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Locked CyberBullet2 - Fixed Version


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Added Tools
Added New Window
Added New Gui
Added New SideMenu
Added Advance ScreenShot
Added Auto Change Opk To CB
Added Updater
Added Api For Configs(CBP)
Added OPKToCB Button in Configs
Added Total Wordlist Type In Wordlist Page
Added Proxy Grabber
Supported 499 bot
Added Actions (Block)
Added Alternative (Block)
Added ApiSites (Block):
Added Binary (Block)
Added Soulless Captcha Solver (Block)
Added ChanceNet(Block)
Added CloudFlare(Block):
->Clearance Handler
->Cloud Proxy
->CloudFlare Solver
->CloudFlare Solver Anti Captcha
->CloudFlare Web Client
->CloudFlare Flare Solverr
Added FakeIt(Block)
Added OAuth(Block)
Added OCR(Block)
Added OS(Block):
->Python Runner
->Run Process
Added Proxy(Block):
->One Proxy
->List Proxy
->Proxy Sharp
Added RandomID(Block)
Added BlakeHash(106 Hash Block)
Added 106 Hash And More..
Added Telegram(Block)
Added Xnet(Block)
Added WordTools(Block)
Added XHash(Block)
Added XHash(Block)
And More...

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