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  1. DNS tool that displays information about your domain. Features common records scanning (use -scan) validate DNSSEC chain (use -debug to see more info) change query speed for scanning (default 10 queries per second) diagnostic of your domain (similar to intodns.com, dnsspy.io) For implemented checks see #1 Changelog v1.0.2 571912b Fix missing vendor 9f664f6 Update README bbb2351 Update dependencies 384b1ec Add support for BIMI (#11) 9023c2c Add latest to install command [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. GitGuardian Shield: protect your secrets with GitGuardian GitGuardian shield (ggshield) is a CLI application that runs in your local environment or in a CI environment to help you detect more than 300 types of secrets, as well as other potential security vulnerabilities or policy breaks. GitGuardian shield uses our public API through py-gitguardian to scan and detect potential secrets on files and other text content. Only metadata such as call time, request size, and scan mode is stored from scans using GitGuardian shield, therefore secrets and policy breaks incidents will not be displayed on your dashboard and your files and secrets won’t be stored. You’ll need an API Key from GitGuardian to use ggshield. Currently supported integrations Azure Pipelines Bitbucket Pipelines Circle CI Orbs Docker Drone GitHub Actions GitLab Jenkins Pre-commit hooks Pre-push hooks Pre-receive hooks Travis CI Changelog v1.4.2 Add dead link checker action by @RemakingEden in #303 Adjust link-check run & fix last broken link by @commjoen in #304 Challenge 18: New challenge – MD5 hashing by @RemakingEden in #298 Bump peter-evans/create-issue-from-file from 3 to 4 by @dependabot in #306 Challenge 18-pre-alpha fixes by @commjoen in #305 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. How to Hack Wireless Network Basic Security and Penetration Testing Kali Linux Your First Hack Alan T. Norman is a proud, savvy, and ethical hacker from San Francisco City. After receiving a Bachelor of Science at Stanford University. Alan now works for a mid-size Informational Technology Firm in the heart of SFC. He aspires to work for the United States government as a security hacker, but also loves teaching others about the future of technology. Alan firmly believes that the future will heavily rely on computer “geeks” for both security and the successes of companies and future jobs alike. In his spare time, he loves to analyze and scrutinize everything about the game of basketball. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. The giveaway starts today and ends on 05/10/2022, I will be using a site like random.org to generate a random number that will answer the winner's post number. To participate leave a comment! (Solo Usuarios Activos y Que Compartan Contenido) Min. 2 Users Max. 10 Users
  5. The giveaway starts today and ends on 05/10/2022, I will be using a site like random.org to generate a random number that will answer the winner's post number. To participate leave a comment! (Solo Usuarios Activos y Que Compartan Contenido) Min. 2 Users Max. 10 Users
  6. Cryptomator is provided free of charge as an open-source project despite the high development effort and is therefore dependent on donations. Cryptomator offers multi-platform transparent client-side encryption of your files in the cloud. Features Works with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, ownCloud, Nextcloud and any other cloud storage service which synchronizes with a local directory Open Source means: No backdoors, control is better than trust Client-side: No accounts, no data shared with any online service Totally transparent: Just work on the virtual drive as if it were a USB flash drive AES encryption with 256-bit key length File names get encrypted Folder structure gets obfuscated Use as many vaults in your Dropbox as you want, each having individual passwords One thousand commits for the security of your data!! Privacy 256-bit keys (unlimited strength policy bundled with native binaries) Scrypt key derivation Cryptographically secure random numbers for salts, IVs and the masterkey of course Sensitive data is wiped from the heap asap Lightweight: Complexity kills security Consistency HMAC over file contents to recognize changed ciphertext before decryption I/O operations are transactional and atomic, if the filesystems support it Each file contains all information needed for decryption (except for the key of course), no common metadata means no SPOF Changelog v1.6.7 Update copyright years from 2021 to 2022 to reflect the new year by @httpjamesm in #2015 Update JavaFX to 17.0.2 by @KarlKeu00 in #2031 Add modules required for JFR by @overheadhunter in #2035 Added error message if user tries to mount to occupied drive by @JaniruTEC in #2013 Feature/win installbundle with winfsp by @infeo in #2072 Deduplicate Freedesktop Metadata by @overheadhunter in #2073 Feature/winfsp mountpoint by @infeo in #2082 Update Cryptomator screenshots for flathub, taken of 1.6.5 by @purejava in #2095 Build binary packages in separate workflows by @overheadhunter in #2103 [Snyk] Security upgrade com.auth0:java-jwt from 3.18.3 to 3.19.0 by @snyk-bot in #2110 Simplify async workflows by @overheadhunter in #1983 Show vault locked/unlocked state in the vault title in the tray menu by @kevinstsauveur in #2101 New Crowdin updates by @cryptobot in #1966 [Hidden Content]
