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Found 176 results

  1. #1 Email Opt-In & Lead Generation Plugin. Guaranteed Increase in Subscribers & Conversions! Demo: [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  2. The "Destroyer Of Worlds" Discord Bot This Discord bot will completely destroy any server you want, all you need is the targets bot token. - Features - Deletes all channels Deletes all voice channels Bans all members Creates invite link in the console [Hidden Content]
  4. Allows One To Identify And Fingerprint Web Application Firewall (WAF) Products Protecting A Website The Web Application Firewall Fingerprinting Tool. — From Enable Security How does it work? To do its magic, WAFW00F does the following: Sends a normal HTTP request and analyses the response; this identifies a number of WAF solutions. If that is not successful, it sends a number of (potentially malicious) HTTP requests and uses simple logic to deduce which WAF it is. If that is also not successful, it analyses the responses previously returned and uses another simple algorithm to guess if a WAF or security solution is actively responding to our attacks. For further details, check out the source code on our main repository. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  5. [Hidden Content]
  6. [Hidden Content]
  7. CQTOOLS The New Ultimate Hacking Toolkit Black Hat Asia 2019 CQURE Team has prepared tools used during penetration testing and packed those in a toolkit named CQTools. This toolkit allows to deliver complete attacks within the infrastructure, starting with sniffing and spoofing activities, going through information extraction, password extraction, custom shell generation, custom payload generation, hiding code from antivirus solutions, various keyloggers and leverage this information to deliver attacks. Some of the tools are based on discoveries that were released to the world for the first time by CQURE Team. CQURE was the first team that did full reverse engineering of DPAPI (Data Protection Application Programming Interface) and prepared the first public tool that allows monitoring WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) feature. CQURE_BHAsia19_Paula_Januszkiewicz_slides from ZuzannaKornecka Download: [Hidden Content]
  8. As topic stated that ned to know free or paid crypters or manualyy wor automated ways to crypt native language exe for bypassing AVs Thanks in ADVANCED...
  9. dEEpEst

    What Is The Dark Web?

    [Hidden Content]
  10. dEEpEst

    How Does The Dark Web Work?

    [Hidden Content]
  11. dEEpEst

    It's The Dark Web Illegal?

    [Hidden Content]
  12. Descripción Simple Vulnerability Manager es la herramienta perfecta para cualquier analista de vulnerabilidades, ya que con tan solo un par de clicks se podrán tanto realizar completos análisis sobre las debilidades de un sistema como generar informes sobre los mismos que ayudarán a comprender y solucionar los distintos problemas que estas vulnerabilidades puedan estar causando. Esta aplicación incluye una base de datos que contiene la gran mayoría de vulnerabilidades que un equipo puede sufrir, organizadas en Web Scanners, Service Scanners, Static Scanners y Mobile. Dentro de estas secciones, junto a la vulnerabilidad pertinente, los usuarios podrán encontrar una breve descripción en la que se especifica que es lo que crea el problema, el impacto que este tiene sobre el sistema y los pasos que se han de seguir para solucionarla. Una de las características más interesantes de Simple Vulnerability Manager es la posibilidad de crear y gestionar proyectos a los clientes a los que se estén realizando seguimientos. Estos proyectos servirán para añadir comentarios personalizados y capturas de pantalla que servirán como prueba individual para cada una de las vulnerabilidades que hayan sido detectadas en las web y direcciones IP. Add - Se agregado Drag And Drop para agregar las imágenes en la evidencia y el screenshot del Proyecto. BugFix - Arreglado al generar el Reporte en Word si el nombre del proyecto tenia un carácter no permitido como nombre de archivo valido. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  13. [Hidden Content]
  14. dEEpEst

    Change the position of the screens

    [Hidden Content]
  15. [Hidden Content]
  16. dEEpEst

    Add a program to the context menu

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  17. [Hidden Content]
  18. dEEpEst

    Let Windows take out the trash

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  19. The Most Complete Visitor Analytics & SEO package including visitor analytics (unique visitor, page view, bounce rate, average stay time, average visit, traffic analysis, top refferer, new & returning visitor, content overview, country & browser report, os & device report etc.) , web analytics (alexa data,similarWeb data, whois data, social media data, moz check, dmoz check, search engine index, google page rank, IP analysis, malware check ) , SEO tools (link analysis, keyword position analysis, auto keyword suggestion,page status check, backlink creation/search, website ping, google adword scraper etc.) Demo: [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]]