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Found 12 results

  1. Hello friends, today I will tell you how you can protect your smartphone and social account from being hacked. Today we will talk about the same and we will also know the reason for all this because why social account is hacked and how you can protect it There are many types of reasons of smartphones being hacked. But here we will only know about some big and common reasons and ways to avoid them. Internet Malwares and Viruses The first reason is that if you use the Internet very much, then you must be downloading many types of document files from the Internet. So all these which you download along with these malware viruses are also downloaded in your phone. When you download a file into your phone using the Internet, viruses are also installed inside your mobile in attachment with them. These viruses can be very dangerous. It can also work as a back door for your phone, if you don't know about the back door, then let me tell you about the back door in which files the hackers add the viruses and malwares , such as in an app and a PDF. Viruses can be added to a zip file , apk file, PDF file and this is what hackers do. They add viruses and malwares to any file, and make it viral in the internet or put it in the internet, so when you download it If you do, then that virus also gets added to your phone with that file and starts damaging your phone. So this back door can steal your phone's data, including your images, your WhatsApp messages, your complete WhatsApp data and other apps' data. Escape measures If you want to avoid internet malware virus then you have to follow the following steps Download any application Android application only from trusted source such as Play Store Install a good antivirus in your phone Along with antivirus in the phone, you can also install Malware Finder from Play Store. Do not download and install any file application from untrusted sources By following all these steps, you can avoid Internet Malwares and viruses to some extent. Weak passwords The second biggest reason for your social media account getting hacked is that you use a weak password in your social media account. Passwords are passwords that are very easy to guess and are used by many people. They can be hacked easily with the help of social engineering, if you know about social engineering, then you will know how easy it is to find someone's password through social engineering. With the help of brute force, hackers can easily hack weak passwords. These people use different passwords from a list of wik passwords on top of your accounts. If your password is weak then it can easily break it. Social media accounts can be hacked. Escape measures It is very easy to prevent social media account from being hacked. There are many options in social media sites related to privacy. Follow the steps below to prevent your social media account from being hacked Use Strong Passwords Keep the password of your social media account strong, more than 10 characters. Do not keep Weak passwords such as abc123, vip123 and many types of weak passwords. If possible, use more and more special characters in your account password so that it becomes very difficult to crack your account password. Enable Two Factor Athuntication Enable two-step verification in your social media account, which will enable double security in your account. Two-step verification plays a very important role in saving your social media account, so don't forget to enable it now. Avoid Using Passwords in Untrustworthy Sites Do not use the password of your social media accounts in any untrusted source, websites. If you want to signup in a new or Untrustworthy sites then dont use your , social, payment apps, and other important passwords in them. Avoid Using Same Password Remember that use different passwords in different accounts, do not put the same password in the all accounts. MOSTLY for payment, banking, and social apps use different and strong passwords. Conclusion These are the most common cause of smartphone hacking and social media hacking. Just keep in mind the above tips to protect yourself from these common mistakes and attacks. Share This Article With Your Friends.
