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Found 152 results

  1. Bypass anti-virus software lateral movement command execution test tool(No need 445 Port) Introduction: The common WMIEXEC, PSEXEC tool execution command is to create a service or call Win32_Process.create, these methods have been intercepted by Anti-virus software 100%, so we created WMIHACKER (Bypass anti-virus software lateral movement command execution test tool(No need 445 Port)). Main functions: 1. Command execution 2. File upload 3. File download [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. avcleaner C/C++ source obfuscator for antivirus bypass [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. Malware indetectable, with AV bypass techniques, anti-disassembly, etc. GhostShell In this malware, are used some techniques to try bypass the AVs, VMs, and Sandboxes, with only porpuse to learning more. I'm not responsible for your actions. Bypass Techniques Anti-Debugger To try bypass the Debuggers, I'm using the "IsDebuggerPresent()" of "Windows.h" librarie to checks if a debugger is running. Anti-VM / Anti-Sandbox / Anti-AV Enumerate Process Function Enumerates all process running on the system, and compares to the process in the black-list, if found a process and this is equal to any process in the black-list returns -1 (identified). Sleep Acceleration Check Function First, gets the current time, and sleeps 2 minutes, then, gets the time again, and compare, if the difference is less than 2, returns -1 (identified). Mac Address Check Function Gets the system mac address and compare to the macs, in the black-list, if the system mac address is equal to any mac in the black-list returns -1 (identified). [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  4. 0x1

