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Found 20 results

  1. PwnFox PwnFox is a Firefox/Burp extension that provides usefull tools for your security audit. If you are a chrome user you can check [Hidden Content]. Single click BurpProxy Connect to Burp with a simple click, this will probably remove the need for other add-ons like foxyProxy. However, if you need the extra features provided by foxyProxy you can leave this unchecked. Containers Profiles PwnFox gives you fast access to Firefox containers. This allows you to have multiple identities in the same browser. When PwnFox and the Add container header option are enabled, PwnFox will automatically add an X-PwnFox-Color header to highlight the query in Burp. PwnFoxBurp will automatically highlight and strip the header, but you can also specify your own behavior with addons like logger++. Security header remover Sometimes it’s easier to work with the security header disabled. You can now do it with a single button press. Don’t forget to reenable them before testing your final payload. Headers stripped: Content-Security-Policy X-XSS-Protection X-Frame-Options X-Content-Type-Options [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. This tool gives information about the phone number that you entered. What IS Moriarty? Advanced Information Gathering And Osint Tool Moriarty is a tool that tries to find good information about the phone number that you provieded; ->Tries To Find Owner Of The Number ->Tries To Find Risk Level Of The Number ->Tries To Find Location,Time Zone Of The Number,Carrier ->Tries To Find Social Media Platforms That The Number Is Registered ->Tries To Find Links About Phone Number ->Tries To Find Comments About Phone Number ->Sends Sms To Phone Number With Amazon Aws [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. Command Line RAT that uses Gmail as its central C2Server. Bypassing common issues, such as the need for port forwarding or proxies. To Do Multi-platform support Command to upload files Transport crypto & obfuscation Setup For this to work you need: A Gmail account (Use a dedicated account! Do not use your personal one!) Turn on "Allow less secure apps" under the security settings of the account You may also have to enable IMAP in the account settings [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. A GUI for MSF Venom that serves the generated payload for you, in addition to launching a listener using the provided port. DESKTOP BUTTON OPTION For a full GUI experience you can add a desktop shortcut to your VM. You will need to add the following file --> taipan.desktop --> ~/.local/share/applications Make sure to edit the file with the path location where you downloaded the app. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. [Hidden Content]
  6. The first version of a simple program that searches using the brute force admin panel on sites. The program uses 3.* version of python, but maybe it will go to 2.* Try this [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  7. QRLJacking or Quick Response Code Login Jacking is a simple social engineering attack vector capable of session hijacking affecting all applications that rely on the “Login with QR code” feature as a secure way to login into accounts. In a nutshell, the victim scans the attacker’s QR code which results in session hijacking. Features: Port Forwarding using Ngrok [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  8. IDAPython plugin that synchronizes decompiled and disassembled code views. Please refer to comments in source code for more details. Requires 7.2 [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  9. Facts About Hacking That Will Blow Your Mind 1. There Is A Hacker Attack Every 39 Seconds. 2. Cybercrime Is More Profitable Than The Global Illegal Drug Trade. 3. Hackers Steal 75 Records Every Second. 4. 66% Of Businesses Attacked By Hackers Weren’t Confident They Could Recover. 5. Hackers Create 300,000 New Pieces Of Malware Daily. 6. The Cybersecurity Budget In The US Is $14.98 Billion In 2019. 7. White Hat Hackers Earned Over $19 Million In Bounties In 2018. 8. Russian Hackers Can Infiltrate A Computer Network In 18 Minutes. 9. You Can Purchase A Consumer Account For $1 On The Dark Market. 10. 92% Of ATMs Are Vulnerable To Hacker Attacks.