  7. DNS tool that displays information about your domain. Features common records scanning (use -scan) validate DNSSEC chain (use -debug to see more info) change query speed for scanning (default 10 queries per second) diagnostic of your domain (similar to intodns.com, dnsspy.io) For implemented checks see #1 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. What is DNSStager? DNSStager is an open-source project based on Python used to hide and transfer your payload using DNS. DNSStager will create a malicious DNS server that handles DNS requests to your domain and return your payload as a response to specific record requests such as AAAA or TXT records after splitting it into chunks and encoding the payload using different algorithms. It can generate a custom agent written in C or GoLang that will resolve a sequence of domains, retrieve the payload, decode it and finally inject it into the memory based on any technique you want. You can edit the code of the DNSStager agent as you wish, and build it using your own custom execution techniques. The main goal of using DNSStager is to help red teamers/pentesters to deliver their payloads in the stealthy channel using DNS. DNSStager key features: DNSStager has some key features such as: Hide and Resolve your payload in IPV6 records. Hide and Resolve your payload in TXT records. XOR encoder to encode your payload. Base64 encoder to encode your payload (only for TXT records). Pure agent wrote in C with the ability to customise it. Pure agent wrote in GoLang with the ability to customise it. The ability to use sleep between each DNS request. AND MUCH MORE TO COME! Changelog v1.0 New features added such as: The ability to generate DNSStager DLL agents. C agent with enhanced OPSEC and performance. Print the total number of DNS requests. Fixed the following issues: Dynamic shellcode size allocation instead of hardcoded value. Remove unused variables inside the agent C code. Also, general code enhancements were made. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. The giveaway starts today and ends on 12/11/2021, I will be using a site like random.org to generate a random number that will answer the winner's post number. To participate leave a comment! (Solo Usuarios Activos y Que Compartan Contenido) 75 threads Min. 2 Users Max. 10 Users
  10. Description Hi everyone” – Say hello to an exciting new updated course. Explore redesigned and modern videos. Discover powerful new ways of using macOS Monterey – the newest OS from Apple. MacOS is GREAT … If You can use the whole potential of it, if you know what you’re doing. I’m using Mac computer everyday for more than 10 years and still learning new techniques and shortcuts how to optimise my workflow and I want to share it all with you. When I bought my first MacBook after using Windows for many many years, it took me many hours to learn even basic functionalities in macOS and months before I became entirely comfortable with my Mac. This course will take you from a beginner / intermediate to an advanced macOS user in no time! You’re probably missing out a lot more than you think. I know that because I teach people how to use Mac every day and see how much time they waste in navigation menus, do things old fashioned ways and don’t use quick shortcut keys or just incorrectly use the trackpad. More than 1000 students enrolled in our previous course about macOS Big Sur, now sharing their satisfaction and knowledge. And you can join them right NOW! But I have even better news for you! I have put together brand new up to date course which includes lot more than the previous one. You will find here more than 70 video tutorials covering over 6 hours of video instructions. I don’t want to see people wasting so much time on such a powerful operating system. This course can help you save great amount of time spent on your Mac. Explore a redesigned and modern videos. With improved sound quality and graphics to help you better understand. Each tutorial clearly presents a topic and shows you how to use macOS. You can watch while trying out techniques for yourself. Presented by the appleonlineacademy website dedicated to helping people to understand and use Apple devices to their full potential. This course will be regularly updated and I will be adding more macOS tips as I explore them in new released