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Locked Website 2 APK Builder Pro 4.1 Fixed4


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Convert your Website or HTML5 to Android Apps.

Features Overview

Some of interesting features that you will like

Auto Updating
Apps keep itself always synchronized with latest content from your website. All changes refletcs live!

Your own branding
We do never put any branding of us, all the apps you create will be completely your own, white labelled with private branding.

Monetize with AdMob
You can use Banner or Interstitial AdMob ads and start earning through your apps instantly!.

Pull to Refresh
Swipe or Pull to refresh gesture within your app and make it feel more native.

Navigation Drawer
Simply put in the links and title in designer window, nav dwawer is ready for your app.

14 Material Colors
Colors says a lot, we have put built-in 14 different styles to make your choice.

Push Notifications
Sending Push notifications help your grow in the market, it keeps your users always engaged with latest content.

No Annoying Ads
Unlike other providers, we do never put annoying ads in apps that you create, only you configure what to include.

Your own Keystore
Sign your apps using your very own keystore, no dependencies on us, only you represents your app.

Easy to Use
Powerful set of tools that allows you to customize everything and create stunning apps out of your website.

No Coding Required
You NEVER need to learn coding, complete process is automated, you are a few clicks away from your app.

Native JavaScript APIs
Special JavaScript functions that allows you to interact with native android functions via your Web Applications.

Google Play Compatible
Latest API Level 29 to follow Google Play Developer recommendations, you can publish them on the Go.

Can work Offline
You can create Offline working app using your HTML files, no Internet connectivity required.

Fair Pricing
We believe in simple and fair pricing. Customer service is somewhat more important to us.

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