  10. how do I make two publications that are not spam to unlock my account thanks
  11. Hello guys,i was searching for runpe that can work on windows 10, i have some old runpe and trying to run on windows 10, but it seems windows 10 are increased security, and runpe doesnt work now, can somebody share some runpe that work on windows 10 ? [Hidden Content]
  12. Brutemap is an open source penetration testing tool that automates testing accounts to the site's login page, based on Dictionary Attack. With this, you no longer need to search for other bruteforce tools and you also no longer need to ask CMS What is this? only to find parameter forms, because brutemap will do it automatically. Brutemap is also equipped with an attack method that makes it easy for you to do account checking or test forms with the SQL injection bypass authentication technique. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  13. dEEpEst


    [Hidden Content]
  14. So I was struggling getting all the lines in a file that contains .de, .be, .uk etc. So I made a tool for everyone here that wants to capture the specific line you want! If you type: .uk: , it captures all .uk: in a line, and export it to an .txt file. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  15. Ojooo Wad is a plataform that connects advertisers to users by viewing ads. The user view 16 ads per day and can make money by clicking and inviting people to Ojooo. Visit and register [hide][Hidden Content]]
  16. Step 1 - Setup your installation folder To make this easy create a folder c:\Install. This is where we will copy all the required files. Step 2 - 7Zip your installers Go to the folder that has your .msi and your setup.exe Select both the .msi and the setup.exe Right-Click and choose 7Zip --> "Add to Archive" Name your archive "Installer.7z" (or a name of your choice) Click Ok You should now have "Installer.7z". Copy this .7z file to your c:\Install directory Step 3 - Get the 7z-Extra sfx extension module Available in the link below Follow this link to download 7Zip + other necessary files [Hidden Content] Install 7zip and copy the other files to c:\Install Create a 7zip file with the name installer.7zip with your files and copy to c:\Install Copy the file "7zS.sfx" to c:\Install Copy config.txt to c:\Install or create your own Step 4 - Setup your config.txt Use Notepad for this but save the file in UTF-8 encoding. File > Save as > Encoding : UTF-8 Using windows explorer go to c:\Install right-click and choose "New Text File" and name it config.txt right-click and choose "Edit with notepad". Enter something like this: ;[email protected]@!UTF-8! Title="SOFTWARE v1.0.0.0" BeginPrompt="Do you want to install SOFTWARE v1.0.0.0?" RunProgram="setup.exe" ;[email protected]@! Edit this replacing [SOFTWARE v1.0.0.0] with your product name. Notes on the parameters and options for the setup file are here After adding the lines save as config.txt in encoded in UTF-8 CheckPoint You should now have a folder "c:\Install" with the following 3 files: Installer.7z 7zS.sfx config.txt Step 5 - Create the archive These instructions I found on the web but nowhere did it explain any of the 4 steps above. Open a cmd window, Window + R --> cmd --> press enter In the command window type the following cd \ cd Install copy /b 7zS.sfx + config.txt + Installer.7z MyInstaller.exe Look in c:\Install and you will now see you have a MyInstaller.exe You are finished Run the installer Double click on MyInstaller.exe and it will prompt with your message. Click OK and the setup.exe will run.
  17. A few months ago, an anonymous user uploaded a PDF file to the online platform VirusTotal in order to see if it was detected by any of the more than 50 antivirus engines that have this platform or, otherwise, none of them detected it .This PDF file apparently seemed harmless and could have been a user who, after downloading it, wanted to verify that it did not hide anything. However, it seems that this PDF file hid something quite serious. This PDF file immediately called the attention of several security researchers subscribed to the platform, researchers who soon began to analyze it in depth.Within this PDF file they have been able to find two very dangerous exploits that took advantage of two security flaws still unknown in the Adobe software and in Windows. The Adobe vulnerability ( CVE-2018-4990 ) is a failure to execute remote code, while the Windows security failure ( CVE-2018-8120 ) is a privilege escalation failure to be able to execute code at the highest level of permits. The PDF file did not include the final payload and was not 100% complete, so it is believed that it has never been used. Neither this malicious PDF , nor the exploits that it hid, had never been seen on the network until they were sent to VirusTotal. It is not well known why this PDF came to this online security platform, whether it was from someone who got it in some way or by some rookie hackerwho does not know that all the files sent to VirusTotal are sent to security companies and researchers, even if apparently clean, for in-depth analysis. What is certain is that, thanks to VirusTotal, we have been able to avoid a series of very dangerous computer attacks, being able to know the vulnerability before it was used to endanger the security of the users. Update Windows and Adobe to protect yourself from these two vulnerabilities This PDF was detected in March of this same year, and in the second week of May Microsoft and Adobe released their corresponding security patches without giving specific details about these security flaws. However, in order to give system administrators enough time to update their infrastructures, it has not been until now that Microsoft and Adobe have made public the vulnerabilities that have been detected thanks to this PDF uploaded to VirusTotal . To protect ourselves from these two failures and make these exploits useless, we must install the latest Windows and Adobe security patches. These vulnerabilities were already solved the second week of May with the corresponding patches, so, installing these patches we will be fully protected. What do you think of these two security flaws discovered and solved thanks to VirusTotal?