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Found 493 results

  1. MailStyler Newsletter Creator Pro – is a drag and drop drag-and-drop editor for creating and stitching news for Web sites. We made the HTML code accurate and responsive for you. MailStyler is an easy-to-use software for creating news in the world: it allows you to build perfect email templates with simple serial or mass use of the drag and drop editor without writing a single line of code. Features • Create templates with drag-and-drops • Neatly coded templates that will always look great • No HTML/CSS knowledge is required • Unlimited editing possibilities • Images for any needs • Dedicated cloud space • Compatible with all email clients, software and services • Automatic image resizing/cropping • Responsive blocks • Ready-made styles & palettes • One-click exporting What’s New * Optimizations and bug fixes [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. Protect PDFs Better than Normal PDF Restricting Tools UNLIKE normal PDF encryption and protection utilities only adding restrictions on PDF files, PDF Anti-Copy reprocesses all the words and graphics on the sensitive PDF pages to secure PDF documents, without changing the original content formatting. Processed PDF files could be opened and viewed by PDF Readers, but copying and converting the content on the Anti-Copy Pages will not work even the cracker uses the PDF unlocking or restriction removing programs. PDF Anti-Copy Features PDF Text Anti-copy PDF Text Anti-copy No Password Required No Password Required Protection & Encryption Prevent Converting Prevent Converting to editable formats like MS Word, Excel and TXT etc. Page range Protection Selective PDF Page Protection PDF Restriction Restrict PDF to protect from printing PDF Permission Global PDF permission prohibits copy function Remain PDF Layout Keep the original PDF Layout and quality Clean Software 100% Clean Multiple Languages [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. BitTorrent Classic Pro Try our most popular premium BitTorrent client. Keep your PC safe by automatically scanning torrent downloads for threats. Watch or preview torrents while your files download with a built-in HD media player. Convert files to play on iPhone, iPad, iPod, XBox, Playstation, Apple TV, or Android device. Enjoy an ad-free experience and get access to premium customer support! [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. The giveaway starts today and ends on 09/14/2021, I will be using a site like to generate a random number that will answer the winner's post number. To participate leave a comment! (Solo Usuarios Activos y Que Compartan Contenido) Min. 2 Users Max. 10 Users
  5. DLL Injector Hacker PRO – is a tool for injection of files dll to processes or (programs) this tool was specially designed for the injection of hacks, for games such as (Halo – Counter Strike – Swat – Nova – Mount Blade – Star War – ETC …) is easy to use and very efficient. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. uTorrent (µTorrent) PRO – is a tiny BitTorrent client for Windows sporting a very small footprint. µTorrent is an efficient, feature rich and built for speed. That means ultra-efficient downloads of mega-sized files. The program was designed to use as little CPU, space and memory as possible while offering all the functionalites expected from advanced clients. With µTorrent, you can download files faster and contribute by sharing files and bandwidth. Most of the features present in other BitTorrent clients are present in µTorrent, including bandwidth prioritization, scheduling, RSS auto-downloading and Mainline DHT. Additionally, µTorrent supports the Protocol Encryption joint specification and peer exchange. µTorrent was written with efficiency in mind. Unlike many torrent clients, it does not hog valuable system resources. Various icon, toolbar graphic and status icon replacements are available, and creating your own is very simple. µTorrent also has support for localization, and with a language file present, will automatically switch to your system language. If your language isn’t available, you can easily add your own, or edit other existing translations to improve them! Features • Tiny. µTorrent size is about 1 MB (smaller than a digital photo!). It installs ultra-fast with a light footprint on your computer, and runs super-efficiently. • Easy. Simple and straightforward – that’s µTorrent. With its purpose-built interface, downloading torrents is a snap. • Accessible. Access µTorrent from anywhere with µTorrent Remote. Easily access your home clients securely (using ultra-private authentication and key-exchange). • Innovative. Since µTorrent is offered by the team who invented the BitTorrent open source protocol, you know you will always have access to the latest and greatest technologies. • Fast. Expertly designed for fast downloads. Avoids hogging valuable system resources, runs quietly in the background, and doesn’t interfere with your work, play etc. • Cutting Edge. Incorporating groundbreaking µTP technology, µTorrent maximizes bandwidth and reduces congestion – so you have the smoothest, quickest downloads possible and don’t make your internet connection slow to a crawl. • Intelligent. µTorrent is instinctively smart. It auto-adjusts bandwidth usage based upon your network and the Internet. Use Skype, play games, stream video etc., all without interference. • Plug-n-Play. The program is a snap to install on your home network. In most cases, it’s plug-n-play. We also use UPnP and NAT-PMP technologies to prepare your router for torrent access. PRO Features: • Protect your computer with integrated antivirus • Get the codecs you need to enjoy HD video • Easily move files to your favorite devices • No advertisements uTorrent 3.5.5 For Windows (build 46074) August 20, 2021 Change TronTV to “Trending Videos” Remove DLive node [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  7. itsMe

