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Found 17 results

  1. [Hidden Content]
  2. Unknown_hacker

    Mobile computing

    Sir anyone please explain Mobile computing
  3. Large Amount Of European ISP’s Mobile Traffic Rerouted Through China Telecom [Hidden Content]
  4. Email/User: Email:Pass Proxies: Yes Capture: Subscribtion CPM: 3k proxyscra.pe Recommended Bots: 100-150 Last checked: 29/05/19 [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  5. Email/User: Email Proxies: Yes Capture: Devices Recommended Bots: any [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  6. Cryptors, a cyber security company, invented a mobile app called HACKUNA (Anti-Hack) that can block and detect these WiFi hackers. The exciting part here is, you can also track the hackers within the area. It will give you all the details you need to find the hacker within the area or to report it to the authority. We are now given the power to fight back against the WiFi hackers. Do you often connect to Public Free WiFi? Study says that a hacker can hack your online accounts within at least 60 seconds, just because you connect to Public Free WiFi... Experts says that the best thing to do to secure yourself from this, is to ditch the use of public Free WiFi. How annoying right? But not anymore! Proof that this works [Hidden Content]
  7. How to use Edit Cookies Chrome Extensions in Android Mobile If you want to run cookies of Netflix, amazon prime, ahref etc paid premiums account in your android mobile Here is a way for you. Many people do not know this that why I posting this simple way to do That [Hidden Content]
  8. [HIDE][Hidden Content]] introduction objection is a runtime mobile exploration toolkit, powered by Frida. It was built with the aim of helping assess mobile applications and their security posture without the need for a jailbroken or rooted mobile device. The project's name quite literally explains the approach as well, whereby runtime specific objects are injected into a running process and executed using Frida. Note: This is not some form of jailbreak / root bypass. By using objection, you are still limited by all of the restrictions imposed by the applicable sandbox you are facing. features Supporting both iOS and Android and having new features and improvements added regularly as the tool is used in real world scenarios, the following is a short list of only a few key features: For all supported platforms, objection allows you to: Patch iOS and Android applications, embedding a Frida gadget that can be used with objection or just Frida itself. Interact with the filesystem, listing entries as well as upload & download files where permitted. Perform various memory related tasks, such as listing loaded modules and their respective exports. Attempt to bypass and simulate jailbroken or rooted environments. Discover loaded classes and list their respective methods. Perform common SSL pinning bypasses. Dynamically dump arguments from methods called as you use the target application. Interact with SQLite databases inline without the need to download the targeted database and use an external tool. Execute custom Frida scripts. iOS specific features in objection include the ability to: Dump the iOS keychain, and export it to a file. Dump data from common storage such as NSUserDefaults and the shared NSHTTPCookieStorage. Dump various formats of information in human readable forms. Bypass certain forms of TouchID restrictions. Watch for method executions by targeting all methods in a class, or just a single method. Monitor the iOS pasteboard. Dump encoded .plist files in a human readable format without relying on external parsers. Android specific features in objection include the ability to: List the applications Activities, Services and Broadcast receivers. Start arbitrary Activities available in the target application. Watch a class method, reporting execution as it happens. screenshots The following screenshots show the main objection repl, connected to a test application on both an iPad running iOS 10.2.1, and Samsung Galaxy S5 running Android 6. A file system listing of the iOS applications main bundle A file system listing of the Android applications bundle iOS Keychain dumped for the current application, and later written to a file called keychain.json Inline SQLite query tool SSL Pinning bypass running for an iOS application SSL Pinning bypass running for an Android application sample usage A sample session, where objection version 0.1 is used to explore the applications environment. Newer versions have the REPL prompt set to the current applications name, however usage has remained the same:
  9. A project by Offensive Security The Kali NetHunter is an Android penetration testing platform targeted towards Nexus and OnePlus devices built on top of Kali Linux, which includes some special and unique features. Of course, you have all the usual Kali tools in NetHunter as well as the ability to get a full VNC session from your phone to a graphical Kali chroot, however the strength of NetHunter does not end there. We've incorporated some amazing features into the NetHunter OS which are both powerful and unique. From pre-programmed HID Keyboard (Teensy) attacks, to BadUSB Man In The Middle attacks, to one-click MANA Evil Access Point setups, access to the Offensive Security Exploit Database... And yes, NetHunter natively supports wireless 802.11 frame injection with a variety of supported USB NICs. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  10. Everus.org Mobile Wallet version 1.0.9 suffers from an information disclosure vulnerability. View the full article
  11. yoyohoneysinger

    Mobile Phone Call and Towers Tracking java

    Guide :- [Hidden Content] Github :- [Hidden Content]
  12. J0k3rj0k3r

    ANDRAX Mobile Pentest

    ANDRAX is a penetration testing platform developed specifically for Android smartphones, ANDRAX has the ability to run natively on Android so it behaves like a common Linux distribution, But more powerful than a common distribution! Features and Tools Advanced Terminal Advanced and Professional terminal emulator for Hacking! Dynamic Categories Overlay (DCO) Advanced IDE Complete support for many programming languages Information Gathering Tools for initial informations about the target Whois Bind DNS tools Dnsrecon Raccoon DNS-Cracker Scanning Tools for second stage: Scanning Nmap - Network Mapper Masscan SSLScan Network Hacking Tools for network hacking ARPSpoof Bettercap EvilGINX2 0d1n Recon-NG PHPSploit SQLMap Password Hacking Tools to break passwords Hydra John The Ripper Wireless Hacking Tools for Wireless Hacking VMP Evil AP Aircrack-NG Tools Reaver Exploitation Tools for Dev and launch exploits MetaSploit Framework RouterSploit Framework Getsploit And much more... Install and explore ANDRAX to use more than 200 tools [Hidden Content]
  13. Trend Micro Virtual Mobile Infrastructure version 5.5.1336 suffers from a denial of service vulnerability. View the full article
  14. Symantec Mobile Encryption for iPhone version 2.1.0 suffers from a denial of service vulnerability. View the full article
  15. Trend Micro Enterprise Mobile Security version suffers from a denial of service vulnerability. View the full article

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