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Found 25 results

  1. sQuoII

    AutoIt Obfuscator [Cracked]

    AutoIt Obfuscator — AutoIt Script Source Code Obfuscation AutoIt Obfuscator lets you protect your AutoIt script source code against analysis, reverse engineering & decompilation by using multiple advanced obfuscation techniques and polymorphic encryption. [HIDE][Hidden Content]] run: AutoItObfuscator_Patch.exe Official Website: [Hidden Content]
  2. + Boost your stats! You're dreaming about an infinite flood of visitors from all around the world? You want to increase your views with one single click? Then Diabolic Traffic Bot from Diabolic Labs is the software you need! The Most Powerful Traffic Bot will create an endless stream of visitors, views, votes and impressions and boost your stats incredibly! Diabolic Traffic Bot generates unlimited web traffic to any website, video or blog. Diabolic Traffic Bot have hundreads of proxies ready to use instantly. All proxies are reload every few minutes from our servers that are testing proxies 24/7 Features: Send Unlimited Traffic To Multiple URL's Multi-Threading Random URL Referer Random Browser User Agent Limit Traffic to Send Random Time in Web Page Cookies Cleared Each Visit Real-Time Traffic Stats Private Proxies Allowed Real-Time Log Browser or Socks Mode Easy Script Languange Choose Proxy Country More than 4500 proxies to use Included Modules: Soundcloud Play Youtube Search and Play Simple Website Visit Website Visit and Random Click BC.VC Click Next Button SH.ST Click Next Button Amazon Search Product and Click What you can do with the traffic: Increase Website Stats Increase Soundcloud Plays Increase Views Increase Downloads Increase Votes Manipulate Any Analitic Software Manipulate Alexa Ranking Simulate Users Does this traffic count in Google Analytics? Yes How much traffic can I get per hour? Depend of the number of threads you use, with 50 threads you can get around 50 view every 10 seconds, 300 views/minute, 1800 views/hour Do I need proxies? No, the software download hundreds of tested proxies Can I use my own proxies? Yes, the bot can use private proxies with username and password Can the software click in a specific part of the site? Yes, with the integration of scripting you can simulate about anything in any webpage Supported Operating Systems Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 Windows Server Additional Requirements .NET Frameworks 4.5 84MB Hard Disk Space Included Modules: Soundcloud Play Youtube Search and Play Simple Website Visit Website Visit and Random Click BC.VC Click Next Button SH.ST Click Next Button Amazon Search Product and Click What you can do with the traffic: Increase Website Stats Increase Soundcloud Plays Increase Views Increase Downloads Increase Votes Manipulate Any Analitic Software Manipulate Alexa Ranking Simulate Users Demo [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Pass:
  3. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  4. bleyd66

    Dork Generator [CRACKED]

    Generator Dork [CRACKED] Download : [Hidden Content] Pass : BASE-64- U2V4eUtleVNjb3Jl
  5. Athena Configurable Email Checker | Create Custom Configs Easly | $100 Tool [~] The First Configurable Mail Access Checker with a simple too use Config Builder made in regex. [~] Anyone can learn to use this Athena simply and very fast. [~] No need for multiple instances anymore, with Anthena you can run multiple configs [~] Supports Up to 250 Threads. [~] Proxyless but also works with Proxies [~] Built in Configs : Amazon ~ Discord ~ Dunkin Donuts ~ Epic Games ~ Steam ~ Escape from Tarkov ~ You can create your own for the others as well! [~] Video Tutorial on How to properly use the tool: [Hidden Content]
  6. dEEpEst

    Discord Bot Maker [Cracked]

    Video: [Hidden Content] Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password:
  7. Web Proxies Central is a program that let you use undetected yet list of proxies to surf the internet for fun or profit. What makes Web Proxies Central different from other programs or websites is the proxy scrapping method that retrieves undetected web proxies. This proxies don't have much traffic mainly because they are new and this is an advantage because they respond faster to page requests. Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] Virustotal: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. [Hidden Content] APEX 2, The all in one checker. APEX FREE MODULES: Netflix Spotify Hulu Parsec Zenmate APEX PRO MODULES: Netflix Spotify Crunchyroll Fortnite Parsec Email Minecraft VyprVPN Wish Zenmate HideMyAss Reddit Roblox PornHub Hulu NordVPN IPVanish ExpressVPN TunnelBear MyFreeCams BitDefender CashApp Dominos CA Dominos UK
  9. [Hidden Content] Features: [~] Available Modules Proxyless EMAIL: 4Shared | Adfocus | Audiobooks | CBS | CostaUK | Codester (USER:PASS) Duolingo | DominosCA | DominosDE | Doordash | FitBit | Grubhub | Hulu | JetBlue HMA | McDonalds | Tidal | Reddit | Scribd | Shipt | | SubwayUK | udemy | uPlay MegaNZ | NBA | Nest | Spotify | Wish | WWE Proxies EMAIL: Crunchyroll | Chipotle | DirecTV | DominosUS (US PROXIES ONLY) | Deezer | Fakku Fortnite | KfcUK | Grammarly | Instacart | Minecraft | Mediafire Netflix | NordVPN | Postmates | Rapidgator | SkipTheDishes | VyprVPN Proxies USER: Chaturbate | PornHub [~] Proxies Scrapper & Checker [~] Combo Tools [~] Hits Tools [~] Combo Collection [~] Generate code lists
  10. Nectar Fortune | Fast | Stable | Multi-threaded | Easy Money Nectar fortune is like the new morrisons make easy money and get free items [Hidden Content]
  11. sQuoII

