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Found 145 results

  1. Requirements Windows OS Linux Any Distro 2-4 GB RAM Corei3 Processor 20 GB HD Size 1 GB Highly Compressed Ultra HD Videos 31 Videos [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  2. 0x1

    MobiHok 6.0 - Android RAT

    Operating systems The program is compatible with win 10 - win 8 - win 7 - win vista - win xp .. Requires installation Net framework 4.0 Compatible with systems Android 10.0 .. Android 9.0 .. Android 8.0 .. Android 7.0 .. Android 6.0 .. Android 5.0 .. Android 4.0 .. Demo CHARACTERISTICS Take a photo of the screen * New * Record phone calls * New * Record Messenger, Skype and Skype calls. * New * browse and download files Live camera shooting locate record the microphone keylogger browse messages browse calls To call .. And other features Download from the official program website [HIDE][Hidden Content]] The next version It will include a method of key extraction for WhatsApp
  3. The Best Android File Recovery software to recover deleted photos, videos, audios, WhatsApp, text messages, contacts, call logs and documents from Android devices and SD card. FonePaw Android Data Recovery: Brings Simple to Files Recovery Easy to Do Recovery Just need to click and wait to get the data back on PC and transfer to your Android. In High Speed Compared with others, it scans your deleted files faster. Secure Without Loss It will protect your phone data and not delete anything. Free Try to Preview You can preview the deleted data before recovery without pay. [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  4. [Hidden Content]
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    Andriller - is software utility with a collection of forensic tools for smartphones. It performs read-only, forensically sound, non-destructive acquisition from Android devices Andriller - is software utility with a collection of forensic tools for smartphones. It performs read-only, forensically sound, non-destructive acquisition from Android devices. It has features, such as powerful Lockscreen cracking for Pattern, PIN code, or Password; custom decoders for Apps data from Android (some Apple iOS & Windows) databases for decoding communications. Extraction and decoders produce reports in HTML and Excel formats. Features Automated data extraction and decoding Data extraction of non-rooted without devices by Android Backup (Android versions 4.x, varied/limited support) Data extraction with root permissions: root ADB daemon, CWM recovery mode, or SU binary (Superuser/SuperSU) Data parsing and decoding for Folder structure, Tarball files (from nanddroid backups), and Android Backup (backup.ab files) Selection of individual database decoders for Android apps Decryption of encrypted WhatsApp archived databases (.crypt to .crypt12, must have the right key file) Lockscreen cracking for Pattern, PIN, Password (not gatekeeper) Unpacking the Android backup files Screen capture of a device’s display screen Python Requirements 3.6+ (64-bit version recommended) It is highly advised to setup a virtual environment to install Andriller and its dependencies in it. However, it is not essential, and the global environment can also be used. Depending on how Python was setup, it may be needed to substitute python and pip to python3 and pip3 retrospectively for the instructions below. System Dependencies adb python3-tk [Ubuntu/Debian] Install from Terminal: sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb python3-tk [Mac] Install from brew cask: brew cask install android-platform-tools [Windows] : Included. Installation (Recommended way) Create a virtual environment using Python 3: python3 -m venv env Activate the virtual environment: source env/bin/activate Install Andriller with its Python dependencies (same command to upgrade it): (env) $ pip install andriller -U Quick Start (run GUI) (env) $ python -m andriller License MIT License Contributing Contributions are welcome, please make your pull requests to the dev branch of the repository. More Info & Download [Hidden Content]
  6. Obfuscapk – A black-box obfuscation tool for Android apps. Obfuscapk is a modular Python tool for obfuscating Android apps without needing their source code, since apktool is used to decompile the original apk file and to build a new application, after applying some obfuscation techniques on the decompiled smali code, resources and manifest. The obfuscated app retains the same functionality as the original one, but the differences under the hood sometimes make the new application very different from the original (e.g., to signature-based antivirus software). [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  7. dEEpEst

    Kill Android Device [FUD]

