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Found 22 results

  1. Benedito Furlan

    Cracking Method

    Is it possible to get cracking method from itsme? and sqli method to get combo of any country method from scratch. Thank You So Much
  2. Steps 1. Connect a VPN IP USA i used keepsolid VPN you can use any VPN dedicated ips and windscribe or ShurfShark all are working. 2.Then go to Youtube app and add a new account then create a account and Enjoy
  3. [Hidden Content]
  4. [Hidden Content]
  5. Free Instagram Followers Method (100 Followers) You even don't need to login your Instagram account just go to the given website and put your instagram username and your email address and solve captcha and click get followers button you need to confirm your email address then you will get 100 followers for free in 11-12 hours. [Hidden Content]
  6. Video: [Hidden Content] Tools: [Hidden Content]
  7. Unlimited SMS Verification Method 2019 (being sold on HF) [/Hide] [Hidden Content] [/hide] THIS LEAK WORTHS 100$ RUPEE
  8. Does anyone have a sure method to send bulk into outlook inbox? vs anything PM
  9. [Hidden Content]
  10. OussamaSalmi

    Method Refund any item on G2A

    1)As soon as you purchased the game what you need to do is use the key as fast as possible. Because if you wait a day or two the seller will automatically assume you used it. 2) After purchasing you will need to make a G2A account with the email you sent your key to. So when you purchase it asks you what email you'd like to send the key to. Use that email to sign up with, if you already have a g2a account and are logged in then leave this step 3) Now go to your email and verify your account and etc. Then you will also see a email with the subject "G2A.COM: Shipment #blah blah for Order #blah blah". You want to click that email and press "Get your key" and then on G2A just press the "I am not a robot" button and get your key Screen shot : [Hidden Content] 4) Now in the bottom left it should say "Contact seller" you want to press that. GIF : [Hidden Content] Once you pressed that, you should be prompted to login or you should just be taken to a ticket thing. 5) Unfortunately I cant take a screen shot of this since I already did this to make sure it works, but I'll try and guide you anyways. What you want to do is open a conversation with the seller and make the category to "Issue with the product" and the product key the game / giftcard code that you used. 6) Then in the description put in "The key was already used" or something along those lines. It doesn't have to be detailed since this is a secondary seller of the game, not a primary so he most likely isn't experienced with selling or business. Hence why this is so easy. Also leave a bad rating. 7) Now for me the seller asked me to change my rating to good so I did as he said and we moved onto the next step. V V REFUND METHOD HERE V V Ok now the seller will most likely ask for proof, if he doesn't and just refunds you then skip to step 11 (this is very unlikely). But if he said "Please write a support request to Microsoft" or Playstation or Steam etc then keep reading. Now all you want to do is contact Xbox support (or what ever company it is) and say to them "Hello, could you please check when this game code was used please? " Then put your game code you used at the end. They should respond saying "Sure, please give me a moment" now all we have to do is wait for them to respond with the date. Screen shots : [Hidden Content] 9) Once the Person has responded all you need to do is right click the text and hit "Inspect Element" and then change the text to a date like four days before so the seller thinks it was used before you even bought the product. Note : If you don't see "inspect element" or are unable to right click, on your keyboard press "CTRL + SHIFT + I" Screen shot : [Hidden Content] << My edited chat. 10) Now you want to take a screen shot of the chat with the edited dates and save the picture to your PC. Then on G2A you need to upload the picture to the seller, this could take up to a day to upload since the picture has to be checked by a member of G2A I think. Screen shot : [Hidden Content] 11) Then once uploaded the seller should believe you and give your money back! And thats it Free games. Screen shot : [Hidden Content]; Here you can see he asks for my code I used and I sent it him. Then on G2A he sends me a refund proposal and I accept it. [Hidden Content] << An email from G2A telling me the refund has been accepted and I shall receive the money soon! [Hidden Content]
  11. How to Make Private Mail Access Combo from SQLi 100% Private+Valid[NEW METHOD 2019] [Hidden Content]
  12. dEEpEst


    [Hidden Content]
  13. F B I

    Create RAT Kali Linux Method

    [Hidden Content]
  14. This archive is a embed exploit that bookmarks any url given. It all starts by sending IE user in a iframe or any other method to your (index.php?url=[Hidden Content]). Any time a IE user visit the url it will popup a warning and if the user presses Yes it will add your domain to the system and start the website everytime the computer starts. How to use? 1) Upload index.php and add your domain in front of ?url= 2) Send your IE visitors to the url 3) Anytime a user press Yes. Your site url is added 4) Now everytime a infected machine starts the system it will open your url in Internet Explorer. How to remove? To remove is quite simple, open your registry editor and navigate to the key. From there just delete it. Download [Hidden Content] Virustotal [Hidden Content]
  15. F B I

    Server hacking Method Update

    The htaccess work is that the shell is in php format. And html. This will work for Symlink [Hidden Content]
  16. [Hidden Content]
  17. Another release of the popular Email SPAM Prank now coded in Ajax. It runs more faster than HTML Version and use less resources. To get your full version - [email protected] Download: [Hidden Content]+(Public+Ajax+Version).zip Virustotal: [Hidden Content]
  18. dEEpEst

    Youtube Hacking Method

    1. Go here [Hidden Content] 2. Type in the username you want to steal. 3. Click on "Verify your identity" highlighted in blue. 4. Enter in any email address you have access to, press continue. 5. Where it says "Last password you remember" type in your targeted username and a set of numbers like "123". 6. Where it says "When was the last time you were able to sign in to your Google Account?" go to the channel of your targeted username and see when their last activity was. Use this information, if the channel has no activity then type in a random date. 7. Where it says "When did you create your Google Account?" refer to step 6. Press continue. 8. Skip "Other Google products you use", press continue. 9. You should see a message like "You will receive an email at the contact email address you provided once we've validated your responses (usually within a few hours)". Wait for the email to come. 10. You will receive an email like "We received your request to recover your Google Account 'target', and we’d like to evaluate your account more closely. To continue the account recovery process, please visit: (a link will appear under this text). Click the link. 11. Okay, here is the niche in this. The link will show you the email attached to the YouTube account. (Example: [Hidden Content] ). 12. Now it is up to you to exploit the Email. Once you've gained access to it you can use the regular password reset steps through YouTube and the account is yours. Tips - 1. Check to see if the Email has expired by signing up with the same Email at the providers website (Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc). If this works you can go right ahead and reset the YouTube account password. 2. Check the password reset info on the given email, in some cases you can even guess their secret password by using the DOX you get from their email.
  19. Any methods similar to backdooring an image? Need a method that works well for sms spread. I'll look out for you if you can provide a proper alternative.