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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, This is my first post on this forums. I found the colbalt strike 3.4 on the Internet, and want to share with you. Its not mine, so be careful! [Hidden Content]
  2. 0x1

    Cobalt Strike 3.12

    Cobalt Strike 3.12 Release Have add ssl.profile for enable signed executable and ssl ( on directory "codesign" have cmd to creat new keystore ...) New Cobalt Strike licenses cost $3,500 per user for a one year license. Download : [Hidden Content] Password : Credit to @m3tal
  3. 0x1

    Cobalt Strike 3.8

    23 May 17 - Cobalt Strike 3.8 --------- + Attacks -> Web Drive-by -> Host File maps .ps1 to text/plain (auto mime-type) + Host File dialog now checks that URI begins with a / + Fixed a bug with Malleable C2's base64url encoder + Exceptions thrown by Aggressor Script function calls are sent to the Script Console + Added [beacon] -> Access -> Elevate to pick a registered priv escalation to launch. + &bmode can now accept a dns6 argument. + Beacon DNS processor now lowercases all requests. (This was a 3.0 regression) + Web server now prints information & errors the same way other CS features do + Added ppid command to set parent process for processes Beacon launches + Added runu to run an arbitrary program under a specific process ID. + Added spawnu to spawn a session under a specific process ID (uses powershell.exe) + Updated web server to drop non-HTTP requests with no response. + Reporting now shows DNS Beacon mode changes in session transcripts + Artifact Kit's non-migrating artifacts start threads with memory backed by module + Improved c2lint's SSL keystore checks. + Cobalt Strike now updates PE CheckSum field for its executables and DLLs + Beacon now uses SetThreadContext/ResumeThread to start jobs in patsy processes + Beacon process injection now uses CreateThread for injecting into self + Added shspawn command to spawn shellcode file as Beacon post-ex job. + The updater program now verifies downloads via [Hidden Content] Download the latest trial package to get the updated updater. + Updated to Mimikatz 2.1.1-20170508 + Added scripting hooks to grant users control over PowerShell, Python, and VBA templates used throughout Cobalt Strike. See the "Resource Kit" in the Arsenal. + Added Malleable C2 options: hijack_remote_thread, create_remote_thread to tweak Beacon's process injection codepaths. Both are true/false options. + Added work-around for "Parallel GC" Java bug (Java 1.8u131) that prevents Cobalt Strike from running. Download the latest trial package to benefit from this. Download : [Hide][Hidden Content]] Password : LeVeL23HacKerSTeaM Someone can try to download the latest version trial so I can try to crack : [Hidden Content] Latest Version is 3.12 but can not download trial version