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Locked Rehex v0.5.3 - Reverse Engineers’ Hex Editor


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Reverse Engineers’ Hex Editor

A cross-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac) hex editor for reverse engineering, and everything else.


    Large (1TB+) file support
    Decoding of integer/floating-point value types
    Inline disassembly of machine code
    Highlighting and annotation of ranges of bytes
    Side by side comparison of selections
    Lua scripting support (API reference here)
    Virtual address mapping support

Changelog v0.5.3

    Correctly nest comments when updating comments panel (#169).
    Update text in comments panel when a comment is modified.
    Fix display of >4GiB virtual offsets in files that are <=4GiB (#170).
    Add support for code page 437 (IBM) and 932/936/949/950 (Microsoft).
    Fix handling of multibyte character boundaries in document view.
    Draw wide characters in document view (#173).
    Move forwards/backwards and select whole instructions from disassembly in document view.
    Don’t capture tab key press in text area of document view.
    Add missing error checks.
    Add number base option to “Jump to offset” dialog.
    Drawing optimisations (improves responsiveness), particularly on macOS.
    Fix some undefined behaviour issues.

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