updates What makes this course different? It has unique graphics which makes video tutorials fresh and not boring It is straight to the point and clear to understand. It includes bonus How to.. section with lot of tips and tricks Course is supported by Downloadable materials I offer full personalised support in Q&A section and also in closed facebook group for enrolled students Who this course is for: NEW USERS who just started using a Mac computer, or for people who switched from Windows to macOS and want to quickly handle all the differences between these operating systems. CURRENT USERS of macOS might find some useful tips and see how old and new features work in Monterey INTERMEDIATE USERS, as they might find some very helpful ways to get certain things done in macOS that they didn’t know about before ADVANCED USERS This course is NOT for those who are already experts at using Macs, as they might know most of these tips already Requirements You should be using a computer running on macOS. The course includes installation guide for a free upgrade to macOS Monterey No other knowledge or experience with macOS needed [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  11. Description Hello to everyone! Kali Linux, oscp, kali, Linux, penetration testing, everything about kali Linux os, kali Linux tutorial, ceh, Ethical hacking, penetration testing, security hacking Welcome to the “Kali Linux: Start Your Ethical Hacking Career with Kali” course. Kali Linux Tutorial! Learn Kali Linux from the pros how to use Kali Linux easily and quickly. Kali Linux Tutorial! Learn from the pros how to use Kali Linux easily and quickly. Kali Linux, kali, ethical hacking, kali Linux for beginners, Linux, kali Linux tutorial, learn kali Linux, hacking, kali Linux beginner, kali Linux hacking, oak Academy, kismet, ethical hacking using kali Linux, Linux kali, kali Linux full course, kali linux tutorial for beginners, hacking with kali Linux, how to become a hacker, kali Linux 2021, kali Linux 2020, kali Linux hack, Linux for beginners, kali Linux free Today, many critical systems continue to work on the Linux operating system. Because Linux operating systems are very stable and can work without interruption. With the development of the Internet, Linux operating systems have developed and started to use the Windows concept. Ethical hacking is a popular expertise thanks to the stylization of white hat hackers as heroes in pop television and movies. In real life, ethical hacking is just as valiant, and Kali Linux is a powerful tool for getting the job done. Udemy features top-rated Kali Linux classes to help you don your white hat. Kali Linux is a pre-packaged Linux distribution built around the Linux kernel. Kali Linux is designed specifically for ethical hacking and penetration testing tasks, and features a host of free and open-source security tools and applications like Metasploit and Nmap. Linux is available in a range of different distributions that are tailored to the needs and skills of its users. Simple distributions, like openSUSE, are great for personal computing, while Linux Ubuntu is ideal for network admins and computer scientists. Linux has a somewhat inaccurate reputation as being a much more technical and complex alternative to mainstay operating systems like Windows and MacOS. In reality, Linux is an approachable, open-source, and customizable OS that’s designed to address huge deficiencies in commercial operating systems. Our student says that: I loved this course and it taught me so many things, that now I am very competent in a terminal that has a UNIX background. Almost all of what is taught was transferable to the Mac terminal, and thanks to this course, I can even make my own scripting programs to make my life easier. What is Kali Linux? Kali Linux is an open-source, Debian-based Linux distribution released in March of 2013, primarily created for advanced Penetration Testing and Security Auditing. It used to be known as BackTrack Linux. Kali Linux contains hundreds of tools that perform various information security tasks, such as computer forensics, reverse engineering, security research, and penetration testing. It provides a multi-platform solution that is freely available and accessible to both professionals and hobbyists in the information technology industry. What is Linux and why should I use it? Linux is an operating system (OS), which is the primary software that a computer uses to execute tasks and communicate directions to its hardware. The operating system that competes the most with Linux is Windows. Linux is a popular and widely-used OS because it is open-source, meaning that it is free to the public, and anyone can modify and customize Linux software as they wish. The reasons to use Linux can vary from developing an app or building a video game to learning how to hack computer systems. As Linux is one of the most