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  1. ZProtect Pro v. Cracked by cektop [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. ✅ injection in explorer.exe ✅ Hidden schtasks ✅ WDExcluion ✅ Anti Analysis ✅ Offline - Online ✅ Change Path ✅ Super Hidden ❇ X64/X86 Bit [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Enjoy
  3. Features of the program: collect phone numbers/addresses from the name and description (biography) of the account collect phone numbers/addresses from business account contacts the processing speed of one working account is ~50 accounts per minute, when parsing by username or ID. It is possible to change the speed by changing the "Pause between requests" parameter in the program settings. Importantly! The parsing limit for one account is 500 accounts per day (as of 07.05.2021, subject to change). After exceeding the limit, Instagram may ask to confirm the account by SMS or mail, may ask to pass the captcha, and may also block the account temporarily or permanently. multithreading! For multithreading, you need to add several Instagram accounts to the program settings. Importantly! When using more than one account, the use of individual proxies is mandatory! Recommended proxies. Recommendation. Proxies must be from the same country from which the work accounts were registered, then the chance that at the first authorization Instagram will ask to confirm the account will be less. collection of multiple numbers/addresses from one account three interface languages: Russian, English, Portuguese. automatic confirmation of the account by e-mail or entering the code manually the program processes the lists of accounts in any of the formats: username id username:id id:username [Hidden Content] @username Download: [Hidden Content]
  4. Acunetix 360 is a best-of-breed enterprise web vulnerability solution designed to be a part of complex environments. It provides multiple integrations as well as options to integrate within custom contexts. Version (Vulnerability Database: 2022.11.29.1600) Cracked [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  5. [SeedWatcher] SOL+NFT/TRX/TRC20/CRONOS/NFT/ETH/BSC/POLYGON/AVAX/FTM/HT/Arbitrum/MOVR/BTC etc. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. Tested: 1.2.4 improuvment list 1 - Add detection of Android 12 version name in main Rat list of Android area 2 - Fix the Android binder ( merger ) and support all android phones 3 - Update Default app chrome icone 4 - Calls listen outgoing calls number detection fixed 5 - Rat update button way changed , now is better 6 - Fix calles listen sound , in android 10 and up you must enable the app accessibility to work 7 - outgoing and incoming icone of calles listen changed , now better before was not clear [Hidden Content] Server Scan [Hidden Content]
  7. El programa revisa todas las carpetas del directorio base y mira todas las demás carpetas con registros para la disponibilidad de los servicios (sitios) que necesitamos. Registra escrituras en un archivo o en diferentes archivos correspondientes al nombre del servicio. 1.- Poner los Logs (carpetas) en base 2.- services.txt es el archivo que busca todos los registros ustedes pueden modificarlo. Buscando resultados Carpeta log Registros [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. [Hidden Content]
  9. Cobalt Strike gives you a post-exploitation agent and covert channels to emulate a quiet long-term embedded actor in your customer’s network. Malleable C2 lets you change your network indicators to look like different malware each time. These tools complement Cobalt Strike’s solid social engineering process, its robust collaboration capability, and unique reports designed to aid blue team training. Cobalt Strike 4.5 is now available. This release sees new options for process injection, updates to the sleep mask and UDRL kits, evasion improvements and a command history update along with other, smaller changes. Security Updates Before getting into the details of the release, I just wanted to impress upon you how seriously we take product security. We dedicated a significant portion of this release to improving controls around product licensing. We are fully committed to improving the security of the product and will continue to make product security enhancements a priority in future releases. Process Injection Until now, Cobalt Strike’s only process injection option was the built-in fork&run technique. While this is good for stability, it limits OPSEC options. We have added two new Aggressor Script hooks (PROCESS_INJECT_SPAWN and PROCESS_INJECT_EXPLICIT) to allow you to define how the fork&run and explicit injection techniques are implemented when executing post exploitation commands. A new BOF along with an Aggressor Script function implements both of these new techniques. You will now have the option of using the built-in fork&run technique or creating your own process injection technique. [Hidden Content]
