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Locked Dexcalibur v0.7.8 - Android reverse engineering platform


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Dexcalibur is an Android reverse engineering platform focus on instrumentation automation. Its particularity is to use dynamic analysis to improve static analysis heuristics. It aims to automate boring tasks related to dynamic instrumentation, such as :

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    Decompile/disass intercepted bytecode at runtime
    Write hook code and Manage a lot of hook message
    Search interesting pattern/things to hook
    Process data gathered by hook (dex file, invoked method, class loader, …)
    and so … But not only that, because Dexcalibur has its own static analysis engine and it is able to execute a partial piece of smali.

Features and limitations

Actually, the biggest limitation is Dexcalibur is not able to generate source code of hook targeting native function (into JNI library). However, you can declare manually a Frida’s Interceptor by editing a hook.

Assuming Dexcalibur does not provide (for the moment) features to analyze native parts such as the JNI library or JNA, only features and limitations related to the Java part have been detailed.

Analysis accuracy depends on the completeness of the Android API image used during the early steps of the analysis. That means, if you use a DEX file generated from the Android.jar file from Android SDK, some references to internal methods, fields, or classes from Android java API could be missing. Better results are obtained when the analysis starts from a “boot.oat” file extracted directly from a real device running the expected Android version.

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Changelog v0.7.8

Fixed issues :

    #43, #42 : Better detection and remediation of issues related to target platform and to target device

Improvements :

    SmaliParser works on Windows
    Add support of Android API 30

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