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  1. bro that is so crazy because i was just looking at their website, honestly thank you
  2. Def4lt

    oski stealer

    @itsMe yeah but its good to share it to people that want to test it out
  3. Def4lt

    oski stealer

    Oski Stealer is an extremely advanced stealer showcasing many desired features such as credit card and wallet stealing. Firstly, this stealer is completely web-based, accessible from any device and can be hosted offshore for anonymity. Secondly, the payload will self destruct after loading, making it hard to trace the malware. Given the strong stealing features alongside being silent makes this extremely severe. In other words, alongside an exploit this stealer can be spread completely undetected. Allowing you to grow logs of data on a new level for any of your needs. However, with this stealer being completely native, working on all systems, it is arguably the best. In conclusion we highly suggest using Oski Stealer alongside any of our exploits to expand any of your data logging needs! Features: – Advanced Stealer – Browser Cookies / Passwords: – Chromium Based: Chromium, Google Chrome, Kometa, Amigo, Torch, Orbitum, Opera, Comodo Dragon, Nichrome, Yandex Browser, Maxthon5, Sputnik, Epic Privacy Browser, Vivaldi, CocCoc and other browsers that use the working directory Chromium. – Firefox Based: Mozilla Firefox, Pale Moon, Waterfox, Cyberfox, BlackHawk, IceCat, K-Meleon and other browsers that use the working directory Firefox. Filezilla Stealer – Crypto-Wallet Stealer – Bitcoin Core, Ethereum, ElectrumLTC, Monero, Electrum, Exodus, Dash, Litecoin, ElectronCash, ZCash, MultiDoge, AnonCoin, BBQCoin, DevCoin, DigitalCoin, FlorinCoin, Franko, FreiCoin, GoldCoin, InfiniteCoin, IOCoin, IxCoin, MegaCoin, MinCoin, NameCoin, PrimeCoin, TerraCoin, YACoinFiles from machine data about machine. Installed Softwares Native Stub requiring no dependencies other than Windows installation Multi-profile (up to 10) Low stub size of 93kb Supports Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 | x32 / x64 Does not require administrative privilege User-friendly Admin Panel ICQ:653580170 Whatsapp +79017473945 jabber: [email protected] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. Def4lt

    Alduin Botnet

    Gold Alduin-botnet ImgSearch all disc. USBSpread, Tor Communication, Multi-language, Attacks: SlowLoris, ARME, Hulk, RUDY, TCP and UDP, ICMP, HTTPBandWidth, TORLoris. Monero minning, Execute file Open website ScreenShots Get Computer All hardware and deatils Send Message Seed Torrent Support fallback panel SourceCode/Git grabber FireFox, Chrome, FileZilla account grabber CMD executter Host file editor Process show and kill Ads miner Show attack speed [Hidden Content]
  5. bad ass guys i love this forum and yalls hard work
  6. @itsMe i still dont see the link and plus it says buy now
  7. sorry but how do you download this
  8. Def4lt

    I'm still inactive

    It has been a while since I came to the forum because I got busy with things in my life that I forgot. I'm back now and wouldnt mind getting off this inactive list. I did post yesterday and see it hasnt been deleted so I'm glad you all learned something about the crypto.
  9. Def4lt

    The crypto drop

    I dont know if you guys heard or not but the bitcoin and litecoin drop is pretty devastating. If I read correctly I think bitcoin went down 10 percent and litecoin dropping 50