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Found 37 results

  1. ShellGen (Shell Generator) This is a simple script that will generate a specific or all shellcodes for CTFs using the VPN IP address on tun0 (the IPv4). INFORMATION Update has been made from sys library to argparse library (done in version 0.8) [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. What is this? As the name implies, this is a hex editor. It aims to be a good general-purpose hex editor and to have a wide selection of features for analysing and annotating binary file formats. It is still in early development and should be considered in beta state at the moment. Current features include: Large* file support Decoding of integer/floating point value types Disassembly of machine code Highlighting and annotation of ranges of bytes Side by side comparision of selections 0.2.0 Allow copying comments from a document and pasting them elsewhere in the same document or into another one. Fixed bounds check when clicking on nested comments in a document. Added context menu when right clicking on a comment in a document. Optionally highlight byte sequences which match the current selection. ("Highlight data matching selection" or "PatternMatchHighlight"). Allow copying cursor offset from document context menu. Correctly display offsets over 4GiB in the status bar. Display offsets as XXXX:XXXX rather than XXXXXXXX:XXXXXXXX when the file size is under 4GiB. Add per-document option for dec/hex offset display. When first byte after a comment is deleted, show that the comment was deleted rather than leaving phantom comment on screen until regions are repopulated. Add side-by-side comparison of chunks of data from files. Select data and choose "Compare..." from context menu to open diff window. Clean up search threads when a tab is closed while a search is running. Display bytes which have been modified since the file was saved in red. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch Genre: eLearning | Language: English + .srt | Duration: 13 lectures (1 hour, 55 mins) | Size: 1.31 GB Created by Paul Chin | Last updated 6/2020 Learn how to how to reverse engineer and debug programs with x64dbg in 1 hour Homepage: [Hidden Content] What you'll learn Debug programs with x64dbg Reverse engineer programs Solve CrackMe challenges Disassemble programs into assembly code Setting breakpoints and stepping through code Modify program behaviour Patching programs Requirements Windows PC Some Assembly or C background would help, but not mandator [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  5. itsMe

    Reverse Ip

    [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  6. JSshell - A JavaScript Reverse Shell For Exploiting XSS Remotely Or Finding Blind XSS, Working With Both Unix And Windows OS JSshell - a JavaScript reverse shell. This using for exploit XSS remotely, help to find blind XSS, ... This tool works for both Unix and Windows operating system and it can running with both Python 2 and Python 3. This is a big update of JShell - a tool to get a JavaScript shell with XSS by s0med3v. JSshell also doesn't require Netcat (different from other javascript shells). [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  7. DWARF Aka my wip gui for android reverse engineers and crackers. Built on top of pyqt5 (compatible with all os’s), Frida and some terrible code. Features Quick spawn, inject and sleep at application onCreate Hook natives, java and loading modules cycle before initializations Hooks conditions and js script logic Manipulate memory and arguments Memory and disasm view (Powered by capstone) Switch between hooks on different threads Inputs are evaluated. Frida js api and dwarf shortcuts are usable in almost any input field Variables creation Save and load back hooks and variables [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  8. A modern multiple reverse shell sessions/clients manager via terminal written in go Features Multiple service listening port Multiple client connections RESTful API Reverse shell as a service (Pop a reverse shell without remembering idle commands) Download/Upload file with progress bar Full interactive shell Using vim gracefully in reverse shell Using CTRL+C and CTRL+Z in reverse shell [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  9. Read the license before using any part from this code Reverse Shell in Shortcut File (.lnk) How it works? Shortcut file (Microsoft Windows 9.x) LNK is a file extension for a shortcut file used by Microsoft Windows to point to an executable file. LNK stands for LiNK. Shortcut files are used as a direct link to an executable file, instead of having to navigate to the executable. LNK files contain some basic properties, such as the path to the executable file and the “Start-In” directory. LNK files use a curled arrow to indicate they are shortcuts, and the file extension is hidden (even after disabling “Hide Extensions for Known File Types” in Windows Explorer). The script creates a .lnk file that points to the user's "cmd.exe" file (located in the default folder C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe) to run a reverse shell through arguments. Features: Reverse TCP Port Forwarding using [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  10. DWARF Aka my wip gui for android reverse engineers and crackers. Built on top of pyqt5 (compatible with all os’s), Frida and some terrible code. Features Quick spawn, inject and sleep at application onCreate Hook natives, java and loading modules cycle before initializations Hooks conditions and js script logic Manipulate memory and arguments Memory and disasm view (Powered by capstone) Switch between hooks on different threads Inputs are evaluated. Frida js api and dwarf shortcuts are usable in almost any input field Variables creation Save and load back hooks and variables [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  11. "Print My Shell" is a python script, wrote to automate the process of generating various reverse shells based on PayloadsAllTheThings and Pentestmonkey reverse shell cheat sheets. Using this script you can easily generate various types of reverse shells without leaving your command line. This script will come in handy when you are playing CTF like challenges. Available Shell Types Bash Perl Ruby Golang Netcat Ncat Powershell Awk Lua Java Socat Nodejs Telnet Python [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  12. Reversing: Secrets of Reverse Engineering [Hidden Content] Beginning with a basic primer on reverse engineering-including computer internals, operating systems, and assembly language-and then discussing the various applications of reverse engineering, this book provides readers with practical, in-depth techniques for software reverse engineering. The book is broken into two parts, the first deals with security-related reverse engineering and the second explores the more practical aspects of reverse engineering. In addition, the author explains how to reverse engineer a third-party software library to improve interfacing and how to reverse engineer a competitor's software to build a better product. The first popular book to show how software reverse engineering can help defend against security threats, speed up development, and unlock the secrets of competitive products Helps developers plug security holes by demonstrating how hackers exploit reverse engineering techniques to crack copy-protection schemes and identify software targets for viruses and other malware Offers a primer on advanced reverse-engineering, delving into "disassembly"-code-level reverse engineering-and explaining how to decipher assembly language Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  13. Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password:
  14. itsMe

