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Locked fhex v3.0 - Full-Featured HexEditor compatible with Linux/Windows/MacOS


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Fhex – A Full-Featured HexEditor

This project is born with the aim to develop a lightweight, but useful tool. The reason is that the existing hex editors have some different limitations (e.g. too many dependencies, missing hex coloring features, etc.).


    Search and replace (UTF-8, HEX, regex, inverse search supported) [CTRL + F]
    Colored output (white spaces, ASCII characters, 0xFF, UTF-8 and NULL bytes have different colors)
    Interpret selected bytes as an integer, long, unsigned long [CTRL + B]
    Copy & Paste [CTRL + C and CTRL + V]
    Copy selected Unicode characters [CTRL + Space]
    Zeroing all the selected bytes [CTRL + D]
    Undo & Redo [CTRL + Z and CTRL + Y]
    Find & Replace
    Drag & Drop (Hint: Drag&Dropping two files the editor will diff them)
    Overwrite the same file or create a new one [CTRL + S]
    Big files supported (Only on Linux, Windows has still several limitations on the supported file size)
    Goto offset [CTRL + G]
    Insert mode supported in order to insert new bytes instead to overwrite the existing one [INS]
    Create new instances [CTRL + N]
    Basic text viewer for the selected text [CTRL + T]
    Reload the current file [F5]
    Compare two different files at byte level
    Browsable Binary Chart (see later for details) [F1]
    Hex – Dec number converter [F2]
    Hex String escaper (e.g from 010203 to \x01\x02\x03) [F3]
    Pattern Matching Engine (see later for details)
    Shortcuts for all these features

Changelog v3.0

Major release with lots of changes in core functions (e.g. file save/load).

This release is a big update that includes new features, changes in core functions and code refactoring.


    Added support to chunks, in other words now you can load only a portion of the file in memory (needed for big files). You can select the offsets of the file to view in the hex editor, scroll the chunks, edit a chunk and save it back to the original (full) file.
    Asynchronous file load function was rewritten
    Asynchronous file save function was added (in the previous versions, the save operation was a blocking function)
    Several fixes for Pattern Matching engine
    Added Settings menu and settings file (json)
    Save window position & window state

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