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  1. Udemy – Master in Hacking with Metasploit [Hidden Content]
  2. Video: [Hidden Content] Tools: [Hidden Content]
  3. [Hidden Content]
  4. [hide] 21x DisneyPlus Accounts with Plans [Hidden Content] [/Hide%]
  5. YouTube Expert Class & YouTube Marketing/SEO with Google Ads Complete guide for being a Pro YouTuber and a YouTube Marketing Expert on your own for your YouTube Audience Growth. In this course, you will learn each and every step and YouTube Secrets for becoming a Pro YouTuber from a Beginner. Also, you will be able to promote your videos on your own without looking for a Social Media Expert, Company or Agency for YouTube Marketing, Promotions and SEO for your YouTube videos and channel. Earn more money with your YouTube videos and other earning methods. Hope you are gonna like it. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  6. [Hidden Content]
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  8. [Hidden Content]
  9. dEEpEst

    250x Uplay Hits With Full Capture

    [HIDE]250x Uplay Hits With Full Capture [Hidden Content]]
  10. [Hidden Content]
  11. [HIDE]16x Scribd Hits With Capture Go nd read some books instead of Playing shitty games [Hidden Content]]
  12. BlackNET A Free MultiOS PHP Interface Botnet with VB.NET and Python based Stub and VB.NET Builder About BlackNET BlackNET is a simple botnet with PHP Panel and VB.NET or Python Output for MultiOS Hacking Created By : DarkSoftwareCo What You Can Do On Windows Upload File DDOS Attack [ TCP,UDP,ARME,Slowloris ] Open Webpage Show MessageBox Uninstall Client Close Client On Linux Print Simple Message for Client Open Webpage Upload File Simple DDOS Attack Uninstall Client Close Client Python Stub You Can use it to hack any Linux system with python on it How to Install PHP Panel Download BlackNET - PHP Upload The ZIP File to your Server Extract it Go to PHPMyAdmin Create a database with any name you want Change the data in classes/database.php Change files and folders permission to 777 [connection.php,sendcommand.php,receive.php,Clients Folder] Go to install.php to create the botnet tables automatically Enter you network and enjoy hacking What's New v0.5 - Stable Connection - Cleaner Code - Secure Database Connection - Admin Settings - Better and Secure Login System - Salted MD5 Hashing - Rewrite Project in OOP with PDO Connection - Bug Fixed - SQL Injection Fixed YouTube - How To Install & Download File [Hidden Content]
  13. [Hidden Content]
  14. [Hidden Content]
  15. [Hidden Content]
  16. Using Old Windows Symbols with Ghidra in Linux Recently, while developing course material for a reverse engineering course I was making, I needed to get the symbols for the venerable sol.exe. Unfortunately the world’s greatest solitaire program is no longer shipped with windows, and subsequently Microsoft’s symbol servers have stopped providing debug information for it. The last complication was Ghidra’s support for PDB is limited to Windows only systems. This guide will walk through how I got the symbols for an unsupported OS (XP) working inside of the Ghidra Linux client. [Hidden Content]
  17. Reverse Engineering Gootkit with Ghidra Part I Ghidra is pretty handy for looking at malware. This series of post is an informal overview of what I do. Gootkit is a great implant to learn the functionality of Ghidra. Gootkit is a NodeJS server with packaged Javascript implementing the implant functionality. There are lots of libraries linked into the main executable including Node, OpenSSL, and many more. As a reverse engineer it is difficult to identify and identify open libraries. In this post, I will go through my analysis process to use and understand Ghidra’s functionality. I will first begin by basic code analysis, and understanding how to rename variables and types. I am going to avoid dynamic analysis initially, because dynamic analysis is something that you can buy or implement cheaply enough. In a real-world scenario I typically start dynamic analysis using a range of tools, then delve into the code as a secondary step. The purpose is to learn Ghidra, not to do a great job at reverse engineering all of Gootkit. It is highly informal, and meant to be that way. [Hidden Content]