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Found 124 results

  1. Cobalt Strike User-Defined Reflective Loader written in Assembly & C for advanced evasion capabilities. Based on Stephen Fewer’s incredible Reflective Loader project Created while working through Renz0h’s Reflective DLL videos from the Sektor7 Malware Developer Intermediate (MDI) Course Initial Project Goals Learn how Reflective Loader works. Write a Reflective Loader in Assembly. Compatible with Cobalt Strike. Cross compile from macOS/Linux. Implement Inline-Assembly into a C project. Future Project Goals Use the initial project as a template for more advanced evasion techniques leveraging the flexibility of Assembly. Implement Cobalt Strike options such as no RWX, stompPE, module stomping, changing the MZ header, etc. Write a decent Aggressor script. Support x86. Have different versions of the reflective loader to choose from. Implement HellsGate/HalosGate for the initial calls that reflective loader uses (pNtFlushInstructionCache, VirtualAlloc, GetProcAddress, LoadLibraryA, etc). Optimize the assembly code. Hash/obfuscate strings. Some kind of template language overlay that can modify/randomize the registers/methods. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. rling is similar to the rli utility found in hashcat-utils, but much, much faster. Technologies Dynamic sizing rling dynamically sizes the memory to be appropriate for the file. By not having compiled-in limits for things like line lengths for the input lines, users are able to focus on novel use cases for the program. Hashing with xxHash xxHash is a great new hashing method - its very fast and portable. By combining a dynamic (overridable) hash table with an excellent hash function, performance was accelerated greatly. Also, because hash tables are sized dynamically, there is no need to guess "optimal" hash sizes. Multi threaded Binary searches and sorts Thanks to blazer's multi threaded qsort, sorts are very fast, and make use of all of your system thread and multicore resources. In general, hashing is faster than binary search, but binary search uses half of the memory, and can be many times faster for certain kinds of input. Filesystem-based database for very large files If you need to process very large datasets, and don't have enough memory, the -f option allows you to use a Berkeley db-based database instead of in-memory. This does allow unlimited file sizes, but you do need substantial free disk space. Use the -M option to give it more cache for the database, and -T to tell it where to put the databases (defaults to current directory). Memory use estimates For large files, memory use can still be high. rling displays the estimated amount of memory to be used as soon as practical after reading the input files. This can still be "too late" for some use cases - in general, you need at least 2 times the input file size in memory. stdin/stdout/named pipes fully supported Thanks to the "read exactly once, write exactly once" method rling uses for file I/O, stdin/stdout and named pipes can be used in any position that requires a file name. This is great for creating complex workloads. [Hidden Content]
  3. Proxy: ProxyLess CPM: 1~3k Version: 1.0 Output: url.txt *Coded by : @Mr_Xmos Note : put your dorks file in searcher folder and then enter file name no path also you cant drag and drop file [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. DNS tool that displays information about your domain. Features common records scanning (use -scan) validate DNSSEC chain (use -debug to see more info) change query speed for scanning (default 10 queries per second) diagnostic of your domain (similar to, For implemented checks see #1 Changelog v1.0 34caf34 Release v1.0.0 7416ac2 Update vendor c5ae22c Fix some linting issues b7942a4 Update vendor 2de2751 Add support for CHAOS to get server version 43682c0 Refactor 9ceb7c2 Remove SOA error. Closes #5 f71b750 Fix JSON output dd0a6d8 Move DNSSEC to check. More refactor 336c734 Fix panic 9070745 Refactor into library. WIP d39e3af Update vendor 3912c82 Clean up based on linters [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. Description: Google Dorks Searcher Fast and Clean URL Vulnerable checker How to use? Put Proxies [SOCKS4] & Dorks in the respective files Then launch the tool EZZZ [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. Unmanaged PowerShell execution using DLLs or a standalone executable. Introduction PowerShx is a rewrite and expansion on the PowerShdll project. PowerShx provide functionalities for bypassing AMSI and running PS Cmdlets. Features Run Powershell with DLLs using rundll32.exe, installutil.exe, regsvcs.exe or regasm.exe, regsvr32.exe. Run Powershell without powershell.exe or powershell_ise.exe AMSI Bypass features. Run Powershell scripts directly from the command line or Powershell files Import Powershell modules and execute Powershell Cmdlets. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  7. itsMe

