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Locked Kali Intelligence Suite: the fast, autonomous, central, and comprehensive collection of intelligence


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Kali Intelligence Suite (KIS) shall aid in the fast, autonomous, central, and comprehensive collection of intelligence by automatically:

    executing Kali Linux tools (e.g., dnsrecon, gobuster, hydra, nmap, etc.)
    querying publicly available APIs (e.g., Censys.io, Haveibeenpwned.com, Hunter.io, Securitytrails.com, DNSdumpster.com, Shodan.io, etc.)
    storing the collected data in a central rational database (see next section)
    providing an interface to query and analyze the gathered intelligence

After the execution of each Kali Linux tool or querying APIs, KIS analyses the collected information and extracts as well as reports interesting information like newly identified user credentials, hosts/domains, TCP/UDP services, HTTP directories, etc. The extracted information is then internally stored in different PostgreSql database tables, which enables the continuous, structured enhancement and re-use of the collected intelligence by subsequently executed Kali Linux tools.

Additional features are:

    pre-defined dependencies between Kali Linux tools ensure that relevant information like SNMP default community strings or default credentials is known to KIS before trying to access the respective services
    remembering the execution status of each Kali Linux tool and API query ensures that already executed OS commands are not automatically executed again
    data imports of scan results of external scanners like Masscan, Nessus, or Nmap
    supporting the intelligence collection based on virtual hosts (vhost)
    using a modular approach that allows the fast integration of new Kali Linux tools
    parallel Kali Linux command execution by using a specifiable number of threads
    enables users to kill Kali commands via the KIS user interface in case they take too long
    access public APIs to enhance data with OSINT

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