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Locked Recaf v2.21.4 - A modern Java bytecode editor


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Recaf is an open-source Java bytecode editor based on Objectweb’s ASM. ASM is a library that abstracts away the constant pool and class-file attributes. Since keeping track of the constant pool or managing proper stack frames are no longer necessary, complex changes can be made with relative ease. With additional features to assist in the process of editing Recaf is the most feature-rich free bytecode editor available.

Libraries used:

    ASM – Class editing abilities
    CFR – Decompilation
    Simple-Memory-Compiler – Recompilation of decompiled code
    JIMFS – Virtual file system
    ControlsFX – Custom controls (Used in pretty much everything)
    RichTextFX – Decompiler code highlighting
    JRegex – Pattern matching for decompiler code highlighting
    minimal-json – Json reading/writing for config storage
    Commonmark – Markdown parsing
    picocli – Command line argument parsing

Changelog v2.21.4
Bug Fixes

    Fixed drag popup CSS on default theme (b65afd9)

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