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Locked Photoshop Full guide in 90min – Learn Adobe Photoshop


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Switch from beginner to expert learning all photoshop’s tools within one hour and a half complete course

What you’ll learn

Photoshop Full guide in 90min – Learn Adobe Photoshop

    Master Photoshop in one hour half
    You will be able to understand all photoshop features
    You will discover photoshop step by step in a rational way, without getting confused
    By the end of this course, you will be able to create any effect you imagine


    No pre-requirements needed, a strong willpower is all you need
    Setup photoshop using CreativeCloud and let’s get started


Learn Photoshop the software that is extensively used for raster image editing, graphic design and digital art. making use of layering to allow for depth and flexibility in the design and editing process, as well as providing powerful editing tools, that when combined, are capable of just about anything. All in one hour a half !

Who this course is for:

    Curious Beginners who want to learn
    Photography post-production workflow Course

This is the hidden content, please

This is the hidden content, please

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