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Locked Loli Compiler Src / Ob Config To Exe Converter || Make Checkers Without Any Experince


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    Converts a single request OB config into a standalone .exe cracker
    Console based output showing statistics in the title and the cracking progression on screen
    Two proxy libraries, one for limited retries and another for no limits
    Fast task based multi-threading system
    Completely automated process


    Config variable: "Name": cannot contain any whitespace.
    Will only work on configs with a single "POST" request, no redirects.
    Does not use status codes for anything
    Captures only works via regex (LR in the config) - matching between two strings - NO JSON !
    No conditions on keychecks work and will break the program.


    Required: csc.exe
        Found at: C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\csc.exe
        Installed with .net framework (i think) or definitely Visual Studio 2017+
        This program must be located on the same drive as csc.exe to function.

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