popular operating systems, many developers use it to develop their web applications and software programs. This means knowledge of Linux is important for anyone working with computers and software in general. Learning how to work with Linux is a necessary skill for anyone pursuing a career in ethical hacking or penetration testing Why do hackers use Linux? Both ethical (white hat) hackers and malicious (black hat) hackers often prefer to use the Linux operating system (OS) over Windows OS. The biggest reason hackers turn to Linux is because it is far more accessible to a wider range of people than Windows OS offers. Linux is free, open-source, and provides a well-integrated command-line interface for users to customize the OS. This means anyone can modify Linux to create their own programs and software. Malicious hackers often opt for Linux because it gives them more control when using Linux, and ethical hackers need to be well-versed in Linux because it’s so popular among black hat hackers. Ethical hackers also often prefer using Linux as it has better existing security measures than Windows and doesn’t usually require third-party antivirus software. How long will it take to learn Linux and how can I teach it to myself? The time it takes to learn Linux can vary, depending on whether you have existing background knowledge of other operating systems and how deep of an understanding you want to gain. For beginners learning Linux to pursue a career in IT or software administration, you may only need a basic understanding of how to navigate and execute functions using Linux and how applications built on Linux behave. If you plan to become an ethical hacker, or pentester, you may need a more in-depth knowledge of Linux security procedures and a skill in manipulating Linux programs. You can learn Linux on your own time by seeking out video tutorials and online courses. There are plenty of courses available on Udemy that teach the fundamentals of Linux and more advanced Linux skills. What careers use Linux? Many jobs in IT, software development, and cybersecurity rely on Linux skills and expertise. A career in app development generally requires a deep understanding of Linux, as many app developers use Linux as a basis for their applications. Software-focused career paths that frequently use Linux include developer and software engineering roles for Python, Java, and Linux systems. Nearly any role in cybersecurity, such as a penetration tester or ethical hacker, requires a strong knowledge of Linux. With Linux expertise and skills, you could work as a system administrator, IT professional, system architect, or database administrator. You may even work in website development, maintenance, or security, as people in those roles build a majority of their web applications on Linux. What is the core of the Linux operating system? The core component of any operating system is called the kernel. Linux’s core is simply referred to as the Linux kernel. The Linux kernel is a single program that manages crucial tasks such as allocating memory, communicating software functions to the computer’s CPU, and comprehending all of the input and output from the computer’s hardware. The kernel is the most important part of an OS and often runs in a separate area from the rest of a computer’s software. The kernel is just one part of a full operating system, which includes a combination of components such as the bootloader, init system, graphical server, desktop environment, and more. The name “Linux” can refer to both the kernel itself (the Linux kernel) and an operating system built around that kernel. For example, the Android OS and the Ubuntu distribution are both made using the Linux kernel. What are the best Linux distributions for beginners? There is a wide range of Linux distributions to choose from when learning and working with Linux. When you are first learning Linux, the distribution you choose to learn may depend on how you plan to apply your Linux skills. If you are pursuing a career in cybersecurity, you may select a different Linux distribution to start with than someone pursuing a career in game development, for instance. Online courses are some of the best resources for beginners to Linux, as they will give guidance on which Linux distribution is a good fit for the intended application of Linux. For beginners, a few of the most highly recommended Linux distributions include Elementary OS, Ubuntu Linux, and Ubuntu Budgie. Other distributions that are considered easy to learn and master are Linux Mint, Zorin OS, Nitrux, Kodachi, Rescatux, and Parrot Security. Advanced computer knowledge is no longer required to use a Linux operating system. Anyone at the beginner level can take this course. And this course will take you even further. This course is a practical course. You’ll learn some theory first and then have the chance to apply what you’ve learned. In