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Found 16 results

  1. Run your own live chat hosted server. Modern, fast and optimised for all devices. The only thing you have to do is Marketing. Cloud Chat 3 Server comes with a Live Chat Server, Sign Up page, Administration panel and an included ticketing/news system. All you need is included. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. The Exegol project Exegol is a community-driven hacking environment, powerful and yet simple enough to be used by anyone in day to day engagements. Script kiddies use Kali Linux, real pentesters use Exegol, megachads maintain it 👀 Exegol is two things in one. Try it, and you’ll stop using your old, unstable, and risky environment, no more Kali Linux as host or single VM. a python wrapper making everyone’s life easier. It handles all docker and git operations so you don’t have to, and it allows for l33t hacking following best practices. No more messed-up history, libraries, and workspaces. Now’s the time to have a clean environment with one container per engagement without the effort. Exegol handles multiple images and multiple containers. Want to test a new tool without risking messing up your environment? Exegol is here, pop up a new container in 5 seconds and try the tool without risk or effort Like the idea of using docker containers without effort but don’t want to sacrifice GUI tools like BloodHound and Burp? Exegol is here, new containers are created with X11 sharing by default allowing for GUI tools to work. Like the idea of using docker containers but want to use USB accessories, Wi-Fi, host’s network interfaces, etc.? Exegol handles all that flawlessly Want to stop pentesting your clients with the same environment every time, interconnecting everything, and risking being a weak link? Exegol is here, pop multiple containers without breaking a sweat and lead by example! Do you like this idea but don’t want to lose your work when quitting/removing a container? Exegol shares a workspace directory per container with your host, allowing you to work knowing your progress won’t be lost. a set of pre-built docker images and dockerfiles that include a neat choice of tools, awesome resources, custom configs, and many more. Fed up with the instability and poor choice of tools of Kali Linux? Exegol is here, trying to correct all this by being community-driven. Want some not-so-famous tool to be added? Open an issue and let’s talk do it! Tired of always having to open man or print the help for every tool because the syntax varies? Exegol includes a command history allowing you to just replace the placeholders with your values, saving you precious time Want to improve productivity? Exegol includes all sorts of custom configs and tweaks with ease of use and productivity in mind (colored output for Impacket, custom shortcuts and aliases, custom tool configs, …). Want to build your own docker images locally? It’s absolutely possible and the wrapper will help in the quest. Tired of always having to search github for your favorite privesc enumeration script? Exegol includes a set of resources, shared with all exegol containers and your host, including LinPEAS, WinPEAS, LinEnum, PrivescCheck, SysinternalsSuite, mimikatz, Rubeus, PowerSploit, and many more. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. Features Fully undetected (0/65 detects) Very detailed user info (PC hostname, CPU, RAM, ...) Sends a screenshot to your webhook when executing the stealer Grabs executable info (path where the .exe was executed, ...) Searches for wallets in system and grabs them Grabs passwords, cookies, bookmarks & Extension cookies from all major browsers (Chrome, Opera, Brave, Yandex, Microsoft Edge) Silently saves all data separate in a zip file in a hidden folder and sends it to your webhook Modifies discord's desktop core (like known grabbers such as bbystealer & PirateStealer aka. Brooklyn/Arizona) Checks for debugging processes to avoid your webhook skid being reversed from skids (loop) Ultra high quality obfuscation Easy to setup (just modify the "config.js" file) Sends everything to your webhook in beautiful embeds Analyzes the data which was stolen and sends a zip file to your discord webhook Browser autofill grabber Browser history grabber Crypto clipper Searches for keywords in cookies, passwords, autofill and lists them on the top of the cookie/password/autofill log files Validates found discord tokens & if they work they only get sent to your webhook Discord backup codes finder [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. Osmedeus is a fully automated vulnerability scanner that analyses system, subdomain, and website to identify security holes. It