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Locked PasswordFinder - Software for searching passwords in local databases [RU]


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- loading databases using the Drag and Drop method (dragging a file or folder into the program window);
- search for databases in a folder including or excluding subfolders;
- the ability to mark/exclude databases in which to search (useful when loading databases in "packs" from a folder);
- auto-detection of 4 types of separators in databases (colon, semicolon, tab character and "----" [without quotation marks, found in Chinese databases]);
- downloading a list of mails/logins/phones to search through the databases from a file or from the clipboard;
- the ability to filter the found passwords, applying a set of rules, excluding inappropriate ones;
- without restrictions on the number and size of databases searched;
- There are restrictions on the lists of mail/logins/numbers to which you need to look for passwords depending on the amount of RAM and the bitness of the operating system: ~130kk of lines per 1 GB of RAM. in the case of a 32-bit system, the application can allocate about ~1700 MB for its needs, so the maximum number of rows possible for loading is ~230kk, for 64-bit systems everything is limited only by the amount of RAM;
- high speed of reading and processing.

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