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dnSpy v6.2 - .NET assembly editor, decompiler, and debugger


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dnSpy is a tool to reverse engineer .NET assemblies. It includes a decompiler, a debugger and an assembly editor (and more) and can be easily extended by writing your own extension. It uses dnlib to read and write assemblies so it can handle obfuscated assemblies (eg. malware) without crashing.


    Open Source (GPLv3) and Free Forever (:TM:)
    Assembly Editor
        Use C# or Visual Basic to edit any method, property and event
        Code editor has IntelliSense (code completion, signature help, quick info)
        Whole classes can be added to assemblies by adding C# and Visual Basic code
        Edit all metadata of types (classes), methods, properties, events, fields
        Add, remove, rename any type (class), method, property, event, field
        Edit, add, remove .NET resources and save them to disk
        The IL editor allows editing method bodies at the IL level: IL instructions, locals, exception handlers
        Debug any .NET assembly, no source code required
        Set breakpoints in any assembly, including framework assemblies, assemblies in the GAC and assemblies existing only in memory
        Memory window
        Output window
        Attach to process
        Locals window
            raw contents of locals (eg. decrypted byte arrays) can be saved to disk
        Call Stack window
        Threads window
        Modules window
            Modules (eg. decrypted in-memory modules) can be saved to disk
        Exception Settings
        Can debug dynamic assemblies
        Debugging CoreCLR assemblies is supported
    Decompile to C#, Visual Basic, IL
    Themes: blue, dark, light (and high contrast)
    Supports smaller screens (eg. laptops)
        Line height can be optimized for smaller screens
            Blank and non-alphanumeric lines are 75% the normal height
            No extra spacing between lines (saves 1 vertical pixel per line)
        Menu and toolbar share the same line
        Full screen mode (Shift+Alt+Enter) saves some vertical pixels
    High DPI support and per-monitor DPI-aware
    Translated to several languages
    Highly extensible
        Write your own extensions and add your own features
        All major features are already extensions (assembly editor, debugger, decompiler)
    Multiple tabs and tab groups
        Your screen is too big? Don’t cut it in half, add another vertical tab group and read two classes at once!
        The tabs and positions within the text editors are saved when you close dnSpy and restored at startup so you can continue where you left off
    Search assemblies
        Search for types (classes), methods, properties, events, fields
        Search for strings or numbers in code
    Assembly analyzer
        Find usages of types (classes), methods, properties, events, fields
    BAML to XAML decompiler
    Highlighted references, keywords
        References under the caret are highlighted to make it easier to see all uses of the reference in the code
        Tab, Shift+Tab, Ctrl+Shift+Up, Ctrl+Shift+Down moves to the next or previous reference
        Alt+Down and Alt+Up moves to the next or previous definition (type (class), method, property, event, field)
    Structure visualizer
        Vertical guide lines shown between start and end of code blocks
        Different colors are used for different blocks, eg. loop, conditional, method, etc
    dnlib is used to read and write assemblies so it can handle obfuscated code (eg. malware) without crashing
    Go to commands:
        Entry point
        Assembly static initialization method (<Module>..cctor)
        Any metadata token
        Any metadata row
    Syntax highlighted tooltips with XML doc comments when hovering over a type (class), method, property, event, field
    Methods, properties and events are decompiled in source code order or a custom user-defined order
        Source code order means that related methods are usually next to each other, just like the programmer wanted
    Background images can be shown in the text editor
    Export to project decompiles all selected assemblies and creates a Visual Studio solution
        Multiple assemblies can be exported at the same time
        Creates a Visual Studio solution (supports VS2005 – VS-latest) and project files
        Supports WinForms and WPF classes (creates a code-behind .cs/.vb file and a WinForms .resx / WPF .xaml file)
        Converts .NET resources to .resx files
    Open from GAC
    Command line decompiler
        Supports Windows, Linux and Mac
        Syntax highlights output to the screen
    Scripting with C# REPL
        Call public dnSpy methods from scripts
        Script the debugger and other extensions
    Hex editor
    Method tokens and addresses are shown in comments and can be clicked to go to the raw metadata or IL bytes
    Metadata editor
    Collapse Assembly Explorer nodes command to quickly collapse unused nodes
    And more…

Dependency updates:

    Updated dnlib to 3.5.0
    Updated Iced to 1.17.0
    Roslyn compiler to 4.1.0
    Ookii.Dialogs.Wpf to 5.0.1
    VS MEF to 16.9.20
    ILSpy to 2.4
    Mono.Debugger.Soft was updated to the latest commit.

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