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Found 11 results

  1. Tencent Reports $13.5B Net Income for 2019, Mobile Games Drive Revenue Growth PUBG Mobile Became The Highest Earning Mobile Game Worldwide in May 2020 PUBG Mobile was reportedly the top-grossing mobile game in terms of revenue in the month of May. According to a report by Sensor Tower, Tencent earned over $226 million (Rs 1.7 thousand crore approx) in user spending making it the highest-grossing game in the world for the particular month. This doesn’t come as a surprise considering the Covid-19 lockdowns across the world forcing people to stay indoors and spend more time on mobile gaming. Most of you would have uninstalled other Chinese apps from your phone but not PUBG why ? TikTok crosses 2 billion downloads; India accounts for over 30% TikTok ‘targeting ₹100 crore revenue in India’ by September 2020 Xiaomi, India's largest smartphone maker, sending browser data to China: Report Company tracking user data even on the private “incognito” mode, claim researchers ... MOST IMPORTANT AND EXPENSIVE THING IN THE WORLD CAN BE DATA , YOU LITERALLY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY CAN DO WITH IT Chinese smartphone brands, including Oppo and Xiaomi, account for eight of every 10 smartphones sold in India. India smartphone market Share (Q1 2020): Xiaomi (China): 30% Vivo (China): 17% Oppo (China): 12% Realme (China): 14% And Ofcrs OnePlus Total 75% Of market share is with Chinese manufacturers Intelligence Agencies Flag 52 Chinese Mobile Apps Over Security Risk Of Data Theft All of the information is collected from google , i just combined all the information from internet ... We dont claim it we are just informing you ... If you are admin of any channels , groups you should post this .. * It is you people who are making them earn " Billions " every year .. before blaming the government , army , others , blame yourself .. its you who is helping them earn * I guess Its time for you to stand up for your country .. i dont have to tell you what you have to do , you should know by now...
  2. Learning C# by Developing Games with Unity: C# Programming for Unity Game Development - 2020 English | 2020 | ASIN: B08FF4LLVK | 166 Pages | PDF, EPUB, AZW3 | 5.68 MB Learning C# by Developing Games with Unity C# Programming for Unity Game Development About this book Never before has the video game market been at a better time. There are currently many platforms available and the emergence of mobile devices has revolutionized the sector. The existence of multiple platforms implies great challenges for developers in decision making, both in the choice of platforms and in the sizing of work teams , One solution to these problems is to use a game engine, and without a doubt the most popular and used engine of the moment is Unity, Unity is the most popular engine for reasons such as its powerful tools, its ability to generate games on more than 20 different platforms, its excellent learning curve and the hundreds of add-ons available to it developed by third parties. What you'll learn: In this book you will learn in a practical way with numerous examples that will guide you step by step: Getting to know the Unity interface Learn C# programming syntax from scratch What the fundamental elements of the Unity engine are Understand programming fundamentals with practice examples in C# Explore the interface and features of Unity Create a game design document and prototype level Explore intermediate programming topics and best practices Implement game mechanics, interactions, and UI elements with C# Develop your first games [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. itsMe

    360K MIX Games

    Email:Pass [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  4. Hello, I want an Eleven Sports Italiana account, but only with the Palermo game package. Below is the Eleven Sports website. If you can help me, I would be extremely grateful. Hugs! [Hidden Content]
  5. Complete C# Unity Developer 3D: Learn to Code Making Games Game development & design. Learn C# using Unity Engine. Your first 3D Unity games for web, Mac & PC. This is the long-awaited sequel to the Complete Unity Developer - one of the most popular e-learning courses on the internet! Completely re-worked from scratch with brand-new projects and our latest teaching techniques. You will benefit from the fact we have already taught over 350,000 students programming and game development, many shipping commercial games as a result. Unity is an incredible 3D package used for making video games, architectural and medical imaging and more. The challenge is that it's big and complicated to use, especially for complete beginners to coding and game development. We make learning to code easy and fun by leading you step-by-step through the process of creating exciting games. The projects in the course use a mix of Unity 2017, 2018 and 2019. All sections are 100% compatible with the newer Unity 2019 software updates. This course has full professional-produced English closed-captions. If you're reading this you probably already have everything you need to get started. Unity is a free download. With regular access to an internet connection you'll be able to engage in our thriving community. Even if you have no experience with coding, or with 3D packages, we will guide you through everything from first principles. Starting slow, then building on what you learn, you'll soon have a very solid working knowledge of Unity. Don't take our word for it, please see the amazing reviews students have taken the time to write. We are proud to be transforming lives, and equipping 1000s of people with valuable new skills. We would love you to become one of them now. The course is project-based, so you will not just be learning dry programming concepts, but applying them immediately to real indie games as you go. All the project files will be included, as well as additional references and resources - you'll never get stuck. There are "talking heads", powerful diagrams, quality screencasts and more. For each demo game you build you will follow this process... Be challenged to build the entire game yourself. Be shown step-by step how to build it. Be challenged to apply, and re-apply your knowledge regularly. Prefer to focus on 2D? Check-out our Complete Unity Developer 2D course. Want something a little more advanced? Check-out our epic Unity RPG course. Want to get certified, get a job, or learn environment art - we've got you covered. The green leaf logo is your sign of quality. You will get full lifetime access for a single one-off fee. The creators are qualified and experienced coders and avid gamers, so are able to explain complex concepts clearly, as well as entertain along the way. What this course DOESN'T cover... Here are some things we will not be covering in detail... Art asset creation (assets provided but not made on-screen). Advanced performance optimization. Editor plugins or modifications. Physics engine modification. Anyone who wants to learn to create games: Unity 3D is a fantastic platform which enables you to make production-quality games. Furthermore these games can be created for Windows, MacOS, iOS (even iOS 9), Android and Web from a single source! Note: access to this course comes with an optional, free community site where you can share games and connect with 1000s of other students. Dive in now, you won't be disappointed! Source: [Hidden Content] Download: [Hidden Content] *Note: The file is not mine, I did not upload it to that web page, you can download it and create a mirror to share it here.
