Vice versa, you can also force to ignore any Set-Cookie header. HTTP protocol Basic, Digest, NTLM and Certificate authentications support. HTTP(S) proxy support to pass by the requests to the target application that works also with HTTPS requests and with authenticated proxy servers. Options to fake the HTTP Referer header value and the HTTP User-Agent header value specified by user or randomly selected from a textual file. Support to increase the verbosity level of output messages: there exist seven levels of verbosity. Support to parse HTML forms from the target URL and forge HTTP(S) requests against those pages to test the form parameters against vulnerabilities. Granularity and flexibility in terms of both user’s switches and features. Estimated time of arrival support for each query, updated in real time, to provide the user with an overview on how long it will take to retrieve the queries’ output. Automatically saves the session (queries and their output, even if partially retrieved) on a textual file in real time while fetching the data and resumes the injection by parsing the session file. Support to read options from a configuration INI file rather than specify each time all of the switches on the command line. Support also to generate a configuration file based on the command line switches provided. Support to replicate the back-end database tables structure and entries on a local SQLite 3 database. Option to update sqlmap to the latest development version from the subversion repository. Support to parse HTTP(S) responses and display any DBMS error message to the user. Integration with other IT security open source projects, Metasploit and w3af. More… Changelog v1.5.9 Minor refactoring [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Huan is an encrypted PE Loader Generator that I developed for learning PE file structure and PE loading processes. It encrypts the PE file to be run with different keys each time and embeds it in a new section of the loader binary. Currently, it works on 64 bit PE files. [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Tool for working with logs Echelon, RedLine, Racoon, DCRat. Релиз 9.2 добавил чекалку discord и по мелочи [Hidden Content]
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        Cómo trabajar con el programa: 1) Elija una carpeta con los LOGS, después de eso se lleva a cabo una búsqueda recursiva de .txt y .log (No añadir carpetas con .rar/.zip) Ejemplo: 2) Después de buscar, ingrese el sitio o sitios deseados separados por comas (no es necesario ingresar el nombre completo, por ejemplo, puede ingresar blockchain en lugar de blockchain.info); 3) Haga clic en "Obtener datos" y obtenga datos de los sitios ingresados de todos los registros en el formato seleccionado, sin duplicados. Buscando Logs con el Texto "blockchain,paypal": Resultado: Guardar Resultado en .txt Resultado en Texto [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        C# Multithreaded (async) Socks5 Proxy Checker Features Blazing fast async methods Multithread support Parallel methods [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        BTC Clipper Builder I see a lot of folks are paying for clippers so decided to post one (most of the credits to Ncat) i will try to update it when im free and will be adding most of the coins/tokens in the future Features Startup/Install Icon Changer Assembly Editor EXE Builder [hide][Hidden Content]] Server Scan [Hidden Content]
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        [+] Tool : NumLookup [+] Combo : Numbers [+] Proxy : Proxyless [+] Bots : No Need [+] API : No [+] Capture : Geolocation and Carrier [+] Autosave : Yes [+] CPM : 5k - 100k [+] Use : Gathering Country Mobile Leads [+] Made In : Python [+] Coded by : Golden_Bullet69 Features: 1] Full Proxyless 2] Insane CPM 3] Good UI 4] Leads filter via country 5] Leads filter via Carrier 6] Support all countries 7] No Virus, Miner, Logger Note: 1] Use the NumGen.exe file to generate numbers [Generate 100k numbers in 3 secs] 2] Generate 100k + Numbers for good hits rate in USA, [For generated numbers] [Hidden Content]
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        Cobalt Strike User-Defined Reflective Loader written in Assembly & C for advanced evasion capabilities. Initial Project Goals Learn how Reflective Loader works. Write a Reflective Loader in Assembly. Compatible with Cobalt Strike. Cross compile from macOS/Linux. Implement Inline-Assembly into a C project. Future Project Goals Use the initial project as a template for more advanced evasion techniques leveraging the flexibility of Assembly. Implement Cobalt Strike options such as no RWX, stompPE, module stomping, changing the MZ header, etc. Write a decent Aggressor script. Support x86. Have different versions of reflective loader to choose from. Implement HellsGate/HalosGate for the initial calls that reflective loader uses (pNtFlushInstructionCache, VirtualAlloc, GetProcAddress, LoadLibraryA, etc). Optimize the assembly code. Hash/obfuscate strings. Some kind of template language overlay that can modify/randomize the registers/methods. [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        Tested [hide][Hidden Content]] Scan Server [Hidden Content]
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        Updates to this repository will continue to arrive until the number of links reaches 10000 links & 10000 pdf files. Learn Ethical Hacking and penetration testing .hundreds of ethical hacking & penetration testing & red team & cyber security & computer science resources. [hide][Hidden Content]]
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        [hide][Hidden Content]]