the “Kali Linux For Beginners” course, you will learn; How to install Kali Linux? What are default Kali Linux programs and how to use them? How to set up a new program? How are updates of existing programs done? You will learn how to change the Kali Linux installation settings. How to use the terminal? At the end of this course; You will be able to change the Kali Linux operating system settings, You will learn how to use the necessary programs for your daily work. You will learn how to run the most used hacker programs. Using linux, kali linux, linux administration, linux command line, kali kali linux, oscp, kali, linux, ceh, everything about kali linux os, kali linux tutorial, penetration testing, ethical hacking. The instructor does a great job of explaining Linux commands using small and concise examples. Why would you want to take this course? Our answer is simple: The quality of the teacher. When you enroll, you will feel the expertise of OAK Academy’s experienced instructors. Basic computer knowledge will be sufficient! This course starts with the basics. First, you will learn some terminology. Then the show will begin and you will learn everything through hands-on exercises. I will also teach you the best practices and shortcuts. Step by Step, Simple and Easy with Exercises Video and Audio Production Quality All of our videos are processed/produced as high-quality video and audio to provide you the best learning experience. You’ll be, See clearly Hear clearly Proceed the course without getting distracted You will also get: Lifetime Access to the Course Quick and Easy Support in the Question and Answer section Udemy Certificate of Completion Ready to Download Let’s start the “Kali Linux: Start Your Ethical Hacking Career with Kali” course, We offer full support by answering any questions. See you in the course! Who this course is for: Anyone who think “what should be done to become a hacker”? Anyone who want to learn the Kali Linux operating system. Anyone who are planning to do a penetration test. Adventure lovers who want to explore a new world. Anyone looking for a new and updated interest. People who want to learn linux, kali linux, ethical hacking Requirements No prior knowledge required Basic knowledge of computer use Computer to install Linux or run it virtual. Curiosity for Kali Linux Desire to become and ethical hacker and willingness to learn Kali-Linux Desire to learn Kali Linux and beginning of ethical hacking Desire to learn NAMP and ethical hacking, penetration testing Nothing else! It’s just you, your computer and your ambition to get started today [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  12. DNS tool that displays information about your domain. Features common records scanning (use -scan) validate DNSSEC chain (use -debug to see more info) change query speed for scanning (default 10 queries per second) diagnostic of your domain (similar to intodns.com, dnsspy.io) For implemented checks see #1 Changelog v1.0 34caf34 Release v1.0.0 7416ac2 Update vendor c5ae22c Fix some linting issues b7942a4 Update vendor 2de2751 Add support for CHAOS to get server version 43682c0 Refactor 9ceb7c2 Remove SOA error. Closes #5 f71b750 Fix JSON output dd0a6d8 Move DNSSEC to check. More refactor 336c734 Fix panic 9070745 Refactor into library. WIP d39e3af Update vendor 3912c82 Clean up based on linters [hide][Hidden Content]]
  13. Use the in-demand Linux skills you learn in this course to get promoted or start a new career as a Linux professional. What you'll learn By the end of this course you will understand the fundamentals of the Linux operating system and be able to apply that knowledge in a practical and useful manner. Requirements A desire to learn. Description JOIN THE OTHER 20,000 SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS WHO HAVE ALREADY TAKEN THIS COURSE If you want to learn how to use Linux and level up your career but are pressed for time, read on. Hello. My name is Jason Cannon and I'm the author of Linux for Beginners as well as the founder of the Linux Training Academy. When I ask people to tell me what their biggest challenge is to learning Linux, they all say the same thing: Time. That's why I've created this course. Give me just 45 minutes a day for the next 5 days and I will teach you exactly what you need to know about the Linux operating system. You'll learn the most important concepts and commands, and I'll even guide you step-by-step through several practical and real-world examples. So, if you can spare a few minutes a day and want to learn the ins-and-outs of the Linux Operating System, join me and the other students in this course today. Free Bonus - How to Install WordPress on Your Very Own Linux System As an added bonus for enrolling in the Learn Linux in 5 Days video training course, you'll receive a step-by-step checklist and video that teaches you how to install