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  1. INURLBR is a PHP based advanced search engine tool for security professionals, it supports 24 search engines and 6 deep web or special options. Very useful for the information gathering phase of a penetration test or vulnerability assessment. This tool functions in many ways enabling you to harness the power of what’s already indexed by the search engines and analyse your target for potential exploits, capture E-mails and URLs with internal custom validation for each target/URL found. Also supports external commands for exploitation, so if your scan/search finds a potential validated SQL Injection vulnerability, you could have INURLBR directly launch sqlmap or your tool of choice. Features Generate IP ranges or random_ip and analyse the targets. Customization of HTTP-HEADER, USER-AGET, URL-REFERENCE. Execute external commands to exploit certain targets. Generate random dorks or set dorks file. Option to set proxy manually or from a file list. Supports both SOCKS and HTTP proxies Set time for proxy change when using random. Supports TOR to randomise IP. Debug processed URLs & HTTP requests. Can send vulnerable URLs to an IRC chat room. Support for GET / POST => SQLI, LFI, LFD injection exploits. Filter and validate based on regexp. Extraction of e-mail addresses and URLs. Validation using HTTP response codes. Search pages based on strings file. Exploits commands manager. Paging limiter on search engines. Beep sound when a vulnerability is found. Use text file as a data source for URLs to test. Find personalized strings in return values of the tests. Checks and validates for Shellshock. File validation for the WordPress config file – wp-config.php. Can execute a sub-process for validation. Validate syntax errors for databases and programming. Data encryption as native parameter. Random Google host. Scan port. Search Engines/Methods Supported Google / (CSE) generic random / API Bing Yahoo! BR Ask HAO123 Br Google (API) Lycos UOL Br Yahoo! US Sapo Dmoz Gigablast Never Baidu BR Andex Zoo Hotbot Zhongsou Hksearch Ezilion Sogou DuckDuckGo Boorow Google (CSE) generic random Special Tor Find Elephant Torsearch Wikileaks OTN Shodan Errors Checked For Java Infinitydb LFI Zimbra mail Zend framework MariaDB MySQL Jbossweb Microsoft ODBC PostgreSQL PHP WordPress Web Shell JDBC ASP Oracle DB2 CFM LUA You can download INURLBR by cloning the Github repo: git clone [Hidden Content]
  2. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  3. Clickbait


    Anybody knows,is this cracked or original version
  4. Create a free adobe cc account and install app you want.Then test this patcher in virtual machine or windows sandbox before running it on your main system. GenP v2.6.2 Download Links [Hidden Content] Patch instructions: New patching logic for all 2019-2020 apps Run patch as admin. Advanced mode It starts in "Manual mode": Use it if you have custom installation path or want to patch just some specific apps. Select Apps and push "Pill" button. You will be prompted with "File selection dialog". Point to install location. Wait until its done. (Shows manual mode again) Automatic mode. If you've installed Apps in default locations then click on CC2019 or CC2020 button. GenP will try to find and select apps for you. Then push "Pill" button (If you don't want to patch all selected apps, just un-select something and push "Pill" button). Wait until its done. (Shows manual mode again). If you are having problems, reinstall and start fresh to use the latest patch.
  5. Clickbait

    Zambie Bulk Ddos Tools

    ZAmbIE is a Toolkit(not finished yet) Made By Lunatic2(me) for recon,information-gathering And it Has a Collection For DDoS Attacks [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. What is this? Jackdaw is here to collect all information in your domain, store it in a SQL database and show you nice graphs on how your domain objects interact with each-other an how a potential attacker may exploit these interactions. It also comes with a handy feature to help you in a password-cracking project by storing/looking up/reporting hashes/passowrds/users. [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Wordpress Automatic Plugin v3.50.0
  9. Clickbait

    SQL Injection [Vulnerable Sites List]

    is this fresh or some oldie?
  10. Clickbait

    YouTube Is Serious About The Ban of Hacking Tutorials

    Interesting part,because there have dozens or even hundreds channels,what they are not removing.I guess tat there have some certain softwares,what investigators does not allow to contribute.