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Found 123 results

  1. [Hidden Content]
  2. itsMe

    x1 VidiQ Pro

    [Hidden Content]
  3. itsMe

    HMA PRO VPN 1 Year

    [Hidden Content]
  4. Use "Keyword Researcher" to discover high-value Long-Tail Keywords from Google AutoComplete, Organize CSV files from the Google Keyword Planner, and write SEO-Optimized Articles for your website. Have you ever wondered how to find Long Tail Keywords for your website? When you use Google, you may notice a little drop-down box that represents their attempt to predict what you're about to type next. For example when I type the phrase "How does a website..." then Google assumes I might be looking for: How does a website make money How does a website work How does a website find my location How does a website server work how does a website help a business These are some interesting keywords... Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to save all these keywords--so we could add them to our website content? Well that is where Keyword Researcher comes in! Keyword Researcher is an easy-to-use Keyword Discover Tool. Once activated, it emulates a human using Google Autocomplete, and repeatedly types thousands of queries into Google. Each time a partial phrase is entered, Google tries to predict what it thinks the whole phrase might be. We simply save this prediction. And, as it turns out, when you do this for every letter of the alphabet (A-Z), then you're left with hundreds of great Long Tail keyword phrases. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  5. [Hidden Content]
  6. All in One SEO Pack Pro is the popular WordPress plugin for managing the Search Engine Optimization of your website or blog. All in One SEO Pack is the most downloaded plugin for WordPress with over 14 million downloads to date. Chances are you've searched Google and found a website that's running this powerful WordPress plugin. Demo: [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  7. [Hidden Content]
  8. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. PHPRunner. The best PHP code generator in the world. PHPRunner builds visually appealing web interface for any local or remote MySQL, MS Access, SQL Server, Postgre and Oracle databases. Website off the shelf With PHPRunner right out of the box you get a complete web application with a set of web pages that all tie together. All of the pages are professionally designed yet highly customizable and offer a wide range of functionality. Multiple color themes and layouts Numerous Application Templates with complete graphic interface and database: shopping cart, calendar, classified ads, cars etc. View, add, edit, delete, search, export and print pages out the box So easy to use, you can generate your first PHP website in just minutes No programming required Built-in FTP Client to upload PHP pages to the Web server Full Customization Make your website unique! PHPRunner provides you with multiple website layouts, color schemes and advanced WYSIWYG visual editor giving you all the necessary tools to customize the visual appearance of each page with the ease of drag-n-drop. WYSIWYG Visual Editor with drag-n-drop capabilities Multilingual templates. Ability to choose language while logging in Images and documents support Easy integration with existing website Powerful Charts and Reports builder Rich text editor controls Peace of Mind Security You will be able to password protect the access to your web applications with very flexible yet robust security and permissioning that comes with PHPRunner right out of the box. You can choose the level of granularity and sophistication for your content protection.Regardless of your business needs with our software your information confidentially is well guarded. Robust website password protection User self-registration, password reminder, and change password pages Flexible user group permissions Online dynamic permission setting CAPTCHA protection Password encryption and strength validation PHPRunner changes history Version 10.3 - September, 2019 Separate permissions for additional pages Filters - grouping Login via Google PDF API Dialog API Single Sign-On via JWT New Active Directory and LDAP options More APIs and events [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  10. Proxies: Yes: Email:Pass Capture: Only Pro Accounts / Active (Account Status / Language) Free Accounts = Custom Pro Accounts Expired = Custom [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  11. itsMe

    Text Editor Pro 8.1.1 + x64

    Powerful text editing tool with syntax highlighting support for programming languages and scripts, multi-caret and synchronized editing, code/text folding, over 100 options for customizing, over 100 ready made skins, character map, numerical unit convert tool, text compare, JSON/SQL/XML formatter, and support for multiple directories and search results. Version 8.1.1 (October 6, 2019) - Fixed caret moving - Fixed menu bar - Fixed sort - Fixed language files [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  12. [Hidden Content]
  13. Duplicator Pro version 1.3.14 and below suffer from a local information disclosure vulnerability. View the full article
  14. DarkRider


    ENJOY ITS PAID BUT i'll GIVEN FOR FREE REAL WEBSITES-[Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  15. Download: [Hidden Content] Password:
  16. itsMe

    HTTP Debugger Pro 9.7

    Debug HTTP API calls to a back-end and between back-ends Easy of use, clean UI, and short ramp-up time Not a proxy, no network issues! Changes v9.7 - Sep 25, 2019 Improvements Added support for Client Certificates. Bug Fixes Fixed the bug with selecting requests from Submitter. [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  17. VMware Workstation 15 Pro VMware Workstation Pro es el estándar del sector para la ejecución de varios sistemas operativos en un único PC con Linux o Windows. Workstation 15 Pro mejora el escritorio líder al ofrecer una interfaz de usuario actualizada con alta resolución de PPP, una nueva API de REST y soporte actualizado para los sistemas operativos Windows y Linux más recientes, entre otros. [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  18. Avira Phantom VPN Pro Datos ilimitados en dispositivos ilimitados Ultraseguro: el mejor cifrado, al nivel de los bancos Datos ilimitados: ideal para el streaming de contenidos Privado: oculta tu actividad incluso en redes P2P Imposible de piratear Cifra tus datos privados cuando te conectes a redes inseguras Imposible de rastrear Evita que te rastreen los anunciantes, los proveedores de servicios de Internet (ISP) y los espías Sin censura Desbloquea el acceso a tus servicios en línea y sitios web favoritos [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  19. Not Deobfuscated from me but have find some class interesing to help to Reverse Used Software for deobfus. : Java Deobfuscator Gui Config: java -Xmx16G -jar deobfuscator.jar -input C:\Users\User01\Desktop\java_deobfuscator\input.jar -output C:\Users\User01\Desktop\java_deobfuscator\output\deobfuscated.jar -transformer normalizer.SourceFileClassNormalizer -transformer zelix.string.EnhancedStringEncryptionTransformer -path C:\Users\User01\Desktop\java_deobfuscator\input.jar -path "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_221\lib\rt.jar" -path "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_221\lib\rt.jar" -path C:\Users\User01\Desktop\java_deobfuscator\javax-crypto.jar [hide][Hidden Content]] My Analyse : Interesing .class : b7s.class : putstatic b7s b7s.HEADLESS_WIZARD getstatic b7s b7s.REST_API getstatic b7s b7s.WIZARD e57.class : g8c.class u_.class net/portswigger/burp/bc.class Download : [hide][Hidden Content]]