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  • ransomware GLEAM Ransomware Attack By ADMINdEEpEst

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    GLEAM Ransomware Attack v2 Ransonware Private Rescue of 300 dollars   Options: Encrypted key BTC DisableTaskMgr Start with windows Start Run windows shell CryptoPay payment geteway   Kidnapper languages:   Buy the hijacker for $ 200

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    This crypt is elbowed in Visual Basic 6, it has no dependencies. Use DES encryption. Other options are: EOF Data Realing PE Cahnge EOP   The ratio of AV's can not be offered because right now there is no service provider that offers us multi scanners that do not distribute samples to AV's, "the remedy would be worse than the disease". However we ensure a good ratio, 3/31. Note that this crypter has been created since 0, and is not used by anyone o

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