  6. [Hidden Content]
  7. [Hidden Content]
  8. In this course you will learn all of python you need for being a good python developer. you will begin with learning that how you can have your best editor to work with. After that in first section you will learn all the basics of python like data-types, loops, conditionals, operators, file-handling, time-date, libraries and a lot. In addition you will also apply all you have learn in section-1 on practical working programs and games. Second section is about data-visualisation in which you will learn what is data science and how things work in that, and you will learn libraries like Matplotlib, seaborn, pandas, poorly and cufflinks for data visualisation and pandas, numpy for data analysis. you will also learn geo-plotting for visualising globe data. In addition you will built a large number of beautyfull plots and even 3-D plots to practice your skills. Then we will move to the project part of section-2 in which you will learn to create automatic plotter, base maps and big-data analysis project that actually analyse more than 60 million+ data. Third section is all about graphical and user interface. In which you will learn that how the desktop applications are made, you will learn about tkinter to built windows applications, then you will learn about database that how you can store your program data and where to store. After that we will move to a very interesting concept turtle graphics where you will learn how to make moving graphical things.Then this section is full of projects with actually working games and database applications. also project that will make you learn how to use keys to move your objects in games and in applications. This is not the end of the course time to time new data will be added to it. [Hidden Content]
  9. Email:Pass Combos [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  10. AnonRepDom

    200 Best Arcade Games

    The compilation that everyone was waiting for is already among us! This is ARCADE MINI 2019. There are 200 roms compiled among the lists of the most played, best sellers and the best cataloged of all time. Try the games in their original versions, the mythical versions of Arcade have better graphics, sounds and playability than their console conversions. Total Game: 200 usin to zip: 7zip Upload in: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Not upload yet Pass for uncompress: rd7ree
  11. Hy people to the old school, in this Link to mega, have 31GB games for the old iPad, iPone, iPod.... Model to iOS 5.1.1. *****LIST***** Big Fish Games, Inc Amazon.Hidden.Expedition-v1.7.2-most_uniQue.ipa Azada 1.1.ipa Azada.HD-v1.0.ipa Big.Fish-v1.2.2.ipa Buckingham 1.2.ipa Civil War 1.1.ipa Cook Quest 1.2.ipa Drawn-The.Painted.Tower.HD-v1.0.2.ipa HIT Mirror 1.3.ipa Nick Chase 1.18.ipa Sky Patrol.ipa *****LIST***** Chillingo Ltd 23.iBomber.Defense-v1.0.ipa Angry.Birds.HD-v1.5.0.ipa Billabong.Surf.Trip-v1.3.ipa Cut the Rope Holiday Gift 1.0 1.ipa Cut the Rope-v1.2.1-Faisalx21.ipa Dominion 1.0.ipa Dominion.HD-v1.3.2.ipa Dracula Pt1 1.1.ipa Dracula.The.Path.Of.The.Dragon.Part.2-v1.0.ipa