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  1. Hola, soy Daikokuten recuerdo tu nick de hace años cl-security si no recuerdo mal. Como puedo contactarte queria hablar unas cosas y no me deja enviarte mensaje privado

  2. The source code of the new banking Trojan DEFENSOR ID. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. v2 version. Flipper. Since our team (before that the team) ran this business cleanly, as beautifully as possible, we will complete it beautifully. For 70% of clients, financial obligations have already been closed. We ask you to unsubscribe the rest in the LAN or in telegrams, do not forget to write your toad, the license key and the server ip. This is necessary in order for me to make sure that you are the owner of the license. It is also desirable to attach the apk file. Sources to be torn apart, especially for xss.is Cerberus v1 + Cerberus v2 + install scripts + admin panel + sql db [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. apk Anubis gluer with any white application I merge the Anubis gluer, which was sold at Expo for $ 3k. As they wrote in the topic of the salesman: "Anubis gluer with any white application is offered. The price is 3K. Full FOOD on the virus. You no longer need to crypt files !!! And feed the crypt services. I do not know how much this is so, I tried to glue Anubis with the application that was already there. All nishtyak, it works. I did not try to glue with others since I do not need it. lo siento por el tipo de enlace [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  5. [Hidden Content]
  6. Feacture Multiple Child clients Hidden app icon (stealth mode) Real-time location. Recording calls: incoming/outgoing. SMS: received/sent. Environment recording. Take pictures. Keylogger. Phishing social network. Notifications received: Whatsapp, Instagram, Messenger. Build this project the application work with the api of firebase with which you will have to create a project in firebase and synchronize the application with such project. Firebase API Enable the following development platforms on firebase: Authentication, realtime database and storage. in authentication/sign-in method enable the email access provider in firebase real-time database assign the following rules: [Hidden Content] in firebase storage assign the following rules: [Hidden Content] In the build.gradle assign the social network package of your preference. also you will have to recreate the view in xml of the social network [Hidden Content] In the res/values/string.xml assign your APY_KEY_MAPS Get the GOOGLE MAPS API KEY here [Hidden Content] note: it is very important that accept all the necessary permissions for the application to work properly Pictures [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  7. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  8. perdi mi tiempo en este shit y escuseme por la palabra Mod Anubis 2.5 from 10.01.2020 and Anubis Loader (loader_maza) I merge the source codes of the Maza loader and also merge the Anubis mod, which was sold at Expo for $ 5k and is now trying all kinds of dolby .. to sell. The loader is normal, nothing unusual, the package name needs to be encrypted in md5 Bankbot functionality: - admin rights - sending SMS - SMS interception / hidden SMS interception - get all SMS on the phone - get all installed applications - USSD - show message - push - auto push - geolocation - web injections including cryptocurrency, work on 4-9 versions - grabber cards (5 types) - start injection (grabber) in the interval - get all contacts - spam on all contacts of the bot or on your database of numbers - access to the file system (rat) downloading photos, audio recordings, text formats. - screen stream (rat) - from version 5.0 and higher - stream of sound (rat) - open url in browser - open url in bot activity - call forwarding - cryptoclocker - remote launch of installed applications - search for files by signature - sound recording (2 types) - keylogger (does not apply to browser) - Socks5 module - from version 5.0 and higher - get IP bot - Automatically disabling Google Protect, works after the update 01/13/2020 - Fixed a problem with falling asleep bots - Automatic removal of the bot (no confirmation on the side of the bot is needed), no traces remain. - Display the model of mobile phone. - Step-by-step receipt of data from the injection (everything falls in turn, login, pass, card number, then date, then color). In cases where online access is by card, card you get it now almost certainly, the holder is usually afraid to inject CVV. - All permissions are taken 1 time and quietly, unlike the old version with 5 windows. - Removing applications from the phone on command from the admin panel. - Auto-delete applications on a schedule. Pour links on antiviruses, bot cleans phone from them after the specified time after installation. - Scheduled keylogger activation. - Launching injections on schedule. After the specified time, applications are searched, the right one is launched. - Advanced panel for sorting, searching for bots. - Panel in Russian - Blocking push messages of any applications I write to all lovers of freebies that I don’t need to ask for a personal one in the topic or about drugs, I give only to those who have a little lack of hyde, the rest are asked not to write. Hyde is done in order to see and download could be active users who benefit the forum in its development. [Hidden Content]
  9. after so long looking for this loader there are two configs, not only in the anubs folder but also in the o1o folder, they should be the same;) everything else is for mana [Hidden Content]
  10. A cloud based Android Monitoring Tool, powered by NodeJS Features GPS Logging Microphone Recording View Contacts SMS Logs Send SMS Call Logs View Installed Apps View Stub Permissions Live Clipboard Logging Live Notification Logging (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail and more ....) View WiFi Networks (logs previously seen) File Explorer & Downloader Command Queuing Device Admin Built In APK Builder Installation on Heroku Video Tutorial for Heroku Click Here Installation on VPS or Server Prerequisites Java Runtime Environment 9 or above NodeJs A Server Setps of Installation Click Here Video Tutorial for VPS or Server Click Here It's recommended to run XploitSPY behind a reverse proxy such as NGINX [Hidden Content]
  11. INTRO ROGUE is a RAT (Remote Administration Tool) made to execute commands with incredible features without a need of computer.No Port Forwarding required so you can control your clients from anywhere using smart phone or with a computer. FEATURES • Mass Command Execution - Executes command on all bots at once ! • Anti Guard - Restricts/Blocks access to the all Antivirus applications on the Device & on Playstore ! • App Blocker - Restricts access to applications that user adds to the database ! • Command History - Displays Past Executed Commands ! • Anti Doze Mode - Protects itself from being killed by the system when phone was locked to sleep ! • Encryption/Decryption - Encrypts/Decrypts files of all types with a Password ! • Low Orbit Cannon - A handy tool to test your website with a flood of traffic ! • Self Destructive Mode - Wipes and Deletes all files and folders on the phone ! • Screen Logger - Records and logs the screen in the Background ! • KeyLogger - Records and streams the Keystrokes to the server ! MISCELLANEOUS • Contacts. • Call Logs. • Stealth. • GPS Monitor. • Take Pictures. • Records Audio. • Inbox Messages. • Device Information. • Wipes Inbox SMS. • Send Notifications. • Fake Alert Dialogs. • Runs on Device Boot up. • Execute Shell Commands. • Enable/Disable Wireless/Bluetooth. • Default SMS App Switcher. • Screenshot Grabber (Root Required). • Makes itself as System App (Root Required). • Request Device Administrator Access/Root Access. CUSTOMIZATION • Anti Guard - Ability to Add Custom Antivirus Apps/Other Applications to Block. • Encryption/Decryption - Encrypts/Decrypts a Specific File/File Type/All Files ! Sales: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  12. scrack


    Recently, botnet recently loaded with Android. This malware can send and intercept sms from bots. Will most of androids by Will of botnets Like, for for They are Used Mainly for mobile Banks, such as with the with the .... In EU, you can transfer money from one card to another card via mobile sms This botnet sold $ 120

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