WordPress on an Ubuntu Linux system. First, you'll learn what software is required for WordPress to run on a Linux system. Next, you'll be given the exact commands to type that install all the required software and WordPress. You'll learn how to install a web server, how to install a database server, how to create database users, and how to configure WordPress. Before you know it, you'll have a fully functioning blog on your hands. This is a great way to put your new-found Linux skills to good use. Totally optional, but very cool: If you want to host your blog on the internet on your very own installation of Linux, I'll show you were you can get hosting for just $5 a month. ____________________ Learn Linux in 5 Days doesn't make any assumptions about your background or knowledge of Linux. You need no prior knowledge to benefit from this course. You will be guided step by step using a logical and systematic approach. As new concepts, commands, or jargon are encountered they are explained in plain language, making it easy for anyone to understand. Here is what you will learn by taking Learn Linux in 5 Days: How to get access to a Linux server if you don't already. What a Linux distribution is and which one to choose. What software is needed to connect to Linux from Mac and Windows computers. What SSH is and how to use it. The file system layout of Linux systems and where to find programs, configurations, and documentation. The basic Linux commands you'll use most often. Creating, renaming, moving, and deleting directories. Listing, reading, creating, editing, copying, and deleting files. Exactly how permissions work and how to decipher the most cryptic Linux permissions with ease. How to use the nano, vi, and emacs editors. Two methods to search for files and directories. How to compare the contents of files. What pipes are, why they are useful, and how to use them. How to compress files to save space and make transferring data easy. How and why to redirect input and output from applications. How to customize your shell prompt. How to be efficient at the command line by using aliases, tab completion, and your shell history. How to schedule and automate jobs using cron. How to switch users and run processes as others. How to find and install software. Unconditional Udemy 30 day money-back guarantee - that's my personal promise of your success! What you learn in Learn Linux in 5 Days applies to any Linux environment including Ubuntu, Debian, Kali Linux, Linux Mint, RedHat, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Slackware, and more. Enroll now and start learning the skills you need to level up your career! Who this course is for: People with limited time. Anyone with a desire to learn about Linux. People that have Linux experience, but would like to learn about the Linux command line interface. Existing Linux users that want to become power users. People that need Linux knowledge for a personal or business project like hosting a website on a Linux server. Professionals that need to learn Linux to become more effective at work. Helpdesk staff, application support engineers, and application developers that are required to use the Linux operating system. People thinking about a career as a Linux system administrator or engineer, but need the basics first. Researchers, college professors, and college students that will be using Linux servers to conduct research or complete course work. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  14. The giveaway starts today and ends on 10/27/2021, I will be using a site like random.org to generate a random number that will answer the winner's post number. To participate leave a comment! (Solo Usuarios Activos y Que Compartan Contenido) Min. 2 Users Max. 10 Users
  15. The giveaway starts today and ends on 10/23/2021, I will be using a site like random.org to generate a random number that will answer the winner's post number. To participate leave a comment! (Solo Usuarios Activos y Que Compartan Contenido) Min. 2 Users Max. 10 Users
  16. The giveaway starts today and ends on 10/23/2021, I will be using a site like random.org to generate a random number that will answer the winner's post number. To participate leave a comment! (Solo Usuarios Activos y Que Compartan Contenido) Min. 2 Users Max. 10 Users
  17. The giveaway starts today and ends on 10/21/2021, I will be using a site like random.org to generate a random number that will answer the winner's post number. To participate leave a comment! (Solo Usuarios Activos y Que Compartan Contenido) Min. 2 Users Max. 10 Users
  18. The giveaway starts today and ends on 10/18/2021, I will be using a site like random.org to generate a random number that will answer the winner's post number. To participate leave a comment! (Solo Usuarios Activos y Que Compartan Contenido) Min. 2 Users Max. 10 Users
  19. The giveaway starts today and ends on 10/12/2021, I will be using a site like random.org to generate a random number that will answer the winner's post number. To participate leave a comment! (Solo Usuarios Activos y Que Compartan Contenido) Min. 2 Users Max. 10 Users
  20. The giveaway starts today and ends on 10/12/2021, I will be using a site like random.org to generate a random number that will answer the winner's post number. To participate leave a comment! (Solo Usuarios Activos y Que Compartan Contenido) Min. 2 Users Max. 10 Users
  21. Learn Hacking using your Mobile Device (No Laptop Required). What you'll learn Hacking using your Mobile Termux and it's Applications Metasploit's Framework Phishing Attack, Brute Force Attack and other types of attacks Hacking Instagram Account and other Social Media Accounts Requirements An Android device and a stable internet connection Description In this Course you'll learn about Hacking and different types of hacking and learn to hack right from your Android Devices (No Laptop Required) and also this course teaches you on hacking social media and Instagram accounts. And also this course teaches you to do programming in your mobile, some of the languages are shown like C, C++ and Python. There are limitless possibilities with this course. This can also bring better changes in your career, So ENROLL it now to get full access of this content. Who this course is for: All types of students can learn this course. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  22. How to Stop Instagram Data Tracking to Limit Targeted Ads ⚜ We Have Shared A Step-By-Step Guide On Limiting Instagram Data Tracking To Stop Targeted Ads. Step 1: First of all, launch the Facebook app on your Android smartphone. Step 2: Now tap on the three horizontal lines as shown below. Step 3: Next, tap on the Settings & Privacy option. Step 4: Under Settings & Privacy, tap on the ‘Settings.’ Step 5: Now scroll down and tap on the ‘Ad Preferences’ option. Step 6: Now tap on the ‘Ad Settings’ option. Step 7: Under the Ad Settings, scroll down and tap on the ‘Data about your activity from partners’ Step 8: On the next page, use the toggle button to turn off ‘Facebook’ and ‘Instagram.’ Step 9: Now go back and tap on the ‘Categories used to reach you’ Step 10: Tap on the ‘Interest Categories’ Step 11: You need to opt-out of all the Interest Categories Step 12: You need to do the same for ‘Other Categories’ as well. That’s it! You are done. Now you won’t get highly accurate ads on Instagram and Facebook.
  23. Facebook’s security practices changed for the better after its biggest data breach. If you haven’t heard already, hackers managed to steal 267 million user profiles. And, they did exactly what any other hacker would do - they sold the data on the Dark Web for other malicious actors to exploit. To make the matters worse, this happened only a couple of days after the massive Zoom data breach which affected over half a million users. This just shows how vulnerable your online accounts can be, including Facebook. Even though Facebook has implemented a better cybersecurity infrastructure, that doesn’t mean that your account is 100% safe. Today, even newbie hackers can infiltrate your account. And if they have the means or the know-how, you can easily hack a Facebook account and expose someone's private messages. But luckily, you can also prevent this from happening quite easily. In this article, we’ll go over some important tips that every digital user should implement. Data has become more vulnerable than ever, with hundreds of hacking attempts happening every day. So, stay safe by following these tips below. 1. Use a Password Manager to Store and Create Passwords Wondering how to prevent a Facebook hack easily? Just use a secure password. Simply put, password managers help you store and create unique passwords. This means that you can choose to create very long and complex passwords that are not easy to hack. In addition, they also take away the burden of recalling passwords for all sites. image However, password managers can also help with: Generating new passwords for your accounts periodically Storing credit card information Multi-factor authorization Ideally, long and complex passwords make it harder for hackers to brute force themselves into your Facebook account. And password managers can help you with that. Luckily for you, if you’re a Chrome user, Google has implemented an automatic password generator that pops up every time you need to create a password. It will automatically generate a strong password and store it in the password manager. That way, you’ll always have a bulletproof password only one click away. 2. Hide Your Email Address from Your Friend List For most people, an email address is a gateway to several other accounts apart from Facebook. This is especially true if you use the same password for all your accounts. As such, it’s essential to hide