  10. Configuracion Necesitaremos un alojamiento gratuito, tipo [Hidden Content] Ahora ve al edificador. Lo primero que necesitamos crear es una puerta para aceptar registros y reenviar en tg. Rellene los valores como en la captura de pantalla, creando un bot en BotFather. Hemos creado un script php con el token que ingresó anteriormente. Súbelo al hosting + crea un LOGS allí Ahora obtenemos la identificación de chat de este bot @chat_id_echo_bot ingrese al constructor y haga clic en crear. Tested: [hide][Hidden Content]] Server Scan [Hidden Content]
  11. Windows 11 Manager v1.0.0 The complete solution to optimize, tweak, repair and clean up Windows 11 Windows 11 Manager is an all-in-one utility for Microsoft Windows 11 specially, it includes over forty different utilities to optimize, tweak, clean up, speed up and repair your Windows 11, helps make your system perform faster, eliminate system fault, increase stability and security, personalize your copy of Windows 11, and meet all of your expectations. Features Information Optimizer Cleaner Customization Security Network Misc. Utilities [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  12. Building features: 1) Collects from browsers: a) Login and passwords b) Cookies c) Autocomplete fields d) Credit cards 2) Supported browsers: a) All Chromium-based browsers ( Even Chrome latest version ) b) All browsers based on Gecko (Mozilla, etc.) 3) Data collection from FTP clients, IM clients 4) Customizable file-grabber according to the criteria Path, Extension, Search in subfolders (you can configure for the necessary cold wallets, steam, etc.) 5) Sample by country. Setting up a blacklist of countries where the build will not work 6) Setting up anti-duplicate logs in the panel 7) Collects information about the victim's system: IP Country City Current user name HWID Keyboard layouts Screenshot Screen resolution Operating system UAC Settings is the current build running with administrator privileges User-Agent Information about component PCs ( video cards, processors ) Installed antiviruses Panel: To install the panel: Read > (FAQ (English).docx) [Hidden Content] Server Scan [Hidden Content]
  13. Tool: Functions: - All chrome based browsers and profiles - All firefox based browsers and profiles - The traffic is encrypted - Configurable file grabber - Configurable file downloader - Collecting the archive into memory without writing any data to disk - AntiAnalysis (VirtualBox, SandBox, Host, RDP, Emulator, Debugger, CIS country) - Chrome stealer: - Passwords - CreditCards - AutoFill - Cookies - History - Downloads - Keywords - Bookmarks - Firefox stealer: - Passwords - AutoFill - Cookies - History - Bookmarks - Messengers: - AstraChat (accounts) - Bettergram (session) - Discord (session, tokens) - Element (session) - Facebook (contacts) - Gajim (accounts) - Paltalk (session) - Pidgin (accounts, chatlogs) - Psi,Psi+ (accounts) - RamBox (partitions) - Ferdi (partitions) - Franz (partitions) - Signal (session) - Skype (session) - Slack (session) - Spark (account) - Swift (accounts) - TeamSpeak3 (account db) - Telegram (session) - Telefuel (session) - Chatogram (session) - UWPX (session) - Unigram (session) - Viber (session, contacts) - WhatsApp (session) - Wickr Me/Pro (session,username) - uTox/qTox/Toxygen (username) - Email clients: - FoxMail (session) - MailSpring (session) - OperaMail (session) - Outlook (accounts) - PocoMail (session) - SeaMonkey (accounts, cookies) - Spike (session) - TheBat! (session) - Thunderbird (accounts, cookies) - eM Client (session) - Password managers: - Dashlane (session) - RoboForm (session) - NordPass (databases) - 1Password (databases) - BitWarden (databases) - KeePassXC (databases) - KeePass2 (databases, keyfiles) - VeraCrypt (databases, containers) - Apps: - Authy (session) - Docker desktop (account) - Git (credentials) - Github Desktop (session) - Ngrok (token) - OBS Studio (broadcast keys) - PHP-Composter (auth file) - Utopia Ecosystem (account containers) - WinAuth (container) - WinRar (history) - VPN: - EarthVPN (account) - MysteriumDVPN (keystore) - NO-IP DUC (credentials) - NordVPN (accounts) - OpenVPN (profiles) - PrivateVPN (session) - ProtonVPN (session) - Proxifier (profiles) - SentielDVPN (keystore) - FTP/SSH: - ApacheDirectoryStudio - CoreFTP - CyberDuck - FarManager - FileZilla - MobaXTerm - SnowFlake - TotalCmd - WinSCP - mRemoteNG - Gaming: - BattleNet (account information) - GameCenterMailRu (account information) - KalypsoMedia (account) - Gameforge (account) - Origin (account information) - Osu! (session) - SA:MP (username, servers) - Steam (ssfn, vdf, username, apps) - Uplay (account information) - Minecraft (session tokens) - LavaCraft (session) - LoliLand (account) - McSkill (session) - RedServer (session) - VimeWorld (session) - CryptoWallets: - ARK - Armory - AtomicWallet - BitPay - Bitcoin Knots - BitcoinCore - Bither - Blockstream - CoinWallet - Coinomi - DashCore - Electrum - Ethereum - Exodus - GreenAddress - Guarda - Jaxx - LitecoinCore - MoneroCore - MyMonero - Scatter - Wasabi - Zcash - System: - Active windows screenshot - Appslist - Desktop screenshot - Networks (Saved, Scanning) - Processlist - Vault passwords (IE, RDP) - Webcam screenshot - Windows credential manager - HardwareInfo: - Screen Resolution - CPU name - GPU name - Manufacturer - RAM amount - Processor ID - Disk serial - BatteryInfo: - ACPowerPluggedIn - Percentage - NetworkInfo: - Get local IP - Get public IP - Get gateway IP - Get BSSID - OSInfo: - Get OS name - Get UI lang Panel Images: [Hidden Content] Scan Server [Hidden Content]
  14. Features Dork Checker for - Google - Google API - Bing - More to Come Web Request Utilities Parsers CVE Lookup URL Extractors URL Utils Valid URL Checker LFI Checker SQLi Vuln Checker Bumbo Analyser Bumbo Editor Proxy Utils File Utils [hide][Hidden Content]]
  15. Cybersecurity researchers from Bitdefender discovered a new malware, “MosaicLoader,” which is targeting users looking online for pirated software. Adversaries often target users with various phishing tactics. But sometimes, unwitting users fall into a hacker’s trap, revealing their private data to attackers. Cybersecurity researchers from Bitdefender recently identified a new malware variant that targets users who are looking online for pirated software. Tracked as MosaicLoader, the malware is distributed via paid advertisements in search results, specially crafted to trick users into clicking the malicious ads link and infect their devices. Once deployed on the system, MosaicLoader creates a complex chain of processes and automatically downloads additional payloads like cookie stealers, crypto-currency miners, and backdoors like Glupteba. Glupteba is a malware Trojan with advanced features that could turn the infected system into a remotely controlled bot and steal personal information. MosaicLoader’s Infection Flow Initially, the MosaicLoader malware adds local exclusions in Windows Defender for legitimate-looking filenames to evade security detections. The malware then deploys additional malware payloads to gain persistent access to the targeted device. The execution flow of MosaicLoader include: Creating a fake software file > Code obfuscation with execution order > Auto-downloading with several malware strains. Impact In addition to MosaicLoader, Bitdefender researchers also identified a malware sprayer distributing Facebook cookie stealers to access users’ login cookies from browsers. This allows threat actors to take over victims’ Facebook accounts, deploy malware, and steal identities. They even leveraged a variety of RATs like AsyncRAT and Powershell Dropper for their cyberespionage campaigns to obtain users’ log keystrokes, audio from the microphone, and images from the infected system. “Due to MosaicLoader’s capabilities, user privacy may be severely affected. The malware sprayer can deliver Facebook cookie stealers on the system that might exfiltrate login data, resulting in complete account takeovers, posts that can harm the reputation of businesses or persons, or posts that spread malware. Another significantly dangerous malware delivered through MosaicLoader is the Remote Access Trojans. They can log keypresses on the system, record audio from the microphone and images from the webcam, capture screenshots, etc. With this private information, attackers can take over accounts, steal digital identities and attempt to blackmail victims,” Bitdefender said. Indicators of Compromise URLs t1.cloudshielding.xyz c1.checkblanco.xyz s1.chunkserving.com m1.uptime66.com 5a014483-ff8f-467e-a260-28565368d9be.certbooster.com 0129e158-aa17-4900-99a6-30f4a49bd0a4.nordlt.com Integral.hacking101.net IP Address Mitigation While the MosaicLoader campaign has not targeted any specific countries or sectors, the attackers are mostly targeting personal computers. To prevent MosaicLoader infections: Organizations should apply the indicators of compromises (IOCs) to endpoint detection and response (EDR) systems Ensure employees avoid downloading pirated software or applications Always download from authentic sources Keep devices updated
