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Locked LATEST GENP V2.6.2 FOR ADOBE CC 2019-2020 [WINDOWS]


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Create a free adobe cc account and install app you want.Then test this patcher in virtual machine or windows sandbox before running it on your main system.


GenP v2.6.2 Download Links


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Patch instructions:

New patching logic for all 2019-2020 apps

Run patch as admin.

  • Advanced mode It starts in "Manual mode":
  • Use it if you have custom installation path or want to patch just some specific apps. Select Apps and push "Pill" button. You will be prompted with "File selection dialog". Point to install location. Wait until its done. (Shows manual mode again)
  • Automatic mode.
  • If you've installed Apps in default locations then click on CC2019 or CC2020 button. GenP will try to find and select apps for you. Then push "Pill" button (If you don't want to patch all selected apps, just un-select something and push "Pill" button). Wait until its done. (Shows manual mode again).

If you are having problems, reinstall and start fresh to use the latest patch.

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