    SpiderScan SQL v1.0

    [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. TRY ON VM ONLY. Ryuk .Net Ransomware overwrites all files on the computer (It means nobody can ever return files back) and makes it at least 2 times faster than other ransomwares.It drops read_it.txt for startup folder and all folders which files has been encrypted. This project depends on your donation. Please donete if you want to see next releases in the future This ransomware can change file extension randomized or you can type your own extension. Write your own message and victim will see only that note. readme.txt wil be dropped on every folder which files has been encrypted Encrypted File seems like this [Hidden Content]
  9. An Advanced Web Crawler and DirBuster PeNCrawLer is an advanced webcrawler and dirbuster designed to use in penetration testing based on Windows Os. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  10. pagodo (Passive Google Dork) – Automate Google Hacking Database scraping The goal of this project was to develop a passive Google dork script to collect potentially vulnerable web pages and applications on the Internet. There are 2 parts. The first is that retrieves Google Dorks and the second portion is that leverages the information gathered by What are Google Dorks? The awesome folks at Offensive Security maintain the Google Hacking Database (GHDB) found here: [Hidden Content]. It is a collection of Google searches, called dorks, that can be used to find potentially vulnerable boxes or other juicy info that is picked up by Google’s search bots. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  11. About Kraker is a distributed password brute-force system that allows you to run and manage the hashcat on different servers and workstations, focused on easy of use. There were two main goals during the design and development: to create the most simple tool for distributed hash cracking and make it fault-tolerant. Kraker consists of two main components - a server and an agent, which communicate through a REST API. You can read about their installation and configuration below. Kraker continues to be in development, so the new functionality, documentation, and updates will be released as they become available. If you have suggestions for improvement or want to participate in the development or find bugs - feel free to open issues, pull requests, or contact us: @_w34kp455 and @_asSheShouldBe. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  12. Automated phishing tool made by AnonyminHack5 to phish various sites with 40+ templates and also has an inbuilt ngrok already to easily help you generate your link and send it to your victim. Anonphisher tool is made with pure bash script and needs required packages for it to work. Tested on This tool has been tested on the following systems: [✔] Termux [✔] Linux [✔] Windows [✔] Ubuntu Features Phishing Tool for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Github, Yahoo, Protonmail, Google, Spotify, Netflix, Linkedin, Wordpress, Origin, Steam, Microsoft, InstaFollowers.....+30 New Features [+] Custom ! [+] Pugb free uc phishing page 2021 ! [+] Free fire phishing page ! [+] Latest Login Pages ! [+] 5 Port Forwarding Options ! [+] Easy for Beginners ! [+] Wi-fi phishing added! [+] Facebook free likes phishing page ! [hide][Hidden Content]]
  13. Osintgram Osintgram is a tool for OSINT on Instagram. Osintgram is a fork of [Hidden Content] and [Hidden Content]. info Show target info like: id full name biography followed follow is it a business account? business category (if the target has a business account) is verified? addrs Return a list with address (GPS) tagged by the target in his photos. The list has a post, address, and date fields. followers Return a list with target followers with id, nickname and full name followings Return a list with users followed by target with id, nickname and full name hashtags Return a list with all hashtag used by target in his photos likes Return the total number of likes in target’s posts comments Return the total number of comments in target’s posts photodes Return a list with the description of the content of the target’s photos photos Download all target’s photos in the output folder. When you run the command, the script asks you how many photos you want to download. Type ENTER to download all photos available or type a number to choose how many photos you want to download. Run a command: photos How many photos you want to download (default all): captions Return a list of all captions used by target in his photos. mediatype Return the number of photos and video shared by the target propic Download target profile picture (HD if is available) Changelog v1.0 Enhancements Set itself as target (#53) Get others info from user (info command): Whats’App number (if avaible) City Name (if avaible) Address Street (if avaible) Contact phone number (if avaible) Bug fixes Fix login issue (#79, #80, #81) [hide][Hidden Content]]
  14. The fastest dork scanner written in Go. Changelog c2460b4 Prep v1.0.0 - Fix #1 - Update action workflows 5d7e44b Refactoring main - Using go modules - Using auto-switch transport proxy (mubeng pkg) - Threading on querying 0fba389 Merge pull request #4 from Rishang/master 5876033 Fixed gologger msg errors 9a454e9 Update README 3ab7f2c Update issue templates [hide][Hidden Content]]
  15. itsMe

