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Found 15 results

  1. FinalRecon is a fast and simple python script for web reconnaissance. It follows a modular structure so in future new modules can be added with ease. Features FinalRecon provides detailed information such as : Header Information Whois SSL Certificate Information Crawler html CSS Javascripts Internal Links External Links Images robots sitemaps Links inside Javascripts Links from Wayback Machine from Last 1 Year DNS Enumeration A, AAAA, ANY, CNAME, MX, NS, SOA, TXT Records DMARC Records Subdomain Enumeration Data Sources BuffOver ThreatCrowd AnubisDB ThreatMiner Facebook Certificate Transparency API Auth Token is Required for this source, read Configuration below Traceroute Protocols UDP TCP ICMP Directory Searching Support for File Extensions Directories from Wayback Machine from Last 1 Year Port Scan Fast Top 1000 Ports Open Ports with Standard Services Export Formats txt xml csv [Hidden Content]
  2. Burp Extension features When you generate your plugin project, the generator will ask you what features should be included in your plugin. If you are familiarized with burp extension developing, the names of the features will be descritive enough, but, if you are new in burp extensions, here is a short description of what can be done with each feature. Extension Tab GUI Custom tab that will be added to Burp's UI. Normally is used to add some functionality (like logger++ extension) or just for enabling the user to config the extension. Context menu GUI Custom context menu will be added to Burp's UI nearly anywhere, by pressing right click. Burp allows to show context menus in any of this situations: Intruder attack results. Intruder payload positions editor. Request editor. Response editor. Non-editable request viewer. Non-editable response viewer. Proxy history. Scanner results. Search results window. Target site map table. Target site map tree. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  3. Help remove the deobfuscation, most likely NetReactor 6, please. This is a free bot for Bitmex , but I would like to take a look at the strategy and learn for myself, I will be grateful. Download: [Hidden Content]
  4. Benedito Furlan

    Need help Exploit Pack Priv8

    [Hidden Content] WHAT IS THE PASSWORD OF ? I need to import modules in exploit pack. Thanks
  5. [Hidden Content]
  6. Maby is a stupid question but i can't find the anwser . Do i need a network adapter to use backdoor on kali linux + vbox ????
  7. Just have a problem finding a way to post. Help pls
  8. DesiGirl

    RAT in my PC - Need Help Please

    Is there a RAT removal tool that I can use to remove a RAT in my system??
  9. I found a template that i really keen on, but now I have a trouble with the search label page. For example, this is my url label search: [Hidden Content] It shows 20 posts at page 1 but then if you click on page 2, it still shows 20 page as your previous click in page 1. Who can help me find the solution in source code to make it show the older posts in a search label page, please This is original demo: [Hidden Content] This is download link of the template: [Hidden Content] I hope staff members can accept my post Thanks you so much
  10. xMrxKanex

    Hey, Im new and need help!

    Hello everybody, I want to install a Possum Bot on a Discord Server, but it doesnt work. I used this tutorial. After i got the Link at Step 9, i cant select a Server. Does anybody have experience with a Possum Bot and can help me out A bot that will allow you to "hack" ANY discord server. # Features * `Get full control of the server.` * `Ban everyone in a matter of seconds.` * `More features coming soon!` # Commands * !myakish - to get admin perms. * !arturdebil - to ban everyone on the server. # Dependencies. * Node v10.13.0 or higher , you can get it [here]([Hidden Content]) # Installation To install this bot follow these simple steps. 1. Download and un-zip the repo. 2. Install node.js you can get it [here.]([Hidden Content]) 3. Open cmd or terminal if your using mac. 4. Type in `cd` and drag and drop the possumbot folder into the console. Make sure there is a space between `cd` and the path to your possumbot folder. 5. Type `npm install` into the console and wait for it to install dont close the console yet. If it doesnt work make sure you have node.js installed you can install it [here.]([Hidden Content]) If it still doesnt work restart your console. 6. Open your browser and go to []([Hidden Content]) And create a new application and customize it to your likings. You should see something like thcis. ![You should see something like this.]([Hidden Content]) Navigate to the bot settings And copy the token. After you copied the token proceed to the next step. ![]([Hidden Content]) 7. Open the possumbot folder and navigate to `botsettings.json` open it using a text editor like notepad for windows or textedit for mac. It should look like this ![]([Hidden Content]) 8. Paste your token into the token field. Dont remove the "". 9. Open your console (You should already be in your possumbot folder). Type `node bot.js` into the console. The bot should now be activated. 10. A link will be generated in the console use it to invite the bot.
  11. monkeybrain

    Need bot

    Hello, im in need of an android bot like loki or exo but dont know where to get a good working clean one. If anyone can help me I would appreciate that
  12. Hi Guys, I have no experience in cracking at all but i have attempted to try this one with no luck, I believe it has a very secure registration system to crack . Are there any guys here kind enough to help and crack this for me ? In return i can offer my services as a penetration tester or coding in php html vb sql etc . Many Thanks Need SMSGadgetInstaller.msi
  13. leade-h

    Need Crypter

    I need best crypter