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Locked Website 2 APK Builder Pro 5.0


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Website 2 APK Builder – Transform your site to an Android App. Convert your HTML, CSS, JS or Web URL to an Android App.

Website 2 APK Builder is very easy to use, just make step by step customizations to your app, build while you finish it.

• Responsive Apps
• Push Notifications
• Multi-Purpose
• Even more Feature Rich
• JavaScript Native APIs
• Monetize your Apps
• HTML5 Video Support
• Endless Possibilities
• And much more..

What’s New
* Material Design
* Change Material Color Scheme
* Pull-to-Refresh
* Navigation Drawer Designer
* Live Toolbar Title
* Material Toolbar
* Wix Support (Fixed Layout Issue)
* keepScreenOn(Boolean) JS API
* **Bug Fixes

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