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Locked .NET Reactor 6.9.0 Full Version


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The Ultimate .NET Obfuscator
Unmatched .NET code protection system which completely stops anyone from decompiling your code.

 NET 7.0 protection support
 .NET Reactor command-line app for Linux and macOS
 .NET MAUI protection support
 Added further 'Obfuscation' naming conventions
 Added .NET bundle compression support
 Added 'Fallback To Inbuilt Settings' licensing option
 Added option to overwrite existing mapping files
 Added 'Merge Mapping Files' option to output a single mapping file
 Added 'Xamarin/MAUI Blob File Viewer' tool to check the content of protected blob files
 Added 'Declarative Protection' option (https://www.eziriz.com/help/definitions/declarative_protection/)
 Added 'NecroBit' support for ARM/ARM64 CPUs. Supported OS: Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS
 Improved 'String Encryption'
 Improved 'Control Flow Obfuscation'
 Improved cross assembly obfuscation
 Improved merging to support WPF assemblies containing resources with duplicate XAML/BAML names
 Improved stack trace deobfuscation
 Improved .NET Reactor protection speed (especially when called via command-line)
 Portable PDB output support
 Minor improvements
 Fixed 'Code Virtualization' issues
 Fixed bundling issue
 Fixed Razor Page obfuscation issue
 Fixed ReadyToRun issue
 Fixed VS 2022 Add-in issue
 Fixed minor bugs

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