    Regclean Pro

    RegClean Pro Enhance Overall PC Performance And Make It More Stable RegClean Pro cleans, repairs and optimizes Windows registry. It fixes invalid registry entries from old files and programs that no longer exist improving PC performance. Fix Invalid Registry Entries Optimize Windows Registry Boost PC Performance [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. Welcome to MailStyler We are excited to introduce you to MailStyler, the world’s most powerful and easiest-to-use newsletter creation software. With MailStyler you can build perfect email templates using a simple drag&drop editor, directly on your desktop and without writing a single line of code. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. itsMe

    Text Editor Pro 17.1.0

    Text Editor Pro – is a comprehensive and easy to use text editing tool that offers syntax highlighting for over 50 scripts. What is guaranteed to surprise you and catch your attention is that the application supports over 50 programming languages such as C++, COBOL, DOT Graph Drawing, DSP, DWScript, Fortran, Foxpro, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby SQL and many more. This feature alone makes Text Editor Pro an invaluable tool that can appeal to almost any programmer. Right off the bat you notice how good the graphic design of the application looks. If focuses on simplicity and ease of access. All the tools you use frequently are displayed in the toolbar at the top of the main window but can also be accessed from the right-click context menu. You can easily select any of the languages from a drop-down menu, create a new document and start writing. The application can handle multiple opened documents and displays them in separate tabs. Since aspect is important in the layout of the text, you get to increase and decrease indent and sort the text lines. Working with hundreds of lines of text you’re bound to need to locate certain words and commands. To help you out in this matter, the application provides you with a practical and powerful search function. It allows you to toggle case sensitive, whole words only and regular expression search modes. Another means of locating content is to mark it and then return to it when you need to. For this, you get the option of adding multiple bookmarks throughout the document. When you work on a project and save multiple drafts of it you can can very easily get confused trying to figure out what is different between them. To make it easier for you, the application allows two files to be opened and compared line by line. With the above to consider and more to discover, Text Editor Pro is by all means a handy and reliable text editing tool that provides you with the means to edit code in a large variety of programming languages. Version 17.1.0 (September 5, 2021) - Added password support for PDF view - Fixed -noskin mode - Fixed full screen mode - Fixed language files - Fixed SQL formatter - Fixed text compare - Fixed text editor control - Updated and fixed AlphaControls v16.15 - [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  10. itsMe