    Mastering Reverse Engineering

    Implement reverse engineering techniques to analyze software, exploit software targets, and defend against security threats like malware and viruses. Learn Learn core reverse engineering Identify and extract malware components Explore the tools used for reverse engineering Run programs under non-native operating systems Understand binary obfuscation techniques Identify and analyze anti-debugging and anti-analysis tricks About If you want to analyze software in order to exploit its weaknesses and strengthen its defenses, then you should explore reverse engineering. Reverse Engineering is a hacker friendly tool used to expose security flaws and questionable privacy practices. In this book, you will learn how to analyse software even without having access to its source code or design documents. You will start off by learning the low-level language used to communicate with the computer and then move on to covering reverse engineering techniques. Next, you will explore analysis techniques using real-world tools such as IDA Pro and x86dbg. As you progress through the chapters, you will walk through use cases encountered in reverse engineering, such as encryption and compression, used to obfuscate code, and how to to identify and overcome anti-debugging and anti-analysis tricks. Lastly, you will learn how to analyse other types of files that contain code. By the end of this book, you will have the confidence to perform reverse engineering. Features Analyze and improvise software and hardware with real-world examples Learn advanced debugging and patching techniques with tools such as IDA Pro, x86dbg, and Radare2. Explore modern security techniques to identify, exploit, and avoid cyber threats Page Count 436 Course Length 13 hours 4 minutes [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  15. Reverse Engineering Gootkit with Ghidra Part I Ghidra is pretty handy for looking at malware. This series of post is an informal overview of what I do. Gootkit is a great implant to learn the functionality of Ghidra. Gootkit is a NodeJS server with packaged Javascript implementing the implant functionality. There are lots of libraries linked into the main executable including Node, OpenSSL, and many more. As a reverse engineer it is difficult to identify and identify open libraries. In this post, I will go through my analysis process to use and understand Ghidra’s functionality. I will first begin by basic code analysis, and understanding how to rename variables and types. I am going to avoid dynamic analysis initially, because dynamic analysis is something that you can buy or implement cheaply enough. In a real-world scenario I typically start dynamic analysis using a range of tools, then delve into the code as a secondary step. The purpose is to learn Ghidra, not to do a great job at reverse engineering all of Gootkit. It is highly informal, and meant to be that way. [Hidden Content]
  16. Ghidra Nation State Level Reverse Engineering Tools Ghidra is the newly released tool by the United States National Security Agency for reverse engineering software. It has been under active development for years. There is a lot to love about it. From my initial exploration the string deobfuscation, including inline context, is phenomenal. [Hidden Content]
  17. w0rmxz

