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Locked Crimson v2.0 - automates some of the Pentester or Bug Bounty Hunter tasks


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    Crimson is a tool that automates some of the Pentester or Bug Bounty Hunter tasks.
    It uses many open source tools, most of them are available for download from github.

It consists of three partially interdependent modules:

    crimson_recon – automates the process of domain reconnaissance.
    crimson_target – automates the process of urls reconnaissance.
    crimson_exploit – automates the process of bug founding.


    This module can help you if you have to test big infrastructure or you are trying to earn some bounties in *.scope.com domain. It includes many web scraping and bruteforcing tools.


    This module covers one particular domain chosen by you for testing.
    It uses a lot of vulnerability scanners, web scrapers and bruteforcing tools.


    This module uses a number of tools to automate the search for certain bugs in a list of urls.

Changelog v2.0

    From now on, Crimson acts as a docker container and the install.sh script is no longer supported
    (Although, it should still works on Linux Mint)
    Much of the code has been rewritten and improved.
    Added project_valuation.sh, crimson_mass_nmap.py script to scripts directory
    Added Ciphey tool
    words directory has been improved
    Added new options to all three modules to make them more “elastic”.
    Added rustscan in place of masscan


    Added optional flags to this module, which are shown below:
    -x # Domain bruteforcing (with words/dns wordlist)
    -v # Virtual host discovering
    -p # TCP ports scanning (1-65535)
    -u # UDP ports scanning (nmap default ports)
    -b # Third level subdomain bruteforcing
    -y # Proxy urls.txt and live.txt to Burp (


    Added optional flags to this module, which are shown below:
    -p # TCP (1-65535) / UDP (nmap default) ports scanning
    -a # Automatic deletion of possible false-positive endpoints after brute forcing with ffuf (this option needs more tests)
    -y # Proxy urls.txt and ffuf.txt to Burp (
    A lot of modifications in the script
    New workflow – check the documentation guidelines.


    The script was rewritten
    New tools being added, check scripts directory!
    Faster CVE scanning

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