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About Me

  1. VPN Configs Pack (updated) Configs in the zip file: 1| ExpressVPN.com 2| VyprVPN.com 3| AirVPN.org 4| ipvanish.com 5| StrongVPN.com 6| TunnelBear.com 7| browsec.com 8| Surfeasy.com 9| FlyVPN.com 10| GooseVPN.com 11| DotVPN.com 12| hola.org 13| plexvpn.pro 14| Windscribe.com 15| PandaVPNpro.com 16| Seed4.me 17| CactusVPN.com 18| VEEPN.com 19| CyberGhostVPN.com Note: Use SilverBullet (SVB) [Hidden Content]
  2. Changelog: + Added a new block selection menu (similar to OB2) and you can search your desired function with a search bar + Added a new Proxy organizer, you can group your proxies and use them for your each desired runner + Added an ability to set your desired icon on your config and pre-view it freely + Added a large Real User-Agent database that includes Console User-Agents too + Added an Encoding option for parse your inputs with your desired encoding + Added Puppeteer + Added a newer Config to Checker compiler + Added a stable WebSocket request block (supports HTTP/S, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxies) + Added HTTP request block with supporting HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 + Added Lambda Parser: Runtime parser for string expressions (formulas, method calls, properties/fields/arrays accessors), also Lambda Parser builds dynamic LINQ expression tree and compiles it to the lambda delegate. Types are resolved at run-time like in dynamic languages + Added a new light-weight browser (Edge Chromium-based engine) and you'll not grab old browser errors + Added a Script Auto-Complete ability + Added C# and NodeJS interpreters + Added an ability to import your custom C#, Python and NodeJS libraries in app + Added FTP request block (supports HTTP/S, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxies) + Added SMTP request block (supports HTTP/S, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxies) + Added POP3 request block (supports HTTP/S, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxies) + Added IMAP request block (supports HTTP/S, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxies) + Added SSH request block (supports HTTP/S, SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxies) + Added Shell Command block + Added built-in Undo and Redo abilities in Stacker section while changing your blocks + Added an ability to add your custom plug-ins without re-starting the app + Added UNIX Timestamp with different units like millisecond, microsecond and nanosecond + Added a customizable GUID with your desired format + Added a new Parse method called XPath for parsing XML files and responses + Added new commands in LoliScript like PRINT (with customizable text colors), STOP, BREAK, RETURN and etc. + Added an execution priority on each Keychains of the KEY_CHECK block to guide the bot to continue or stop executing remained blocks + Added an automatic option that automatically detects type of your variables/captures, you can also re-define your variables/captures with another type of data + Added support of Long Integers (Int64) in Random Integer block + Added an option to import your RSA settings as XML parameters + Added a simple CF Bypass block (supports HTTP/S & SOCKS proxies [without proxy authentication support and single-threaded]) + Added Config Converter option in "Tools" tab of the sidebar + Added an ability for change your language to your desired one (Multi-Language) + Added safe-mode for Parse, Lambda and few amounts of Function blocks + Added NativeLibInvoke block (for invoking functions through native libraries) + Added "ESLEIF" command in SVBScript + Added a feature to load different proxy list for each Runner task + Added Selenium + Added a new engine for OCR + Added a feature to use wordlist with range and combination modes + Added old OCR config to new one while converting old config to SB Pro configs + Added Words to Numbers and vice versa block + Added new filters for OCR engine + Added Runner Scheduler + Support for auto proxy authentication in Selenium + Added hit output option + Added runner management with robot (Telegram / Discord) Install: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/en-us/download/dotnet/7.0 [Hidden Content] New version
  3. Bots: 50-100 Combo: Email:Pass Proxy: No, Proxyless Capture: Yes , Name + Total Orders + Products Count + Birthday Creator : Siskko [Hidden Content]
  4. Site: IceDrive Type: Svb Combos: Email:Pass Proxy: Yes (HQ) Capture: Plan [Hidden Content]
  5. Site: Mubi Type: Svb Combos: Email:Pass Proxy: Yes (LQ) Capture: Status, Plan, Next Renew [Hidden Content]
  6. Site: Pixlr Type: Svb Combos: Email:Pass Proxy: Yes (LQ) Capture: Plan, Next Billing [Hidden Content]
  7. Site: Rarefile.net Type: Svb Combos: User:Pass Proxy: Yes (MQ) Capture: usedSpace, availableTraffic [Hidden Content]
  8. Site: TuneIn Type: Svb Combos: Email:Pass Proxy: Yes (MQ) Capture: SubscriptionStatus, ExpiresOn [Hidden Content]
  9. How to use SilverBullet [Hidden Content]
  10. Only Works with old Configs (around 2 month ago) Need .NetCore 6 Runtime [Hidden Content]
  11. 1. Download file RLSettings.json: [Hidden Content] 2. In both cases you will copy and paste the file and go to the Settings folder of openbullet or silverbullet. Pasting the file overwrites it. This might not be as HQ but you can be putting more proxies API as you like 🙂
  12. Silver Bullet PRO 1.2.0 https://level23hacktools.com/hackers/topic/95175-silver-bullet-pro-120 [Hidden Content]
  13. How to Use Configs in Silver & Open Bullet? How to use Proxies ? Setting Up Silver bullet & Open Bullet Watch Tutorial Till End & Crack your Own Accounts [Hidden Content]
  14. How to use: 1. Put the config you want to convert in config.txt 2. Open Compilify-Cracked.exe type X and press ENTER 3. You're done, the converted file will be in convert.cs [Hidden Content]
  15. First Setup Selenium Then Use It [Hidden Content]
  16. Disclaimer: The tool credit goes to mohamm4dx for modding OpenBullet 1 so well. I am merely making it known to those who do not know. Loli Compiler was a feature available to only the Supreme members of the forum. However, in the latest update of Silverbullet i.e. v1.1.2, the developer/coder has added the loli compiler functionality in the new SilverBullet. I have tried it and it has worked well for me so far. It is definitely an upgrade on the one we had here and moreover, no supreme auth required. So, some may have the question how to do it. The steps are quite simple. Download Silverbullet: https://github.com/mohamm4dx/SilverBullet [Hidden Content]
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