    Wing IDE Pro 8.0.3 Windows

    Wing Python IDE was designed from the ground up for Python, to bring you a more productive development experience. Get More Done Type less and let Wing worry about the details. Get immediate feedback by writing your Python code interactively in the live runtime. Easily navigate code and documentation. Write Better Code Avoid common errors and find problems early with assistance from Wing's deep Python code analysis. Keep code clean with smart refactoring and code quality inspection. Find Bugs Faster Debug any Python code. Inspect debug data and try out bug fixes interactively without restarting your app. Work locally or on a remote host, VM, or container. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  11. Ad Inserter Pro is a simple yet powerful All-in-One WordPress ad management plugin, AdSense plugin, Ad Manager plugin, custom header and footer code inserter and much more. It can insert any code at any supported position. Perfect for AdSense, Amazon, Ad Manager DFP ads, rotating banners or any other ads. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  12. Create Your Own Penetration & Hacking Lab – NOOB to PRO Build A Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking Home Lab || Go One More Step In The World Of Hacking || Red Team & Blue Team VM What you’ll learn About Hacking Lab Practice Hacking With Own Computer Build 100% Hacking Lab Totaly Free On Your Device Noob to Expart using Virtual Hacking Labs || VM Use any Operating System Create A Operating System Hacking Lab Create A Web-App Penetration Testing Hacking Lab Requirements A Good Quality Compute & Nothing Without Indomitable will-power Description Hacking-Lab is a Lab that is Basically used for offline & online-based Ethical-Hacking, Computer Networks, Web-App Penetration Testing & bug-bounty practices. The goal of the hacking lab is to create an environment where you can become a cybersecurity expert by practicing live securely as anonymous. Why Do We Need To Have A Hacking Lab? Suppose, you think you don’t need any hacking lab. You will start hacking without a hacking lab. However, you cannot start hacking with any computer. All of this requires special tools, software, and a variety of operating systems. If you think that you can continue working with your computer without hacking lab, then you need to disable antivirus and firewall to use most of the tools and software you need to use. As a result, your PC can be a victim of viruses, malware, spyware, ransom at any time and The data in your collection will be at risk. So we need to use hacking labs. Hacking labs can be of two types. 1. Physical Lab 2. Virtual Lab. Building a physical lab requires a lot of money. The reason – you have to use a lot of devices here as well as the network and build a structure. Which will be very time-consuming and cost huge money. On the other hand, you don’t have to spend money to create a virtual hacking lab And it saves time. So we will use virtual hacking labs. Now you can say, “Oh, I understand. But here we can use a dual-mode operating system instead of hacking lab.” yes, you can. But you will not get the same benefits as the hacking lab. You will not have the opportunity to use multiple operating systems at once. The computer needs to be restarted every time there is an operating change. If there is a mistake in the setup, all data on your C drive will be deleted. Which is extremely dangerous and annoying. so, we will use virtual hacking labs. What Is Needed To Create A Virtual Hacking Lab? A Good Quality Computer, A Virtualization Software & Operating System. A Good Quality Computer: To create a virtual hacking lab, at least 100 GB of disks must be left empty. It depends on how many operating systems you want to use. If you want to use more operating systems then you have to empty more disk space, 64-bit Processor, And your computer must have a minimum of 8 GB RAM to work well. A Virtualization Software: Then you need virtualization software. It allows you to run two or more operating systems using just one PC. Virtualization software, also called a hypervisor, is what allows one computer or server to host multiple operating systems. Operating System: Then, you need to download the operating system you want to use. We will add a Linux distribution operating system here. I will also show you how to add Windows and mobile operating systems into virtualization software. **~ As a result, you will do easily add any operating system without the help of anyone ~** Who this course is for: Who want to learn VM Hacking Lab If you want to Start Hacking Journey IF You Want to Learn Hacking Lab If you want to use more operating systems at the same time From inexperienced to Expert user, VM Who Want to Practice Hacking Own Computer [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  13. Burp Automation Performing automated scan using Burp Suite Pro & Vmware Burp Rest API with Robot Framework using Python3. It can be also used in Jenkins to perform automated UI tests. This will initiate an automated spider and crawler by leveraging the power of the Burp Scanner along with the burp extender. Once the scan is complete the report is generated in HTML & CSV which is automatically uploaded in the GDrive What it does One-click run using bash installs all the dependencies with verbose prerequisites. Uses python3 and robot framework which is easy to automate. Uses Burp Suite Rest API and runs Burp Suite Professional (pre-activated) in the headless mode along with multiple Burp Suite extensions like additional-scanner-checks, BurpJSLinkFinder, and active-scan-plus-plus. Automatically performs pentest of API/Web endpoint including scope addition and deletion using robot script. Automatically upload reports in CSV & HTML into Google Drive in YYYY-MM-DD format. Slack integration for real-time alerts. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  14. Gilisoft File Lock Pro Password Protect Files, Folders on Local Drive , USB drive or LAN Network. Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32 bits&64 bits) Brief Introduction About Gilisoft File Lock Pro Why do you need Gilisoft File Lock Pro? No matter if you are a businessman, an employee, a student, or even a housewife, a computer can assist you in your routine work. You save your personal information, documents, and other similar sensitive stuff on your computer that can hurt you if they get compromised. With it you will never worry about data theft by malicious behavior and privacy leaks. It is a Military Grade Encryption Tool for your files. Lock folders on internal hard drive, flash drive, external USB drive, thumb drive, memory card, pen drive, and network drive. Encrypt files, folders; Hide files folders and drives; Make files folders and drives read only; Password protect files folders and drives. Gilisoft File Lock Pro is available in Chinese, Czech, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  15. Best PC Cleaner for Windows PC Optimization If you use PC Cleaner it will be easy to restore your computer to the way it was when it was new. Automatically clean up junk files, free up disk space, ensure faster load times and improve overall system stability with a free PC Cleaner. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  16. IDA Version 7.6 Enjoy your IDA Pro with many new features and enhancements including: Apple Silicon support Golang analysis RISC-V and RL78 UI and Decompilers improvements And much more! Today, Hex-Rays announces the release of Service Pack 1 (SP1) for IDA 7.6. We are glad to announce the release of IDA 7.6 Service Pack 1 today! This Service Pack is primarily a bug fix release for a few errors that might affect some users. See what’s new [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Tools [hide][Hidden Content]]
  17. itsMe