  16. Unlock 100% Fresh Video Traffic With Playlists Breakthrough Software Makes Playlist Marketing Easy World’s First Playlist Marketing Software + Training For YouTube Makes It Easy For You To Get Playlist Traffic [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  17. Your Business Needs More High-Quality Traffic Unlock A Fresh & High-Quality Traffic Source That 99% Of Your Competition Hasn’t Exploited Rank on Local Language SERPs With Subtitled & Language Voice-Over Videos in 100s of Languages (All With A Click!) Automatically Subtitle any video in the language you choose. Automatically redub (Voice-Over) videos in the language of your choice Get local language captions (SRT) for your videos for higher rankings. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  18. Verification is done through the API You can ship mail:pass, login:pass and number:pass Auto pruning mail:pass in login:pass You can use your own User-Agent's to reduce the likelihood of an account ban Password Changer (changes password on accounts) Creates a text file with EditThisCookie cookies [hide][Hidden Content]]
  19. Builder: Panel: Advantages: Excellent build weight (600 kb, 350-400 kb under UPX) Completely untied from the seller panel (customers say that their logs are stolen, everything is open and access only you) High collection rate (3-10 seconds log) Collect from all accounts on your computer Sa:MP customer data collection (nick, favorite server database) Collecting data from Chromium browsers and browsers with non-standard data location (Passwords, Cookies, Autocomplete, Card Data) Chrome v80 support Collecting passwords from Edge Gathering Discord Sessions Collect all Telegram sessions Filezilla password collection (new/old) Collecting passwords and cookies from Mozila FireFox Collecting wallet files Collecting Pidgin passwords Pidgin's correspondence collection PSI/PSI Account Collection Collecting passwords to authorize NordVPN Collecting Steam files/information about established games and Steam profiles 2FA Authenticators Sessions (Authy) Recursive collection of files from your desktop Sending the log directly to the telegram, as well as saving on the server (for mass unloading) Your token is protected (your logs no one will salt) Not a bad answer, even on a clean OC Protection from re-log The most stable build in terms of the knock is used Cons: No self-removal of the build after launch There is no protection against virtuals update v1.2: Added definition of IP, country and city A new kind of log The ability to disable recursive collection of files from a slave. table (disconnected by default in the builder, if you turn on that longer collects log - sometimes the hosting does not accept large files, with the disconnected rake knocks for 2-3 seconds as an updated stylactic. The log itself is faked, now normally collects screenshots and all the information about the system Info: [Hidden Content] Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] Scan Server Link to scan result: [Hidden Content]
  20. Hello everyone I found this rat that suits me very well is Venom 2.7 I wanted to know from a moderator if it was actually the cracked version and if it was clean I have analyzed it only in hybrid and nn without host or ip ... but I wanted to be 100% insurance Features: Remote Control Hidden Hrdp Remote Vnc Remote Cam Remote Microphone Darkeye Stealer All Google chrome based browsers recovery All Mozilla firefox based browsers recovery Internet explorer Recovery Keylloger Remote Fun Monitor on/off Open/close CD Show/Hide taskbar Show/Hide Start Button Show/Hide Explorer Show/Hide Clock Show/Hide Tray Show/Hide Mouse Enable/Disable Task Manager Enable/Disable Regedit Disable UAC Stub Features Change client name Enable install Usb spread Anti kill Disable windows defender Hide file Hide folder Enable start up/persistence Change startup registry name Mutex IP/DNS/No ip Encrypted connection Change reconnect time Change assembly clone/random Change icon Enable keylogger Hide keylogger folder Change log directory name Remote System System Information File Manager Start Up Manager Task Manager Remote Shell TCP Connection Reverse Proxy Registry Editor UAC Exploit Disable WD Format All Drivers Kill All AV Net Frameworks Execution Policy Editor USB Spread Killer Reg Extras Btc Grabber Pastebin Uploader Anonfile Uploader Rans Encrypt Venom Software is an advanced System Remote Administration Tool designed for Windows based operating systems, focused on providing a fast, secure and stable replacement for competing products at a significantly lower price. Venom Software can be used to: Fully administer Windows servers remotely Provide remote support to clients, friends or colleagues Connect to your home computer while you are away Monitor employee’s work machines Connect to your work computer while you are away Reviews Generation [Hidden Content] Server Scan [Hidden Content]
