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Locked Nightingale: Docker for Pentesters


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Docker for Pentesters

Docker containerization is the most powerful technology in the current market so I came up with the idea to develop Docker images for Pentesters.

Nightingale contains all the required well-known tools that will be required for the Pentesters at the time of Penetration Testing. This docker image has the base support of Debian and it is completely platform Independent.

You can either create a docker image in your localhost machine by modifying it according to your requirements or you can directly pull the docker image from the docker hub itself.


The Reason behind creating this Docker file is to make a platform-independent penetration toolkit. It includes all the useful tools that will be required for a penetration tester (You can refer to the tool list section for the same).
Device Requirements

    Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux
    Docker engine installed as per the Operating System

Tools Category

    Operating System tools (Windows, Mac, Linux)
    Compression tools (7zip, tar, zip)
    Development Essentials (Git, GitLab, etc)
    Programming Languages support (Python, Ruby, Java, etc)
    Exploit Frameworks (Metasploit, Exploit-DB, etc)
    Port Scanning Tools (nmap, etc)
    Network tools (Tcpdump, etc)
    Forensic tools (exiftool,steghide, binwalk, foremost, etc)
    Red Team Tools (Metasploit, etc)
    Information Gathering tools

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