    Secure File Manager Pro v1.5

    Secure File Manager Pro comes with a tons of great features. Forget using FTP or cPanel! File management just made easy & secured. Use our Secure File Manager plugin to take full control of your WordPress website. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  18. Ultimate Membership Pro is the well known and the best Membership WordPress Plugin that allow you to create and work with multi-level exclusive access for your Users based on simple Free packages or Payed packages. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  19. Zorin OS 16 Download with “Pro” version Alongside free Zorin OS 16 Core, The Zorin OS team have published a new version of their Ubuntu-based distribution. The project’s new release, Zorin OS 16, is available in two editions at the moment: a free edition called Core and a commercial edition called Pro, with a “Pro” version Zorin 16 Pro featured an additional Windows 11 desktop theme. Lite and Educational editions are planned for a later date. The new Zorin OS 16 release offers a more responsive desktop experience and added a new Zorin Appearance application to make it easier to change the theme, layout, and fonts used by the desktop. “Zorin Appearance allows you to select a different desktop layout, change the app and icon theme, choose your desktop font, and tweak other parts of your desktop to make it truly yours. In Zorin OS 16, we’ve refreshed the app’s layout to make it even easier to find customization options, with the category tabs moved from the top to the left side of the window. Desktop layouts have also been separated into a dedicated tab, and you can now set the size of desktop icons independently from the Files app. We’re introducing an all-new desktop layout in Zorin Appearance which resembles the default interface in Windows 11. It features a modern and streamlined UI that adapts well to computers with touchpads, mice, or touchscreens. The new grid menu, activities overview button, and taskbar icons are placed front and center for easy access and effortless navigation on screens of all sizes.” These, along with other new features, can be found in the project’s release announcement. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Zorin-OS-16-Core-64-bit.iso (2,720MB, pkglist) [hide][Hidden Content]]
  20. The giveaway starts today and ends on 08/21/2021, I will be using a site like to generate a random number that will answer the winner's post number. To participate leave a comment! Min. 2 Users - (two users or invalid giveaway) Max. 10 Users
  21. UVK Ultra Virus Killer Pro – is a powerful virus removal and Windows repair tool. With simple and intuitive interface, UVK allows users to detect and delete all types of malware and spyware from infected systems. It also includes lots of tools to repair windows after the disinfection. Features • Process manager • Startup entries and scheduled tasks • Windows services and drivers manager • Delete or replace file or folder • Scan & create log • UVK System repair • UVK System info Release date: August 17 2021 Bug fixes and definition updates. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  22. The giveaway starts today and ends on 08/14/2021, I will be using a site like to generate a random number that will answer the winner's post number. To participate leave a comment! Min. 2 Users Max. 5 Users
  23. Keyword Researcher Pro – is an easy-to-use Google Autocomplete scraper. Once activated, it emulates a human user, and repeatedly types thousands of queries into Google. Each time a partial phrase is entered, Google tries to predict what it thinks the whole phrase might be. We simply save this prediction. And, as it turns out, when you do this for every letter of the alphabet (A-Z), then you’re left with hundreds of great Long Tail keyword phrases. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  24. Overview Lighthouse is a powerful code coverage explorer for IDA Pro and Binary Ninja, providing software researchers with uniquely interactive controls to study execution maps for native applications without requiring symbols or source. This project placed 2nd in IDA's 2017 Plug-In Contest and was later nominated in the 2021 Pwnie Awards for its contributions to the security research industry. Special thanks to @0vercl0k for the inspiration. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  25. Malware Hunter Hyper scan makes you enjoy a faster scanning speed. Detect and remove stubborn malware, against potential danger. Malware Hunter is an award-winning product that provides comprehensive protection against all types of threats, secures your data, protects your privacy and ensures your PC remains virus-free. Virus Scan Fast hyper scans, detect and remove stubborn malware, against potential danger. Automatic updates Automatic updates provides real-time protection so that your PC is always up to date and secure. Process Protection Aimed at the process, our protection can ensure the safe operation of your computer. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]