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1.- Don't be rude and show respect to all members. We dont care about ranks - we are all the same.

2.- Don't post your email address in the forum please contact users via pm.

3.- Don't spam in forum threads or via P.M please use the Thanks Button to show your gratitude.

4.- When posting manuals and tutorials you must to put original authors name.

5.- Before posting questions please use the search bar to see if it has already been answered/posted.

6.- Please use appropriate titles for threads that you create - the title must be relevant to the thread context.

7.- Posting download links to infected files or virus' will result in you being banned. Please report such files.

8.- Please make sure your signature is smaller than 450*150.

9.- If you want to thank a user for their contribution please use the "Thanks Button" otherwise it spams the thread. If you do this your post will be deleted. Users who continue to do this will be banned.

10.- All email accounts are reviewed by the system emails that use "10 minute" email accounts or disposable email accounts will be remove along with the username they are linked to.

11.- You are not allowed to ask people to (Very good, thank you, great share, nice share, down, etc.) your post or give you reputation. On the first instance the user will be warned and if the user continues to ask they will be banned.

12.- Links to sites such as sharecash adfly or any similar services are prohibited. (no make money links here!). Please use only direct links on the forum.

13.- Report broken links HERE.

14.- No phishing related to Paypal Western Union or similar online payment sites. (Only Premium)

15.- Carding is not allowed. Of any kind. (Only Premium)

16.- Double post Not Allowed.

17.- Don't revive old threads.[2 months] OLD Thread

18.- All crypter will be placed in moderation, until they analyze not be visible, you must also include the decrypted password in the post.

19.- Every new user will be considered as a leecher until he publishes 10 post.

20.- The ranges that are assigned will not be permanent, they will be subject to the activity of the user.


> 2 infractions will result in a 5 week ban.




1. - Do not post links to external sites in the shoutbox.

2. - Do not use the chatbox to ask for help it is for discussion only.

3. - On the first instance the user will be warned any further breaches of these rules will result in a ban.

4.- *Allowed Languages: Spanish | English



All Posts



1. - All post must carry the respective image and text in the case of crypter binders stealers downloaders they must all show a link to an appropriate antivirus scan site to prove they aren't infected. Any users that link to infected files will be banned as stated above.



These rules can be modified.