  21. Features: HVNC: - Fully Custom Build-IN Stable HVNC - Completely Hidden Desktop Environment - Windows 8-10+ Support - Build in Hidden Browser Features - Keyboard And Mouse Contror HIDDEN BROWSER: - Chrome Support - Hidden Profile/Data Takeover - Firewall Information - Windows 7 Support REMOTE DESKTOP: - Keyboard And Mouse Controll - Multi Display Support - Interval Quality Options - Update & Upload / Exicute - Open Web URL REMOTE WEBCAM: - Select Webcam - Size/Quality ON-CONNECT: - Start hVNC - Auto Save Client Passwords - Run Custom Script CONTROL ALL: - Update Miner Settings - Update All Clients - Run Custom Script - Start hVNC - Auto Save Client Passwords - Run Custom Script USER DATA: - Get GEO Location - Grab Server Information - Firewall Information DATA RECOVERY: - 35+ Browser Passwords - FTP Client Recovery - Get Discord Tokens - Advanced File Manager DATA CAPTURE: - Advanced Keylogging - Logs Over Email - Email Screenshots - Email Password Recovery - Email Keylogger Keywords - Save Logs To Disk - Clipboard Logs - Keylogger Keywords - Live Keylogging MINER: - Mine BTC/LTC on target machine. - Full proxy configuration for miner. - Opton To Choose GPU:CPU:SILENT BUILDER: - .Net 4.0 / .Net 2.0 - Adcanced File Binding - Icon Selection - Assembly Cloner - Advanced Assembly - Hide/Melt File - Extenstion Spoofer - Execution Deley - Custom Source Execution - Password Protection - Ganarate Mutex - Delete ZoneID PERSISTENCE: - Persistence - Process Protection - Process Persistence - Startup Persistence - Startup - Hidden Startup - UAC Bypass - Disable Taskbar - Show/Hide Taskbar - Show/Hide Tray - Hide all Windows - AntiVM/AntiSandbox - Advanced Startup - Kill Antivirus - Disable RegEdit MISC: - Process Manager - Remote Shell - Registry Manager - Listen On Startup - Connect Notifications - Server Actions - Fun Options - Gzip Compression - Play Frequency - Client Map - Print Text - Software Settings - Client Grid - History Tutorial + Download: [Hidden Content]
  22. Automate and Scale Your Web Security with Netsparker Netsparker is a web vulnerability management solution that focuses on scalability, automation, and integration. Based on a leading-edge web vulnerability scanner, the Netsparker platform uses proprietary Proof-Based Scanning™ technology to identify and confirm vulnerabilities, confidently indicating results that are definitely not false positives. Netsparker is highly effective both integrated within the SDLC and as a stand-alone solution. Changelog: NEW FEATURES Added a new signature limit for URL Rewrite matched links Added a crawling limit for Not found (404) links Added a WASC Classification Report template Added an option to exclude authentication pages and removed authentication related regexes from the default settings NEW SECURITY CHECKS Added Out-of-date security checks for the Liferay portal Added Version Disclosure and Out-of-date security checks for Jolokia Added Nested XSS security checks Added an ASP.NET Razor SSTI security check Added a Java Pebble SSTI security check Added a Theymeleaf SSTI security check Added Version Disclosure and Out-of-date security checks for Grafana IMPROVEMENTS Improved custom scripting to send raw requests Improved the authenticator to hide passwords in request data in order to prevent exposing them in reports Added an Auto Follow Redirect setting to the Advanced settings Added request and response details to Out of Band vulnerabilities Improved logging for timed out regexes in the Javascript Library Checker Updated signature of Stack Trace/Custom Stack Trace (Python) Improved the memory consumption on long running scans FIXES Fixed an error that was caused when parsing duplicate response content-type headers Updated Netsparker logos, splash screen and icons Fixed reporting of Crawl Performance for crawl-only scans Fixed an issue where Form Value Errors were occurring after simulation was finished Fixed the Maximum Body Length exceeded log message Fixed the log level of the Dom Parser’s ignored link message Fixed the Jira Send To application description Fixed an issue that occured when the content-type and accept header was used in a parameter in the Open API (Swagger) file Fixed an issue where the custom Comparison Report was not generated Fixed an ArgumentNullException that was occuring in the TestSiteConfiguration dialog Disabled the LFI button for possible xxe Fixed a certificate error problem on the new ssl checker Fixed the timezone problem on reports Fixed the Executive Summary Report title Fixed an ArgumentException that was thrown when the URI was empty Fixed HIPAA classification links Fixed the issue where the Netsparker session importer did not import all links from the session Fixed the bug where the URL was split incorrectly when a segment contained the file extension Fixed the issue responses that were not being analyzed in the Signatures engine during the re-crawl phase Fixed the HIPAA classification link when there are multiple classifications Removed plugin functions that are used to detect bootstrap to prevent false positive versions from being reported Fixed NRE in the static detection engine Fixed the Swagger parser that caused an object to be imported with a parent node while the object was inside an array [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]

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