EasterSneeze 1.2.ipa Food Process-v1.0-most_uniQue.ipa Food.Processing.HD-v1.0.ipa Glide Factor 1.5.ipa Guerrilla.Bob-v1.40.ipa Hooga-v1.1-most_uniQue.ipa Ice_Age_Deluxe_Dawn_Of_The_Dinosaurs_for_iPad_1.0.ipa Inkvaders_HD-(v1.0).ipa Knight's.Rush-v1.2.0.ipa Meteor 1.07.ipa Minigore HD 1.0.ipa Minigore-v5.0.ipa MoA 1.1.ipa Monster.Mayhem-v1.5-BlackDeath.ipa Mummy's.Treasure-v1.02.ipa Parking.Mania.HD-v1.2.ipa Piyo.Blocks.2-v1.6.01.ipa PREDATORS 1.3.ipa Puzzler World 1.02.ipa Quest_ Aster 8.3.ipa Quest_ HOL 8.2.ipa Quest_ HOLII 8.2.ipa Quest_ HOLIII 8.2.ipa Quest_ HOLIV 8.3.ipa Quest_ I&F 10.0.ipa Quest_ Mithril 8.2.ipa Ragdoll 1.1.ipa Ravensword 1.322.ipa SEED 1.0.ipa SpeakingEnglishDictionary 4.2.ipa Supremacy.Wars.HD-v1.1.ipa The Hero 1.1.ipa Toki.Tori.HD-v1.0.ipa TXT.Fighter-v1.0-most_uniQue.ipa Ultimate.Voice.Recording-v4.1.ipa V.O.Reloaded.HD-v1.3.ipa Vampires 1.1.ipa Vegas Pool 1.05.ipa Volleyball 1.03.ipa Zen Bound 1.4.0.ipa Zombie.Escape-v1.1.ipa Zooloretto 1.20.ipa *****LIST***** Agents-v1.0.ipa Angry_Birds__v1.5.2_LP_os30_-SlamDance.ipa Floe-A.Little.Bear.Needs.Your.Help-v1.1-most_uniQue.ipa HiConverter (v3.0 os20)-y.ipa Mod Conflict 1.00.ipa Modern.Conflict.HD-v1.1.ipa Ninja.Penguin.Rampage-v1.0.1-most_uniQue.ipa Office.Gamebox-v1.0.ipa Parking 1.5.ipa PileUp 1.0.ipa Pipe.Rush-v1.0.1-most_uniQue.ipa Stick-Fu-v1.3.1.ipa Sticky-v1.01.ipa ZombieDash 1.3.ipa *****LIST***** Digital Chocolate, Inc 3D Brick 2 1.0.8.ipa 3D Coaster 1.0.7.ipa 3D Coaster 1.1.8.ipa 3D Mini Golf 1.0.7.ipa Brick 3D 1.1.7.ipa Crazy Penguin Catapult 2 v1.0.9 THT.ipa Diamond 1.0.0.ipa GoldRush2 1.0.ipa GoldRush 1.0.9.ipa Haunted 1.0.6.ipa Jurassic 1.0.6.ipa Millionaire 1.0.1.ipa Millionaire 1.1.8.ipa Moto 1.0.8.ipa New_York_3D_Rollercoaster_Rush_1.1.2.ipa Penguin 1.0.18.ipa Red.Bull.BC.One.Game-v1.0.1.ipa Rollercoaster 774.ipa Tower.Bloxx.New.York-v1.0.1-James_Sou.ipa TowerBloxx v2.0.21 I-HcKd.ipa Underground 1.0.2.ipa *****LIST***** Electronic Arts 04.Scrabble.for.iPad-v1.1.74.ipa 23.YAHTZEE.Adventures.International-v1.0.63.ipa 24.BOGGLE.for.iPad-v1.0.1.ipa 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP SOUTH AFRICA™.ipa BATTLEFIELD.BAD.COMPANY.2.World-v1.0.0.ipa CauseOfDeath-v1.3.4.ipa CLUE.Secrets.and.Spies-v1.0.0.ipa Dead.Space.v1.0.1-DanishSilver.ipa Dead.Space-v1.0.2.ipa Destin le jeu de la vie v1.1.28.ipa Dragon's.Lair-v11.20.20-most_uniQue.ipa EA Hunting-v1.0.0.ipa EA MMA 1.1.16.ipa EA.Sports.Madden.NFL.11-v1.0.6.ipa FIFA11_iPad-v1.0.0.ipa Heroes Lore-v1.0.1.ipa Hot Pursuit-v1.0.2-iRomich.ipa Lemonade 1.0.71.ipa Liqua Pop.Ipa.ipa LITE-BRITE 1.0.0.ipa Mirror's Edge 1.4.73.ipa Monopoly.World-v2.4.29.ipa MysteryMania 1.1.26.ipa NBA JAM.ipa NCAAFootball 1.0.1.ipa Need.for.Speed.Hot.Pursuit-v1.0.2-most_uniQue.ipa Need.For.Speed.Shift-v1.0.80.ipa Pictureka!.for.iPad-v1.0.6.ipa Pictureka-v1.0.1.ipa Pogo.Games.World-v1.0.0-most_uniQue.ipa Reckless Racing HD [Electronic Arts Nederland BV]-iFrench.ipa Reckless.Racing.World-v1.3.0.ipa Red Alert 1.1.1.ipa Risk 1.5.2.ipa Rock Band Reloaded-v1.0.0.ipa Scrabble.for.iPad-v1.1.63.ipa Scrabble-v1.6.23-suspiria_2.ipa SCRABBLE-v1.6.78-LPCLPC.ipa SimCity DLX 1.0.0 1.ipa Spore Creatures 1.0.1.ipa Spore Origins 1.0.64.ipa Tee Shot Live 2.0.25.ipa Tetris.for.iPad-v1.5.46.ipa Tetris-v1.2.67-JoySu.ipa The Sims 3 1.2.13.ipa TheSims3Am 1.0.0.ipa TheSims3WA 1.0.0.ipa TrivialPursuit 1.1.42.ipa Ultimate.Mortal.Kombat.3.for.iPad-v1.0.49.ipa Ultimate.Mortal.Kombat.3-v1.0.4-most_uniQue.ipa Wolf...RPG 1.1.1.ipa Yahtzee.HD-v1.2.9.ipa *****LIST***** G5 Entertainment 85.Treasure.Seekers.Visions.of.Gold-v1.2.ipa