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What Hunter-Toolkit can do for youūüźć:

Witcher               A simple port scanner.
MD5Crypt              MD5 encryption.
WhoisForIP            Get informations about an ipv4 address.
BannerGrabber         Get service behind a port.
B64Crypt              En- and Decryption used base64.
PhoneStalk            Get informations about a phonenumber
SubdomainScanner      Get subdomains from any url.
Whoami                Get infos like current ip address etc.
MySystem              Get infos like cpu usage, disk usage etc.
GetIPfromURL          Get the ip address of any url.
AutoInfoGathering     Get infos like: open ports, location etc.
PassGen               Generate a random password.
WhoisForURL           Whois lookup for URL.
Header                Get header from a webserver(CUrl).
Links                 Get links from a website.
Ping                  Check host availability.

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