    FortRoyale 3.0 [Cracked]

    FortRoyale 3.0 is a Fortnite Cracker/Checker with multiple options. [Hidden Content]
  12. Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Passwoord:
  13. dEEpEst

    Axenta - [Cracked]

    Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password:
  14. Checker Mode: Funciones: Captura de toda la información útil Guardado automático de Hits/Log/No Checked Proxy guardado automático Tipos de proxies: HTTP/S-SOCKS4/5 Scan [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Pass:
  15. [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Pass: Scan
  16. dEEpEst

    rat xTSR v1.1.0.6 [Cracked]

    Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password:
  17. dEEpEst

    crypter Root Crypter v1.4 [Cracked]

    Scan: Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] Password:
  18. 1-AccountCreator *PVA ACCOUNTS (2 METHODE ) *Account Creator by email yahoo beta (will be more fast with time) *Account Creator By email (Support death by captcha +proxy + account created with channel + avatar 1 min = 4 account) 2-Account Checker ( you can check FAST if account GOOD ,DEAD,WRONG PASSWORD, NO CHANNEL) 3-Avatar Uploader (upload avatar to your accounts) 4-channel commenter 5-Channel creator(create channel to accounts whithout channel) 6-Comment Grabber (grab comments from video or channel) 7-Comment rater *Comment Rater fast *comment rater slow 8-Friend adder add friend to your channel 9-get user info 10-get video info 11-imageScaper(scrap image from youtube) 12-increase view bot have 9 different browser + refered from different site you import proxies and put your video + edit settings like refresh every 15 s, 30 s, 1s change proxy after 3 refresh 4 refresh how much u need view ..... this method work or not ? is not 100% work is hard u need good proxie +good internet speed and some time work some not i tell that for everyone need to buy bot only for view tools 13-mp3 ripper (convert video youtube to mp3) 14-change password of accounts 15-username tools(username creator ,username checker) 16-Userscraper 17-Searcher 18-Video Downloader 19--YOUTUBE BOT (Like dislike comment favorites subscribe unsubescribe flag ) 4 bot (hot): *YOUTUBE BOT API 1(support proxy) *YOUTUBE BOT API 2 *BROWSER BOT(support proxy) *Webrequest bot(support proxy) 20-team view support 21-update every sunday 22-good protection 23-mass Uplaoder 24-Api kEY MAKER 25-Browser 26-prxie tools (proxy grabber+proxy checker+proxy binder) what coming soon? 1-message sender 2-many tools will be more fast 3-new method for increase view Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] Password:
  19. dEEpEst

    Leongram v3.0.0 [Cracked]