Crystal_Portal_2 (v1.0 os30)-Seb1971.ipa Mahjong Artifacts 2-v1.7-most_uniQue.ipa Mahjong Artifacts-v1.4-most_uniQue.ipa MushrmAge 1.1.ipa Mushroom.Age.HD-v1.3.ipa Paranormal.Agency-v1.3.ipa Romance.Of.Rome-v1.0.ipa Stand.O'Food.HD-v1.5.ipa Success Story-v1.2-most_uniQue.ipa Super...Mania 1.0.ipa Super...Mania 1.5.ipa Supermarket.Management-v1.3.ipa The Mystery of the Crystal Portal 2 Beyond the Horizon HD _.ipa The Mystery of the Crystal Portal (v1.7 os30)-iPhoneMania[ICPDA].ipa Virtual.City-v1.5.ipa Yumsters2 1.3.ipa *****LIST***** Gameloft 97.Splinter.Cell.Conviction-v1.0.2.ipa ActionPack 1.0.0.ipa Asphalt5 1.2.6.ipa Asphalt.6.Adrenaline-v1.1.6.ipa BIA2 1.1.2.ipa BladesOfFury-v1.1.3-Hellhammer92.ipa Blokus-v1.0.2-Splintr.ipa BrainChal. 1.0.0.ipa BrainChallenge2 1.0.7.ipa Driver 1.1.1.ipa Dungeon Hunter 1.6.1.ipa Dungeon.ipa Eternal Legacy HD-v1.0.0.ipa Eternal.Legacy-v1.0.0-most_uniQue.ipa Ferrari-1.3.4-marcra1n.ipa Fishing Kings 1.0.0.ipa Gangstar2 1.0.0.ipa Gangstar.West.Coast.Hustle.HD-v1.0.0.ipa GT Racing 1.5.6.ipa GT.Racing.Motor.Academy.HD-v1.1.1.ipa Guitar Rock2 2.0.7.ipa Guitar.Rock.Tour-v1.3.7.ipa Hawx 1.1.3.ipa Hero Of Sparta 1.30.ipa Hero.Of.Sparta.2.HD-v1.0.0.ipa HOS2 1.0.2.ipa IronMan2 (v1.0.3).ipa James.Cameron's.Avatar.for.iPad-v1.1.9.ipa Let's Golf! 1.0.1.ipa Lets.Golf.2.HD-v1.0.1.ipa LetsGolf2 1.0.1.ipa N.O.V.A. 1.0.5.ipa NFL.2010.HD-v1.1.5.ipa NFL.2011-v1.0.1.ipa NOVA 1.2.8.ipa PoP_ WW 1.0.8.ipa Prince.of.Persia.Warrior.Within_HD.ipa Rayman 2 1.0.2.ipa Real Tennis 1.0.0.ipa Real.Football.2010-v1.4.4.ipa RealGolf2011 1.0.1.ipa RF10iPad 1.0.1.ipa RF11 1.0.1.ipa Rogue Planet 1.2.1.ipa RSoccer11 1.0.0.ipa Sacred.Odyssey.Rise.of.Ayden.HD-v1.0.0-most_uniQue.ipa Sacred.Odyssey.Rise.of.Ayden-v1.0.0.ipa Sandstorm2 1.0.0.ipa Sandstorm 1.4.6.ipa Shadow.Guardian.HD-v1.0.1.ipa Shadow.Guardian-v1.0.1.ipa Shrek4 1.0.0.ipa Shrek.Forever.After.HD-v1.0.0.ipa Skater Nation 1.2.1.ipa Spiderman 1.0.0.ipa StarBattalion 1.0.0.ipa Starfront.Collision.FULL-v1.0.0-most_uniQue.ipa Tom.Clancys.Rainbow.Six.Shadow.Vanguard-v1.0.0-most_uniQue.ipa UNO 1.9.8.ipa Vatican 1.0.ipa WWII Pacific-v1.0.0-Ab3r1Kanobee.ipa Zombie.Infection.HD-v1.0.0.ipa ZombieInfection 1.0.0.ipa *****LIST***** Sega Altered.Beast-v1.0.0-most_uniQue.ipa ChuChu.Rocket!-v1.0.2.ipa FM 2010 1.5.ipa Football.Manager.Handheld.2011-v2.2.ipa Golden axe v2.0.0.ipa S.Harrier II 1.0.0.ipa SEGA.Gunstar.Heroes-v1.0.0.ipa Shining force v1.0.1.ipa Shinobi 3 v1.0.0.ipa SMB2-v1.2-MrElectrifyer.ipa Sonic 1 1.2.6.ipa Sonic 2 1.0.0.ipa Sonic.Spinball-v1.0.1-most_uniQue.ipa Sonic.The.Hedgehog.2-v1.2.15.ipa Streets.Of.Rage-v2.0.0.ipa WallPaperSearch 1.2.ipa *****LIST***** Skyworks 3PtHoops 3.0.ipa Air Hockey 3.0.ipa Arcade.Hoops.Basketball-v3.2-SlamDance.ipa BatterUp 3.0.ipa Boardwalk 3.0.ipa D-Crypto 1.0.ipa Goaaal!-v3.3.ipa HorseShoes 3.0.ipa MentalBlocks 3.0.ipa Skyscrapers-v3.1.ipa Slapshot 3.0.ipa Speedback.Football-v3.1.ipa SpillDaMilk-3.1-hgt_gu.ipa StellarBlast 3.0.ipa TableTennis-v3.2-jAcK.ipa Ten.Pin.Bowl-v3.1.ipa *****LIST***** Triniti Interactive Limited Action Heroes.ipa Ada's FS 1.0.ipa Attack 1.5.ipa Castle.Wars.HD-v1.0.ipa Chicks 1.6.ipa Climber.ipa Coastal S-C 1.2.ipa Commando 1.3.ipa Death Knight 1.1.ipa Desert_Slug (v1.1 os30)-diegolobo.ipa Digital Heist 1.2.ipa Dino Cap 1.1.ipa Elevator.Zombies-v1.0.ipa Enemy.Alert!-v1.0.ipa Fit It! 1.6.ipa GameBox 1E-v1.1-jaychanged.ipa GameBox.2-v1.5.ipa Hell Flyer 1.1.ipa iKungFu.ipa Jailbreaker 2 1.2.ipa Robo Rush 1.3.ipa S vs V 1.0.ipa Super World Adventures-v1.0.ipa Yoo Sports v1.2.ipa Yoo! Hoops 1.2.ipa [Hidden Content]