    Kill Android Device The application consumes all Android ram and replicates the same process again n again which causes other applications not to be executed resulting Android crash and a reboot is needed to fix your device. A kind of evil app for pranks. Works on every latest Android including Android 9. Fully undetectable from Play Protect and Other Antiviruses so don't upload on shits like VirusTotal or any. [Hidden Content]
  8. Android Application Identifier for Packers, Protectors, Obfuscators and Oddities APKiD gives you information about how an APK was made. It identifies many compilers, packers, obfuscators, and other weird stuff. It’s PEiD for Android. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  9. Android Tester v6.4.5 This will be latest release from kkkk. - Use new package with all files, do not replace any. - Tested on all windows versions (win7, win8, win10, server 2016). *** IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES WHILE BUILDING *** 1) Disable your Antivirus 2) Delete your build folders on your drive (Building-6.1, Building-6.2, Building-6.4). Build folder will be create with new build files. 3) Run Compile.bat then Sign.bat in "Build-6.4\apktool" folder manually. Check "Out" folder for client.apk 4) If you cant see Compile.bat & Sign.bat in your "Build-6.4\apktool" folder, clean your Temp folders (Users\Username\Appdata\Local\Temp, Windows\Temp) Changelog v6.4.5 - Builder fix - Unknown developer fix - Added extra camera resolutions - Mic ui fix - More. Change Log v6.4.4 - Changed Stub (Android App) with new package name & certificates (Semi-FUD on all android emulators, test yours!) - Fixed key logger issue - Fixed file manager issue - Removed SL.exe (1.5mb) and compiled new from the source as "BuildClient.exe" (40kb) - Updated APK Tool @latest - Renamed some file names Change Log v6.4.3 - Removed automatic voice recording function. Now you can record mic manually. - Added some control on start/stop buttons. Change Log v6.4.2 - Non-Cracked & Clean! - Runs on virtual machines (tested on oracle, hypervm, vmware) - Removed version check function from SN server. - Set front camera, 640x480 resolution and multicapture enabled as default - Added front-back camera buttons to start quick capture - Set portrait mode as default for front camera - Added control on stop button at Camera Recorder (to prevent android app freeze) - Microphone fix (don't forget to install Java Runtime Environment) - Microphone recording (You have to install virtual audio cable for VMs OR choose stereo mix for recording on physical computer) - Microphone recording quality is the same as listening quality (8, 11, 22 or 44khz) - Double click client to open Client Folder - Right click select fix (Now selects client on clients list) - Changed location map to Yandex Maps (it does not require API key) - Added 2 button to open location from the browser (Google & Yandex) - Adjusted socket settings - More. Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password:
  10. How To Install Metasploit On Termux - Android Video Tutorial How To Install Latest Metasploit On Termux - Android [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  11. [Hidden Content]
  12. 4 downloads

    Android Developer Nanodegree By Google - Udacity 13 GB Expensive Course Ripped Worth: 1700$ Download : Free to user PRIV8

    $100.00 PRIV8

  13. View File Android Developer Nanodegree By Google (13 GB) Android Developer Nanodegree By Google - Udacity 13 GB Expensive Course Ripped [Hidden Content] Worth: 1700$ Download : Free to user PRIV8 Submitter dEEpEst Submitted 30/12/19 Category Libro Online Password ********  
  14. OXOO v1.1.2 - Android Live TV & Movie Portal App with Powerful Admin Panel - nulled OXOO is an amazing android live TV & movie portal application.Which included PHP admin dashboard script.You will able to maintain all of your changes easily by use this dashboard.It’s will give the best experience in entertainment as an author of IPTV or Movie application/site owner.It’s a smart application with a easy tools setting. You and your client can watch movie and live TV on android devices without any hassle.OXOO is not only an application but also a supper application with a super UI/UX too.You can manage your TV channel using by PHP Dashboard & it’s another special & smart option for user because it’s not only Dashboard OXOO included android source code too. Demo: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  15. Create your own YouTube hashtags apps and help YouTube content creatir to reach trending hashtags for their videos. Demo: [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  16. Benedito Furlan


    OMNI RAT ANDROID if its possible
  17. With PlayTube users can view & Interact with lasted videos and like and comment and more, now using the application is easier, and more fun! PlayTube is easy, secured, and it will be regularly updated. Demo: [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  18. Emoji Letter Converter For Android v1.3.0 (Premium) Best Apps For Converting Text To Emojis. Lots Of Emojis Also Default Shapes And Letters Are Included. [Hidden Content]
  19. WARNING — Malware Found in CamScanner Android App With 100+ Million Users ️Beware! Attackers can remotely hijack your Android device and steal data stored on it, if you are using free version of CamScanner, a highly-popular Phone PDF creator app with more than 100 million downloads on Google Play Store. ️So, to be safe, just uninstall the CamScanner app from your Android device now, as Google has already removed the app from its official Play Store.
  20. [Hidden Content]
  21. ANDRAX is a Penetration Testing platform developed specifically for Android smartphones, ANDRAX has the ability to run natively on Android so it behaves like a common Linux distribution, But more powerful than a common distribution! The development of ANDRAX began on 08/09/2016 (DD/MM/YYYY) only for people in Brazil ANDRAX has been fully redefined and reloaded on 05/10/2018 (DD/MM/YYYY) open to the international public. ANDRAX enable to all Android device with root access enabled and a good unlocked rom become a weapon for advanced Penetration Testing. CHANGELOG: v4 BUILD:1 [ 25/11/2019 ] [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  22. Source: [Hidden Content] Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password: