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Locked SourceWolf v1.8 - Amazingly fast response crawler


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Amazingly fast response crawler to find juicy stuff in the source code!

What can SourceWolf do?

    Crawl through responses to find hidden endpoints, either by sending requests or from the local response files (if any).
    Brute forcing host using a wordlist.
    Get the status codes for a list of URLs / Filtering out the live domains from a list of hosts.

All the features mentioned above execute with great speed.

    SourceWolf uses the Session module from the requests library, which means, it reuses the TCP connection, making it really fast.
    SourceWolf provides you with an option to crawl the responses files locally so that you aren’t sending requests again to an endpoint, whose response you already have a copy of.
    The final endpoints are in a complete form with a host like https://example.com/api/admin are not as /api/admin. This can come useful when you are scanning a list of hosts.

Changelog v1.8

    SourceWolf can now grab github and linkedin profiles along with social media links!

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