is a useful security tool that can scan and take screenshots of the target. Osmedeus: Open Source Web Reconnaissance and Vulnerability Scanner Osmedeus is an open-source vulnerability scanner developed to protect your organization against imminent cyber-security threats. It combines the best of intranet and extranet surveillance. The tool has features that exceed most premium scanning and reconnaissance tools in the market. It can be used to scan your target network and server for vulnerabilities. It features an impressive collection of tools such as web technology detection, IP discovery, and way back machine discovery. It can separate workspace to store all scan output and logging details. Finally, it supports a continuous scan and lets you view the scan report from the command line. Furthermore, it is equipped with web technology detection, IP discovery, and way back machine discovery features. The application can separate workspace to store all scan output and details logging. Lastly, it can support a continuous scan and lets you view the scan report from the command line. Osmedeus Architecture Features: Subdomain Scan Subdomain TakeOver Scan Screenshot the target Basic recon like Whois, Dig info Web Technology detection IP Discovery CORS Scan SSL Scan Wayback Machine Discovery URL Discovery Headers Scan Port Scan Vulnerable Scan Separate workspaces to store all scan output and details logging REST API React Web UI Support Continuous Scan Slack notifications Easily view report from commanad line Supported platforms: Kali Linux, *nix OS, and macOS [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. Product Descriptions: This is a Point of Sale app that can perform sell action locally in the device for use in coffee shop or retails outlets. It use SQLite Database to store all system data so no internet connection required. With this application, you are assured to save time-consumming process of developing mobile point of sale system that support both Android and iOS devices. It was developed in Xamarin.Forms with full shared code 95% and 5% platform specific code used to import data, images section and some another sections. Note: You will not find this version in all forums. Private Only For Level23Hack by LSDeep. Latest update: 25/08/2021 Pssword: level23hacktools.com Download: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. ConPtyShell is a Fully Interactive Reverse Shell for Windows systems. The introduction of the Pseudo Console (ConPty) in Windows has improved so much the way Windows handles terminals. ConPtyShell uses this feature to literally transform your bash in a remote powershell. Briefly, it creates a Pseudo Console and attaches 2 pipes. Then it creates the shell process (default powershell.exe) attaching the Pseudo Console with redirected input/output. Then starts 2 Threads for Async I/O: – one thread for reading from the socket and writing to Pseudo Console input pipe; – the second thread for reading from the Pseudo Console output pipe and writing to the socket. ConPtyShell isn’t an “Upgrade to fully interactive” method for your reverse shell, just use it as your reverse shell 🙂 If you want to know further information regarding ConPty you can find a great article [1] in the references section. NOTE: ConPtyShell uses the function CreatePseudoConsole(). This function is available since Windows 10 / Windows Server 2019 version 1809 (build 10.0.17763). Changelog v1.3 Added Added a magic flag “upgrade” that allows to upgrade the current shell in a fully interactive shell. It uses Socket Hijacking technique to catch the socket used by the shell enhancing it with the ConPty. Changes Changed the usage of the sockets, going from C# sockets to native Winsock [hide][Hidden Content]]
  7. Run your own live chat hosted server. Modern, fast and optimised for all devices. The only thing you have to do is Marketing. Cloud Chat 3 Server comes with a Live Chat Server, Sign Up page, Administration panel and an included ticketing/news system. All you need is included. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. Xerror is an automated penetration tool, which will helps security professionals and nonprofessionals to automate their pentesting tasks. Xerror will do all tests and, at the end generate two reports for executives and analysts. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. Generating fully undetectable meterpreter custom payloads using msfvenom and custom loader template. It bypasses the latest Windows Defender running on Windows 10 Pro 1903 ( Build 18363.693 ) with all updates available till 16th of March, 2020. Features There are 2 modules in this tool: Undetectable Reverse Shell Doesn't requires Admin Priviledges to run Bypassess all antiviruses including Windows Defender Just an undetectable meterpreter reverse_shell Migrates automatically to explorer.exe just after running Limitations : Triggers Windows Defender if 'getsystem' is executed using meterpreter, however the meterpreter session is not lost and the payload exe file is not detected Persistent Advanced Reverse Shell Requires Admin Priviledges to run Bypassess all antiviruses including Windows Defender Disables Windows Defender permanently using registry ( Can't be turned on without changing registry ) Adds all the disk and drives to Defender exclusion list Runs the meterpreter shell as SYSTEM and add it to startup Can execute your custom commands before launching payload ( see main.py ) All features and limitataion of the 1st module [hide][Hidden Content]]
  10. An fully configurable linkedin scrape : scrape anything within linkedin [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  11. Deep Exploit Fully automatic penetration test tool using Machine Learning. Deep Exploit is fully automated penetration tool linked with Metasploit. Deep Exploit has two exploitation modes. Intelligence mode Deep Exploit identifies the status of all opened ports on the target server and executes the exploit at pinpoint based on past experience (trained result). Brute force mode Deep Exploit executes exploits using all combinations of “exploit module”, “target” and “payload” corresponding to a user’s indicated product name and port number. Deep Exploit’s key features are following. Efficiently execute exploit. If “intelligence mode”, Deep Exploit can execute exploits at pinpoint (minimum 1 attempt). If “Brute force mode”, Deep Exploit can execute exploits thoroughly corresponding to user’s indicated product name and port number. Deep penetration. If Deep Exploit succeeds the exploit to the target server, it further executes the exploit to other internal servers. Operation is very easy. Your only operation is to input one command. It is very easy!! Self-learning. Deep Exploit doesn’t need the “learning data”. Deep Exploit can learn how to method of exploitation by itself (uses reinforcement learning). Learning time is very fast. Deep Exploit uses distributed learning by multi-agents. So, we adopted an advanced machine learning model called A3C. Current Deep Exploit’s version is a beta. But, it can automatically execute following actions: Intelligence gathering. Threat Modeling. Vulnerability analysis. Exploitation. Post-Exploitation. Reporting. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  12. [Hidden Content] What is Osmedeus? Osmedeus allow you automated run the collection of awesome tools to reconnaissance and vulnerability scanning against the target. How to use If you have no idea what are you doing just type the command below or check out the Advance Usage ./osmedeus.py -t example.com Installation git clone [Hidden Content] cd Osmedeus ./install.sh This install only focus on Kali linux, check more install on Wiki page Features Subdomain Scan. Subdomain TakeOver Scan. Screenshot the target. Basic recon like Whois, Dig info. IP Discovery. CORS Scan. SSL Scan. Headers Scan. Port Scan. Vulnerable Scan. Seperate workspaces to store all scan output and details logging. REST API. SPA Web UI. Slack notifications. Demo Disclaimer Most of this tool done by the authors of the tool that you can see in the module folder. I just put all the pieces together, plus some extra boring stuff that we don't wanna do everyday. This tool is for educational purposes only. You are responsible for your own actions. If you mess something up or break any laws while using this software, it's your fault, and your fault only.
  13. TOR for Browser is a html page that asks for a website and automaticaly using a simple math anonymize the connection by proxy. It connections possibilities is limited in this release to 9 diferent ip combinations in a chain limited to 3. The Priv version which costs €97.99 EUR includes 5000 ips with a chain almost unlimited. Download (Preview Version) [Hidden Content] Virus Scan [Hidden Content]
  14. ThunderShell ThunderShell is a C# RAT that communicates via HTTP requests. All the network traffic is encrypted using a second layer of RC4 to avoid SSL interception and defeat network detection on the target system. RC4 is a weak cipher and is employed here to help obfuscate the traffic. HTTPS options should be used to provide integrity and strong encryption. Advantage against detection The "core" RAT doesn't require a second stage to be injected / loaded in memory. Version 2.1.2 (11/01/2019) [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
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