    Go What can Leongram do? Likes Program will like people on your behalf to other users to get their attention. Subscription The program will subscribe to the users you need to subscribe to you in response. Cancellation If the profile reaches a limit, the program will unsubscribe from all, and then will begin to subscribe again. Direct The program will automatically send messages to the direct according to the specified parameters and templates. Audience collection A feature that gathers the right users by competitors, hashtags, geolocation and groups. Comments The program will send comments, it is a powerful way to attract the attention of customers. Autoposting You can preload the posts in the program, and it will be at the right time, in turn will publish them. Accelerator Collect audience without accounts and proxies. Through vulnerabilities and blocking bypass, the accelerator collects the audience in several streams at a tremendous speed. Scheduler Schedule tasks, for example, loop the subscription and unsubscribe so that the program performs it on a schedule. Cleaning bots The program provides the function of clearing your account from bots and dead accounts. Leongram was recognized as the best to work with Instagram According to the world's largest forum on social networks, Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password:
  20. TUTORIAL 1. Install Adobe Audition CC 2018 (Set-up.exe) 2. After installing, open the "patcher" folder. 3. Copy "adobe patcher.exe" 4. Go to the place where you installed Adobe Audition. 5. Paste 6. Run "adobe patcher.exe" 7. Select "Adobe Audition CC 2017" 8. Click patch 9. If it doesn't find the "amtlib.dll" you will have to select it manually. 10. Start Adobe Audition CC 2018 & Enjoy! Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password:
  21. What can you do with Facebook Social ToolKit ? (A) Free Removal Tools 1. Unlike All Facebook Pages At Once: This tool allows you to unlike all Facebook pages at once, thus it helps to improve your timeline and removes unnecessary posts from timeline. 2. Unfriend All Friends At Once: If you have decided to close your Facebook account then this tool can help you to remove all Facebook friends before you deactivate your account. 3. Unfollow All Facebook Friends At Once: If you don 't want to see posts from your friends or if you want to see posts of selective friends then this tool can help you. 4. Delete All Comments At Once: This tool can help you to get rid of abusive and irrelevant comments posted on your status update. 5. Reject All Friend Requests At Once: If you receive too many friend requests and if you have reached your friend request limit then this tool can help you to reject all friend requests. 6. Unfollow All Facebook Groups At Once: This tool will remove unnecessary posts from groups joined by Facebook users without leaving Facebook groups . 7. Remove Facebook Page Likes: If you have decided to close your Facebook page and delete it then this tool can help you to remove likes from a Facebook page. 8. Remove All Facebook Groups: If you are annoyed by the number of notifications you receive from Facebook groups then this tool can help you to leave all Facebook groups. Cancel All Pending Friend Requests: Free Facebook Tools 1. Facebook ID Extractor: Facebook ID extractor allows you to extract IDs of your profiles, groups, events and Facebook pages for free.All you need to do is enter the URL and click on the extract ID button. 2. Invite Your Friends To Like Your Page: This tool automates the process of inviting your friends to like your page and helps you to get more likes on your Facebook page. 3. Invite Your Friends To Join Your Group: This tool adds all friends as group members and helps you to increase the number of group members to make your.This tool is made to make your group more active. 4. Accept All Friend Requests At Once: Sometime we receive too many friend requests and clicking on confirm button can become a painful job.This tool automates the process of accepting all friend requests, in a three simple clicks you can accept thousands of friend requests. 5.E vent Invitation Tool: Inviting all friends to your Facebook event can become a painful job if you have more than 1000 thousand Facebook friends.Event invitation tool is made to automate the process of inviting all friends to your Facebook event. 6. Send Multiple Friend Requests At once: This tool allows you to send multiple friend requests to your Facebook friends.In a single click you can send many friend requests. 7. Suggest Your Friends To Another Friend: This tool allows you to suggest your Facebook friends to add another Facebook friend.If your friend recently joined Facebook and you want to let other friends know about him then this tool can be useful. 8. Facebook Video Downlaoder: This tool generates a download link for public Facebook videos.All you need to do is enter the URL of the Facebook video and click on generate download link button.After that user can visit the download link and press CTRL + S to save the video on their hard drive. Premium Facebook Tools These are premium automation tools with advanced functionality and these tools are reserved on for premium users.To purchase a premium license please use the links given in the extension box. 1. Facebook Group Member Tagger: Facebook group member tagger is not working but previously it was used to mention all group members in comments so that they will be informed about the post. 2. Facebook Group Transfer: This tool allow users to transfer membership their Facebook groups to their friends. 3. Post On Multiple Groups At Once: This tool allows users to post on multiple Facebook groups at once. 4. Post On Own Facebook Pages: This tool allows page admins to share same message or link on all Facebook pages administered by that page admin. 5. Claim As Group Admin: This tool allows you to become admin of public Facebook groups that have no admins. 6. Add All Friends As Group Admin: This tool allows you to add all Facebook friends as group member and then makes them admin of the group one by one. 7. Group Admin Transfer: This allows you to transfer ownership of your Facebook groups to your friend. 8. Message All Friends At Once: This tool allows you to send messages and stickers to your Facebook friends. 9. Post On Liked Pages: This tool allows you to post on pages liked by Facebook user. 10. Join Multiple Groups Using Group Ids: This tool allows you to become member of multiple Facebook groups, in order to become member of multiple Facebook groups you need to provide a list of group IDs separated by commas. (D) Premium Extraction Tools Premium extraction tools are advanced automation tool made to retrieve information about your Facebook friends, Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages.These tools are reserved only for premium members, make sure you have purchased a premium license key to use these tools. 1. Extract Facebook Page Fan IDs: This tool allows you extract IDs of your page fans, extracted result can be used as a target in ad campaign. 2. Extract Group Email: Facebook allows you to post on all Facebook groups using their group email, this tool will allow you to generate a list of group emails to use for sending emails. 3. Extract Friends ' Emails : Some Facebook friends don 't share their email address publicly. We can use Facebook email to contact them using their email address. Emails sent to their Facebook email will be transferred into their primary email inbox. 4. Extract Friend IDs: This tool allows you to generate a list of IDs of your Facebook friends which can be saved into a CSV file, later it can be used as a target audience in Facebook ad campaign. 5. Extract Group IDs: This tool allows you to generate a list of group IDs which cna be used in other automation tools. 6. Extract User Likes: This tools gives you a list of IDs of Facebook pages liked by a Facebook user. 7. Extract Group Member IDs: This tool allows you to generate a list of IDs of Facebook group members which can be used as a target audience in a Facebook ad camping. 8. Extract Group Member Emails: This tool allows you to get email address of Facebook friends to send emails to their Facebook email.Extracted emails can be used as a target audience in Facebook ad campaign. 9. Extract Phone Numbers Of Facebook Friends: This tool allows you to collect public phone numbers of your Friends.These phone numbers can be used to add your Facebook friends on whatsapp or it can be used as a target audience in Facebook ad campaign. Facebook Social Toolkit also allows you to hide last seen on Facebook for Facebook messages. How can i install it ?! Go to READ ME Notepad on the folder. the instructions will be there. Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password:
  22. Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] Password:
  23. Download: [Hidden Content] Password: