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Found 40 results

  1. HOW TO BYPASS OTP ON ALMOST ANY SITE! This method is used by many pentester to exploit the vulnerabilities of a website with OTP functionality. Also, nowadays, unacademy's OTP vulnerability is exposed. This mainly requires a tool burp suite available for free, which can help you change the response of the OTP verification from the client-side. We have also attached a page where these vulnerabilities are explained very precisely. [Hidden Content]
  2. Dear members! We are pleased to offer you our service for providing VDS and dedicated servers for a wide range of tasks around the world! Our sales and customer support specialists are ready to answer any of your questions regarding the services provided. Who we are: a professional team that provides VDS / VPS hosting and ar dedicated servers. In almost all data centers, we have our own racks in which our servers are located. Experience in this area for about 4 years. Our servers are ideally suited for any tasks requiring increased anonymity and stability. Including Pentest and any related software. Technical support is ON-LINE 24 hours a day (through tickets on the website) and are ready to come to your aid in resolving issues on servers, VDS / VPS within their competence. All prices, countries and other additional information you can get on our website in the TOR. To order services, use our site in the TOR (via TOR-browser): [Hidden Content] Terms of Service (TOS): What is strictly forbidden to be placed on our servers, regardless of their physical location: 1. Any content whose purpose is to cause direct or indirect harm (damage) to the Russian Federation and CIS countries. 2. Any content in one way or another related to terrorism or the financing of terrorism (extremism). 3. Any content containing pornographic material (except in countries where this is officially permitted by local laws). 4. Child porn is prohibited in any form and is punishable by the immediate shutdown of the server without a refund and backups. 5. Any content related to the sale or distribution of narcotic drugs or their precursors, as well as propaganda for the distribution of these drugs. 6. Any type of illegal activity against government / financial networks and institutions, regardless of country. 7. Posting content for the purpose of selling or distributing weapons and explosives. 8. The boorish attitude towards the employees of our service may lead to a denial of service. - The client is responsible for the content that he places on the server and for the possible consequences of its use. - All our servers are provided without administration. You get full access and use the server as you see fit. - The client himself must monitor the backups on his server (s), in the event of a hard disk failure or any other circumstances of force majeure, our service will not reimburse - You do not have any direct or indirect losses that could arise as a result of a hard drive failure for any of the reasons. - Our task is to change your HDD for a new one, and we will do this in the shortest possible time, but we won’t bear it for the lost profit due to the failure of it. - Payment for services is made for 1 calendar month (minimum period), we do not rent equipment weekly and do not return MoneyBack if you personally want to cancel the services ahead of schedule. - Payment for services is accepted exclusively in BTC. This agreement is a mini-offer and takes effect after you have completed the order and received the service. If you do not like any of our rules, just do not place an order. For any kind of advice regarding the purchase of services, please use our PRE-SALES contacts: telegram: [Hidden Content] jabber (CONSULT): [email protected] OR consult[doT] SUPPORT (24/7) jabber: [email protected] All orders and technical support are carried out exclusively through our website in the TOR: [Hidden Content] This top is for advertising purposes only, so we kindly ask you not to flood here, but to leave only feedback on the use of our services.
  3. Any PDF Password Recovery 11.8 Recover, Crack, Unlock PDF User/Open Password Leading, advanced and efficient PDF Password Recovery software can quickly recover any lost, forgotten or unknown password for Adobe PDF documents. Any Excel Password Recovery 11.8 Recover, Remove, Crack, Break or Unlock Excel Password Best Excel Password Recovery software helps you recover your lost or forgotten password from Microsoft Excel 2019/2017/2016/2013/2010/2007. Any RAR Password Recovery 11.8 Recover Any Lost or Forgotten Password for RAR/WinRAR Archives Leading RAR Password Unlocker tool recovers password for all kinds of encrypted RAR/WinRAR Archives without losing data. Any ZIP Password Recovery 11.8 Recover Any Lost or Forgotten Password for ZIP/WinZIP/7ZIP/PKZIP Archives Any Word Password Recovery 11.8 Recover and Crack Password for Microsoft Office Word Documents Advanced, safe and reliable MS Word Password Recovery software helps you recover your lost, forgotten or unknown Word password and crack opening password protected Microsoft Word files (*.doc and *.docx) quickly. Any PowerPoint Password Recovery 11.8 Recover, Crack, Unlock Open Password for Encrypted Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Leading PowerPoint Password Recovery software helps you crack and recover lost, forgotten or unknown open password for Microsoft PowerPoint slide presentation. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. Get content from almost any site to your WordPress blog, automatically! FOR WHAT IT CAN BE USED Create a personal site which collects news, posts, etc. from your favorite sites to see them in one place Use it with WooCommerce to collect products from shopping sites Collect products from affiliate programs to make money Collect posts to create a test environment for your plugin/theme... [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. ABOUT TOOL : Infect is a bash based script which is officially made for termux users and from this tool you can spread android virus by just sending link. This tool works on both rooted Android device and Non-rooted Android device. AVAILABLE ON : Termux TESTED ON : Termux REQUIREMENTS : internet external storage permission storage 400 MB 1gb ram FEATURES : [+] Dangerous virus tool ! [+] Updated maintainence ! [+] Easy for beginners ! [+] Working virus tool for termux ! [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Scan [Hidden Content]
  7. NetLoader Loads any C# binary in mem, patching AMSI and bypassing Windows Defender The binaries in this repo SHOULD be all clean and newly compiled from their respective GitHub repos, but feel free to compile / host your own. (Don't consider running binaries from this repo good OPSEC) Latest update / Signature fix was 28.05.2020, pretty much clean as a whistle Currently doing 24/7 signature checks, so let's see how long it takes this time Code is designed to deploy binaries from a GitHub repo, so should be straight forward. Clone your own repo from this Change the url on line 13 in Program.cs Re-Compile / add your own binaries in /Binaries (Regex looks for .bin only!) Build and enjoy! [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  8. apk Anubis gluer with any white application I merge the Anubis gluer, which was sold at Expo for $ 3k. As they wrote in the topic of the salesman: "Anubis gluer with any white application is offered. The price is 3K. Full FOOD on the virus. You no longer need to crypt files !!! And feed the crypt services. I do not know how much this is so, I tried to glue Anubis with the application that was already there. All nishtyak, it works. I did not try to glue with others since I do not need it. lo siento por el tipo de enlace [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  9. itsMe

