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Locked Eziriz .NET Reactor v6.5.0.0


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.NET Reactor
Unmatched .NET code protection system which completely stops any decompiling. Protect your software in a safe and simple way without worrying how to protect your intellectual property.

What is .NET Reactor?

.NET Reactor is a powerful code protection and software licensing system for software written for the .NET Framework, and supports all languages that generate .NET assemblies. Its' main features are :

    Intellectual property protection
        NecroBit Protection
        Native Code generation
        Code Virtualization
        Control Flow Obfuscation
        Hide Method Calls (dynamic proxy)
        String Encryption
        Anti Tampering
        Anti Debugging
        Resource Encryption and Compression
        Dependency Merging
        Protects full applications and libraries (dlls)
    Powerful licensing system
        Create trial versions of your software
            Set an expiration date
            Limit use to a fixed number of days after installation
            Limit by number of uses
            Limit to use for no more than a set number of minutes each invocation
            Limit trial version functionality
        Easily turn your trial version into a fully licensed version
        License your software
            Permanently (non expiring license)
            By time period (i.e rent your software)
            By number of uses (i.e software as a service)
    Software development kit
        Integrate license checking into you assembly and extend licensing fuctionality
        Extend licensing functions with bespoke extensions.
        Create .NET Core single file application bundles

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