    DirDar v1.0

    Description bypass forbidden directories - find and identify dir listing - you can use it as directory brute-forcer as well Compatabily This tool is compatible with all kind of operating systems as long as you have GO compiler installed [hide][Hidden Content]]
  16. Jayro’s Lockpick – is a bootable password reset/removal suite (bootable ISO) for your USB stick (use Rufus or similar software) or DVD. Features • [email protected] Password Changer • Bypass Windows Password • LazeSoft Windows Password Recovery • NTPWEdit • O&O BlueCon UserManager • PCUnlocker • Reset Windows Password • Windows Login Unlocker • Windows Password Reset – Created by Jayro Jones (Reset Computers) What’s New * some improvements [hide][Hidden Content]]
  17. itsMe

    NETPacker v1.0

    How To Use Add dnlib dll to the dependance Build the exe Drag and drop exe directly on the console or use cmd [hide][Hidden Content]]
  18. The power of social media is not to be forgotten about. Every successful business, whether it’s a small or a big one, utilizes social media in order to grow! Instagram is one of the biggest platforms on earth in which you can do so. Everyone knows that all the big guys uses marketing tools in order to make life a little bit easier, this is by no means a way to abuse any loopholes or anything. This is a organic way of building your platform profile! This instagram bot offers the same actions as a normal human would, but it does it automatically so that you can spend your valuable time on more important things that will help your business grow! Features Like Dislike Comment (Allow mentions) Follow Unfollow Delay Random comments Post amount More! [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  19. WPrecon (WordPress Recon) Wprecon (WordPress Recon), is a vulnerability recognition tool in CMS WordPress, 100% developed in Go. Features Detection WAF Fuzzing Backup Files Fuzzing Passwords Random User-Agent Plugin(s) Enumerator Theme(s) Enumerator Scripts Tor Proxy User(s) Enumerator Vulnerability Version Checking (Beta) Changelog v1.0 alpha New: Scripts in LUA Vuln Scan (Beta) Passive Mode User(s) Enumeration Aggressive Mode User(s) Enumeration Passive Mode Plugin(s) Enumeration Aggressive Mode Plugin(s) Enumeration Passive Mode Theme(s) Enumeration Aggressive Mode Theme(s) Enumeration Auto Finding Important File(s) [hide][Hidden Content]]
  20. itsMe

    Hexer v1.0 by Michele Pes

    A lightweight, command line application ready to help you quickly convert from BIN to HEX and viceversa, all with just a single command Hexer is a lightweight application that can help you easily convert binary files to HEX and viceversa, all without a lot of hassle. While for some it might not be so comfortable to work with the Windows console, this application comes with a pretty simple syntax and requires no prior knowledge. Additionally, it displays a syntax example that can help you understand how it works. As mentioned before, Hexer only works in the command prompt. It provides a BIN2HEX conversion tool that also supports the reverse operation, allowing you to easily restore the original file. As you execute it in the console, you should be able to see the correct syntax. The Hexer executable is followed by the paths of the input file and the output file. The input file is a binary one, while the output is a HEX file, an ASCII representation in hexadecimal of the first. There is also an extra parameter (“-r”) that restores the original file by reversing the conversion process. To be more specific, using the reverse parameter, you can convert the ASCII hexadecimal representation back to the binary file. The conversion process is extremely fast and, what’s more, it is performed without overwriting any existing data: if the output file already exists in the specified location, Hexer stops the conversion and notifies you. With a very small footprint, Hexer provides a two-way conversion tool between hexadecimal and binary representations, with support for Unicode filenames. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  21. itsMe

    JExePack-Unpacker v2.0

    Open Source Static Unpacker for JExePack [hide][Hidden Content]]
  22. Fawkes - Tool To Search For Targets Vulnerable To SQL Injection (Performs The Search Using Google Search Engine) [hide][Hidden Content]]
  23. itsMe

    Udemy-Course-Grabber v1.0

    Script to add all udemy paid/free courses having coupons automatically to your udemy account Features Automatic login through browser using browser_cookie3 One click to add all courses available with coupons to your udemy account. You can add any specific course to your account from the list of courses available. Many popular sites added to grab fresh/new courses (coupons). Many more features Requirements Python (2 or 3) Python pip Python module requests Python module colorama Python module bs4 Python module browser_cookie3 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  24. itsMe

    Hidden Malware Builder V1.0

    Requirements: Net Framework 4 Features: 1- Hide server from Process 2- Hide server from startup 3- Hide server from scheduled tasks 4- Hide the server from the hard drive 5- Run as administrator permanently 6- Anti Virtual Machine 7- Kill Botnet Before Run 8- Change Assembly 9- Change Icon 10- Merging with another file with the AES algorithm [hide][Hidden Content]] Scan (Payload.exe) [Hidden Content]
  25. Let your customers buy gift cards/certificates for your services & products directly on your WordPress website. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]