    Sticky Any Post 2.2.1

    This add-on allows you to specify forums that will 'stick' the first post of a thread across that thread's pages. You can specify this on a per-forum basis, and the first post will appear on all pages, just like it would on the first page. To sticky any post, editing a thread or edit a post with 'more options' and select the relevant spinner or checkbox. On forums which force a sticky first post, sticky any post requires the "Can override always sticky post" post. [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  10. i want to get into bug bounty any course suggestion.if so please write below
  11. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  12. Get content from almost any site to your WordPress blog, automatically! FOR WHAT IT CAN BE USED Create a personal site which collects news, posts, etc. from your favorite sites to see them in one place Use it with WooCommerce to collect products from shopping sites Collect products from affiliate programs to make money Collect posts to create a test environment for your plugin/theme... Demo: [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  13. This tool is a bruter tool that is meant to crack any email password using Brute-Force and Dictionary method supported by HTTP Proxies. This tool is a bruter tool that is meant to crack email password. This tool is meant for research purposes only and any malicious usage of this tool is prohibited. Short Description What is LazyBruter? LazyBruter is one of its first-kind Email Bruteforcer. Using only 2 threads, LazyBruter can bruteforce passwords 200% faster than any ordinary bruter, thanks to its 2-inverted-threads. Version This is the Beta version of LazyBruter (v1.2), but we are improving day by day. Features LazyBruters can provide different features (for more information click here) Full support of PHP vulnerable websites It is possible to provide a single target URL, get the list of targets from Burp proxy or WebScrab proxy requests log files, get the whole HTTP request from a text file or get the list of targets. Tests provided GET parameters, POST parameters, HTTP proxies. 2-inverted-threads Algorithm This algorithm excecutes 2x faster, which means passwords are crackable 2x faster than any ordinary bruter. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  14. Descripción Simple Vulnerability Manager es la herramienta perfecta para cualquier analista de vulnerabilidades, ya que con tan solo un par de clicks se podrán tanto realizar completos análisis sobre las debilidades de un sistema como generar informes sobre los mismos que ayudarán a comprender y solucionar los distintos problemas que estas vulnerabilidades puedan estar causando. Esta aplicación incluye una base de datos que contiene la gran mayoría de vulnerabilidades que un equipo puede sufrir, organizadas en Web Scanners, Service Scanners, Static Scanners y Mobile. Dentro de estas secciones, junto a la vulnerabilidad pertinente, los usuarios podrán encontrar una breve descripción en la que se especifica que es lo que crea el problema, el impacto que este tiene sobre el sistema y los pasos que se han de seguir para solucionarla. Una de las características más interesantes de Simple Vulnerability Manager es la posibilidad de crear y gestionar proyectos a los clientes a los que se estén realizando seguimientos. Estos proyectos servirán para añadir comentarios personalizados y capturas de pantalla que servirán como prueba individual para cada una de las vulnerabilidades que hayan sido detectadas en las web y direcciones IP. Add - Se agregado Drag And Drop para agregar las imágenes en la evidencia y el screenshot del Proyecto. BugFix - Arreglado al generar el Reporte en Word si el nombre del proyecto tenia un carácter no permitido como nombre de archivo valido. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  15. [HIDE]How to bypass SMS verification of any website / service Receive an SMS: [Hidden Content] SMS Receive free: [Hidden Content] Online SMS: [Hidden Content] Receive SMS online: [Hidden Content] Get a free SMS number: [Hidden Content] Receive SMS: [Hidden Content] Receive SMS Online.NET: [Hidden Content] Free SMS checks: 7 SIM.NET: [Hidden Content] HS3X: [Hidden Content] Receive free SMS: [Hidden Content] Receive free SMS.NET: [Hidden Content] Receive SMS Online.IN: [Hidden Content] Receive SMS online: [Hidden Content] See SMS: [Hidden Content] Groovl: [Hidden Content] SMS.SELLAITE: [Hidden Content] Send SMS now: [Hidden Content] Receive SMS online.EU: [Hidden Content] Proovl: [Hidden Content] Anon SMS: [Hidden Content] Hide my numbers: [Hidden Content] Pinger: [Hidden Content] Free online phone: [Hidden Content] 5SIM: [Hidden Content] SkyCallbd free virtual number: [Hidden Content] Capture SMS: [Hidden Content] SMS Get: [Hidden Content] 1S2U: [Hidden Content] Receive SMS: [Hidden Content] Vritty: [Hidden Content] Text anywhere: [Hidden Content] Receive SMS online.ME: [Hidden Content] Temporary emails: [Hidden Content] Purchase virtual number: [Hidden Content] Free Receive SMS online: [Hidden Content] NDTAN SMS: [Hidden Content] SMS Listen: [Hidden Content] Free virtual SMS number: [Hidden Content] SMS Tibo: [Hidden Content] Receive SMS number: [Hidden Content] Free SMS code: [Hidden Content] Online SMS numbers: [Hidden Content] SMS reception: [Hidden Content] Trash Mobile [Hidden Content]]
  16. Embed and hide any file in HTML Author: Arno0x0x What this tool does is taking a file (any type of file), encrypt it, and embed it into an HTML file as ressource, along with an automatic download routine simulating a user clicking on the embedded ressource. Then, when the user browses the HTML file, the embedded file is decrypted on the fly, saved in a temporary folder, and the file is then presented to the user as if it was being downloaded from the remote site. Depending on the user's browser and the file type presented, the file can be automatically opened by the browser. Point the target's browser to the html file and let the magic happen: Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  17. [Hidden Content]
  18. [Hidden Content]
  19. Evil_SSA