  2. DarksProtector is an app that allows you to protect all of your .NET apps for free and with the best obfuscation! I will push updates sometimes, so stay tuned! KoiVM/DarksVM finally fixed and improved! Protections · Add Junk · Anti De4Dot · Anti Debug · Anti Dump · Anti ILDasm · Anti Tamper · Calli Protection · Constant Disintegration · Constants · Control Flow · Fake Native · Hide Methods · Invalid Metadata · Locals to Fields + v2 · MD5 Checksum · Mid Reference Proxy · Mutate Constants · Mutations · Module Flood · Reference Proxy · Renamer · Resources + v2 · Stack Underflow · Virtualization (finally updated, sources here) · Type Scrambler Others features · Custom Renamer · Premade Presets · Project Manager (to save your preset) [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  3. [COUPON] Complete WordPress Security Course: Protect Your Website Now! Protect your WordPress Website from: brute force, phishing, malware, xml-rpc DDOS, theme & plugins vulnerabilities [Hidden Content]
  4. [Hidden Content]
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  6. How to Protect Yourself from Keylogger Attacks And that's how easy it is for hackers to see and record every keystroke you press on your computer. When a hacker has an unnoticed backdoor on your computer, anything is possible, but there are a few things you can do to minimize the risk of having your keys captured: [Hidden Content]
  7. How to Protect Yourself from Keylogger Attacks [Hidden Content]
  8. Scanned Report : Scanned time : 2018-05-29 02:03:15 Scanner results: 7%的杀软(3/40)报告发现病毒 File Name : STUB.exe File Size : 1929216 byte File Type : application/x-dosexec MD5 : dfba92e1714a27bea4706981a4d0bffe SHA1 : 428317f39ae8b64c7195a833078d9a897e5cb176 Online report : [Hidden Content] File information File Name : STUB.exe (File not down) File Size :1929216 byte File Type :application/x-dosexec MD5:dfba92e1714a27bea4706981a4d0bffe SHA1:428317f39ae8b64c7195a833078d9a897e5cb176 Scanner results Scanner results:7%Scanner(s) (3/40)found malware! Time: 2018-05-29 02:03:15 (CST) Scanner Engine Ver Sig Ver Sig Date Scan result Time ahnlab 9.9.9 9.9.9 2013-05-28 Found nothing 6 antivir Found nothing 56 antiy AVL SDK 2.0 1970-01-01 Found nothing 7 arcavir 1.0 2011 2014-05-30 Found nothing 8 asquared 2015-03-08 Found nothing 1 avast 170303-1 4.7.4 2017-03-03 Found nothing 44 avg 2109/15180 10.0.1405 2018-05-23 Found nothing 1 baidu Trojan.Crypt.Heur.gen 2 baidusd 1.0 1.0 2017-03-22 Found nothing 2 bitdefender 7.58879 7.90123 2015-01-16 Found nothing 1 clamav 24608 0.97.5 2018-05-27 Found nothing 2 comodo 15023 5.1 2018-05-27 Found nothing 7 ctch 4.6.5 5.3.14 2018-05-28 Found nothing 3 drweb 2018-03-29 Found nothing 45 fortinet 1.000, 58.563, 58.446, 58.470 5.4.247 2018-05-28 Found nothing 1 fprot 2016-02-05 W32/Felix:P:Lastsect_unkn!Eldorado 2 fsecure 2015-08-01-02 9.13 2015-08-01 Found nothing 23 gdata 25.17213 25.17213 2018-05-29 Found nothing 18 hauri 2.73 2.73 2015-01-30 Found nothing 1 ikarus 4.00.08 V1.32.31.0 2018-05-28 Found nothing 11 jiangmin 16.0.100 2017-12-22 Found nothing 2 k7 10.45.26928 2018-05-29 Found nothing 1 kaspersky 5.5.33 5.5.33 2014-04-01 Found nothing 25 kingsoft 2.1 2.1 2018-05-28 Win32.Heur.KVMH004.a 4 mcafee 8620 5400.1158 2017-08-12 Found nothing 17 nod32 7240 3.0.21 2018-04-18 Found nothing 1 panda 9.05.01 9.05.01 2018-05-28 Found nothing 11 pcc 13.302.06 9.500-1005 2017-03-27 Found nothing 2 qh360 1.0.1 1.0.1 1.0.1 Found nothing 55 qqphone 2015-12-30 Found nothing 1 quickheal 14.00 14.00 2017-11-18 Found nothing 5 rising 3619 3619 2017-12-26 Found nothing 5 sophos 5.32 3.65.2 2016-10-10 Found nothing 12 sunbelt 3.9.2671.2 3.9.2671.2 2018-05-28 Found nothing 5 symantec 20151230.005 2015-12-30 Found nothing 1 tachyon 9.9.9 9.9.9 2013-12-27 Found nothing 4 thehacker 2018-05-24 Found nothing 1 tws 17.47.17308 2018-05-28 Found nothing 4 vba beta beta 2018-04-10 Found nothing 1 virusbuster 15.0.985.0 2014-12-05 Found nothing 16 ■Heuristic/Suspicious ■Exact NOTICE: Results are not 100% accurate and can be reported as a false positive by some scannerswhen and if malware is found. Please judge these results for yourself. Password: RAR5 > siggggggggggy RIPMED128 LVL23 > Igpay Atinlay LVL23 > LOKI97 LVL23 > SAFER LVL23 > HAVAL256 LVL23 592fddfea22b8c85d554881424375ff95a56c963c7e8e7f7e6d95871d33c3c89 Download: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. ssmss


    SNORT ids is a advance intrusion detection system that will detect all sorts of malicious attacks. Link: [Hidden Content] * Works with redhat Linux and Windows.