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jadx v1.4.2 - Dex to Java decompiler


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Command-line and GUI tools for producing Java source code from Android Dex and Apk files

Changelog v1.4.2


    [gui] Support export to various deobfuscation mapping file formats (#1491)(PR #1505)
    [gui] Add reload and live reload actions (#1537)
    [gui] Allow to disable jump on double click (#1540)

Bug Fixes

    [cli] Allow decoding resource-only APKs (#1517)(PR #1530)
    [cli] Remove deprecated --deobf-rewrite-cfg (#1513)
    [gui] Try to prevent jadx node leaks in UI objects
    [gui] Improve restoration of windows saved state (PR #1511)
    [gui] Add volatile and update sync for decompiler field in wrapper (#1518)
    [gui] Resolve popup menu action run (#1514, #1529)
    [gui] Correct set highlighted text in search (#1507)
    [gui] Allow to select file on mapping export
    [gui] Reset disk cache on new jadx version
    [gui] Force jadx new version check by default
    Improve blocks tree compare for finally extract (#1501)
    Support all-catch in multi-catch (#1510)
    Improve class search for super call (#1512)
    Keep types on duplicate cast remove (#1527)
    Check class name collisions (#1526)
    Use wide move for long/double store/load java opcodes

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