your email address from public view as much as you can. And yes, that includes your Facebook friend list too. To get started on hiding your email address on Facebook, this is what to do: While logged in to your Facebook account, click on your name/profile picture to access your profile. On the profile page, click the About tab. Select Contact and Basic Information from the left menu to see a list of your contact information. Click on the edit icon next to your email then set the Facebook Privacy Settings as Only me. image Doing that ensures that only you can see your email address. Since hackers can’t also see your email address, you’ll be much less of a target to them. People can do a lot of things only with your email, so make sure to keep it private. 3. Log Out of Old Devices Unlike your banking app, Facebook always keeps you logged in once you log in. And this means that anyone who uses one of your old devices can gain access to your account. Since they won’t be needing any password, it’ll be easy to collect all the information they need. But luckily, you can instruct Facebook to log you out of all active devices. Below is what you should do to log out of old devices: If logged in, tap on the arrow on the top right part of your screen next to the notification bell then click Settings and Privacy. On the settings page, click Security and Login. Under the section Where You’re Logged In, you’ll see a list of all devices that have recently accessed your account. Click on the three dots beside any of your old devices and select Logout. By logging out, anyone using your old device will need to login once more to access your account. You can therefore rest easy knowing that no one can access your Facebook account. 4. Enable a VPN When Using Public Wi-Fi To many, VPNs are tools to use to unblock restricted web content. In schools, for instance, it is common for students to use VPNs to unblock sites like Facebook. image However, VPNs also add a layer of protection. And particularly when you’re using public Wi-Fi. So, is Facebook secure over public Wi-Fi? Not really, think again. VPNs work by creating an encrypted tunnel between your device and Facebook. Therefore, anyone who tries intercepting your messages won’t be able to do so. By using a VPN, not only will you keep your identity hidden, but you’ll also protect yourself from various hacking attacks such as man-in-the-middle attacks or spoofing. 5. Learn How to Recognize Phishing Links Most Facebook accounts today get hacked through phishing. But sadly, few people know what phishing is and how it works in the first place. The whole purpose of a phishing email is to create a fake account that will mimic a well-known company or a person. image Then, the hackers con the users into clicking various links that either contain malware, or will take them to a fake page where they’ll enter their login credentials. Then, the hackers will use this data for identity theft, blackmail, and a lot of other bad stuff. Regardless, it’s still easy to spot a phishing email as well as its links. This is how: The e-mail sender doesn’t refer you by name Hover over links to see the true URL E-mail message content has spelling errors and typos The messages request sensitive information Conclusion In all honesty, staying vigilant is the best way of preventing your Facebook account from getting hacked. And that means you’ll need to instantly take action whenever you notice strange activity on your account. We hope that, through this article, you’ve learned how to secure a Facebook account from hackers.
  24. Learn how to easily create an animated video in Photoshop! Have you ever wanted to create a video to promote your personal brand or business on social? It’s actually pretty simple! In this class, you’ll learn the basics of video concepting and animating in Photoshop. By the end, you’ll know all the techniques to create fun videos to showcase your work or business. What you’ll learn: Concepting and storyboarding videos Finding inspiration for motion graphics Fundamentals of using the timeline tool and creating animation Prepping assets for animation Techniques for animating logos How to create fun video transitions Icon animation Exporting work as a video or animated gif What you’ll make: At the end of the class, you will have created a custom video that will impress others, as well as some useful skills to create additional fun and unique videos. What you’ll need: Adobe Photoshop (free trial of the software program at Adobe.com) Any assets you would like to use in your project such as a logo, images of your work or product, and any other brand elements Who this class is for: This class will be a great first step for anyone who is experienced with photoshop and wants to start learning motion graphics. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
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