    how to Crack any websites

    How to crack any websites .... anyvpn or software....
  20. Hey guys I'm looking for a good botnet that supports Tor to allow clients communicate to the .onion server over Tor network. PM with the botnet name and price...
  21. OussamaSalmi

    Method Refund any item on G2A

    1)As soon as you purchased the game what you need to do is use the key as fast as possible. Because if you wait a day or two the seller will automatically assume you used it. 2) After purchasing you will need to make a G2A account with the email you sent your key to. So when you purchase it asks you what email you'd like to send the key to. Use that email to sign up with, if you already have a g2a account and are logged in then leave this step 3) Now go to your email and verify your account and etc. Then you will also see a email with the subject "G2A.COM: Shipment #blah blah for Order #blah blah". You want to click that email and press "Get your key" and then on G2A just press the "I am not a robot" button and get your key Screen shot : [Hidden Content] 4) Now in the bottom left it should say "Contact seller" you want to press that. GIF : [Hidden Content] Once you pressed that, you should be prompted to login or you should just be taken to a ticket thing. 5) Unfortunately I cant take a screen shot of this since I already did this to make sure it works, but I'll try and guide you anyways. What you want to do is open a conversation with the seller and make the category to "Issue with the product" and the product key the game / giftcard code that you used. 6) Then in the description put in "The key was already used" or something along those lines. It doesn't have to be detailed since this is a secondary seller of the game, not a primary so he most likely isn't experienced with selling or business. Hence why this is so easy. Also leave a bad rating. 7) Now for me the seller asked me to change my rating to good so I did as he said and we moved onto the next step. V V REFUND METHOD HERE V V Ok now the seller will most likely ask for proof, if he doesn't and just refunds you then skip to step 11 (this is very unlikely). But if he said "Please write a support request to Microsoft" or Playstation or Steam etc then keep reading. Now all you want to do is contact Xbox support (or what ever company it is) and say to them "Hello, could you please check when this game code was used please? " Then put your game code you used at the end. They should respond saying "Sure, please give me a moment" now all we have to do is wait for them to respond with the date. Screen shots : [Hidden Content] 9) Once the Person has responded all you need to do is right click the text and hit "Inspect Element" and then change the text to a date like four days before so the seller thinks it was used before you even bought the product. Note : If you don't see "inspect element" or are unable to right click, on your keyboard press "CTRL + SHIFT + I" Screen shot : [Hidden Content] << My edited chat. 10) Now you want to take a screen shot of the chat with the edited dates and save the picture to your PC. Then on G2A you need to upload the picture to the seller, this could take up to a day to upload since the picture has to be checked by a member of G2A I think. Screen shot : [Hidden Content] 11) Then once uploaded the seller should believe you and give your money back! And thats it Free games. Screen shot : [Hidden Content]; Here you can see he asks for my code I used and I sent it him. Then on G2A he sends me a refund proposal and I accept it. [Hidden Content] << An email from G2A telling me the refund has been accepted and I shall receive the money soon! [Hidden Content]