    GTFOBins & GTFO

    GTFOBins is a curated list of Unix binaries that can be exploited by an attacker to bypass local security restrictions. The project collects legitimate functions of Unix binaries that can be abused to get the f**k break out restricted shells, escalate or maintain elevated privileges, transfer files, spawn bind and reverse shells, and facilitate the other post-exploitation tasks. See the full list of functions. This was inspired by the LOLBAS project for Windows. GTFOBins is a collaborative project created by norbemi and cyrus_and where everyone can contribute with additional binaries and techniques. [Hidden Content] Install The script has 2 dependencies: colorama pygments You can install these by typing: python3 install Run python3 [binary]
  5. [No OTP, No Verification/No Secure Account Problem] Features: - Separate Secure Account Problem/Verification Issue & OTP Problem - Only Working Accounts as Premium Hits Proxies: Yes Capture: Subscription / Expiry Date [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  6. A VBA implementation of the RunPE technique or how to bypass application whitelisting. Description A simple yet effective implementation of the RunPE technique in VBA. This code can be used to run executables from the memory of Word or Excel. It is compatible with both 32 bits and 64 bits versions of Microsoft Office 2010 and above. Tests This code was tested on the following platforms: Windows 7 Pro 32 bits + Office 2010 32 bits Windows 7 Pro 64 bits + Office 2016 32 bits Windows 2008 R2 64 bits + Office 2010 64 bits Windows 10 Pro 64 bits + Office 2016 64 bits [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  7. [Hidden Content]
  8. WhatWaf is an advanced firewall detection tool whose goal is to give you the idea of “There’s a WAF?”. WhatWaf works by detecting a firewall on a web application and attempting to detect a bypass (or two) for said firewall, on the specified target. Features Ability to run on a single URL with the -u/--url flag Ability to run through a list of URL’s with the -l/--list flag Ability to detect over 40 different firewalls Ability to try over 20 different tampering techniques Ability to pass your own payloads either from a file, from the terminal, or use the default payloads Default payloads that are guaranteed to produce at least one WAF triggering Ability to bypass firewalls using both SQLi techniques and cross-site scripting techniques Ability to run behind multiple proxy types (socks4, socks5, http, https, and Tor) Ability to use a random user agent, personal user agent, or custom default user agent Auto-assign protocol to HTTP or ability to force protocol to HTTPS A built-in encoder so you can encode your payloads into the discovered bypasses More to come… Changelog v1.7 Bunch of issue fixes with a few new wafs added into it enjoy [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  9. MCrypt V2 This project was made for educational purposes and not intended to be malicious. What it does MCrypt can bind multiple input files or take 1 input file into 1 file MCrypt can execute the output with a delay using the --delay-execute=15 switch. It should theoretically work on any OS including MAC and Linux (Not tested). The input files are encrypted, if the input is a .net executable then it will be executed using reflection, however if it is not a .net executable then the raw inputs will be dropped onto the temp file path and executed. Features Supports any file type (.doc, .exe, .pdf .... etc) Scan-time encryption Runtime on same process on .NET executable's which means no file dropping on the file system (Reflection) Output is fully self contained so no need to install any extra Microsoft dependencies to run the output executable file Delay startup to bypass AV smart scanners Requirements to run MCrypt (The user running the output does NOT NEED THIS) .NET Core 3 Runtime/SDK Download .NET Core 3.0 (Linux, macOS, and Windows) [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  10. [HIDE]How to bypass SMS verification of any website / service Receive an SMS: [Hidden Content] SMS Receive free: [Hidden Content] Online SMS: [Hidden Content] Receive SMS online: [Hidden Content] Get a free SMS number: [Hidden Content] Receive SMS: [Hidden Content] Receive SMS Online.NET: [Hidden Content] Free SMS checks: 7 SIM.NET: [Hidden Content] HS3X: [Hidden Content] Receive free SMS: [Hidden Content] Receive free SMS.NET: [Hidden Content] Receive SMS Online.IN: [Hidden Content] Receive SMS online: [Hidden Content] See SMS: [Hidden Content] Groovl: [Hidden Content] SMS.SELLAITE: [Hidden Content] Send SMS now: [Hidden Content] Receive SMS online.EU: [Hidden Content] Proovl: [Hidden Content] Anon SMS: [Hidden Content] Hide my numbers: [Hidden Content] Pinger: [Hidden Content] Free online phone: [Hidden Content] 5SIM: [Hidden Content] SkyCallbd free virtual number: [Hidden Content] Capture SMS: [Hidden Content] SMS Get: [Hidden Content] 1S2U: [Hidden Content] Receive SMS: [Hidden Content] Vritty: [Hidden Content] Text anywhere: [Hidden Content] Receive SMS online.ME: [Hidden Content] Temporary emails: [Hidden Content] Purchase virtual number: [Hidden Content] Free Receive SMS online: [Hidden Content] NDTAN SMS: [Hidden Content] SMS Listen: [Hidden Content] Free virtual SMS number: [Hidden Content] SMS Tibo: [Hidden Content] Receive SMS number: [Hidden Content] Free SMS code: [Hidden Content] Online SMS numbers: [Hidden Content] SMS reception: [Hidden Content] Trash Mobile [Hidden Content]]
  11. Video: [Hidden Content] Tools: [Hidden Content]
  12. UAC Escaper v0.1 This is an old method to bypass UAC. I created this simple builder to make it easy to compile without the need for IDE. Just drop and drag your file to make it bypass UAC. Tested on win7 64bit SP1 + win10 64bit "latest version" [Hidden Content]
  13. eIDAS-Node versions 2.3 and below suffer from an authentication bypass vulnerability. View the full article
  14. The Carel pCOWeb card exposes a Modbus interface to the network. By design, Modbus does not provide authentication, allowing to control the affected system. Version A 1.4.11 - B 1.4.2 is affected. View the full article
  15. [Hidden Content]
  16. Microsoft Windows Server 2012 suffers from a Group Policy security feature bypass vulnerability. View the full article
  17. Infosysta Jira version 1.6.13_J8 suffers from an authentication bypass vulnerability that allows you to see project lists. View the full article
  18. Infosysta Jira version 1.6.13_J8 suffers from an authentication bypass vulnerability that allows you to see push notifications for a given user. View the full article
  19. Part-DB version 0.4 suffers from an authentication bypass vulnerability. View the full article
  20. A remotely exploitable vulnerability exists in the 2.3.23-119-GA version of Sangoma SBC that would allow an unauthenticated user to bypass authentication and login as a non-existent user but with complete access to the dashboard including additional privileged user creation capabilities. View the full article
  21. ThinVNC version 1.0b1 suffers from an authentication bypass vulnerability. View the full article
  22. VMware VeloCloud versions 3.3.0 and 3.2.2 suffer from an authorization bypass vulnerability. View the full article