    All Reverse Engineering Tools 2.7

    All reverse engineering tools [HIDE]Download: [Hidden Content] Alternative: [Hidden Content]]
  18. Descripción In this Reverse Engineering and Exploit Development training course, expert author Philip Polstra will teach you about common software vulnerabilities and how to find them, as well as how the vulnerabilities differ between various operating systems. This course is designed for beginners who are looking to get started in security, penetration testing, and reverse engineering. You will start by learning about reversing compiled Windows applications, including using fuzzing, stack overflows, and heap overflows. From there, Philip will teach you how to reverse compiled OS X, Linux, and Android applications. This video tutorial also covers how to find other vulnerabilities, including website and database vulnerabilities. Finally, you will learn about simple exploits, web exploitation, and ARM exploitation. Once you have completed this computer based training course, you will be fully capable of finding vulnerabilities and developing exploits for them. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons. [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  19. Andromeda makes initial reverse engineering work of Android applications bit faster and easier. Compared to other alternatives, it's written in C/C++ and has a noticeable performance advantage. Video: [Hidden Content] Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  20. (Decompiler, Editor, Debugger & More) Bytecode Viewer is an Advanced Lightweight Java Bytecode Viewer, GUI Java Decompiler, GUI Bytecode Editor, GUI Smali, GUI Baksmali, GUI APK Editor, GUI Dex Editor, GUI APK Decompiler, GUI DEX Decompiler, GUI Procyon Java Decompiler, GUI Krakatau, GUI CFR Java Decompiler, GUI FernFlower Java Decompiler, GUI DEX2Jar, GUI Jar2DEX, GUI Jar-Jar, Hex Viewer, Code Searcher, Debugger and more. It’s written completely in Java, and it’s open source. It’s currently being maintained and developed by Konloch. There is also a plugin system that will allow you to interact with the loaded classfiles, for example, you can write a String deobfuscator, a malicious code searcher, or something else you can think of. You can either use one of the pre-written plugins or write your own. It supports groovy scripting. Once a plugin is activated, it will execute the plugin with a ClassNode ArrayList of every single class loaded in BCV, this allows the user to handle it completely using ASM. Code from various projects has been used, including but not limited to: J-RET by WaterWolf JHexPane by Sam Koivu RSynaxPane by Robert Futrell Commons IO by Apache ASM by OW2 FernFlower by Stiver Procyon by Mstrobel CFR by Lee Benfield CFIDE by Bibl Smali by JesusFreke Dex2Jar by pxb1..? Krakatau by Storyyeller JD GUI/JD Core by The Java-Decompiler Team Enjarify by Storyyeller Key Features: Krakatau Integration for Bytecode assembly/disassembly. Smali/BakSmali Integration – You can now edit class files/dex files via smali! APK/DEX Support – Using Dex2Jar and Jar2Dex it’s able to load and save APKs with ease! Java Decompiler – It utilizes FernFlower, Procyon, and CFR for decompilation. Bytecode Decompiler – A modified version of CFIDE’s. Hex Viewer – Powered by JHexPane. Each Decompiler/Editor/Viewer is toggleable, you can also select what will display on each pane. Fully Featured Search System – Search through strings, functions, variables and more! A Plugin System With Built-In Plugins – (Show All Strings, Malicious Code Scanner, String Decrypters, etc) Fully Featured Scripting System That Supports Groovy. EZ-Inject – Graphically insert hooks and debugging code, invoke main and start the program. Recent Files & Recent Plugins. And more! Give it a try for yourself! Changelog v2.9.22 Notable Changes The ASM Classwriter will now automatically update all pre-Java 1 classes to have the proper standard class format. It will also update the classes minor version from <= 2, to 3. (This should fix all of the decompilers inside of BCV) [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  21. F B I

    Python Reverse Shell

    [Hidden Content]
  22. F B I

    Perl Reverse Shell

    [Hidden Content]
  23. Cutter is a free and open-source GUI for radare2 reverse engineering framework. Its goal is making an advanced, customizable and FOSS reverse-engineering platform while keeping the user experience at mind. Cutter is created by reverse engineers for reverse engineers. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  24. I have a compiled mt4 indicator. It have some kind of protection. The developer of that indicator take account number from the buyer and binds indicator with that account.Then that indicator is only useable with that account. I want to bypass that protection on that indicator.please help me in this problem. this is an image of that error or something